VFX Artists React to THE PREQUELS Bad & Great CGi

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  • 게시일 2019. 06. 15.
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    The Crew reacts to some of their favorite Bad and Great CGi Shots from the Star Wars Prequels!
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댓글 • 15 538

  • Gautham Ranjit
    Gautham Ranjit 시간 전

    Blur cinematic

  • Steamy Games
    Steamy Games 15 시간 전

    They confirmed Darth Maul was still alive waaaaay before Solo. It was during The Clone Wars when he came back.

  • Steamy Games
    Steamy Games 15 시간 전

    JarJar Binks is probably the most annoying character, but his CGI was revolutionary for the time. It may be dated now, but it was amazing for 1999.

  • CrazyPangolinLady
    CrazyPangolinLady 17 시간 전

    Who eats a pear with a knife and fork?

  • Nathan Stotts
    Nathan Stotts 17 시간 전

    So, I still think you guys should react to the space scenes in Firefly and Serenity. I think for the time, they look wicked.

  • M Murry
    M Murry 17 시간 전

    React to 5th element please

  • YouTube Channel
    YouTube Channel 21 시간 전

    Oof the comments r PISSED abt that Solo Darth Maul comment lol

  • Nutelephant08
    Nutelephant08 일 전

    I think that it was smart that they did Clone Wars completely animated, because there were only like 5 characters that previously wouldn’t be animated... the last part of Attack of the Clones was basically just an animated movie.

  • ResidentEvil302cuba rican215

    The guy n the Middle is annoying as fuck

  • Eric Webb
    Eric Webb 2 일 전

    Love this series! I noticed you guys included one of Ryan Wieber's lightsaber tutorials in this. Would love to see him as a guest in a future VFX Artists React video.

  • Epic Guy
    Epic Guy 2 일 전

    How are you not about to react to the mustafar fight

  • Splat King 21
    Splat King 21 2 일 전

    That rock did not explode before it made contact with the pod racer.

  • Jack Bekir
    Jack Bekir 2 일 전

    You should react to the Incredible Hulk

  • Riratos
    Riratos 2 일 전

    When I was little I thought the clone troopers were real.

  • Cameron Vlogs
    Cameron Vlogs 3 일 전 +8

    Wren: “like a reflexive mirror”
    Everyone’s mind: “isn’t every mirror reflexive?”

    • John Doe
      John Doe 22 시간 전 +1

      that is not how you spell reflective...

      ( ._.)

  • SpeakYourMind Lea
    SpeakYourMind Lea 3 일 전

    react to NASA vfx!!

  • Aveshan Reddy
    Aveshan Reddy 3 일 전

    The rock breaking before the speeder hits it makes sense considering how fast the speeder is moving, which will produce pressure to break the rocks.

    • Pandazz
      Pandazz 9 시간 전

      Aveshan Reddy no

  • Reador falgen
    Reador falgen 3 일 전

    Jar Jar binks wasn’t That bad

  • DaVinci 3
    DaVinci 3 4 일 전 +1

    Nobody hated the prequels until the internet told them too. Nobody hated the sequels until the internet told them too

  • Fecxor Fecxor
    Fecxor Fecxor 4 일 전

    Did they digitally remove Hayden Christensen’s acting talent?

  • Maxi Diaz
    Maxi Diaz 4 일 전

    React to revenge of the sith

  • Wyatt Little
    Wyatt Little 4 일 전

    Ready Player One has some killer CGI

  • litolarj
    litolarj 5 일 전

    Do the blade movies!

  • FreakMagic
    FreakMagic 5 일 전

    Whats up with that half glove?

  • Darth Meteos
    Darth Meteos 5 일 전

    yeah but episode 3

  • ThenamesRJ -
    ThenamesRJ - 5 일 전

    Revenge of the with was good

  • Clonen_ Around
    Clonen_ Around 6 일 전 +1

    Star Wars Clone Wars said Maul was still alive not solo

    AUSSIE RED 6 일 전

    It was George Lucas and felloni to have darth maul stay alive

  • Bλrney
    Bλrney 7 일 전 +2

    Man people just skip the clone wars because its animated and it kinda looks like just another kiddie show, and it kinda is for maybe first 2-3 seasons but still it has much better story than new sw trilogy.

