$1 vs $500 COOKING challenge!

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  • 게시일 2019. 12. 03.

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    PINK UNICORN 8 시간 전


  • Emma Ballantini
    Emma Ballantini 21 시간 전 +1

    Hmmm I wonder why a pasta ad came on PAUL

  • Emma Ballantini
    Emma Ballantini 21 시간 전

    Jeddah picks the most expensive stuff

  • LilWeirdCat :3
    LilWeirdCat :3 23 시간 전

    While I was watching this I was cooking pasta

  • nia hawkes
    nia hawkes 일 전

    you should do last to eat gluten.

  • Kimo Aly
    Kimo Aly 일 전

    What did you say? Disgusting milk?!
    Lady do you not know how important milk is?!
    Milk is good for your skin!!

  • Chelsea The Roblox Gamer

    Ameerah is prob the worst cook out of paul and jaddah. I never thought that

  • PurpleEnder08 Gamer

    I just a kid and I cook way better then u guy can

  • Maria Crow
    Maria Crow 2 일 전

    Didn't jeddah eat the pasta last time whin she cook a cake with gluten free mix

  • merelin cruz
    merelin cruz 2 일 전

    im pretty sure paul is the only one that can actually cook

  • Angelika Smith
    Angelika Smith 2 일 전

    Do a last to leave the snack closet win 10,000 dollars

  • Rudra Patel
    Rudra Patel 2 일 전 +1


  • Joanne Brewer
    Joanne Brewer 2 일 전 +1

    I go team paul

  • Dwayne Guy
    Dwayne Guy 3 일 전 +1

    Ameerah cheated cause at dollar tree she got 5 things and she only had 5 dollars and it has tax on each item so she spent like$5.40

  • Sasa Golubovic
    Sasa Golubovic 3 일 전


  • Kostas Bizas
    Kostas Bizas 3 일 전

    I love you guys so much keep doing these videos

  • YouTube is my life
    YouTube is my life 4 일 전 +1

    Do a last to use there hands

  • Yippies Slime Channel

    Stop winging Jeddah

  • anna harley
    anna harley 4 일 전

    you hate melck i love melck and i sub ilove your videos

  • Lovely Mikell
    Lovely Mikell 5 일 전


  • Jaedon Jessome
    Jaedon Jessome 5 일 전

    The burrito doesn't look very nice I vote for jeddah

  • Ralsei Drawzz64
    Ralsei Drawzz64 6 일 전

    JENNAH milk is gluten

  • Rainbow Unicorn
    Rainbow Unicorn 6 일 전

    Me me me I would want chips and chicin nuggets

  • Bordy Saculo
    Bordy Saculo 6 일 전 +1

    Unsubscribe to jeddah

  • Dikidukeelizabeth Favela

    The. 🏆 is. Ameerah
    Ok. Bye

  • Pancake Gamer Girl
    Pancake Gamer Girl 7 일 전

    Who thinks jeddah is crazy for milk?

  • Briseyda Rosales
    Briseyda Rosales 7 일 전 +1

    Jays looks amazing yummy cake

  • Basoz Muhamad
    Basoz Muhamad 7 일 전

    omg ammerah ur a pasta murder

  • blueish twinkie stars

    The mom wins at the cupcake

  • Chantal Cardinez
    Chantal Cardinez 7 일 전

    Please stop using the gluten-free cake mix it is not good

  • Naun Flores
    Naun Flores 8 일 전

    Your hair look good

  • Jessi Duron
    Jessi Duron 8 일 전

    Is it me or is it possible jedah could be a good baker with practice

  • Tia Shillinglaw
    Tia Shillinglaw 9 일 전

    This is so Funny lol and dramatic at first

  • ItzCarlos
    ItzCarlos 9 일 전 +1

    Everybody who uses tiktok: I SMELL VSDLE BOI

  • Giaani Taikato
    Giaani Taikato 9 일 전

    Those cup cakes were store bought

  • Riki McLean
    Riki McLean 9 일 전

    Your whole family sucks I'm gonna stop watching this channel😂😂😂😈

  • xxxtentaction og
    xxxtentaction og 10 일 전

    18:25 did I hear it's all Gucci gang in there

  • Skitbot Studio
    Skitbot Studio 10 일 전

    That’s gluten that’s gluten eats icing

  • Skitbot Studio
    Skitbot Studio 10 일 전

    This kid eats to much noodles😳

    ASMR UNICORNZ 11 일 전

    If jeddahs cake mix is gluten free then why does it need milk as one of the ingredients.

  • Liam Duarte
    Liam Duarte 11 일 전


  • The golden Amanda
    The golden Amanda 11 일 전

    I love whenever u do guys do the food challenges I’m a hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fan

  • Daniela Carrasco
    Daniela Carrasco 11 일 전

    Omg is funny 🤣

  • Madison Carmack
    Madison Carmack 12 일 전 +2

    Just think of all the times Paul tried making noodles

  • Jariel's World
    Jariel's World 12 일 전

    Uh Jeddah is not nice

  • Briana Williams
    Briana Williams 13 일 전

    Jeddah ate the cupcakes with milk in it

  • Briana Williams
    Briana Williams 13 일 전 +1

    Paul u just murdered the noodles already when u was eating them

  • Cookie Monster229
    Cookie Monster229 13 일 전 +1


  • Michelle Joyce
    Michelle Joyce 13 일 전

    Is it just me or i see paul's case is for iphone X but he have Iphone11 pro max

  • ashley mendez
    ashley mendez 13 일 전 +1

    I tried it at my house and it is good

  • ashley mendez
    ashley mendez 13 일 전 +1

    I really really like jeddah's cupcakes

  • Ryan Xie
    Ryan Xie 13 일 전

    Are the eggs gluten-free

  • extremeヅ red
    extremeヅ red 13 일 전

    0:34 oh come on I just want to make noodles :(

  • Kawaii Cutie!!
    Kawaii Cutie!! 14 일 전


  • Me and i opp
    Me and i opp 15 일 전 +1

    Paul you can use those noodles in a challenge

  • Yara Flores
    Yara Flores 15 일 전 +1

    She is a mom and has braces

  • Ikhlaq Arif
    Ikhlaq Arif 16 일 전 +1

    But I thought ammeerah had to get noodles not pasta!!!!!!???????!!!?????

  • Ocxaelitoo Perezz
    Ocxaelitoo Perezz 16 일 전

    J is trash

  • DarkWolves PlaysEverything

    HoW dArE yOu CaLl My FaVoRiTe DrInK (Milk) dIsGuStInG! Lol, I love y'all vids so much!!

  • Ròÿáłtÿ Love
    Ròÿáłtÿ Love 16 일 전

    Paul : your murdering the pasta
    Me:🤨😑 like when you eat them you murder them like 😑