Game of Thrones Season 8 EP6 (The Iron Throne) Review, Critiques, Analysis

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  • 게시일 2019. 05. 20.
  • It is the end.
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  • Ange De morts 33
    Ange De morts 33 52 분 전 +1

    Actually if the petition reach 3 000 000 votes they have to redo it

  • Amir Shaw
    Amir Shaw 2 시간 전

    I don't watch this show, but from everyone's response, it seems like Jon was the Aragorn of this show. So why didn't the writers treat him like it? He even had a destiny with a magical sword and right to the throne.

  • C Ventura
    C Ventura 3 시간 전

    Games of thrones ending reminds me of the show Lost. All this hype and they just ran out of ideas and it ran flat. But I was laughing when they sent Jon back to the wall.

  • Ashley&Dave Sargent
    Ashley&Dave Sargent 6 시간 전

    Ending was total bullshit ruined all the loyal years of siting in front of my tv on sun night just cant believe they rushed it so bad

  • facra games
    facra games 7 시간 전

    You want to say the dirty things about this season after 04.00 😂

  • Nikolas Constant

    Tyrion sets up two trials by combat for himself and he doesn't even consider proposing it for Jon Snow.... I mean wouldn't it be great if the show ended with a Jon Snow-Grey worm combat trial? And
    why the fuck Grey
    Worm even survives? He is propably one of the dullest characters of the show....

  • TheTruthIsGonnaHurt

    You don’t get it.
    Dany was thinking Big leagues, while so many of you are playing Tee ball.
    It was about making a statement to the world. Her mercy will not be used as a weakness against her. When the entire world heard of what she did at Kings Landing they would obey out of fear and fall in line.
    Think: Tarkin Doctrine from Star Wars.
    However it’s not a Death Star it’s a Dragon.
    Dany actually understood what it would take to rule the entire world, and we ain’t talking sheep herders and peasants, she would have to go against Blood Mages, Necromancers, and the scariest shit in the darkest corners of the realm. Meanwhile you guys are all crying over one city. The Bloodstone Emperor gives zero fucks about a city, which is why he was able to control a Empire. Because people like him and Dany think on a global scale.
    As I said, it’s the Big Leagues.
    Top tier villains that make Cersei look like a little girl having a temper tantrum.

  • Shaunie Duncan
    Shaunie Duncan 일 전

    Episode 5 was supposed to make us hate “evil Dant”, but it just made me like Daenerys more than I already did. I was so done with the season and what they were doing with her character. She was risking her life and dragons in order to save the living, but proceeds to kill a million innocent people because she was angry/frustrated? How in the world was that foreshadowed? She always stood up for the common people-the abused, the helpless.
    I don’t mind her going “mad” at all. I would actually love to see it, but in order for it to work she had to hurt innocent people in season 7 or something, not snap on innocent people over halfway through the final season. She was basically a cartoon villain and it was so disrespectful to the character as well as the actress who portrayed her. Shame 🔔

  • Joe Majors
    Joe Majors 2 일 전

    I didn't watch the show--It takes a great show to make me devote an hour plus a week to watch. I'm delighted that so many people have dedicated so much creative energy to the rewrite the failures of Weiss and Benihof. On the whole the net effect will probably be positive.

  • Donovan
    Donovan 2 일 전

    No one seems to understand "Subverting Expectations" where the unexpected happens. GOT would have been even better had Tony Stark's Iron Man shown up and killed Cersei Lannister & Daenerys Targaryen. No one would expect that at all with masterful "Subverting Expectations". .... Also, Drogon realized Daenerys was killed by a knife, so he destroyed the army of knives disguised as a throne. .... /s

  • redblinddog
    redblinddog 2 일 전

    Episode 5 was the ending episode for me and the writers blew it at that point. The death of Daenerys had to be. The best part of S8 E6 was the Dragon "Drogon' who stoled the death scene and finality. The Destruction of the Iron Throne was also a fitting end. One more High point was the very end when the Kings consul was left scrabbling over more mundane but real governing issue that any leadership has to deal with, sewers, military, education so on and so forth.. I give a disappoint 5 to the this episode and a 4 to S8E5. The death of Cersei and Jaime a should have been at the hands of the "Hound", Jon Snow or Arya Stark or a combination of the Hound (Sandor Clegane) and Arya Stark.

  • JohnnyBoii
    JohnnyBoii 3 일 전

    I always imagined this season to end dramatic... Like when the '' Mighty '' undead army charged, they ran over everybody... EVERYBODY would be dead... no Clegane , NO Brienne... Tormund or Jaime... Daenerys would die and become undead queen... Then they would march and take over the whole Westeros and that LONG night and '' Winter '' they knocked me over the head with it for a decade would finally happen. But there will be a funny ending to it... like Jon being on the other side of the sea with Davos , got there only the Gods know how.
    And Jon is fishing and drinking Rum... and Davos stops by out of nowhere....
    Davos - So... to make sure , this is kinda it right ? We lost Westeros to the Night King or am I dreaming wide awake ?
    Jon - Yeah ! The bad guys totally won... since we're gonna be here for awhile have a sip of Rum and try to fish our dinner.
    NO Cersei and her pirate boyfriend as final boss.... Bleeaah !

