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  • 게시일 2018. 10. 18.
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    Some weeknights are meant for simplicity like one pot meals and sheet pan meals. These recipes are easy and customizable to your taste.
    Ingredients & Shopping List
    + For the One Pot Chicken Meal:
    2 sweet potatoes
    2 Granny Smith apples
    Fresh sage
    4 skin-on, bone-in chicken thighs
    Salt and pepper
    Bourbon (or white wine)
    Chicken stock
    Chopped pecans
    + For the Sheet Pan Salmon Dinner:
    Baby Yukon Gold potatoes
    Olive oil
    Salt and pepper
    Salmon fillets
    Garlic cloves
    Dijon mustard
    Fresh parsley
    For the Blue Apron Creamy Pesto Pasta:
    Special Equipment & Tools
    Stainless steel or cast iron skillet (for one pot meal)
    Large sheet pan (for the sheet pan dinner)
    "Sweet Berry Wine", "Best I Can" by Blue Wednesday
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  • Qualified Cornstarch
    Qualified Cornstarch 21 시간 전

    Eh, he's gotta make enough money to keep the channel alive while KRclip is screwing over its creators. I support this if it means more of the videos I came here for.

  • LemonBard53723
    LemonBard53723 일 전

    4:57 Nice Conic Section

  • assassintwinat8
    assassintwinat8 2 일 전 +1

    my biggest problem with cooking meals isn't the cooking itself; I'm a decent enough home cook. it's finding the energy to do it

  • Isaac Sturges
    Isaac Sturges 2 일 전

    Hey Andrew, I want to try the one pot recipe but I'm deathly allergic to sage. Can you recommend another spice to substitute?

  • Autumn Graye
    Autumn Graye 2 일 전

    Personally I don’t understand why people choose chicken thighs over breasts, why would you want more fat than actual meat? Why not just get a chicken breast? Idk I just hate chicken thighs, too much fat, skin, etc

  • josh ochoa
    josh ochoa 4 일 전

    You should do any and if not a lot of the final fantasy 15 recipes there are a lot!

  • Expected ToFAIL
    Expected ToFAIL 9 일 전 +1


  • Pascual Sotomayor
    Pascual Sotomayor 9 일 전

    the blue apron stuff looks lame boo

  • Rob Bob42069
    Rob Bob42069 10 일 전 +1

    (For BlueApron) Yeah but what if it’s summer and they leave the box out on your door for half the day?

  • Ananthan Pillay
    Ananthan Pillay 10 일 전

    I don't know man... I can order a pizza really quickly :P

  • Tuton25
    Tuton25 11 일 전

    The first chicken recipe works great for rabbits too

  • Ellie Schmutz
    Ellie Schmutz 14 일 전

    Babish is the best

  • Mr Arnold C.E.O for Octa-Corp

    Made both and yes they are delicious 😋

  • xxDrain
    xxDrain 24 일 전

    All this is well and good, if the rest of your life is in perfect order and a healthy diet is the only thing you lack.

  • Uncl Dolan
    Uncl Dolan 25 일 전

    'weeknight meals'
    lol no

  • David Kinoranyi
    David Kinoranyi 26 일 전

    That box is full of plastic garbage...

  • Brittain Stephenson
    Brittain Stephenson 26 일 전

    I've never tried blue apron as I am: A) cheap B) environmentally conscious (or try to be) C) Literally regret ordering groceries every time because of what they pick. That said, I feel like it could be really really great for someone that is maybe learning to cook and doesn't have confidence. The idea of instantly having everything you need and instructions is pretty cool.

  • Rossy De La Cruz
    Rossy De La Cruz 27 일 전

    I like the way you narrate this, you enjoy it!

  • Luke Cague
    Luke Cague 개월 전

    Two things I hate in this video; using apple in a savoury dish...and advertising blue apron.

  • Tyler Seyfang
    Tyler Seyfang 개월 전

    Banish, I've been with you since (about) day one and I haven't been disappointed at all. I've actually made a lot of your recipes, my favorite being the steak and red sauce. Seriously love your videos man. ❤️

  • Sandy Zhu
    Sandy Zhu 개월 전

    random, but what brand is your garlic press lol

  • BarthVader
    BarthVader 개월 전 +16

    "Hey, this is a cooking channel, they might like our meal kit offer."

    "Um, actually, it's kinda expensive. And what's with all the plastic?"
    "Goddammit. Get me Jack Douglass on the phone, his viewers complain less."

  • Quickhanf
    Quickhanf 개월 전 +1

    Hey guys, does anyone know the make/model of his big stainless steel pan?

    • Neil oppa
      Neil oppa 개월 전

      It's all clad saute pan. Be warned, it's possible that he's being paid for product placement to use those pans and the shun knife.

  • John Thompson
    John Thompson 개월 전

    Plastic is recyclable folks. Recycle your plastic. Pick your battles.

  • von junzt
    von junzt 개월 전

    asparagus ends can be peeled making the whole stalk edible and tender. same with broccoli and cauliflower. julia child

  • Bigngreen
    Bigngreen 개월 전

    Remember kids, you can't spell "salmonella" without "salmon"

  • Iconic
    Iconic 개월 전

    If Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper had a child, it would be binging with babish.

  • Shala Franciosa
    Shala Franciosa 개월 전


  • Chase Wages
    Chase Wages 개월 전

    Made the salmon the other day! Grabbed the 400 degree pan with my bare hands. But man was it worth it.

