We finally play Minecraft! - Minecraft with Marzia - Part 1

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  • 게시일 2019. 08. 20.
  • Me and Marzia plays minecraft for the first time
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    __ Outro: Animation:
    Song: krclip.com/channel/UC3e8EMTOn4g6ZSKggHTnNng
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  • Jonathan Gosing
    Jonathan Gosing 4 시간 전

    Marzia: playing minecraft for the firsr time and goes near the dogs with an enchanted pickaxe

  • Songsang Athibung
    Songsang Athibung 5 시간 전

    Imen her

  • Songsang Athibung
    Songsang Athibung 5 시간 전

    Do u love him

  • Frappycraft
    Frappycraft 19 시간 전

    “ What should we name our seed? “

  • Adam dePianist
    Adam dePianist 21 시간 전

    you two is a great couple

  • Anubhav Vardhan
    Anubhav Vardhan 22 시간 전

    Me : I will give anything u want.
    My girlfriend : i wanna be a cow.

  • Sam Lump
    Sam Lump 일 전

    Pewdiepie: died of hunger
    Marzia killed the ender dragon

  • Elliotte Meddles

    PewDiePie: what should we call our seed
    Marzia: 👀

  • Lina Elnawam
    Lina Elnawam 일 전

    If you want to get her in survival mode you click /survival

  • Rain S
    Rain S 일 전 +1

    I want your kids

  • Opediaaa -Sims 4

    Your the most top famous youtuber congrats

  • bish wahtt
    bish wahtt 일 전


  • bish wahtt
    bish wahtt 일 전


  • bish wahtt
    bish wahtt 일 전

    10:55 🪓

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous 일 전

    Are we gonna ignore how cute her voice is?

  • Cole Fowers
    Cole Fowers 2 일 전

    Marzia is ok with a fricking chamber but not with killing cows?? lmao

  • GAMER 1O1
    GAMER 1O1 3 일 전

    Like For Part 2

  • Iina Cordova
    Iina Cordova 3 일 전

    I see their relationship in this video...
    *I'm soft*

  • doroshi
    doroshi 3 일 전

    woooaaw theyy are so cutee

  • Mido Jaara
    Mido Jaara 4 일 전 +1

    0:12 for real thought he was going to say: what?! You never played tuber simulator?

  • ToFe YT
    ToFe YT 4 일 전

    Where is sven

  • MarcosRamsesHernandez
    MarcosRamsesHernandez 4 일 전 +1

    Felix: I guess I’ll make a mushroom Stu then
    Marzia: good
    Felix: cuze we are poor, Marzia wants to be poor in Minecraft😂

  • MarcosRamsesHernandez

    Felix I guess I’ll make a mushroom Stu then
    Marzia: Good
    Felix: Marzia wants to be poor in Minecraft😂

  • Eli Lackey
    Eli Lackey 4 일 전

    Did Marzia gives borths to sven???

  • i hate cartoon for babies AKA Im The EXE

    Marzia is Creative

  • Chrisbee
    Chrisbee 5 일 전

    22:00 pewds singing joji... died a little

  • Aarón Fernando Pérez Heredia

    Please speak in spanish, just one cap

  • I smell bread
    I smell bread 5 일 전

    Bro we need a part 2

  • Awkward. Chick
    Awkward. Chick 5 일 전

    Where’s part 2 FELIX?!!

  • Electric
    Electric 5 일 전 +5

    "What should we name our seed?"
    *stares at each other intensely*

  • Pola K.
    Pola K. 5 일 전

    I love how patient he is with explaining how to play minecraft I'd be screaming by now but maybe thats just me lol

  • natalie bell
    natalie bell 6 일 전

    *happy marzia noises*

  • Kwonton
    Kwonton 6 일 전

    we need part 2

  • Malik Narayanin
    Malik Narayanin 6 일 전

    Head in the clounds
    And i'm not coming down
    If you know who wrote this song then you're an OG.

  • Scar The wolf
    Scar The wolf 6 일 전

    being a minecraft veteran and seeing marzia learn how to play minecraft makes me XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD

  • Aleksa Salovic
    Aleksa Salovic 7 일 전

    PewDiePei's and Marzia's son will be called Sven

  • Aleksa Salovic
    Aleksa Salovic 7 일 전

    PewDiePei without Marzia :DIEEE WATERSHEEP

    PewDiePei with Marzia :please Marzia can you dig a stone?

  • HomereQ
    HomereQ 7 일 전

    6:29 like what

  • HomereQ
    HomereQ 7 일 전

    i didnt do anything (exclamation mark)

  • I Don't Care
    I Don't Care 8 일 전

    Where is Part 2?

  • Oliver Hills
    Oliver Hills 8 일 전

    0:32 *happy Marzia noises* :)

  • Shmoopy
    Shmoopy 8 일 전

    How is a dirt bridge possible?

  • angelee yuan
    angelee yuan 8 일 전

    Anotha one pleaaasssee

  • Maria Emilia Bailleres

    Por qué los títulos en español

  • alsaid Jackaria
    alsaid Jackaria 8 일 전

    Hello to all my Realms SMP S4?

  • alsaid Jackaria
    alsaid Jackaria 8 일 전

    Hello to all my Realms SMP S4?

  • HungryGrabATicTac
    HungryGrabATicTac 9 일 전 +2

    Who else is rewatching this masterpiece?

  • Gaming Variation
    Gaming Variation 9 일 전

    Part 2????

  • Emek
    Emek 9 일 전

    i see Marzia for the fisrt time ever and she's soooooo CUTE

  • alexandre Stoffen
    alexandre Stoffen 9 일 전

    Where's part 2?

  • Eline De vuyst
    Eline De vuyst 9 일 전


  • mary kutty11
    mary kutty11 9 일 전

    So fucking cute

  • Sinhala Gossip
    Sinhala Gossip 10 일 전

    "This is my giant meatball"

  • Werny_guy_a_boy -pixel worlds


  • mr poet man
    mr poet man 10 일 전 +1

    Felix is literally me showing my parents my Minecraft world rn

  • すっごい滑るよ


  • Ra1han Playz
    Ra1han Playz 10 일 전

    Another people after wedding :
    Make a baby
    Pew die pie after wedding :

  • Isela Garcia
    Isela Garcia 11 일 전

    Lol I'm a minecraft vegetarian too😭😭

  • Haikal Miftahulibad
    Haikal Miftahulibad 11 일 전

    Nice now your wife,next??..
    Your kid??

  • Janna mag eiscreme
    Janna mag eiscreme 11 일 전 +4

    Marzia: breaks stuff in church of water sheep

    The first time Marzia died in Minecraft was when she drowned!!
    High council got Revenge!!!!