Eat It Or Yeet It #7 - The Thanksgiving Special

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  • 게시일 2019. 11. 12.
  • It's Thanksgiving here on Eat It Or Yeet it, and we're joined by a very special guest- Matthew Scott Montgomery!
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댓글 • 2 849

  • JobyWonKonoby
    JobyWonKonoby 4 시간 전 +1

    I love how IAN feels bad and just takes a bit of everything to even the product placement

  • MattBalfouri
    MattBalfouri 4 시간 전

    monica is so attractive!

  • Lanie A
    Lanie A 5 시간 전

    Please tell me I'm not the only one finding monica hot?😳

  • Abra Neveah
    Abra Neveah 6 시간 전

    There should be an episode where everyone else gets to make stuff and Garrett just has to sit and eat five hellish dishes

  • NANO
    NANO 6 시간 전

    Food : exist
    Shayne : I don't trust like that

  • Skylee Jewel
    Skylee Jewel 6 시간 전

    Honestly, I ship Ian and Sarah...

    Anyone agree???

  • Casey Murphy
    Casey Murphy 6 시간 전

    Who all thinks Garrett should take a turn at the table?

  • Никита Павлович

    Petition to get Courtney and Garrett to play in the next episode and have Josh prepare the food

  • ares
    ares 20 시간 전

    white people say stuffing (unless they’re from the south) everyone else says dressing

  • Michael Ohlund
    Michael Ohlund 일 전

    You need to get Courtney involved in this

  • MarkoJinn
    MarkoJinn 일 전

    Get Shayne and Courtney to switch roles with Garrett as the special guest

  • Shelby Schmidt
    Shelby Schmidt 일 전

    Not gonna lie, Sarah seems like she is gonna take out Shane...

  • Allison Terry
    Allison Terry 일 전

    I know how Shayne can get revenge on Garret. For the next Eat It or Yeet It why not have Garret on the show?

  • Max Kellysen
    Max Kellysen 일 전

    Ian wtf!!!!!??????

  • William Martin
    William Martin 2 일 전

    I want to see garrett on eat it or yeet it, and shane makes the food

  • Kyle Whitty
    Kyle Whitty 2 일 전

    They should do one where all of the foods are fine and just watch the panic attack thats caused for the people still waiting for their dish

  • Dindong Loser
    Dindong Loser 3 일 전

    Shane I used to love you as Jack Sparrow and I never knew it was you, what the heck bro

  • Cooper Haensgen
    Cooper Haensgen 3 일 전

    I want to see an episode where garret plays eat or yeet

  • Ice tea 17
    Ice tea 17 3 일 전

    100k likes and courtney has to be on the next episode

  • Cinnamon Gacha
    Cinnamon Gacha 3 일 전 +1

    I like the Shane Dawson intro

  • Ryzo Wolf
    Ryzo Wolf 3 일 전


  • SMRT Boi25
    SMRT Boi25 4 일 전

    If I was there, honestly I would get the big bite and finish it

  • gerard garcia
    gerard garcia 4 일 전

    We want @Co_mill sit in the circle of eat it or yeet it 🤗🤗

  • Heidi Romo
    Heidi Romo 4 일 전

    Why doesn't Shane make the food and Garrett stars in the show

  • xxChubby Potatoxx
    xxChubby Potatoxx 4 일 전 +4



  • Tekya Kavos
    Tekya Kavos 4 일 전

    Have Garret eat or yeet

  • Deb Raikes
    Deb Raikes 4 일 전

    Who here has actually had my favorite coffee

  • Azure Voltic
    Azure Voltic 4 일 전

    Courtney's hair does not look good how it is now.


    Garret can’t get Shayne with anything

  • Jasper YT
    Jasper YT 5 일 전


  • Maddiverse
    Maddiverse 5 일 전

    Invite me onto the show

  • Petrxs
    Petrxs 6 일 전 +1


  • PencilsInMotion
    PencilsInMotion 6 일 전 +1

    We need a dish that is a soup donut i honour to an old smosh video.

  • Justin Andrews
    Justin Andrews 6 일 전

    she never puting the the fate of 100k likes and i,ll sit in one of these seats

  • Vann Kleis
    Vann Kleis 6 일 전

    Aw Sarah's married, even tho I had absolutely no chance, I'm still sad

  • kevin Michel
    kevin Michel 6 일 전

    I love Damien's shirt

  • Nikoko Exokoko
    Nikoko Exokoko 6 일 전

    Is Matthew in the smosh cast now? Because he's been in most of their videos after the podcast?

  • x xalexandrusx x
    x xalexandrusx x 6 일 전

    Garrett should do one episode as revenge for all the shit our guys ate 😂😂😂

  • Riley McKnight
    Riley McKnight 7 일 전

    is that the deathly hallows on monica's arm??!!!

  • Lilian Izzo
    Lilian Izzo 7 일 전

    You should do the dish live octopus for the big bite

  • Vera S
    Vera S 7 일 전 +1

    Did anyone else notice the "hey what's up you guys.. yes." snuck into the opening? I see you courtney

  • Sham
    Sham 7 일 전

    that sadistic look garret has at 5:06 wth man xD

  • Albert Escobedo
    Albert Escobedo 7 일 전 +1

    Okay one, Monica gives me life every time I see her and two, I really wanted someone tp say they were "thankful" for Defy Media lol

  • Caroline’s unused YouTube channel

    Get Garrett watts on the show dude! That would be an episode I’d play on loop!!

  • xXNugget_QueenXx
    xXNugget_QueenXx 8 일 전 +2

    I love how they were more concerned in “tea gravy” instead of the fact that she just ate CLAY! But edible clay. BUT WHERE DO YOU BUY THAT GARRET?!

  • Axel Travix
    Axel Travix 8 일 전 +2

    why is miller not participating in this horror

  • TheJege12
    TheJege12 8 일 전

    If it's spicy, drink M I L K

  • Ashley Lovato
    Ashley Lovato 8 일 전 +3

    Can we do 100,000 likes to make Courtney sit at this table. Then Shane can be the server.

  • Kolbee Cupples
    Kolbee Cupples 8 일 전

    Put Garrett on it

  • Jade Weste
    Jade Weste 8 일 전 +2

    Im english so we dont celebrate this.

    Like if your also english

  • dance_with _demons
    dance_with _demons 8 일 전 +2

    Garrett should make a jello cup filled with like cough medicine or something

  • AshesToDust
    AshesToDust 9 일 전 +1

    Honestly, Monica is killing me in the best way

  • 2024  Vasiliki Kostakis

    Where do we send in ideas on dishes

  • Arty Ocelot
    Arty Ocelot 9 일 전

    You know, one day I really wanna go on this show because I want to destroy my digestive system. Plus I wanna try new bad foods.

  • Selena Gonzales
    Selena Gonzales 9 일 전

    did she really use shane dawson’s opening tho

    CHRIS NICOL 10 일 전

    Shane got his revenge on Garet

  • Lea Garcia
    Lea Garcia 10 일 전

    Make garret be part of the show(trial)also courtney

  • Kaitlyn Marie
    Kaitlyn Marie 10 일 전

    ME AND COURTNEY HAVE THE SAME SHIRT!! This made my day ❤️❤️❤️

  • Bella Homorody
    Bella Homorody 10 일 전

    I love Mari’s deathly hallows symbol on her wrist

  • ItsssssKiersten
    ItsssssKiersten 10 일 전

    get Garrett watts on this he would make a good episode