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They Didn’t Like Where I Took Them!

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2022. 11. 27.

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  • shuffler2039

    Cooper is going to have the most iconic natural glow up I'm calling it now

  • burrito
    burrito  +315

    Girl I literally had the shittiest last couple hours and I saw you posted and made me smile you are the cure to my pain

  • isabella harris

    sadie never stop being yourself. i love you.

  • b
    b  +85

    “You should consider this Sadie” haha I love cooper

  • jadyn
    jadyn  +56

    sadie i just wanna let u know my whole christmas list is full of ur merch. stay being you girl i can never get enough of the vids, love ya

  • Jessica
    Jessica  +54

    SADIEEE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! you’re so freaking funny and you just always make my day. I love how you literally don’t care what anyone thinks. ur the best sadie. we love u

  • Lost029
    Lost029 14 일 전

    Sadie not giving up on trying to hold kellys hand is sooo funny

  • Emily Padula

    Love Luke maybe he was by himself... or his parents owned the place that would be hilarious ❤️😭

  • Angel s 🇵🇷

    Sadie I’ve been watching you since you were failing to be a cashier lmao. Your channel is growing so much and I’m so proud of you. Youre gonna make it big one day I know it, don’t forget me when you do

  • lauren kibbe

    sadie posting makes my day ❤

  • Payton DeAngelis

    sadie buying her mom a car not even 2 weeks ago: “this is basically my bread for the rest of the year”….

  • Nuzzle_32

    Sadie your videos are so funny and literally make my day

  • Lila Ward
    Lila Ward  +10

    hey sadie! your videos have made me much more confident in my self and always make me laugh. I do wanna know when your self tanner is coming out though!

  • Ava Bennett

    Luke is a real one for sure ‼️

  • Kaitlyn Bennett

    I love when Sadie posts 😭 always a great day

  • Katlyn Sutton

    i find it so funny how when she said “i’m gonna use the restroom first” i was walking to my bathroom 😂❤

  • jacky tran

    Sadie: "All right, I have to pee so bad." "Hello!"

  • R M
    R M  +5

    the non-zero chance of sadie & cooper breaking into monday night raw at any given moment

  • Caymbria Cuello

    luke is my spirit animal fr

  • Lucy Leahey

    Her vids with cooper keep me happy