The Only Land Battle Fought on U.S. soil in WWII (Strange Stories)

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  • 게시일 2019. 11. 11.
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    The Aleutian Islands Campaign was a military campaign led by U.S. and Canadian forces on the Islands of Attu and Kiska.
    It saw the only land battle fought on U.S. soil in World War two. .
    Apart from that, the invasion of the Kiska island known as Operation Cottage is remembered as one of the most bizarre actions in the entire war.

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    Bryan 'Lazlo' Beauregard
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  • Simple History
    Simple History  개월 전 +5633

    On the The Aleutian Islands campaign
    , the Canadian soldiers were issued with American M1 helmets to avoid friendly fire incidents..

    • Marko Red
      Marko Red 일 전

      Spanish civil war?

    • Brody Brown
      Brody Brown 10 일 전

      I was wondering why they looked liked American soldiers

    • Thanos
      Thanos 13 일 전

      Simple History ok

    • Damian Grouse
      Damian Grouse 17 일 전

      Sean Niver Hockey helmets...⚡️

    • Aidan Uri
      Aidan Uri 18 일 전

      Ah okay, because I was like bruh that ain’t Canadian helmets

  • Stephen Reynolds
    Stephen Reynolds 3 시간 전

    I call BS, Guam was a territory of the US, therefore they were considered US soil. the Marine base there were ousted and then re-liberated after years of occupation by the Japanese. Fact check needed here.....just saying.

  • Aviation Gaming1564
    Aviation Gaming1564 6 시간 전

    *Only land battle fought on US soil*
    Years later: Area 51 Raid
    Years later: Aliens are mad that we didn’t release them so they attack us. Boom they turn us into mindless McFUCKS and we walk around like headless zombies. Sounds like fun.

  • Yoda Master
    Yoda Master 일 전

    Always learning new things, thanks to history lesson

  • The Legacy
    The Legacy 일 전

    This historical event could make for a great PLAYERUNKNOWN Battlegrounds scenario/map. 🤦‍♂️

  • Brian Moore
    Brian Moore 2 일 전

    4:50 ish that’s mans mag is up side down

  • Sol K. Posner
    Sol K. Posner 2 일 전

    Battle of Attu & Kiska: Monty Python Edition.

  • Sander Skovly
    Sander Skovly 2 일 전

    My previous school had a map of the state of Alaska, even though I am from Norway. And on this map there is detailed description of these two battles, pretty cool tbh, the japanese planned to invade the third island in the island chain too if I remember correctly, but then chose not to.

  • Ben G Vegas
    Ben G Vegas 3 일 전

    Wow killing each others with no enemy

  • matthew brian
    matthew brian 4 일 전

    It should also be mentioned that the 1st special service forces was a joint unit of Canadian and American troops.

  • matthew brian
    matthew brian 4 일 전

    Stupid battle... Idiots.

  • Adam Dadds
    Adam Dadds 4 일 전

    You’ve been kicked from the server for excessive friendly fire

  • MaChaiTea
    MaChaiTea 4 일 전

    This story is really funny

  • Hermes Yen
    Hermes Yen 4 일 전

    Trust is the foundation of every relationship. So is not killing each other.

  • Andy Serrano
    Andy Serrano 4 일 전

    Is this the new battlefield v map?

  • Hoplite 898
    Hoplite 898 4 일 전

    Too many ads dude

  • xd slendy po and bendy veo

    Alaska: oof am shoot Canada lol | Canada: am will attack American and Alaska lol

  • xd slendy po and bendy veo

    Soldier: this is enemy?? | Government of canada: no

  • The Gray Guy
    The Gray Guy 5 일 전

    This is why we need to build a wall!.

  • DikoMan
    DikoMan 5 일 전

    F**k Raid Shadow Legends

  • Rhiannon Whitney
    Rhiannon Whitney 5 일 전

    The War of 1812 all over again, but this time, it's modern.

  • w h a t
    w h a t 6 일 전 +2

    *Canadian sees American*

    Canadian: do u want to 1v1 me

  • Corbin Paddison
    Corbin Paddison 8 일 전

    Hello simple history, my great grandfather fought in the battle of Attu I was wondering was there ever a banzai charge. My grandfather had told me that he was involved in a bayonet charge when a Japanese soldier charged and stabbed his elbow. On his way back a grenade landed in front or beside of his Jeep and caused an explosion causing head trauma but not killing him. He fought with the Americans. I was wondering if this story is flawed and if any of it is inaccurate.

  • Mike Armbruster
    Mike Armbruster 8 일 전

    I" m sorry but with this picture looks like US vs Canada

  • Retail Warrior
    Retail Warrior 9 일 전

    If I recall correctly, some of the troops the US brought into the campaign had just gone through desert warfare training because they were supposed to go to the North African Theater.

