I Bought An Entire Outfit From Instagram Ads

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  • 게시일 2018. 02. 15.
  • So I've been seeing even more sponsored posts on my instagram, so I decided to dive back into the world of instagram ads to see if the algorithm could recommend me an entire outfit and match my style preferences! What do you think of these companies? Would you buy from your instagram ads?
    Also, apparently REVICE denim has scammed people out of money before and never shipped their products, so buyer beware when purchasing from any of these brands!
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  년 전 +8409

    HELLO FRIENDS!! happy thursday! i went back in on my instagram ads and tried to let instagram style me! what do you think of the final outfit? and what do u think of the spying? lol 😂 xoxo, saf

    • ქლიავი 。ー 。。ー 。
      ქლიავი 。ー 。。ー 。 개월 전

      Wait you were born on 16th of July I was born in 12th of July voohooo

    • Zahra Seraj
      Zahra Seraj 2 개월 전

      I anticipated you saying "Stars on the lobes and stars on the globes" 😂 ...missed opportunity!

    • Kristina Hoerler
      Kristina Hoerler 2 개월 전

      The shirt didn’t work so well with the rest of the outfit but the jacket is awesome!

    • grey fields
      grey fields 2 개월 전

      Me watching this after 10000000 years and still screaming: where is the SOCKS

    • W Davis
      W Davis 3 개월 전

      Do more makeup mixing

  • Devin Erbaugh
    Devin Erbaugh 9 시간 전

    I love how in the end when she gives a shout out, even when the person has a completely ridiculous username, safiya just tries to say it as normal as possible 😂

  • I Eat Light Bulbs
    I Eat Light Bulbs 19 시간 전

    5:17 I actually have those!

  • Mashmallow Spinkle
    Mashmallow Spinkle 23 시간 전

    Who’s looking threw the comments while waiting for their video to load? 🙋🏽‍♀️

  • Jenna Yates
    Jenna Yates 2 일 전

    Yes you do look like donna shes my fav

  • Rintokki
    Rintokki 2 일 전

    Idk how to break it to you saf... but those earrings... I have and bought them for 2 dollars on eBay................ 0_o

  • Rachel Holmes
    Rachel Holmes 2 일 전

    I love how the boots are like
    Tan, Black And more black.

  • rooor -
    rooor - 3 일 전

    I have smashed everything

  • Little EmoPcyho
    Little EmoPcyho 3 일 전 +1

    OMG when you were showing pics next to the earrings I saw Eva Demiro

  • Sydni Heidenhofer
    Sydni Heidenhofer 4 일 전

    Dang! Those jeans made your booty look gewd! Haha. I know I’m super late, but loved the shirt and jeans!!

  • Shea Henderson
    Shea Henderson 5 일 전

    She can pull off anything. The pants would look better in black becsuse the boots and jacket but that could just be me liking the color black.

  • Rose Rider
    Rose Rider 5 일 전


  • Juana Patricio
    Juana Patricio 6 일 전

    Your nails are so beautiful and look haelthy me Love 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Hi I'm Trash
    Hi I'm Trash 6 일 전

    It’s actually a nice outfit

  • Ipshita Basu
    Ipshita Basu 6 일 전 +1

    My birthday is in the month of your birthday mine is just 2 july

  • Lucie Timmermans
    Lucie Timmermans 7 일 전

    You should do a doll's kill full outfit!!! Luv ya

  • L C
    L C 7 일 전

    i would ADORE this outfit if only the pants were different. a pair of distressed mom jeans would have been a lot better fit than the 70s flare style.

  • hannah lambert
    hannah lambert 7 일 전 +1

    you look so pretty💖💖💖💖

  • Bokado Fan
    Bokado Fan 7 일 전

    I want those earrings!!!

  • Amber Mariee
    Amber Mariee 8 일 전

    Feel it it feels nice
    Tyler : rubs boob 😂😂😂

  • Adelina Eremia
    Adelina Eremia 8 일 전

    I bought those earings from Aliexpress for 2-3 dollars :)))

  • Bangtan Bananas
    Bangtan Bananas 9 일 전

    Could you do Haulliday shop? There are some cute shirts but my mom doesnt trust the website :/

  • Juniper Hill
    Juniper Hill 9 일 전

    Those jeans look really good on Safiya.

