I Got My Closet Professionally Organized

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  • 게시일 2019. 03. 23.
  • It's time.... to declutter. Again. So a few months ago we got my makeup collection professionally organized, and it was very, very exciting - so I asked our professional organizer friends at Practically Perfect to come back and help me tackle all of my personal clothes in my closets (and drawers and cabinets). Chaos ensued, but we eventually got it under control and ended up with a beautifully file-folded bedroom!
    PS: also, saw the comments about the fiddle leaf fig plant and the cat - thanks for the heads up! for ur peace of mind, crusty is not a leaf chewer at all (and he has not tried with this plant at all either), but we will keep him away from it for sure!
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  5 개월 전 +25961

    HELLO FRIENDS!! sorry for the long delay on this video - we ended up with like 19 hours of decluttering footage and it semi-killed us. but we are here now!! hope u guys enjoy our new video :) EDIT: also, saw the comments about the fiddle leaf fig plant and the cat - crusty is not a leaf chewer at all but we will keep him away from it for sure!

    • Eileen Miranda
      Eileen Miranda 8 일 전

      Safiya Nygaard HAVING PLANTS IN YOUR BEDROOM IS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH DO TO SOME Element THAT PLANTS RELEASE. So I recommend u move it to the living room🙂btw I love u and congrats on the engagement 🥳

    • Kiara Guzman
      Kiara Guzman 18 일 전

      Safiya Nygaard you should meet with Mr Kate and they can help you decorate your space.

    • Something About softball
      Something About softball 29 일 전

      Safiya Nygaard I up falling asleep during this video

    • Something About softball
      Something About softball 29 일 전

      Safiya Nygaard I always end up falling asleep during this video

  • Huffelpuff_ Queen101 4life

    "tHiS bIeAcH" the best thing she ever said 😂😂😂😂

  • Cornelius Hardy
    Cornelius Hardy 6 시간 전

    Nothing wrong with dark clothing. I have a brand and yet black is still pretty much all I wear besides denim. I love a organized closet. 👌👌👌

  • Lizzie S
    Lizzie S 7 시간 전

    Your like a bat in human form😂🤣

  • sassou cesar
    sassou cesar 9 시간 전

    Just because I need to clean my closet

  • Celeste Avakian
    Celeste Avakian 9 시간 전

    12:09 Any holosexuals out there?

  • Cloudess
    Cloudess 10 시간 전


    KITTY4EAVER 17 14 시간 전

    Hey Safiya can you do video clothes next

  • Odeta
    Odeta 15 시간 전

    Now i feel that i have no clothes

  • cilstr
    cilstr 16 시간 전

    how much did that gaint fig cost?? itd be over $200 in australia....

  • Sam Serghini
    Sam Serghini 20 시간 전

    this video is the definition of capitalism....

  • Berry Stein
    Berry Stein 21 시간 전

    Safiya: I organise my closet with professionals and make it look like one celebrities have
    Me:Well... Guess I go and put everything into a box and call it a day

  • MyWorld&Amelie&Kamilah
    MyWorld&Amelie&Kamilah 22 시간 전

    Are you from.ladylike?

  • delta swaw
    delta swaw 일 전

    I need them to come organize my room lol

  • Hayden Kales
    Hayden Kales 일 전

    I lowkey want her donating clothes
    They’re so pretty

  • Cindy
    Cindy 일 전

    Does anyone know where I can get those "cool slider dividers" at 25:14? I was able to find the "spring loaded dividers" on amazon, but can't seem to find the other. Thanks!

  • Tetto 04
    Tetto 04 일 전

    She talks so professional

  • elizabeth bennett

    okay but did she donate the GOT top??

  • Donna Dimitrova
    Donna Dimitrova 일 전

    Why is she always saying aCHually? No hate

  • A Adventures channel

    i had that shirt , the proud to be nerdy and flitery its from game stop

  • Jessica Stein
    Jessica Stein 2 일 전

    And as the only teenage girl in my family who loves fashion, I thought I had a lot of clothes.
    I think I just caught a glimpse of my future in this video and I don’t like what I see

  • The Little Potato Productions

    Y’all know this is one of the many videos you watch before you sleep

  • Latino Chico
    Latino Chico 2 일 전

    My wife loves her clothes too much she NEVER gets rid of any of her clothes she's being collectiing clothes from 16 years old and now she's 31 long story short there are 2 whole full rooms dedicated only to her clothes. Someone help me. How do I convince her on getting rid of clothes that she has not worn in years

  • smol head_azz
    smol head_azz 2 일 전


  • Yvonne Manley
    Yvonne Manley 2 일 전


  • Katherine Le
    Katherine Le 2 일 전

    Please do a house tour!! 🥰🥰

  • Zaira Zaira
    Zaira Zaira 2 일 전

    new subscriber here :)

  • rooblio
    rooblio 2 일 전

    I have never seen so much black in a wardrobe. Classic Safiya haha

  • Kookieslay 21
    Kookieslay 21 2 일 전

    When you slowly notice that her closet is turning into the music video spring day of the pile of clothes

  • Lucie Krajčovičová

    Would love to see a year later video, are you still going on with organizing your closets? Because I’m sure I’d give up on that as soon as I’ve started...

  • Jules
    Jules 3 일 전

    How about you sell some, at least 70% because you have WAY too much.