  • DarkVitamins
    DarkVitamins 4 일 전 +2

    3:30 I mean, that was her character the entire show? She's the psychopath, Arya is the sociopath, Sansa turned out somewhat decent I guess(?) They just dont know how to write women.

  • Fishslap 33
    Fishslap 33 5 일 전

    Oh, and also: the petition isn't stupid. No one expects a reproduction with other writers, least of all the people who started the petition. It is a message to HBO and to Dumb&Dumber that they suck and that the final season of their show was awful and an insult to the audience. Maybe they'll pay attention and not do this sort of thing again. How else are we to let them know that they suck? By making KRclip videos that are watched by 31 000 people? It's too small for them to notice, and will get dismissed as fringe stuff they don't need to listen to.
    Millions of viewers demanding that they write the season over again with proper writers, though, they can not ignore. This was not the response HBO was hoping for, clearly. And they have noticed it. And, with respect, I doubt they have noticed your videos.

    At this point consumer activism is all we have left with entertainment in general. The producers have all the money and all the power. All we can do is scream loudly when they serve us shit. So that is what we need to do then. Anything else would be irresponsible.

  • Fishslap 33
    Fishslap 33 5 일 전

    The NK destroyed one castle, so obviously everything will continue exactly as before. No one south of Winterfell even saw so much as a single wight, lost no troops fighting the undead and their economies are perfectly intact. So why should anything change there? Except I guess because the idiotic script forces them to. No one at their stupid summit meeting would have supported Bran, or Sansa who had lost her army. If this had been written by GRRM, the Vale, the Iron Islands or Riverrun would have seized the opportunity to conquer the north from her. Dorn would have declared independence obviously, and possibly others. At least rather than being ruled by some wooden unknown in a wheelchair. Nor would everyone instantly have trusted Tyrion. It's all just such garbage, and it seems very obvious to me that nothing whatsoever had been thought through in any detail. Like just the few problems listed above. They forced everyone and everything towards a predetermined ending, and nothing made sense because they didn't build to any of it. Sansa was supposed to be queen, because STRONG WAMEN, despite having done essentially nothing since S5 to show that she was even qualified to rule. One scene they did when the foppish girl from S1-4 suddenly knew more about armor than the smiths of Winterfell. Unconvincing pandering, and now she's the bestest queen ever. Shit writing!

    But the biggest problem is that in ruining the antagonist like they did they made the entire story utterly meaningless. They wanted another Batmam moment for the cliche they turned Arya into and they needed to rush to the final boss, Cercei. So off with the NK's head, here! And as a consequence he turned out to be so puny that the entire story was rendered pointless. Shit happens, people suck, nothing changes, the end! That's the story of A Game of Thrones.

  • Mel T
    Mel T 5 일 전

    Drogon should have (killed or just taken) Jon Snow and taken him with him wherever he is going with Daenerys. Drogon would have never let Jon live or never let him be separated from Daenerys. Imo. Jon and Daenerys should have died together or lived together. Drogon taking off with Jon as well as Daenerys would have been EPIC. I honestly thought would end like that for Daenerys or Jon both or neither dying.
    I totally do not trust Bran as King. It IS NOT BRAN. That is clear. Giving the episode a 4 is very fair because the cinematography, the special effects, the costume, the acting, everything was wonderful but the writing. Even the actors made some of the worst It still didn't make sense and please please, please explain what was bittersweet and why it felt like pure bitter in my mouth We were lied to again. I didn't see anything bittersweet. I have given myself a few weeks to see if I can move on and forget this TV series and books that has been a huge part of my life for years. So I have a right to feel the way I feel. I dont need Sofie Turner telling me I'm disrespectful because I have the highest regard for Game of Thrones cast and ESPECIALLY the crew, everyone involved from makeup to weapons, cgi, wardrobes, from the people who cared for animals to the lady with the lunch cart on set. It was a monumental task. The Daenerys plot line, her great story was assinated. Mangled into a big hot mess. Jmo.

  • Thomas Bowe
    Thomas Bowe 7 일 전

    Can somebody please tell me how FUCKING BRON got on the kings small council? Like of all people, BRON, becomes the new MASTER OF COIN. The same guy who back in season 2 needed to have the concept of an interest rate explained to him. The same guy who just pointed a crossbow at Tyrion, broke his nose, threatened to murder him and his brother, and extorted them for yet another house, title and land. But yeah he's the new master of coin......okay......sure.....

  • Thomas Bowe
    Thomas Bowe 7 일 전

    This episode was a total disaster. Truly sad

  • J V ELL
    J V ELL 7 일 전

    I remember when you were starting out and learning how to do this. if anyone ever deserved to blow up big covering ASOIAF & GOT, it’s this channel! Excellent

  • Sam Hofman
    Sam Hofman 8 일 전

    I wish I was a real nerd.