  • SnowBall 206
    SnowBall 206 10 일 전

    All the clothing adds I get is bts merch bc insta fuckin knows how many bts fan accounts I follow

  • Devil_ Child
    Devil_ Child 11 일 전 +1

    5:31 them nails.....

  • india brown
    india brown 11 일 전

    haha I got those earrings for my sister!

  • Autumn Beach
    Autumn Beach 11 일 전

    The jeans got lost in the Bermuda triangle lol

  • Selena Rogers
    Selena Rogers 12 일 전

    Noir black in French

  • Katie’s Crafts
    Katie’s Crafts 12 일 전 +2

    9:33 safiya sounds like she’s on helium lol 😂

    • Valerie Emily
      Valerie Emily 10 일 전

      Katie’s Crafts I thought it was just me HAHA

  • Rose Granger-Weasley

    Who else thought of 'Butthole' lips after seeing the top.

  • Nell Fry
    Nell Fry 14 일 전

    I love you without makeup! Not saying don’t wear makeup, it’s just fucking fun to wear and I support it. This is going to seem weird (maybe it just is weird) but the pigmentation around your eyes is really beautiful with the fair skin and dark hair/brows.

  • Ebba Lenntoft
    Ebba Lenntoft 14 일 전

    The lip colour you are wearing at 1.33 is absolutely stunning!! Really suits you.

  • Belle Baloo
    Belle Baloo 14 일 전

    OMG I have those earrings!❤

  • Brittney Perkins
    Brittney Perkins 14 일 전

    I absolutely love you’re videos. They never fail to make my day. 😂

  • Potatoes Are Life
    Potatoes Are Life 15 일 전 +1

    To save you from scrolling through the other crap ton of comments, (no hate, I’m part of the crap ton too!) this is basically all it is:
    0.1% = Actual content of the vid

  • Erin HelloKitty
    Erin HelloKitty 15 일 전


  • Serasesera
    Serasesera 16 일 전

    I think the question to ask is how often do followers buy?
    I stalk a LOT of bougie brands I can only rarely splurge on so maybe the ads are trying to encourage followers to pull the trigger to make the purchase.

  • Kylie Andrea
    Kylie Andrea 16 일 전 +13

    “My ads are served pretty sparingly”
    Wow tb to that Instagram

  • Gacha Nina
    Gacha Nina 17 일 전

    Listen to safs voice at 9:32 !!!!!

  • Zara Regan
    Zara Regan 17 일 전

    your Birthday is 2 days apart from mine. mine is the 18th July!

  • Rebecca Lahti
    Rebecca Lahti 17 일 전

    Walmart is my go to clothing place

  • purplepaws
    purplepaws 18 일 전

    There's this company that I think you should try,it's called kith and it's really cool so I think you should try their stuff.

  • Natalie Danae
    Natalie Danae 18 일 전

    u make everything look sooooo cute

  • Potato
    Potato 18 일 전


  • нan
    нan 19 일 전 +3

    Did anyone relished that she always says s-mash that like button?😂

  • Bri Channel
    Bri Channel 21 일 전

    All of my suggestion videos were by Safiya

  • Black Mantis
    Black Mantis 21 일 전 +2

    If the items weren't so expensive i would wear that outfit

  • MiaReee
    MiaReee 21 일 전 +3

    "Sorry I was about to touch your boob"

    Woah there Tyler

    • jhia ehe
      jhia ehe 19 일 전

      MiaReee 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿

  • Heather Smith
    Heather Smith 22 일 전 +1

    That jacket had a lot of great details.

  • Ayesha Patel
    Ayesha Patel 22 일 전

    It voice is soo annoying lyk wtff

  • Maja 205
    Maja 205 23 일 전 +7

    I only get ads for kpop merch and dog stuff. 😂💜💜

  • cherrylimeblooms sugary

    It's a stylin' outfit!

