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Busting KLOMBO Myths That Are 100% Real

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2022. 01. 21.
  • Busting KLOMBO Myths That Are 100% Real - Fortnite Chapter 3
    Today in fortnite, I busted the best fortnite Klombo myths and secrets!

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  • Jose Luis Pinar

    Did you realize he’s not mad about 100 players it’s that one was picaxing him

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks  +247

    Klombo is so cute

  • Mr.Something

    Just a reminder all cosmetics are not suppose to grant any advantage in game

  • Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X

    The one where he got mad because there were 100 players is false. Actually someone was hitting the klombo

  • sebastian random videos

    With the 100 people on his back it doesn't make him mad i saw a player hit klombo

  • xyrix dave

    The landing on klombo with 100 players is not busted i saw a red skin pickaxing klombos tail


    first time coming across this channel, and i dont know how anyone can listen to this guy for more than 8 seconds.

  • Max Hamilton

    What happens if u use a fishing rod on klombo does it pull him or nothing ?

  • That_Scr33nsh0t

    With the pizza party emote you just moved in front of him he wasnt coming to you.

  • Green Turtle

    he didnt get mad from the 100 people you can see that one ruby skin pickaxed him

  • Josh Santoso

    100 people can land on kolombo but someone hit kolombo on its back with their pickaxe

  • Spike Harddrive channel

    I learned if you fish a shark and ram into klombo sometimes you will glitch pass him

  • NotredeyeXlord

    klumbo is like a axolotl but with just tow more legs

  • MJ The Cat

    I dont think people understand that if the creators of the game dont make a feature, ITS NOT A THING U CAN DO

  • Big Mn
    Big Mn  +1

    He made his own myth will you take fall dmg while falling on klombo

  • Surena Safari

    Remember a lot of people or landing on Klombo? I think one of them has hit and Klombo.

  • rizwan
    rizwan  +2

    What happens if you building a lot of structures to max height let Klombo go to max height and fall will he die????


    I love how he brings joy and laughter to all of us wwO

  • JM Linux


  • Chelsea Summers

    The reason at the 100 people on klombo one is because the pick axed him