  • Daenerys was just Remodeling

    I see you read my mind on Daenerys. This instant Hitler Daenerys burned me to the core

  • Alexey Baal
    Alexey Baal 8 일 전 +1

    Bran said he does not want to become king. He only accepted for the good of the realm and to let Tyrion rule free from Tyrants.

  • Missed Lethal
    Missed Lethal 9 일 전

    The funny thing isn't even that she burned innocent people for seemingly no reason but in a moment of rage, then somehow just tell us this really bad excuse with a straight face, when it wasn't just innocent people she was setting on fire, she burned quite of few or her allies as well. Where your own men also shields for cersei?

  • Baby T Rex
    Baby T Rex 10 일 전 +1

    It's not even about being rushed, the writing is just elementary bad that its almost unreal. I'm not a hollywood writer, but I'm a Game of Throne fan. Give me just one day, and I'll have a better writing than this piece of shit.

  • Samantha Fisher
    Samantha Fisher 10 일 전 +1

    I can’t believe Bronn got a better ending than Dany. Cause he’s so righteous, right? 🙄

  • Briana Gonzalez
    Briana Gonzalez 10 일 전

    To me, it actually made a little sense for Drogon to spare Jon Snow & destroy the Iron Throne. Dragons are said to be incredibly intelligent creatures, even more so than humans. Drogon understood that it was Daenerys’s pursuit for the Iron Throne that resulted in her demise. Sure, Jon killed her, but he desperately did not want to. Drogon knew that power - the Iron Throne killed her; thus, he destroyed it.

  • timmyy elm
    timmyy elm 12 일 전

    Dragons in GoT are smarter then you think. I'm not sure the limit to a dragons intelligence. But it can feel daenerys feelings, and theres another theory about khal drogo being inside drogon as a spirit. He could have been furious that his love died for a stupid chair. So he incinerated it.

  • PinkLash 007
    PinkLash 007 12 일 전

    I feel like Bran sitting on the throne is like part of an explanation for The House Of The Worm by GRRM. Idk

  • divyesh94
    divyesh94 12 일 전 +1

    Bring on the Dune videos!

  • A Shn
    A Shn 13 일 전 +13

    Season 1 Littlefinger: "Distrusting me was the wisest thing you've done since you climbed off your horse"
    Season 7 Littlefinger: "Lady Chancha plz take me back uwuwuwuwuwu"

  • MrFutsy
    MrFutsy 13 일 전

    I dont know why it needed a ending to wrap it up...
    It began in the middle of a story, where you had to catch up on what had happened and it was great, it felt like a real world.
    Why did it need a ending that tied everything up?
    It felt plastic, not fleshed out at all.

  • Maximilian Hammerschmidt

    Epsiode 3 already left me dead inside and I was like yelp I will watch the rest although I don't care at all anymore... It is so sad and embarassing that the NK wasn't a threat til the end... In my opinion the fight against the NK and winter should have been combined with the fight for the Iron Throne... Not once in a while did I expected that they would get rid of the NK and the entire Army of the Dead three epidodes before then end... I mean, What the Fuck!? He was ALWAYS supposed to be the biggest and final enemy and antagonists... It proves that nor D&D neither all that dumb-dumb's who are really defending season eight ever understood what this series was all about for real! Gosh, I am still so upset... And all that people that are saying, "but the show's name Is Game of THRONES!" go f ***k yourselves!... The only reason why the show's name is GoT is because the Showrunners found it to be more catchy than "A Song of Ice and Fire" (! A title that definitely implies that the NK should somehow had been included in the FINAL episode!!!!)... That is the Only reason

  • Novak Kavon
    Novak Kavon 13 일 전 +2

    There is a big diference betwen mad ,angry and evil...and daenerys was not evil not one glance of evil in her thru the last ten years she was passionate about her reclaiming her right as a queen but she was always repeating she doesnt want to be queen of ashes she always repeated she wont achive her goal on the lives of inocent ...her brother was evil her father was evil ...she was of kind and gentle heart with a burning warrior in her not evil...and in the end she did not go mad what everybody keeps repeating and justifing what she did saying she went mad is been shown in previous season she gonna go mad...well yes maybe killing people who inslaved inocent tried to kill her she was brutal to them but arya was brutal to people who hurt starks even more brutal then Daenerys doesnt mean arya was mad ..or she would turn mad...what im saying or trying to say daenerys in the end didnt go mad she went full on evil and there is no reasoning behind that because she is not really is stupid how they fcked her charachter ...but i dont like criticising just on the account how amazing thise people working on this have been how long and how they give 90 percent of their lives to this for the last ten years...i just hope in the future we get back to this story because im pretty sure Khaleesi is alive and pregnant with jon snow child ane how ever when ever i think we will see they didnt finish this story deliberately because george rr martin has something in stored for bran and the rest of thise beautiful charachters

  • StillersRock
    StillersRock 14 일 전

    Jon started out as a crow, then became a parrot.