  • Madeline Mercado
    Madeline Mercado 3 일 전

    You guys are a cute fun couple! Had me laughing but great job! I need to work on decluttering, BC you guys had great comments! Thanks So much for sharing & for the inspiration!❤️❤️❤️ I have lots of work to do!! Lol

  • IntroverThorn -I’m just a random girl here xD

    I love how Safiya has a noticeably larger amount of clothes than Tyler XD

  • greg rafieck
    greg rafieck 3 일 전

    You look nice.

  • Holofor LIFE
    Holofor LIFE 3 일 전

    12:09 did anyone else notice the ‘Holo it’s me’ shirt. #holosexual

  • michele Dickey
    michele Dickey 3 일 전 +1

    I just want to know how much it cost to have 3 woman come and do that??

  • Ola Lalala
    Ola Lalala 3 일 전 +2

    Looking at your clothes remind me of Rolling stone singing" no colors anymore I want them them to turn black"🤣

  • Isabel Krube
    Isabel Krube 3 일 전

    Safiya: No u just steal all of my socks
    Me thinking about how this is the same problem my brothers have

  • Gatcha Tips and tricks

    Who else got a closet Organization ad before this

  • Hey_its_me 321
    Hey_its_me 321 3 일 전 +1

    Pls make that proud to be nerdy and alittle flirty shirt ur merch😂

  • aaryn with a why
    aaryn with a why 3 일 전


  • Aster Lavrenchuk
    Aster Lavrenchuk 4 일 전

    Why so many black clothes....you need more colers

  • Katie Larsen
    Katie Larsen 4 일 전

    I love the diagram of your room, the engineer in me is so satisfied

  • Elle B
    Elle B 4 일 전

    That mustard top would be so pretty on you

  • Aniek Scharenborg
    Aniek Scharenborg 4 일 전

    So many clothesss omg

  • aishvarya ramkumar
    aishvarya ramkumar 4 일 전

    The visualization of every safiya's video is a feast to our eyes😍

  • ErinX beautyX
    ErinX beautyX 4 일 전 +1

    i need this orginisation do badly 😂💀🤧

  • Jariela Matthew
    Jariela Matthew 4 일 전 +4

    Hug to hug guys, small KRclipr who aspire to grow
    Comment down here

  • Est H
    Est H 4 일 전 +8

    Me: realizes I'm a minimalist watching this.

  • Jariela Matthew
    Jariela Matthew 4 일 전 +1

    Hi guys
    Pls check out mine,

  • Bella Anderson W.
    Bella Anderson W. 5 일 전

    I mever thought about it but their house is really nice. I wonder what Tyler does for a living or if it’s Safias yt channel?

  • Emily Fehm
    Emily Fehm 5 일 전

    ok but like... what about about ur shoes ?

  • Pixel Tiger
    Pixel Tiger 5 일 전 +1

    Safiya: 'I live in a meme'
    Me: Jealous...

  • ItsJustAnotherRiver

    I watched few of your videos and subscribed[yay] but the whole time you reminded me of someone and I finally remembered who
    A Thai actress [she's actually half english] Sara Legge

  • glitterdarla
    glitterdarla 5 일 전

    Why does that clothing rack look bent halfway through! lol... I thought I had a lot of black tops! Dang! hehe

  • Camila Torres
    Camila Torres 6 일 전

    i’ve never seen so much black before

  • Jean Elwell
    Jean Elwell 6 일 전

    "It's pretty normal. I swear." :,D

  • Izzy
    Izzy 6 일 전

    my dad has plantar fasciitis

  • Laura Croft
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  • Christine Berker
    Christine Berker 6 일 전

    Love your new room! :)

  • yoyowatwat
    yoyowatwat 6 일 전

    2bras a week lol i wear 7 a week fresh everyday ..........

  • Sharika Ranee
    Sharika Ranee 6 일 전

    Did I just watch a half an hour video .....

  • m L
    m L 6 일 전

    Everyone is shocked about the clothes. I’m shocked because of the makeup. She can open a store :0 I’m so jelousss

  • Dolls Rule Forever Studios

    Safiya: As long as it’s labelled, it’s fine.
    Me: *puts label on pile of trash*
    Me: Perfect

  • Justin Arnstein
    Justin Arnstein 7 일 전

    Omg plantar fasciitis sucks 😂

  • Skylar S
    Skylar S 7 일 전

    “That’s all my shirts!?!? WUT?!?!”
    Tyler 2019

  • Adopate CuLT iS PleASeD

    lol only have about 6 inches horizontal of hanging clothes. Got tons of jeans tho.

  • Alannah
    Alannah 7 일 전 +1

    Tylers gym shorts are like safiyas lipstick

  • Milo the Jack Russell

    I thought I had a lot of clothes, but after watching this? Dang, I’m pretty normal. Lol

  • Yeah_Definitely_A _Bot


  • Yeah_Definitely_A _Bot

    3:11 he is where a grey shirt and blue pants but then 3:12 he is wearing a yellow jacket and pink shorts XD

  • Jaclyn m
    Jaclyn m 8 일 전

    So..... Where did all these clothes get donated? Asking for a friend

  • Aleksandra Rosser
    Aleksandra Rosser 8 일 전

    "DEPENDING ON HOW GAME OF THRONES ENDS I MIGHT DONATE LATER" *season 8 comes in all of its finest disappointments*****

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