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    Tonkotsu ramen: less an essential skill and more a right-of-passage for the modern home cook. And, you know, an essential part of Japanese culture and day-to-day life. Sure, it takes two some-odd days to make, and sure, you can burn your hands on the alkaline salt, and sure, getting every element just right is a constant barrage of challenges. But with that first steamy slurp comes a superlative sense of accomplishment - not to mention, a truly delicious dinner.
    NOTE: Any time I said baking powder, I meant baking soda - do not write and perform voice-over at 7AM when you are not a morning person.
    Ingredients and Method for Broth and Pork:
    Tonkotsu broth:비디오.html
    Chashu pork:비디오.html
    Other Ingredients:
    + For the marinated soft boiled eggs:
    Soft boiled eggs
    Soy sauce
    + For the tare:
    Vegetable oil
    Dried anchovies
    Soy sauce
    Bonito flakes
    + For the homemade ramen noodles:
    Baking powder
    All purpose flour
    Bread flour
    + For ramen assembly:
    Sliced chashu pork
    Cooked ramen noodles
    Tonkotsu broth
    Nori (dried seaweed)
    Special Equipment:
    Rolling pin
    Pasta roller (stand mixer or otherwise)
    Music: "Mr. Miyagi" Blue Wednesday
    My first cookbook, Eat What You Watch, is available now in stores and online!
    Barnes & Noble:
    Theme song: "Stay Tuned" by Wuh Oh
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  • Binging with Babish
    Binging with Babish  년 전 +5791

    I'm so sorry, any time I said baking powder, please interpret that as baking soda. I'm shy on sleep and I have lain waste to my own voice-over.

    • Fadi Alzammar
      Fadi Alzammar 2 일 전

      @Thomas Adams They were just giving advise though?

    • ECHO༄
      ECHO༄ 개월 전

      "yes thats what i meant to say" xD

    • Blood D. Yami
      Blood D. Yami 2 개월 전

      Can cook a dish from food wars? I Recommend It

    • Ericson De Leon
      Ericson De Leon 2 개월 전 +1

      It has to be pronounced as 'ton-koht-su' and not 'ton-kaht-su' since tonkotsu and tonkatsu are 2 different Japanese meals

    • FormalFistFight
      FormalFistFight 2 개월 전

      "yEs ThAt's wHaT I MeAnT tO SaY"

  • Dennis Xu
    Dennis Xu 3 일 전


  • Zachary Davis
    Zachary Davis 3 일 전

    Thats a clean watch my guy

  • Teralee Trommeshauser

    The tonkotsu broth video doesn't exist anymore? The link takes me somewhere else, and the video doesn't appear when searched for... :/

  • TeacherJoseph
    TeacherJoseph 6 일 전

    where's the aroma oil?

  • Andrew Small
    Andrew Small 8 일 전 +1

    If i may quote the warrior poet "Ponyo,"
    Mmmm, IT'S HAAAAAAAAAM!!!!!!!!

  • Aubrey Morgan
    Aubrey Morgan 8 일 전 +1

    The link provided for the broth episode leads to a diffrent episode from an arrested development dish, not broth :/

  • Adrian Draai
    Adrian Draai 8 일 전

    Is the ramen broth link correct?

  • ooo ooo
    ooo ooo 10 일 전

    I eat noodles in Japan. No slurps. No offense intended. I just can't do it.

  • Christopher
    Christopher 10 일 전

    Start with a rich seafood stock, then add green onions and a spoon of minced garlic....

    And a *GUN!*

  • Adam Acevedo
    Adam Acevedo 11 일 전

    I went to Japan and now il addicted to their ramen

  • KaBoom
    KaBoom 11 일 전

    Dead Man's Party reference!

  • Tom
    Tom 12 일 전

    No Naruto

  • Hornauer
    Hornauer 14 일 전

    you forgot the oil. it's one of the ramen essentials

  • Nik Young
    Nik Young 16 일 전

    This looks so damn good

  • Lelle Kidd
    Lelle Kidd 17 일 전

    Man! take a breath... :O

  • Nabe저질
    Nabe저질 17 일 전

    you can torch outside of Pork for more flavor

  • Elijah Ken
    Elijah Ken 18 일 전 +2

    even a chef ate and still eats instant noodles.

  • Matt Crockford
    Matt Crockford 20 일 전

    Can the links to the broth and pork be updated? :)

  • Michael Harrison
    Michael Harrison 21 일 전 +1

    The "Tonkotsu broth" goes to the wrong place

  • Basic Pigeon
    Basic Pigeon 24 일 전

    Dang. Babish...

  • Jocelyn Juspandi
    Jocelyn Juspandi 24 일 전

    Wish I have a kitchen at home with commerical kitchen utensils 😭

    • Jocelyn Juspandi
      Jocelyn Juspandi 12 일 전

      @Shannon O'Sullivan yerr only if I have the money to get em and the space in my tiny house 😂

    • Shannon O'Sullivan
      Shannon O'Sullivan 20 일 전

      Sous Vide, stand mixers, and pasta rollers are still home kitchen bro

  • The_ Hyruler
    The_ Hyruler 24 일 전 +1

    I’m looking for a certain reference in this comment section, and I found it.
    If you don’t get it, “AND THEN YOU ADD A GUN!”