  • Tabletop Chris
    Tabletop Chris 14 일 전

    So is the Night king a Good guy? 9:00

  • Kevin Rivera
    Kevin Rivera 14 일 전 +1

    I felt no emotion when Tyrion saw his siblings. It felt so weird that he’d be able to find them after moving 2 blocks of rubble off of them. It broke my immersion from the moment.

  • bitterzombie
    bitterzombie 14 일 전

    Jon Snow: "I don't want the throne"
    Tyrion: "that's why you should have it"
    Also Tyrion: "who has a better story than Bran the Broken?"
    Bran: "yes. I came here because I deserve this. "

  • Spencer Semikoff
    Spencer Semikoff 14 일 전 +2

    I think an animated version of GOT would be awesome. They could be able to do 15 seasons no problem.

  • Dylan Zoller
    Dylan Zoller 14 일 전

    This guy actually helped write a book about GoT’s cultural impact, I think I trust you.

  • Wuanslm
    Wuanslm 14 일 전

    Electoral Monarchies are a shitty form of government and not democratic at all: ask Poland

  • Void King
    Void King 14 일 전 +1

    i laughed when tyrion found his siblings. nuff said i guess.

  • Comadoof
    Comadoof 14 일 전

    How Qyburn died was both satisfying and funny. Loved it.

  • Sangita Mahanti
    Sangita Mahanti 14 일 전 +1

    According to show Tyrion's logic, Old Nan should be the new queen. She spent most of her life in storytelling.
    And you were spot on about the Drogon sparing Jon. Jon being a Targaryen, Drogon may acknowledge Jon but Dany was his Mother ! No one is more important to a child than his/her mom. He's a goddamn animal,they stay loyal , and he was closest to her

  • tonytg909
    tonytg909 14 일 전 +2

    Season 8 insulted it's fan base.

  • John Tohn
    John Tohn 15 일 전

    When I was watching this season I genuinely kept thinking I had missed a scene or episode but it turns out they just wanted to get it out of the way. I think it's sad how one of the greatest tv shows ever was ruined because of stupid and lazy writing. I will admit that some scenes got me jumping off my chair in excitement like when arya killed the night King but after watching it I realised that it shouldn't have happened like that. It was a confusing mess and D and D should hang their heads in shame. Well done however to the cast and crew they did an amazing job and I really do feel sorry for the, all that hard work for a disappointment of an end.

  • Douglas Silva
    Douglas Silva 15 일 전

    Let it die.

  • Laver constantine
    Laver constantine 15 일 전

    At least you called out the bullshit with her burning the red keep last. When it should of been the only target instead of the entire city

  • lowgrasswhite
    lowgrasswhite 15 일 전

    Yeah, you definitely gave way too much credit to the writers here. They made Bran king because they desperately wanted to surprise the viewers, and avoid being called predictable. Simple as. Same motivation was behind Arya killing the Night King. When Bran says "why do you think i came all this way", they're just trying to pass Bran's out-of-character acceptance of the crown as something he has always anticipated due to his demigod psychic skills.

  • Şukufe Kıllıbacak

    İ want to ask lots of things. How this new king(brandon the useless) going to stop blodshed we always saw in GOT power corrupts and what changed?Is this end supposed to restore peace?What is the message of this show?If you are 3 eyed raven u can rule all the lands.Haha good message im going to use this on my life from now on im trying to get one more eye. In the book why rob stark died why ned died? They were good guys but the very nature of the political system and humans didnt let them survive. It was the system who needs change and in order to make to people understand this they should fight against night king. If u didnt change the system GoT series wont end. Brandon The dipsheet cant change anything

  • Game of Wars X
    Game of Wars X 16 일 전

    I think Drogon destroyed the Iron Throne because he blames it for driving his mother mad

  • Da Ho
    Da Ho 16 일 전

    the smoke animation by the iron throne at the start reminded me of the menu screen for Skyrim

  • bluchocolate123
    bluchocolate123 16 일 전

    I never really liked Dany but they did her wrong in this season.
    Her death should have been more epic. She got stabbed once and died like a punk while Jamie was beaten and stabbed but still managed to get to her sister and have last words.

  • Romil Kumar
    Romil Kumar 16 일 전 +2

    If killing expectations were a crime , Dumb and Dumber would be sentenced to 1000 years without parole !!!

  • lucidity
    lucidity 18 일 전

    Bran is GoT's equivalent of Letho II and GRRM is a dune fan. that means i have to ask....
    why would a Dune fan crown their worlds version of "Letho II, the god-king, the TYRANT" king to finish of his story?
    they wouldn't, I presume this will never happen in the books and that D&D grossly misunderstood the source material, again. (and OMG all the "meaningful stares")

  • Paul Bell
    Paul Bell 18 일 전

    Drogon saw the knife and thought Woh! No way do I want stabbing so I'll act a bit mental, burn something, cos that's what I like to do, then when John's not looking fly off. Synopsis, Drogon is a bit of a softy, aww, how cute.

