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  • 게시일 2019. 06. 04.
    00:18 Photo prank idea
    00:33 Glittery rain video
    01:25 Umbrella with rose petals
    02:15 A trick with a pan
    02:55 How to shoot sunset
    03:44 How to make viral video
    04:50 Photographing puddle reflections
    08:13 Magic video tricks
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  • iska vevo
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    This video made me make my own photographs

  • Amine Saidi
    Amine Saidi 10 시간 전

    2:15 name of application ??

  • pg haji samsul-bahari pg haji othman

    Amazing can I do that🙄

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  • Mariana Alves da Silva
    Mariana Alves da Silva 20 시간 전 +2

    What is the name of this application?0:24

  • Nikita Maud
    Nikita Maud 일 전

    The last one😂

  • Beautifull brather

    Wow very nice thanks

  • Y2 UnicornLover
    Y2 UnicornLover 일 전 +1

    0:35 The side picture😂😂🤣😭

  • Cintia Kelly
    Cintia Kelly 2 일 전

    Como fazer esta foto e algo aplicativo

  • موزه الاسد

    كله كذب

  • Hulk Man
    Hulk Man 2 일 전

    No-one can, ever have a big button like that

  • V1N4 V1N0
    V1N4 V1N0 2 일 전

    The black hole has made on 5:40

  • Audrey12girl Gamergirl

    My Cauzen always watch your vid and there is something not for kids with the events and boy k. I. S. S and we saw him and her mother and parents stalk her and he got band in room

  • Nabeel butt769
    Nabeel butt769 2 일 전

    0:26 how to take this picture

  • karan data
    karan data 2 일 전

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  • Why not
    Why not 2 일 전

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  • Magali Ferreira
    Magali Ferreira 3 일 전 +1

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    This is sad

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    Que legal

  • Xikmadiiste Tube
    Xikmadiiste Tube 3 일 전

    apple campaign😎😂

    RINKO DATTA 3 일 전

    realy nice

  • RuJa RaJa
    RuJa RaJa 4 일 전

    0:55 you cant do this if your place is..uhm Nvm

  • FranTech
    FranTech 4 일 전

    Panorama is very nice effect

  • z a r i e v e
    z a r i e v e 4 일 전

    Is anyone else not gonna talk about how all of these are tik tok trends?!

  • Naela Dibo
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  • RoRo Kpop
    RoRo Kpop 4 일 전 +1

    So so amusing

  • Zahra Wessam
    Zahra Wessam 4 일 전

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  • Sadie ColeyMcElroy
    Sadie ColeyMcElroy 5 일 전

    11:26 pervert

  • Elisabeth G
    Elisabeth G 5 일 전

    0:34 her gallery lmao

  • iamkadafii
    iamkadafii 5 일 전

    When you watch the whole videos on androids..

  • Robson Almeida
    Robson Almeida 5 일 전

    Let me summarize the video for you: be creative and get really good friends. That's all you need.

  • OskuBoi 642
    OskuBoi 642 6 일 전

    I dont have isntargam

  • Natali Boom
    Natali Boom 6 일 전

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  • Alem Kichu Chungtia.

    10000th comment~~This tips snd tricks is so awesome👍👍👌👏📷
    Keep up the good content😊

  • SRK Drawing
    SRK Drawing 6 일 전

    very Creative video my dear friend.

  • Ayush Dwivedi
    Ayush Dwivedi 6 일 전

    Which apps have you used .....?

  • Lyric Sanders
    Lyric Sanders 6 일 전

    Hay the thumbnail was the thumbnail for 123 go's thumbnail 5 MINUTE CRAFTS

  • Jun Ye
    Jun Ye 6 일 전

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  • Landyn M
    Landyn M 7 일 전

    This whole video is just horrible lmao

  • Legend Pro
    Legend Pro 7 일 전

    1:9 who the hell captured her???

  • Itz_ Pufy_cat123
    Itz_ Pufy_cat123 7 일 전

    You are so stupids this is not for Android,Jerks!!!!😭😭😭

  • Moon Light
    Moon Light 7 일 전 +1

    The real question is Do these videos actually go viral??

  • Samantha Harrell
    Samantha Harrell 7 일 전

    3:20 is the Tom cruise run lol.

  • Ocean Bird Kawsar
    Ocean Bird Kawsar 7 일 전 +1

    Wow so good I live it

  • Tegar Malvianto
    Tegar Malvianto 8 일 전

    At 2:13 it reminds me of Doctor Strange in Infinity War

  • Hebatullah Lāmym
    Hebatullah Lāmym 8 일 전

    Haha nice

  • yandere channel
    yandere channel 8 일 전 +1

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  • Prince John Mercado

    9:04 was weird

  • Kimberly Collins-Davis

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  • gaming view
    gaming view 8 일 전 +1

    Like chanel ini

  • Natalia Mietla
    Natalia Mietla 8 일 전

    Okay so hear me out:
    The trick she do at 0:53
    She's like in the city and she puts her phone on the ground...
    There's no way any buildings wouldn't appear on her pic
    But there is only clear sky there...
    Not saying its fake but... You know best 😉

  • amira nebbali
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  • Em Silva
    Em Silva 8 일 전

    Can someone help me out:how do they do the one where they change their clothes by running by the mirror😞 plz

  • Aisha khan
    Aisha khan 9 일 전

    Suprrrb brilient awsm

  • Abdul Mohammed
    Abdul Mohammed 9 일 전

    0:14 that dosent work I tried. She's just using a ring light

    • Abdul Mohammed
      Abdul Mohammed 8 일 전

      @Hannah Uribe oh cool! I'll try it thanks!

    • Hannah Uribe
      Hannah Uribe 8 일 전 +1

      Abdul Mohammed it works i did it without ring light, just flash and it turned out good! takes a few tries tho 😅

  • Rou Maissa
    Rou Maissa 9 일 전

    I got all excited to try them until i remembered i have no friends nor an i phone

  • Unicorn Squad
    Unicorn Squad 9 일 전

    Get some new clothes you look like we are in 2012

  • Elle Emme
    Elle Emme 9 일 전

    So all these Instagram and youtubers are full of $h!+

  • Honey
    Honey 9 일 전

    who are you trying to bullshit, even the first one you can widely see the ring light reflection in her eye, she is not looking into the phones cam..

  • Agya Prajapati
    Agya Prajapati 9 일 전

    0:18 PR kon SA app use Kiya plz reply

  • Gacha life pro Vs. Fortnite pro

    8:35 slytherin is better

  • Alexa Warner
    Alexa Warner 9 일 전 +13

    I heard that now many singers are using *IG rocket.c o m*

  • Rishi Ghosh
    Rishi Ghosh 9 일 전