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Xiao sacrificing himself in order to save everyone from the looming danger || Genshin Impact

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  • κ²Œμ‹œμΌ 2022. 07. 25.
  • That moment during the Perilous Trail Archon Quest when Xiao decides to sacrifice himself just to save everyone from the impending doom in the Chasm, right when the lost souls from the Archon War start surrounding the group 😰😰😒😒 How many of you actually relate with this scene? Write your answers in the comments section below... But, luckily, Zhongli or Morax once again comes to his rescue and saves his life πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ™‚πŸ™‚ All praise to Zhongli, but a huge salute to Xiao for making such a huge sacrifice to save the rest... Xiao's backstory is full of the sacrifices by the Yakshas for protecting Liyue and its people...
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  • Picaresca
    Picaresca  +152

    Zhongli being MVP all years

  • yxngh0st
    yxngh0st  +393

    I cried my eyes out when I finished this quest πŸ’€ my boy has been through so much :/

  • Whai- -Yen

    When he started falling i was like "No he wont die, no he wont die, HE WON'T DIEE!!!"

  • a roblox gamer

    The way paimon said xiao when she was teleported was cute

  • Raine
    Raine  +180

    this was by bar one of the best events we got in terms of story

  • Realafah
    Realafah  +123

    When I tell you I was sobbing during this scene from fear then relief, man.

  • Marcus Maxwell

    Whoa man!!!! What a heart-wrenching scene it is, but glad that Xiao was finally saved by that dude... Good to see him safe and sound and out of that dangerous place... Hope he takes care and is extra careful as well as vigilant next time, man...

  • yuki_chan
    yuki_chan  +95


  • creed4343

    this will never cease to make me cry my eyes out

  • Near8Air
    Near8Air  +43

    50% of us thought he was gonna die, and 50% of us WOULD have thought he was gonna die if this wasn’t made by mihoyo

  • Awkward Minds Inc.

    This is honestly one of the best event quests they've done yet. I would put this as the best and the Sabzeruz Samsara as second (partly because we hear Lumine speak there)

  • PhoenixDiego_

    I literally cried on this scene like a little kid! Damn Xiao love you little homie

  • Lolololol Lol

    This is why Xiao is the best character ever

  • iyka
    iyka  +8

    i cried during this quest and when xiao fell i was so scared, i can’t tell you how relieved i was when zhongli saved him and then i cried again. i love this quest so much the story of the nameless yaksha made me cry rivers.

  • Thoughtless -_-

    Luckily Zhongli came in just in time.

  • Keeping up with Nahida
    Keeping up with Nahida 14 일 μ „

    It can’t be only me but every single and I mean ALL EVERY QUEST in Liyue… IT HAS TO MAKE ME CRY

  • Mark Oliver

    That’s my boy!!!! And my girl 🎲, and my man!! This quest was incredible!!

  • Sir Qrow

    When you see his face as he falls, oddly I didn't feel sad I felt pride. His character went through such a change from what I remember him as, but the player character has no rage towards the abyss at all. And that's also my problem with Genshins story telling, it feels like any form of anger the player feels is repressed, like come on, I WANT to rip apart the Harbingers and the Abyss, for all we know the traveller is a celestial being that was outcast by an evil celestial god - let me go sicko mode whilst I crip walk into the harbingers base (the box by roddy rich playing as it happens) and pull up on the doctor especially. I know the games a 12 but damn bro it needs a bit more realness to it.

  • srblizre
    srblizre 14 일 μ „ +2

    To this day when I see xiao falling I thought someone lost a 50/50 to em

  • scelene
    scelene  +2

    the way that xiao just closed his eyes and accepted his death please-😭😭😭he's been through so much ;-;