  • Terminal XI
    Terminal XI 7 일 전

    im a viwer and i feel like niko always has to have the last word in lmao

  • Nico Reveco
    Nico Reveco 7 일 전

    How many touched their shoulders?

  • purebeaux
    purebeaux 8 일 전

    Not necessarily VFX but the visual thing I couldn't get over with Episode I was the fact that Maul's head horns looked literally glued on.

  • Soap MACtavish
    Soap MACtavish 8 일 전

    Everyone hate prequels but not me i loved the prequel

  • Intro DJ 101
    Intro DJ 101 9 일 전

    Darth Maul has been alive before Solo.

  • Cody T
    Cody T 9 일 전

    Honestly dissapointed there isn't any episode 3 stuff

  • Brainiac 1200
    Brainiac 1200 9 일 전

    The 2008 Clone Wars TV show actually is what brought Maul back not Solo so stop saying Solo did

  • Now Loading
    Now Loading 10 일 전

    Your knowledge of Star Wars lore is so lacking....
    Yet your VFX knowledge is spot on......
    Hmmm......difficult to judge.....this video is.....

  • Nick Barter
    Nick Barter 10 일 전

    They didn’t watch anakin vs obiwan. That why i clicked on this video

  • Jared Haught
    Jared Haught 11 일 전

    No General Grievous?

  • Jared Haught
    Jared Haught 11 일 전

    Clearly these guys have never seen clone wars

  • Jared Haught
    Jared Haught 11 일 전

    I fucking love the prequels

  • Miner0521 !
    Miner0521 ! 11 일 전

    You guys should react to the incredibles

  • hbagent13
    hbagent13 12 일 전

    I need a solid LOTR hobbit movies video

  • LFP Animations
    LFP Animations 12 일 전

    I would be interested to see what they think of the VFX in Revenge of the Sith as I feel like they improved A LOT from they previous two. Like General Grievous and the epic opening fight sequence

  • TM Delacrush
    TM Delacrush 13 일 전

    I love Niko's laugh when something strikes him as genuinely funny

  • Jonathan Haddock
    Jonathan Haddock 13 일 전

    React to Harlock: Space Pirate

  • Clive Williamson
    Clive Williamson 14 일 전

    Christopher Lee's head was CGI'd onto a stunt mans body, as Chris was a bit to old for the fight.

  • Clive Williamson
    Clive Williamson 14 일 전

    In the James Bond film 'Moonrakerr'. The rocket take off was salt pouring down. You should look at the work of the late great work of Derek Meddings.

  • Erik Mark
    Erik Mark 15 일 전

    React to the beginning of the grinch

  • Mike the Gamer
    Mike the Gamer 15 일 전 +16

    Solo didn’t bring Maul back, the Clone Wars did and it actually made his story way better

  • Lone
    Lone 15 일 전 +21

    “Solo said Maul is still alive”
    *Star Wars the Clone Wars and Rebels* :
    Am I a joke to you

  • Lone
    Lone 15 일 전 +1

    Bold of you to assume I have salt

  • Matt Mayse
    Matt Mayse 16 일 전

    These effects are HORRIBLE and were HORRIBLY DATED when released

  • SpAC3GH0sT100
    SpAC3GH0sT100 16 일 전 +1

    Darth maul was confirmed alive waaaaay before solo tho

  • Ian Scott
    Ian Scott 17 일 전

    I'm still very impressed by Raul Silva's fake jaw in Skyfall. The way that his face drooped is pure nightmare fuel but very realistic.

  • Kyle Noronha
    Kyle Noronha 17 일 전

    Would love for you guys to cover exclusively Zack Snyder films

  • Matthew Dailey
    Matthew Dailey 17 일 전

    It's the same kid from Jingle all the Way

  • Manuel G
    Manuel G 17 일 전

    Do the snap from marvel

  • Bloodflame_ 92
    Bloodflame_ 92 18 일 전

    The prequels are my favorite and in my opinion episode 3 is the best Star Wars movie

  • Andreas Bengter
    Andreas Bengter 18 일 전

    The prequels are still better than the new movies disney made.. except rogue one which is on par..