  • W M
    W M 18 일 전

    Too much essential storyline that should have been detailed wasn't. There were huge gaps in the narrative that were left unfilled. The culmination was therefore unsatisfactory.

  • Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday 19 일 전

    I like the idea of Drogon destroy the throne. It’s ironic, even a beast can see what greed can do to us but human can’t. But I agree with you, Daenerys’s character transitioning is too random

  • Unco Tam
    Unco Tam 19 일 전

    Drogon spared Jon because he saw the knife that killed Danerys was from the Iron Throne. Jon was cloaked in the trust he gained from Drogon, so naturally he blamed the Pokey Chair.

  • Robert Moore
    Robert Moore 19 일 전

    I agreed with your assessments of this final season the most. D&D really didn't give a shit.

  • Ahzzloe Ret. S.C.Demon

    He destroyed the iron thrown cause thats what truly killed her her lust for power. Now i DO NOT LIKE season 8 but i can atleast explain this dragon lords do like a soul switch as a piece of her goes into him an vice versa. And dragons atleast in the book lore are suppose to be wicked froghin smart like smarter than the humans who ride them. So a part of her who still loved john COULD have still been there IN drogon. Im basically re stateing somethin i heard somewhere else but i atleast liked that explanation. O ya an the 3 eyed ravens been spinnin this web for a couple hundred or thousands of years. I dont know if that makes him evil persé but it deff makes him alil shady

  • Cesar Rene
    Cesar Rene 19 일 전

    Dude the petition is a message. Any person with a brain knows that Season 8 of GOT will not be rewritten or filmed again. It’s to make the point. I haven’t signed it but I’m ok with others signing it and see nothing wrong with it. No need to belittle people that use other means of expressing frustration. You get to do your videos others get to sign a petition.

  • Ven Wis
    Ven Wis 19 일 전

    God the ending you proposed would be epic as fuck

  • Tori Spitzley
    Tori Spitzley 20 일 전

    You’re right about Drogon destroying the iron throne. It really made no sense. But from comments I’ve seen online they say Drogon destroyed the iron throne because the iron throne is what ultimately killed Daenerys. I took it as, if Daenerys can’t sit on the iron throne, no one can.

  • KazumiShiunsai
    KazumiShiunsai 20 일 전

    It kind of bugs me that in the end the two Queens were mad. A bad idea

  • James Alexander
    James Alexander 20 일 전

    If Game of Thrones has proved anything its that Ramin Djawadi is the next big name in film scores. PHENOMENAL composer. I'm really gutted that he wasn't hired for DUNE, his take on a science fiction middle eastern psychedelic score would be mind blowing. Zimmer will just give us Pirates of the Gladiator Inception version 53.

  • Julian Londoño
    Julian Londoño 20 일 전 +3

    It was almost like D&D were more worried about getting Edmure jokes and Tyrion moving chairs rather than actual story.

  • LobsterOfDeath
    LobsterOfDeath 20 일 전

    I wouldnt say this is a bad episode and even a bad finale by its own margins. I would be happy with the exact same episode shown, but only if I'd be shown more prior to that.

  • Axel Sharpshire
    Axel Sharpshire 20 일 전

    So... You're kind of like a kid who loves and respects his mom because she raised you till you were 10 years old... then dumped your ass at McDonald's with a happy meal then drove off.
    Who cares if you raised you till you were 10 !?!? *She had 8 more years to go and she dropped the ball man*

  • Brendan Anderson
    Brendan Anderson 20 일 전

    What boggles my mind is not one person was like wait Bran you knew you would become king? You knew I was in the exact spot to allow this future to unfold? That would make him the biggest enemy to Westeros in the biggest power seat... no wonder he wants to find Drogon and worg into him. If they catch onto his ploy and who he really is he's dead without that killing machine. Lol

  • silkscrim
    silkscrim 21 일 전

    Oh, the petition is to make a damn point

  • silkscrim
    silkscrim 21 일 전 +2

    1/10 for the great work of cast and crew. So glad I waited to buy for keeps, because now no reason to rewatch any of it, knowing how it’s all for nothing

    • guitarHero1885
      guitarHero1885 18 일 전

      was going to re-watch the whole show and this ending has put me off it totally...

  • L. Rodrigo Andrade
    L. Rodrigo Andrade 21 일 전

    Hey, IdeasOfIceAndFire! I don't really know how to write you except through the comments section. Anyway, I felt I needed closure after the series ended in such a horrifying way. I felt the need to write my own ending for it. It isn't a well-writen text or anything. I just go through main points that I thought should have taken a different turn. I guarantee you I didn't make it any worse:
    • Cersei’s armies march North attempting to surprise the enemy who was facing another threat.