  • Xiro1023
    Xiro1023 개월 전 +1

    Babish you sound like Spike Spegal from cowboybebop

  • Robert Braun
    Robert Braun 개월 전 +2

    Dude, I just made the chicken meal and wow was it good! I'm still kind of a novice cook so I really wanna thank you for such an easy to follow recipe that tasted fantastic and really boosted my kitchen confidence. My girlfriend even said it was her favorite thing I've ever cooked! You are a culinary saint my good sir, thanks so much for doing what you do!

  • eingeoelter Kanalarbeiter

    Fuck Blue Apron. It's literally the worst way to cook and the wet dream of anyone wanting to destroy the environment with maximum plastic waste and useless shipping.

  • mcknit05
    mcknit05 개월 전 +16

    Honestly looked into it: waay more expensive than just grocery shopping - even with home delivery - my own shopping list.

  • Common Peace
    Common Peace 개월 전

    I felt for you during that ad. Gotta pay those bills lmao

  • ElGiganto17
    ElGiganto17 개월 전

    Ugh, I love cooking but that whole chicken thing is so much work to do after work. Lucky to finish at 5, then have to get home, plus I'm really bad at picking out meals for the entire week. So then I probably need to pick up a lot of those things in the store. Then I have to make the entire dish...

    Today I'm off, so I tried out the poutine recipe you have. Four hours of waiting is fine, since I put them in the freezer at noon. But a lot of this stuff is just impossible unless you really have loads of spare time.

    I almost want to become a stay at home dad (without children, lol) and just cook delicious stuff all day. If only I could change to a three day workweek. I could work for three days, get enough money to spend four days just cooking and having friends over lol.

  • Sam Terry
    Sam Terry 개월 전 +2

    Randy Marsh would be very disappointed in the way Babish pronounced crème fraîche

  • Shauna Carpenter
    Shauna Carpenter 개월 전

    That first one looked delicious but is way too involved for me on a weeknight.

  • redsquirrel0249
    redsquirrel0249 개월 전

    Those carton tomatoes look awful

  • Riveravi
    Riveravi 개월 전

    This channel is making me fat cuz I eat more while watching this

  • JCohensChannel
    JCohensChannel 개월 전 +1

    I would use blue apron but they use so much damn packaging! I don't need one carrot to be plastic wrapped.

  • Johey Jonsson
    Johey Jonsson 개월 전

    Babish: This is really inexpensive *select salmon and asparagus, two really expensive ingredients'

  • Elsa Williams
    Elsa Williams 개월 전

    You know what, at least it makes sense for Blue Apron to advertise on a cooking channel. What the hell are they doing sponsoring Death Battle?

  • Gavin Goins
    Gavin Goins 개월 전

    Hey andrew this was an awesome video! I was wondering if you could do some poor man meals? Something that could be really filling and tasty for college students or people trying to budget as much as possible, cheers!

  • Jackiewashere18
    Jackiewashere18 개월 전

    That’s how I usually make my salmon except I usually cook it with rice instead of potatoes

  • Sarah Yang
    Sarah Yang 2 개월 전

    looks yummy but so much plastic wrappings!

  • Paper Plains
    Paper Plains 2 개월 전 +1

    Tried blue apron for a couple months a couple years ago and it wasn't very tasty and was too expensive.

    • WalnutTime
      WalnutTime 2 개월 전

      I’m disappointed in babish and daddy white wine for plugging them

  • DrDepper LP
    DrDepper LP 2 개월 전

    Thank you for these. My weeknight meals have consisted of calzones made by scratch and stuff like that because I get bored haha

  • Edward Wilson
    Edward Wilson 2 개월 전 +1

    Any Scottish people who saw the title and thought wee knight meals, as in meals for small knights?

  • Erik Jaworski
    Erik Jaworski 2 개월 전

    You should try and do a gazpacho episode. Different variations to work with

  • Andrew Vachon
    Andrew Vachon 2 개월 전

    Beardcare with Babish
    Can be just one episode but thought it would be nice to know.

  • Chris topher
    Chris topher 2 개월 전

    peel root end of the asparagus if it is woody or just cut it off if you are not concerned with cost per ounce. Just my 2 cents

  • Cristhian Perez
    Cristhian Perez 2 개월 전

    Blue apron barely gave you any pasta. That's like one serving!

  • Kevin Pantaleon
    Kevin Pantaleon 2 개월 전 +1

    What knife are you using in this video ?

    • Andreas
      Andreas 2 개월 전

      Curious as well. It doesn't seem to match your equipment list on your website.

  • Baroness Thatcher
    Baroness Thatcher 2 개월 전 +1

    I love plastic. It's fantastic. Choke on your garbage paper straws, hippies.

  • Kahlil Garcia
    Kahlil Garcia 2 개월 전

    Make Pad Krow Prow please

  • Shantanu Shetty
    Shantanu Shetty 2 개월 전 +7

    Meals that I can pronounce? Bold of you to assume I can even read.

  • Name Nachname
    Name Nachname 2 개월 전

    More like blue plastic

  • noha mahrous
    noha mahrous 2 개월 전

    This is waaaaaaay too much plastic ... I think this ad is working against them .... when I shop for veggies I use a single plastic bag for eveything or when the veggies are hard like Zucchinis I put them directly in my reusable cotton bag!!!

  • Matt Richardson
    Matt Richardson 2 개월 전

    Damn! All that plastic packaging!

  • 666LaVey666
    666LaVey666 2 개월 전

    Disliked for advertising for Blue Apron.