  • GamingWithCarl YT
    GamingWithCarl YT 9 일 전 +3

    The Battle Of Castle Itter: Friendly-fire Enabled
    The Battle Of Aleutian Islands: fRiEnDlY_FiRe EnAbLeD

  • Joás Fellipe
    Joás Fellipe 10 일 전

    What about Pearl Harbor? Is that a U.S soil?

  • Don farlan
    Don farlan 10 일 전

    They made a war where there was none

  • Jacob Black
    Jacob Black 10 일 전

    Whoo agrees that the Japanese were a Worty opponent!!

  • Ray _Blazin420_o
    Ray _Blazin420_o 10 일 전

    Anyone else getting fallout vibes ? Glad I stumbled on this but of history.

  • Wade Smith
    Wade Smith 11 일 전

    This was one of the most highly kept secret from the public in WW2

  • Marieta Hwang
    Marieta Hwang 12 일 전

    Im surprised they didnt get kicked out of the server

  • fitra helmi
    fitra helmi 12 일 전

    Austria: "Y" proud

  • Chris Arroyo
    Chris Arroyo 12 일 전

    Damn it Carl, stop shooting the Canadians!

  • Sir Arnie
    Sir Arnie 12 일 전

    From a very technical standpoint, wouldn't the Philippines be considered "US soil" as it still was under US administration when the Japanese attacked?
    It would be like if Puerto Rico was attacked. No one would say PR isn't US soil.

  • 다이나모
    다이나모 12 일 전비디오.html
    Aleutian Islands campaign Japanese Military Song.

  • AztekWarrior27
    AztekWarrior27 12 일 전

    Wow, that was f*ed up

  • Urban Student Prepper

    This what happens when call of duty players become recruits.

  • Albert Thatcher
    Albert Thatcher 13 일 전

    313 casualties? And the Japanese still lost the island!
    Can you imagine outscoring your opponent 313-0 and you still lose?

  • Babette Dresdner
    Babette Dresdner 13 일 전

    Einfach geil 👊🏼💙

  • David Castro
    David Castro 13 일 전

    Get your facts straight. Alaska, Guam and the Philippines were all territories of the United States in 1941 that were captured by the Japanese after the attack on Pearl Harbor. So there was more then one land battle fought on U.S. soil. If you were to change the title to North American soil, then you would be correct. But since you say U.S. SOIL, you are dismissing the 1,700 American troops who died on Guam and the 15,000 that died in the Philippines to retake american soil captured by the Japanese.

  • McLaren Lamb
    McLaren Lamb 13 일 전

    Mission failed, we'll get em next time.

  • Mad Cow Rebel
    Mad Cow Rebel 13 일 전

    Why are the Canadians wearing US m1 helmets and not Canadian Mk2 helmets?

  • Mustard Bastard
    Mustard Bastard 13 일 전

    Americans freaking out when the fog starts speaking American

  • bigwolf 22346
    bigwolf 22346 13 일 전

    Well this was embarrassing

  • Francois Leveille
    Francois Leveille 13 일 전

    Not a single photo of the actual islands or what remains of the Japanese installations...

  • Jorge Rivas
    Jorge Rivas 13 일 전

    Canadian officer: Men, prepare your apologies with the bullets of your rifles

  • OldMan
    OldMan 14 일 전

    Really ?! Can't they shout out to each other before firing ?

  • Dylan Mcwhirter
    Dylan Mcwhirter 14 일 전

    I bet we killed more yanks then they killed of

  • Vain AO Craze
    Vain AO Craze 14 일 전

    28-4 Canadians . ehh

  • Azul 5772
    Azul 5772 14 일 전

    What about Pearl Harbor. I meannn technically ppl did fight the Japanese at Pearl Harbor

  • Allen Waters
    Allen Waters 14 일 전

    A royal cluster f**k

  • M 6
    M 6 14 일 전

    Professional narrator, animation looks like a 2 year old made it

  • Faustino Félix
    Faustino Félix 14 일 전

    There's a great book about the Aleutian Islands campaign called Ghosts in the Fog for anyone interested

  • Xavier Andrade
    Xavier Andrade 14 일 전

    Alaska was not a state then, so if you count it as a US soil you also have to count Guam and the Philippines that had a similar status to Alaska at the time.

  • Marko Red
    Marko Red 14 일 전 +1

    Spanish civil war?

  • Bas Berger
    Bas Berger 15 일 전

    I think Hiroshima and Nagasaki are a bit more bizarre than this operation.
    Or maybe the internment of over 100.000 Japanese-Americans who didn't commit any crimes.

  • Deaths Reign
    Deaths Reign 15 일 전 +1

    Ironic how they all had m1 helmets

  • Sausage Biscuit
    Sausage Biscuit 15 일 전 +3

    I was just reading about this on a booked called: "Ghosts in the Fog" so the timing couldn't have been any better lmao

  • R Rockwell
    R Rockwell 15 일 전

    A WW ll Japanese submarine surfaced in Feb. 1942 at Santa Barbara, CA and fired at the beach. Nobody was injured. He did manage to displace some sand.