    • The Northern army stayed put thanks to Bran. They were able to counter the attack. The North prevails and the beaten forces are added to their numbers.

    • Against his most precious desire, Jamie kills Cersei proving that his duty to the realm outweighs the madness in his heart. He threatens to attack Jon and poses a duel in an attempt to earn a knight’s death. Jon, reluctant, kills Jamie and commends him as an anointed knight of the realm.
    • The army of the living makes their final stand against the dead. The battle takes place at Last Hearth.
    • Many die! It’s awesome and terrifying!

    • Bran reaches the ultimate state of his transformation into the three-eyed raven and is now able to converse with The Night’s King. The ice demon SPEAKS to him and explains that his people are creatures of darkness and cold. Exiles from an extinct world that had exhausted all available resources in it. They must feed on death by praying on the living. When all froze and died, they were left with nothing and fled their world through their deep caves and tunnels. When they emerged, they were at the Northern edges in the Land of Always Winter and there they settled. This was their second attempt to dominate this new world. They had been driven away by a fierce fire-wielder who commanded an army manned by all kinds of creatures: big and small, hairy and naked. They were unprepared at the time and so they retreated. They studied the enemy and multiplied. Lurking and spying they awaited until the time came again to take the life out of the living. This was his people’s last chance of continuing… of being.

    • During their encounter Bran is able to enter the enemy’s mind and undo his spell which prevented him from fully accessing the past memory of how the prophecies came to be. In doing so he realizes that both Danny and Jon are the prophecy fulfilled. However, the spell requires that either one bathes in the blood of the other so that The One mentioned in the prophecies can, through Blood Magic, be armed against the Night’s King. He passes on the information to Jon and Danny just before he is cut down by the ice blade.

    • Danny and Jon are the next target. They are aware of it and know they must comply rapidly. Danny, astonished, turns to Jon but before she can utter a word Jon approaches her, sword in hand and with tears in his eyes. “I love you, Danny…” he says to her, “Please forgive me.” With both hands on the hilt he raises Longclaw. The blade aiming at his own heart.
    “No! Never!” She thinks the words but can’t say them in time… Drogon reacts faster, however. He senses Danny’s feelings almost simultaneously as she does herself. His gentle muzzle knocks Jon down just before he can pierce his own chest. Jon, recovering from the blow, sees Danny picking up longclaw. She has tears streaming down her face but they stop at a kind smile. Her gentle voice goes to him: “Geros ilas, Jon Snow. Avy jorrāelan!” The spell-forged steal pierces her so swiftly that her heart still manages two more heartbeats even after being cut in half.

    • Jon Snow is lost. He can’t stomach the travesty that fate has presented him with. He had found love again and again there she was, lying lifelessly on the ground. He cradles her silver locks one last time. “Not again… I really thought this time I would be able to save her. I’m no king … nor am I a commander.” At their king’s bidding, the gelid demons charged. Seven of them, all eager to deliver the final blow. Amidst the madness of his misery Jon sees Longclaw, drenched in Danny’s blood. “It didn’t even work. Nothing even happened!” He reaches for it so he can throw it away. His grief giving way to anger. “Damn you, Bran! Damn you!” But as he touches the hilt one more time the blade starts to glow. More and more it glows as if it had just come out of a smith’s forge, red, orange and yellow. It is like looking directly into the dawning sun. Such glare makes him look away. He looks back to it with narrowed eyes and realizes his eyes are adjusting though the brightness from the blade only grows more intense. He sees the walkers sent to end him. They have halted about five feet from him. Their hands covering their eyes as they produce noises of agony and pain. “They are blind.” Jon acknowledged. He kisses Danny on the forehead and stands up. His anger is still very much afire! As Jon leaves to fight the enemy, Drogon goes to his fallen mother. He lies around her in a circle, still as a rock.
    • The air changes. It thickens and heats up. Hot heavy gusts of wind swirl around Jon as he paces towards his victims. The walkers are on all fours now. They struggle to breathe as he swings the ember-bright blade onto their necks. One by one their severed heads fall on steamy puddles that are no longer snow. The last one, somehow, even manages to raise his weapon to block the strike, but it is futile. The blade breaks off easily and the last head hits the puddles. Its charred eyes staring deadly at its king. Suddenly the Night’s King starts screaming and shouting noises and shrieking sounds supposed to be words. He runs as an enraged beast. His eyes locked at Jon. As the winter monster approaches Jon assumes his stance. “The heat and the glare are nothing to him, but that changes nothing!”