  • あおぞらAozora_
    あおぞらAozora_ 25 일 전

    I like everything but the pants

  • Hee-Mang Park박 휘망

    1:38 it’s so annoyining. 1 and a half year ago I was really into a certain music genre and liked and followed everything what’ve shown it but now I hate this genre and all my suggestions on Instagram are still full of that sh*t..

  • Bear & Hare ASMR
    Bear & Hare ASMR 26 일 전

    Earnings look great on u!

  • Jj La
    Jj La 27 일 전


  • Aleksa Rose
    Aleksa Rose 27 일 전

    I have an idea for a future video, you could buy the first five (or whatever you would like) things you find in Pinterest adds.
    Also, I know this is an older video, I tried to find one in the category I was suggesting lol

  • Knot VeryCool071007
    Knot VeryCool071007 27 일 전

    I did the subscribe bell thingy

  • Vanesa Astrauskaitė

    I dont realy like the jeans on you but the rest of it is realy nice

  • Loreleï Gennesson
    Loreleï Gennesson 28 일 전 +1

    My Instagram adds are either from AliExpress/Joom or from Louis Vuitton/Burberry. Which sums up my life pretty well: I want to wear Vuitton and Burberry but I end up buying stuff on AliExpress and Joom because I’m poor 😂
    Very nice channel by the way! It’s probably the 30th video I’ve watched but I never took the time to comment so here is my not interesting first comment ahah!

  • Hahahahaha I hate you

    So they don’t have your size in black but they have your size in black

  • Krystal Grimes
    Krystal Grimes 29 일 전

    Safiya Nygaard Did i see that your birthday on here was July 16th? If so your a birthday twin of mine.

  • Joseph & Sarah Weed
    Joseph & Sarah Weed 개월 전

    I really love the shirt and the jacket combo. Plus the earrings, they are great.

  • Habiba Tarek
    Habiba Tarek 개월 전

    In fact i just entered to listen to this hello friends and welcomes to another video

  • Naim Hastings
    Naim Hastings 개월 전

    The way Tyler looks at her man... I just want someone to look at me that way, is that too much?

  • maria.elena
    maria.elena 개월 전

    maybe the star jeans are a scam, they don’t actually ship them to you unless you complain when you don’t receive them

  • Beth IsNotCool
    Beth IsNotCool 개월 전

    am i the only one who gets insta ads like every fourth picture?

  • Jayne Davis
    Jayne Davis 개월 전

    My older sister told me that my iPad is listening to me talk which is just freaking me the f$#@! out. I already make sure the cameras are covered when I change clothes because cyber-stalking is bad but in this case the punishment would not fit the crime. Nobody wants to see that, I shower in the dark (unless I have to shave something) because even *I* don’t want to see that. More black outside/red inside objects: 1. A magician’s cape 2. Dracula’s summer wear 3. A designer shoe (the ones with the red sole?) 4. An expensive chocolate box 5. A lipstick
    I don’t think the jacket works with the rest of the outfit but you can get away with the earrings

  • Taylor Munson
    Taylor Munson 개월 전

    It’s dona from 90210

  • Design Diva
    Design Diva 개월 전

    Love your sofa! Where can I find that :)

  • natynatyc
    natynatyc 개월 전

    WISH also sells those earrings

  • Pandoras_ _box
    Pandoras_ _box 개월 전

    You'er but looks out of this world with toes jins!

    Kill me.......;-;

  • Isabella Kilner
    Isabella Kilner 개월 전

    Have you ever waxed

  • Robyn YouTube
    Robyn YouTube 개월 전 +16

    Safiya:spends €20 on earrings
    Me: goes to penny’s sees the €3 price tag on earrings and walks away cos they’re too expensive 😂
    Edit:it’s just a joke no hate to safiya in any way 😀

    • Lela Fritzer
      Lela Fritzer 11 일 전

      @Lisa Tapp It is just a joke ok

    • Lisa Tapp
      Lisa Tapp 18 일 전 +1

      ... that is not that much compared to the $200 and $700 things she was getting for an ad so you keep your mouth shut and don’t be mean to Saf like that

