VAN TOUR | Custom Built For Twins To Live In

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  • 게시일 2019. 12. 01.
  • Here is our Van Tour! We built a fully custom van suited for us twins to live inside of...
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  • Ashley Webb
    Ashley Webb 8 시간 전

    End in Vermont!!!!!!

  • Lynda Hall
    Lynda Hall 10 시간 전

    Y'all should travel to Mississippi🤠

  • Yuh
    Yuh 10 시간 전

    When is the travel video comming up?

  • Dany
    Dany 11 시간 전

    do you know that you are very sweet

  • Cat
    Cat 12 시간 전

    I wish you well on your journey. This sounds like a great way to find your self mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I was born in Texas and lived in Tennessee, i miss the woods and nature. Fresno Ca is okay. Sooo can I borrow the van when you’re done 😅.

  • Rain Studios
    Rain Studios 12 시간 전

    You guys have to react too this video비디오.html

  • Oluwakemi Akanle
    Oluwakemi Akanle 12 시간 전

    Tip: gym membership so you can shower❤

  • Kayla Chereice
    Kayla Chereice 13 시간 전

    i am sorry to be inappropriate but i’m tripping balls and 9:31 scared the SHIT OUT OF ME

  • Icon
    Icon 13 시간 전

    dudes sound and look like they’re gonna grow up to be Sylvester Stallone

  • Ryan TTV Try Hard
    Ryan TTV Try Hard 13 시간 전

    How are they going to shower brush your teeth it doesn’t make sense

  • Nicki Harvey's
    Nicki Harvey's 13 시간 전

    This was some sick editing loved the video loving these videos so much 👍🏼😁

  • Angiethegreat
    Angiethegreat 13 시간 전

    its so crazy how they built this themselves

  • Zander Martinez
    Zander Martinez 14 시간 전

    Just a couple of posers hopping on the van life trend 🤷🏽‍♀️🙄🙄 ,literally put no thought themselves into the make of this (very simple) van design

  • Fire _Flakes227
    Fire _Flakes227 14 시간 전

    Okay so when they were in the fabric store a Celia Cruz song was playing in the background. So I thought my mom was listening to music until I figured out it was from the video.

  • Fire _Flakes227
    Fire _Flakes227 14 시간 전

    The innuendos in this video and the fighting had be crying😂

  • Jeff Mendelsohn
    Jeff Mendelsohn 15 시간 전

    great job with the guys are funny, interesting and seem to deal with life in a joyful way....jeff

    • dueeh nyyu
      dueeh nyyu 14 시간 전

      Kitchen? Bathroom? They didn’t use their space too well 😬 I mean like ya they built it themselves but...

  • Lilly Laws
    Lilly Laws 16 시간 전

    Do more vidos with emma plssss

  • Ember Herrington
    Ember Herrington 16 시간 전

    What ever happened to getting a new pet??🤨🙃

  • 10,000 subs no videos?
    10,000 subs no videos? 18 시간 전 +1

    *When the van is bigger than your house..*

  • 10,000 subs no videos?
    10,000 subs no videos? 18 시간 전 +1

    *When the van is bigger than your house..*

  • Liana Gao
    Liana Gao 18 시간 전 +1

    Ethan: We’re gonna be sleeping in here with three guys, for some days.
    Gray: Three large guys.
    Both: *Nervous chuckles* We’re in trouble🤡

  • Lizz Mash
    Lizz Mash 18 시간 전

    Where is the shower though?🤣🤣🤣😌

  • Skinny Legend
    Skinny Legend 19 시간 전

    11:07 mood

  • Skinny Legend
    Skinny Legend 19 시간 전 +1

    5:43 living fo this

  • Emma Cook
    Emma Cook 19 시간 전

    then viBeZz tho

  • PianoCat7744
    PianoCat7744 19 시간 전

    Oooo that intro 🥰🥰🥰😘❤️❤️

  • Emma Cook
    Emma Cook 19 시간 전

    I too love travelling! The van is so neat! You guys are really living the dream alongside Mother Nature.

  • Emma Cook
    Emma Cook 19 시간 전

    This is so fun! I adore your new content! It’s so appealing, especially, as you guys are clearly doing what you love and dream of!

