Binging with Babish: Spaghetti Tacos from iCarly

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  • 게시일 2019. 02. 05.
  • BwB turns 3 this weekend, so it seemed only fitting to take a crack at one of longest and most hotly-requested dishes in the show's history: spaghetti tacos. I was always hesitant to try, as double-carbing gives me the heebie-jeebies, but I think we've got a satisfying conclusion to man's lifelong journey of incorporating pasta in tacos.
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  • LizzyRed
    LizzyRed 일 전

    My dad made these a couple of times. They were really good

  • jesterjokesgaming
    jesterjokesgaming 2 일 전

    Good... now put the taco on a stick and try to sell em

  • Ashley Pezzotti
    Ashley Pezzotti 2 일 전

    lol "those are some handsome little meatballs" love this guy

  • JP3
    JP3 3 일 전


  • JP3
    JP3 3 일 전

    Drunk ppl food

  • Avrán
    Avrán 3 일 전

    What's the name of background music, anyone?

  • MemeyBoi
    MemeyBoi 4 일 전 +1

    “Mahrioh whadja do wit mah spughettee tahcoes”

  • Carlos Valverde
    Carlos Valverde 4 일 전

    So it's a sin if I make spaghetti tacos with a real tortilla?

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith 4 일 전

    That show is so cringy.
    It's basically a pedophiles wetdream.

  • Blaster Emerald
    Blaster Emerald 4 일 전

    Mario what did you do with my spaghetti tacos

  • Buzzard
    Buzzard 5 일 전

    So you just not gonna try and put them on a stick

  • Gabriella Comito
    Gabriella Comito 8 일 전

    Could you please make a Friends food?

  • Gabriella Comito
    Gabriella Comito 8 일 전

    Could you please make a Sienfeld food?

  • hacked horror
    hacked horror 8 일 전

    Where can i get the bread crumbs ?

  • The Henryverse
    The Henryverse 9 일 전

    Do tacos on a stick next

  • Glossyy K
    Glossyy K 9 일 전 +1

    I’m so hungryyyyyyyyy

  • Mr. Sr
    Mr. Sr 9 일 전

    Ğ I B B Ý

  • Crystylon
    Crystylon 10 일 전

    Kelp Shake from sponge bob

  • Carlos Sosa
    Carlos Sosa 10 일 전

    I tried making the tacos out of parmesan and it tasted really greasy idk what I did wrong :/

  • Alex Pallein
    Alex Pallein 13 일 전

    Now put it on a stick smartass

  • backtoids
    backtoids 13 일 전

    spaghetti is only improved by crunch

  • *icy* -hot-
    *icy* -hot- 14 일 전

    Now that I look back...icarly is just KRclip from 2007-2013

  • Rachael Crocker
    Rachael Crocker 15 일 전 +1

    Yooo these looked so good when I was a child. I always wanted to eat them

  • Makeda Speckled Beauty

    Fried meatball? **commits to memory vigorously**

  • Jahsua_Animation s
    Jahsua_Animation s 16 일 전

    Mario what are you doing with my spaghetti tacos? OH- AAAAAAAAAAA

  • Kand
    Kand 18 일 전

    "being dissolved by my stomach acid"
    I just learned Sam said this and now I'm triggered because that is factually *INCORRECT*.
    Enzymes in your stomach break down food not acid. acid is for killing bacteria and stuff

    • Jeez& Rice
      Jeez& Rice 17 일 전

      Kand it is not factually incorrect, gastric acid is what facilitates and activates the digestive enzymes, as well as causing proteins to denature in order for enzymes to break the bonds. Colloquially, you are not going to hear people differentiating between the role of the hydrochloric acid, potassium chloride and sodium chloride, and the various enzymes that actually break the bonds, because they are all necessary to dissolve the food in your stomach.

  • Mushypotatoes
    Mushypotatoes 20 일 전

    Wow that iCarly clip was trash glad I never liked that show!

  • Panda Q
    Panda Q 21 일 전


  • Char Johnson-Blythe
    Char Johnson-Blythe 21 일 전

    Do the kitty faced ice cream sandwiches from Steven Universe

    CYPHERNASHY 21 일 전 +1


  • 1996 Toyota Camry
    1996 Toyota Camry 22 일 전 +4

    Still newish here and I just want to lay on a bed of his voice
    If that's kind of weird I know

  • Bennett McCoy
    Bennett McCoy 22 일 전

    Could you do a "Cosby Show" video?

  • t-800
    t-800 23 일 전

    You should be allowed to touch food

  • Classicsonic Maniac
    Classicsonic Maniac 23 일 전

    Mario what chu do with my spaghetti tacos wha AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karol Jimenez
    Karol Jimenez 23 일 전


  • Ginger taz
    Ginger taz 23 일 전

    I’ve always wanted to make these tbh

  • Sullivan Curran
    Sullivan Curran 24 일 전

    Bruh he walked on the screen like it was his turn on the xbox 360

  • Mark Russell
    Mark Russell 24 일 전

    I don't know if other people have done this, but my girlfriend is Hispanic via Colorado and she said her family used to take left over spagetti, fry an egg on top of it, then put that in a tortilla. Anyone else done this?

  • Allisy X
    Allisy X 25 일 전 +1

    Thats cringy af

  • Emily Nguyen
    Emily Nguyen 25 일 전

    but can you do...tacos on a stick?

  • LynxPlays
    LynxPlays 25 일 전

    2:45 the doctor during my first physical

  • T K R
    T K R 25 일 전

    Duuuude innovation. Genius.

  • tanyon derrick
    tanyon derrick 25 일 전

    i’ve been eating these for years.. soooo good

  • JC Music
    JC Music 26 일 전

    Binging Binging with Babish while fasting. God have mercy on my soul.

  • Daniel Valente
    Daniel Valente 27 일 전

    These darn white folks haha no jk

  • Sentient Trash Can
    Sentient Trash Can 27 일 전

    Very impressive, but can you put tacos on a stick?

  • Toni Mason
    Toni Mason 28 일 전

    You’re supposed to bake the taco shells for 7 mins @ 350

    M0STACH0 XD 28 일 전 +1

    May be he know how to cook, but no food taste better as the joe’s food

    RGB BGR 28 일 전

    i like your sauce recipe, but if you're going to make slow-cooking sauce, you should really try pouring some red wine in it and then letting it cook/simmer for a few hours.

  • vøid.
    vøid. 28 일 전

    u fool, ive been doing this for years

  • Olivia Reedus
    Olivia Reedus 개월 전 +1

    I’ve been making spaghetti tacos for years (since the ICarly days) and I add taco seasoning into the pasta sauce :)

  • Ray D
    Ray D 개월 전

    My microwave chicken strips with Tabasco taste so much better listening to this

  • Jesse Dh
    Jesse Dh 개월 전

    garlic bread taco shells

  • Hannah_a.o
    Hannah_a.o 개월 전


  • Steven Evans
    Steven Evans 개월 전


  • knowthe truth
    knowthe truth 개월 전


  • Yung-_-sip ツ
    Yung-_-sip ツ 개월 전

    0:06 that so cringey

  • thenarnianhufflepuff

    I’m cookin I’m cookin I’m cookin things for people to eat I’m cookin I’m cookin things thing that people will chew
    Note: I could actually make this

  • Perry Lee
    Perry Lee 개월 전

    yeah, that looked so much better with the cheese than the actual taco shell..!

  • Hibiscus Biscuit
    Hibiscus Biscuit 개월 전

    I though Sam said "Home sweet home" when Carly asked her where the meatballs went