    • Jon evades the first blow too easily. “A bait!” The second blow is faster but Longclaw stays it in time. Again, and again from all directions they come. Each more violent than the last. “Pace yourself! Watch his feet!” Sir Rodrick’s voice speaking clearly in his mind as if his father is watching from the balcony back at Winterfell. “Don’t let anger overcome you! Pace yourself! Watch his feet! He will falter!” Sir Rodrick’s words proved true at last. Jon sees the opening and strikes downwards. The creature is caught off guard and can barely stop the blazing blow. The deadlock brings the Night’s King down to one knee as Jon presses down unforgivingly. As Jon looks down, he sees his foe’s eyes meet his own. Though he cannot understand them, his foul words feel like a curse. Jon replies with the most savage battle cry. He lifts Longclaw unexpectedly and throws his foe off balance. The Valyrian Steel blade burning at its brightest comes down with all the fury of the Gods, slices through the ice blade and gets the Night’s King from shoulder to gut. Bright white flames come out instantly. Living fire pouring from mouth, earholes and eye sockets alike. Bright as torches in the pitch-black night!
    The remaining walkers start to flee disoriented. Some fall down never to get up again. “Just as bees without a queen.”

    • Jon dissolves the realm back into seven kingdoms. The Night’s Watch becomes an overall military force that watches over Westeros. It will hence preserve the peace and meet with lords and kings to avoid unnecessary bloodshed.

  • William Rozario
    William Rozario 21 일 전

    Avatar is a kids show and is better than this in every way.

  • Thomas Taliaferro
    Thomas Taliaferro 21 일 전

    I feel like they wanted to make a storm or swords movie but had to make the whole series

  • sexnotchocolate
    sexnotchocolate 22 일 전 +1

    This is why Drogon burned the throne instead of Jon:
    Dragons create deep mysterious bonds with their riders. Drogon was so furious he wanted to burn Jon, and he went to do it, but he also has an instinct to respect that bond which overrides the initial instinct to kill, which is why he tilts his head at the last moment to spare Jon. The throne just happens to be there because it's staged that way. Drogon deeply respects Jon even though he was furious him, he still respects his power.

  • Setsunako6587
    Setsunako6587 22 일 전 +1

    The new podcast is 🔥FIRE🔥 (if you don't know, now you know) !

  • Bl4cKsuN82
    Bl4cKsuN82 22 일 전

    It Took Dany 6 seasons to rule in essos with her manners. Even if she was to turn mad, what can really be set up with less a dozen épisodes in Westeros. And you’re right, there is nothin bittersweet in this ending. Half « dark/no hope » half « episode 6 » ending with everyone too damn happy.

  • reaper
    reaper 22 일 전

    what if bran is night king in disguise

  • Mr UK
    Mr UK 22 일 전

    Tyrion: we should vote for kings
    Every king/queen ever: you don’t vote for kings

    • Nemo Verne
      Nemo Verne 20 일 전

      Disregarding every Holy Roman Emperor, of course.

  • Julio109k
    Julio109k 22 일 전

    No one knows, that Drogon had a PHD on philosophy, he understood that the iron throne was what killed dany and by melting it, it broke the wheel...

  • John von Shepard
    John von Shepard 23 일 전

    video start at 1:30

  • LazyLunatic
    LazyLunatic 23 일 전

    If I ever have kids imma watch this with em at some point and just tell em it ends with season 4

  • c c
    c c 23 일 전 +1

    Jon Snow's vision to defeat the Army of the Dead and Daenery's vision to
    break the wheel of tyranny both happened. Unfortunately, neither were
    able to enjoy their accomplishments. GOT was a saga of sorrow, loss, and
    triumph. It's hard to accept the finality of no more GOT after 8
    seasons. But, I choose to remember the fantastic music, incredible
    story, characters, scale of production, and attention to detail that
    made GOT the epic show it was. The odds of any future prequel, sequel,
    TV series, or movie replicating the GOT experience is extremely
    unlikely. Winter is over and Spring has returned.

  • Συμεών Κουρτίδης

    dude dont make excuses, this was a spit in the face of the fans

  • nickyiil
    nickyiil 23 일 전

    Cheer up dude!There 's bound to be a sequel :return of the night king" at some point.
    It will be so bad you will start to think season 8 was good.
    Happened to me with star wars. I couldn't stand the prequels until.. the abominations landed on the screen. Then i was like .. hmm maybe they weren't so bad after all.

  • Ima J Walker
    Ima J Walker 23 일 전

    The last episode SUCKED.. I was SO disappointed. I want Jon to be King. He'd had such a hard life it would have been great to see him WIN for once. He would have made a great king. Dany needed to be 'gone' .. her power went to her head like Cersi's.
    Sansa ended up being 'greedy' also. Bran wasn't king material.
    I think they RUSHED the ending. Just my take on it! Sorry.

  • James Larkin
    James Larkin 23 일 전

    This worse ending I ever seen. I'm feel so sad for Daenerys!! Shes doesn't deserve that.