  • rakelg
    rakelg 19 시간 전

    can we appreciate how talented the twins are like wow, they legit built that

  • rakelg
    rakelg 19 시간 전

    the whole time i was like “where the hell they gonna sleep?”
    then they flipped the table and i was like👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Raya Perry
    Raya Perry 20 시간 전

    Kitchen? Bathroom? They didn’t use their space too well 😬 I mean like ya they built it themselves but...

  • Raya Perry
    Raya Perry 20 시간 전

    3:13 “scushy...” 😂😂 but like I say that too 😂

  • Raya Perry
    Raya Perry 20 시간 전

    1:50 lmao

  • JonYT
    JonYT 21 시간 전

    You should’ve put a bed in the roof like them ones that have a fold out roof if you get me. Then you can have 2 king sized beds

  • JonYT
    JonYT 21 시간 전

    Gas with food good idea

  • hello its me
    hello its me 21 시간 전

    they should make separate youtube channels and see who gets the most subs

  • LOLA V
    LOLA V 21 시간 전

    I feel so happy

  • 10,000 subscribers no videos?

    KRcliprs: House tour
    Dolan Twins: *VAN TOUR*

  • Brelyn Foster
    Brelyn Foster 22 시간 전

    I hope that when y’all go surfing y’all will put something waterproof on those seats

  • Emma Jin
    Emma Jin 22 시간 전

    They should collab with MARKO or one of the designers to make the outside of the van PoP! Who agrees?

  • Danielle Leach
    Danielle Leach 22 시간 전

    Eugene oregon???

  • Felicity Rose
    Felicity Rose 22 시간 전

    they didnt do a toilet

  • Kk Around
    Kk Around 22 시간 전

    So it's a trailer technically LMAO

  • Elitha 10
    Elitha 10 22 시간 전

    First time their intro has been both perfect and short

  • Gamer girl Diaz
    Gamer girl Diaz 23 시간 전

    But where’s the bathroom 😂😱

  • Bella Robinson
    Bella Robinson 23 시간 전 +2


  • Lo Lo
    Lo Lo 23 시간 전

    Should paint an E & G on the _armoire_ Stop by in Texas and I’d do it for y’all

  • Alyssa Garner
    Alyssa Garner 23 시간 전

    love this so much. y'all's editing is so chill. be safe

  • Calijo Dolan
    Calijo Dolan 일 전

    “Have I don’t anything? Have I done anything at all?” That was cute and funny I’m screaming

  • Spencer Cain
    Spencer Cain 일 전

    I love your "new " channel bros ! I went across country in 2.5 days with my fiance' . In a Honda insight it was awesome . Didn't run into harsh weather though went in summer time . In Colorado there was some snow but not too too bad . Wish you guys the best and a safe trip . Sorry you got pulled over ! Life always keeps you on your toes !

  • Ashley Jackson
    Ashley Jackson 일 전

    um i really hope you didn’t really throw your keys to your house .🤭🥶

  • Kenleigh Wagner
    Kenleigh Wagner 일 전

    “If you’re having a real kinda party in the back ya know what I mean😏”

  • Pretty Lourice
    Pretty Lourice 일 전

    I’d live there forever if it has wifi.

  • a•berry•good•girl *

    I sense they have watched jennelles videos, I saw that biodegradable soap!! 😂

  • Angela Is JuNgShooK

    Wait this is b4 i watched the video... but does that mean that u dint have a washroom?

  • Kimmi Slime
    Kimmi Slime 일 전 +1

    When the Dolan twins can’t think of any more original ideas so they resort to “Pretending” to be Ban Dwellers”. 😂

  • Queen Fan
    Queen Fan 일 전

    i wonder when the mini Dolan twins come back ?

  • Tia Christie
    Tia Christie 일 전 +1

    No one:
    The dolans: let's go on a road trip across country in December

  • Zahavien Cottonham

    Grayson, is on my bucket list.

  • LouiV Cj
    LouiV Cj 일 전

    when I have can afford a van and gas I will most definitely do this😊
    new KRclipr here btw show some love😁