  • AubriRavenclaw
    AubriRavenclaw 개월 전

    Other than the jacket this reminds me of many of your college pics you've shown.😅

  • Lilymarie 1
    Lilymarie 1 개월 전 +1

    You should try shopping at dolls kill😂

  • Ellie Fox
    Ellie Fox 개월 전

    I like the outfit without the jacket

  • rohk sop
    rohk sop 개월 전

    DUDE, You are a skip and hop away from becoming the Internet's next great Punk musician! Bravo Safiya & Tyler!!!

  • weirdo juice
    weirdo juice 개월 전

    Safiya: moto

    Me: MOTO MOTO??????

  • Shreeya Saha
    Shreeya Saha 개월 전

    I love you the hello is love

  • Antonia Amberla
    Antonia Amberla 개월 전 +1

    Part 2???

  • Isabella Warburton
    Isabella Warburton 개월 전


  • mistressofdisasterr
    mistressofdisasterr 개월 전 +3

    the shirt is that expensive because it’s made of rayon. good fabric tho

  • hot-cup-of-joanne
    hot-cup-of-joanne 개월 전

    Does anyone know where I can get the dark gray poof sleeve shirt she's wearing when reviewing the clothes? That's one of my fave shirts of hers but I can't even find anything close to it

  • milea. gim
    milea. gim 개월 전

    Hey like the outfit but not the jeans

  • Trudie Thomas
    Trudie Thomas 개월 전

    My dad wore those boots as house shoes, he would of been 110. The jacket, looks like a copy of at least, the 50 cowboys, shirts/jacket

  • Kristi Rae
    Kristi Rae 개월 전 +3

    WHYYYYY do companies get away with charging $40+ for these things and then THEY ADD SHIPPING 🤯

  • Terry
    Terry 개월 전 +1

    hate the pants but the rest is cute

  • Sekh
    Sekh 개월 전

    I feel so dumb.
    1. I'm not American. My mother tongue is not even English. American was never *that* pregnant in my school education because I'm from Europe and geographically we dealt with everything but America (just like in English lesson but after taking the test, you just forgot everything, aye? ,_,).
    2. As you (Safiya) mentioned "living in California" while showing the t-shirt, I was like "what. I thought Las Vegas is in Nevada." Then I realized. She lives in California, Los Angeles. L-A, not L-V.

  • Bellabean
    Bellabean 개월 전

    "I swear instagram just thinks im like a big spender" says the woman who will go on to buy a $750 slender jacket, $500 extendo-jeans, $850 platform crocs, and $1300 thigh high uggs. come on saf

  • Genevieve McCalla
    Genevieve McCalla 개월 전

    Safiya is probably the only youtuber I know who can make a video about social media and not say a word about "follow me" or "like my pictures" or something

  • Łörëłëï Rïçhëÿ

    The outfit was actually really cute( ◠‿◠ )
    Love you Saf❤️

  • Erin k
    Erin k 개월 전

    thanks for reminding me to put the tape back on my webcam

  • Dezzeray Simmons
    Dezzeray Simmons 개월 전

    io used to have rocket dog brand shoes for my private school maryjanes lol i could get them at payless any time i wanted

  • Cass Dogg
    Cass Dogg 개월 전 +11

    Can we just appreciate how pretty Safiya is without makeup💄🚫
    She’s beautiful with makeup too♥️♥️

  • Heidi Nicole
    Heidi Nicole 개월 전

    Me: watching intro
    Me: sees crusty chewing wire
    Me: spits out headphone wire
    Its a cycle of bad habits

  • Ariel Sider
    Ariel Sider 개월 전 +1

    If you didn't know noir means black in French so basically you got the colour black with a different name. Hope it was helpful!

  • Michele Janczikowski

    When you get these outfits, do you wash them or just steam them? Cause I’m wondering how they stand up to normal wear and tear.

  • EclipseE2
    EclipseE2 개월 전

    I just realized, I have those earrings