  • Jacob Hicks
    Jacob Hicks 24 일 전

    f i s h t e a

  • Bud Borne
    Bud Borne 25 일 전

    Just a quick tip you only have to cook the broth for a long time you can just cook the ingredients in the broth afterward they should absorb the broth, the longer the broth has been simmered the better

  • Stoned Umaruto
    Stoned Umaruto 25 일 전

    Wouldnt the alcohol of choice be sake? Lol

  • Joe
    Joe 26 일 전

    Believe it!!

  • sharewin
    sharewin 26 일 전

    ramen is 6minutes +

  • Trickst3rZer0
    Trickst3rZer0 26 일 전

    where is the broth video?
    link is wrong

  • Maryann Monson
    Maryann Monson 26 일 전

    I love that he’s doing this I’m a novice cook and this helps me step up my game

  • raul castillo
    raul castillo 27 일 전

    How the fuck is this basic.

  • Kate Chipata
    Kate Chipata 28 일 전

    Wow! Going to try this :)

  • embrezar
    embrezar 28 일 전

    You forgot kamaboko! A nice bowl of ramen always looks more complete with a couple slices of kamaboko. Also, the entire premise is a little incorrect; katsu is a fried cutlet of some type of meat, with tonkatsu being pork loin that is breaded and deep-fried. Your pork was pork belly, cooked sous-vide and broiled, and wasn't even breaded or fried... I'm sure it was delicious, but it wasn't tonkatsu.

  • windwisper89
    windwisper89 개월 전

    Can you make halal ramen...

  • Gerbian
    Gerbian 개월 전 +3

    I would like to cook this someday; maybe Ill come back in years to say I have/haven't

  • Prince Marize
    Prince Marize 개월 전

    the commentary from this guy is just off the charts

  • Nachosky B3njamon
    Nachosky B3njamon 개월 전

    In the moment I see the picture I thinked it was Howtobasic but i see the channel and now im sad

  • Volter 101
    Volter 101 개월 전


  • victoria lune
    victoria lune 개월 전 +1

    the slurping loudly to show your appreciation to the chef thing is a myth.
    slurping is totally normal and accepted, but it has nothing to do with rudeness or the chef.

  • vexingvexillologist
    vexingvexillologist 개월 전

    Advanced with Andrew

  • すあききりの
    すあききりの 개월 전

    Very nice!
    It is a little different to how we make it in Japan, but that's okay!
    I like the use of a pasta roller, I need to try that one.

  • Даг од
    Даг од 개월 전

    we wont souvide a shashu pork

  • Jimmy Puckett
    Jimmy Puckett 개월 전


  • Comrade Dimitri Petrenko Spetsnaz

    Filthy Frank wants to know your location

  • ginger man
    ginger man 개월 전

    Mfw i notice he didn't use a gun

  • UncleDeluxe
    UncleDeluxe 개월 전 +1

    Oh my god. I literally live on an island... and there is no Ramen place here. Ramen is one of my favorite foods. You, my friend- are a godsend.

  • Chip Chapley
    Chip Chapley 개월 전

    living in a shotgun apartment makes it impossible for me to do anything on your channel.... so i'm watching it now so my future self can remember when I find myself behind the wheel of a large automobile
    , in a beautiful house and a beautiful wife.

  • Gamerboy 3213/ JacobTheAnger

    Babish: *makes tonkatsu ramen*
    *Naruto Uzumaki wants to know your location*

  • aLLMaK3y0uFaM15
    aLLMaK3y0uFaM15 개월 전

    God idk why but i hate the word "umami"....

  • MaliciousMouse
    MaliciousMouse 개월 전

    "All dressed up with nowhere to go."
    I see dat Oingo Boingo reference!~

  • Darron Hansen
    Darron Hansen 개월 전

    Can you do a potsticker recipe?

  • chøke
    chøke 개월 전

    Where the hell is that broth video???

  • uber yangster
    uber yangster 개월 전

    u should try making stuff from shokugeki no soma like egg rice or karaage

  • Etrigan
    Etrigan 개월 전

    I would pay 100$ for that dish

  • Devilikg
    Devilikg 개월 전

    just put eggs in ziplcock bags

  • Devilikg
    Devilikg 개월 전

    i tried it a while ago , and broth was brown not milky, prob because i put fried vegetables in there
    but port came out great

  • Aiko Hamasaki
    Aiko Hamasaki 개월 전

    おいしそう!! 🍜ヤム! By the way, the name of this is Tonkotsu but you are pronouncing like Tonkatsu which is a Tempura Pork Cutlets. You did a good job on the brown egg. It is hard to cook ^-^

  • your boye oye
    your boye oye 개월 전

    They don't call it baking soda for nothing

  • Senor Studly
    Senor Studly 개월 전 +1

    A touch of soy sauce

  • Adam Romdhane
    Adam Romdhane 개월 전

    You are the best babish ☺