  • Daughter Of The Moon
    Daughter Of The Moon 23 일 전 +3

    I'm angry.
    I feel like I have wasted over a decade being a fan of ASOIAF and later GOT.
    Everytime when someone mentioned, that the ending will be bittersweet... To me it seemed, that Starks got a perfect fairytale ending. Bronn got his castle, Sam become Grand Maester etc. Everyone got a Disney-ending, except Daenerys and the Lannister twins, but even the Lannister twins died on each others arms. In the arms of the ones who they truly loved.
    I feel like someone robbed a decade of my life.
    I never expected Daenerys or the twins to be alive in the end, but the way D&D took all their character growth, and then just shat on it, makes me furious. It feels like all those scenes, when Jaime was trying to fix the mistakes in his past, or when Daenerys was freeing slaves in (former) Slaver's Bay... They meant nothing at all.

    • Fishslap 33
      Fishslap 33 5 일 전

      This was inevitable with the sequencing they chose. The NK needed to be the end of the show, not some minor obstacle before the real business of the revolving chairs of the oligarchy could be dealt with. All the characters had meaningful ways in which they could have died fighting the NK or during a fight with him, yet Jorah and Theon were the only ones who got the death they deserved. All the other deaths were awful or they didn't happen at all.
      Like Clegane. Hating his brother was not the thing that made you like this character, or the most important thing about him. it was the way he tried to protect Sansa and Arya for the first four seasons. A meaningful death for this character would have been to die while protecting one of them from the Mountain. That had been his whole thing for eight seasons. But no, because the pub humanoids needed another drunken barbarian scream moment.

  • rohit c
    rohit c 23 일 전

    One thing that does not make sense to me is when sansa asks tyrion "why Her", tyrion has no answer and when cercei and jamie ask the same question the answer is " i belive she would have the world a better place". Up till this point there was no signs tyrion to see she was crazy. She spared Jamie thanks to Jon so that shows she still follows her advisors.

  • Lauren Michelle
    Lauren Michelle 23 일 전

    Thank you... your commentary is honestly keeping me feeling less alone and more sane about my feelings rn. It was bland and hollow. Also, this specious idea about the person who should have the throne is the person who doesn't want it? JON doesn't want it!!! Bran's "I don't want anything anymore" is stupid, there would be no life without any kind of desire.. for instance.. desire for something better, desire for justice, a king SHOULD have some kind of desire.. I find Jon's specificity of not wanting the throne to be way more convincing and meaningful than Bran's weird obscure "not wanting anything". Leaders have talent. We need good leaders. Leaders are not buddhist, zen ppl that just want to check out, not that there is anything wrong with that... it's just about spirituality and metaphysics and not about ruling and leadership and real world politics and governance. I feel like Bran is so fragile too he could so easily be killed and infiltrated.. this hardly seems like a sturdy solution. The other notion that got Bran on the throne was that he has the best story. Ok, also in this respect Jon beats him and has a better story. I want to like Bran, there is so much there, but the show just hasn't explained him to us at all... so he's just a void.

    BLACK DEATH 24 일 전

    Death to white trash writers

  • slick s
    slick s 24 일 전

    The petition isn’t about them actually remaking season 8... of course that won’t happen. It’s about sending a message.

  • Aila Thomas
    Aila Thomas 24 일 전

    It's a strech but maybe Drogon spared Jon because if he killed Jon that would be the end of the Targaryans

  • GameNReader
    GameNReader 24 일 전 +3

    Remember awesome writing, plot direction, and complex character arcs?
    I don't either

  • поо вар
    поо вар 24 일 전

    I don't understand Jon. In previous episode, he was horrified by what Daenerys and her forces did in King's Landing. That was the most horrified we have ever seen him in all 8 seasons. It was also revealed that he didn't love her and stayed with her out of fear. In the finale, he needs to be talked into killing her. I mean, she just made a speech to make it clear she intends to repeat the same horror across the globe, and Jon, whose main objective for 8 seasons was to save the humanity, suddenly tries to justify Daenerys and doesn't see the threat? What the hell happened? Who is this?

  • Ruben Baeza
    Ruben Baeza 24 일 전

    My biggest problem is Jon going back to the Nights watch. This big journey he went through only to be put back to where he first started? He might as well have taken a nap throughout the entire series and it nothing different would happen to him.

  • Artem Golub
    Artem Golub 24 일 전

    The dragon destroys the throne because it "realized" is was the throne (it being an evil object and all) that killed Daenerys, not John. And death and destruction will continue for as long as it exists, the dragon together with John share a common understanding, blah blah... Common really? This is kind of shallow. The whole scene was excellent, and well done, but the writing/plot could have used a lot more work.

  • Hans Zarkov
    Hans Zarkov 24 일 전

    someone just wanted the show to end quickly. it's the only explanation

  • Ron Hathorne
    Ron Hathorne 24 일 전 +1

    It just occurred to me GoT got a ”Dune” ending:
    1.prescient God Emperor on the throne of fanatics go off to spread jihad across the world
    3.titular hero abandons everything to return to his adopted people in the wilderness
    4. Said heroes sister is a deluded knife wielding psychopath
    Makes me wonder if Westeros is on the Golden Path?

  • Vivek Acharya
    Vivek Acharya 24 일 전

    When Bran said "most of the time I live in the past" that was Dan and Dave laughing at us.