It's Time To Move On...

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  • 게시일 2019. 10. 08.
  • Thank you, we'll see you guys soon.
    Thank you so much Shane -
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  • Anabelle Bost
    Anabelle Bost 15 시간 전

    There’s about 240 tuesdays in 5 years

  • Chris_P_nuts
    Chris_P_nuts 15 시간 전

    Mexicans don’t believe in therapist

  • Cindy Argueta
    Cindy Argueta 15 시간 전

    Ethan we love you for you it doesn't matter show your true self that's what I would want

  • The Frozen Flame
    The Frozen Flame 16 시간 전

    Ml to both you fuckers, seriously though. I’d say first stop Ibiza.

  • Carly Bennett
    Carly Bennett 16 시간 전

    why dose grey look different

  • Alyssa Pugh
    Alyssa Pugh 16 시간 전

    I love how Shane has this big brother feel in this video. The advice he is giving is so spot on because he has been through some shit, we all know. But the twins went to the right person for this conversation, they needed to get this out and I’m so happy they did

  • mrblf652
    mrblf652 16 시간 전

    They are so stupid to leave at the height of their fame. They need to cash in now.

  • Isabella Hogan
    Isabella Hogan 16 시간 전

    *no regerts*

  • Hiba Slimani
    Hiba Slimani 17 시간 전

    It is real crazy how these two never gave themselves the time to grieve. That was my first thought when i heard that their father died, it was a real shock because me as a fan couldn't know. And not too long after they started again doing the same things acting the same way... cant say im surprised at this video, not that i expected it but i sure as hell could see that they hadnt processed any part of their life and the things that happened to them. Really glad they had this talk, they needed it, and although i believe that actual proffesional help is what they need, talking to a more mature friend really is a big step that will help them in a way accept reality and finally grieve. I really hope they take their time to find real peace at what happened and to be able go do what they want to do in their channel. Hope only the best for them.

  • Aleshia
    Aleshia 17 시간 전

    My uncles name is Shane Dawson ;-;

  • Jocelyn Cazares
    Jocelyn Cazares 17 시간 전

    I wonna get a tattoo of the purple couch

  • RaKu
    RaKu 17 시간 전

    Stop listening to billie eilish ..problem solved

  • Vive TV
    Vive TV 17 시간 전

    Well done guys! Go out there and make your dreams happen. The world is ready to see your new creative journey unfold. 🚀

  • Jocelyn Cazares
    Jocelyn Cazares 17 시간 전

    This was honestly good, like a push of growth to adulthood, and it's a good step into a healthier/stable life. ❤

  • Marisa Dilorenzo
    Marisa Dilorenzo 17 시간 전

    i used to watch you guys when i was younger and then stopped because as i grew it seemed that you guys were still in this goofy/branded stage. I love that this realization is happening, you guys need to make content with your true selfs and with your growth not trying to stay in that 16 year old blow up dolan twin phase. go out and do new things, visit your family and vlog the true things happening in life! dont keep things to a schedule and stock because thats what is making you guys stunt your own growth - feeling like u need to be so fake and forced.

  • Syaf__
    Syaf__ 18 시간 전 +1

    All those Tuesday wether it’s a bad or happy days. Your videos really help lighten the mood. Thanks for the 4.5 years of the Tuesday i stopped by. Really looking forward for the future🌻.

  • Bar Fhima
    Bar Fhima 18 시간 전 +1

    Shane is really is an angel 🥺

  • Meghan LeVota
    Meghan LeVota 18 시간 전

    Not only am I proud of you two, but I am proud of Shane!!!

    • Meghan LeVota
      Meghan LeVota 18 시간 전

      I gained a lot of respect for you! for the people who leave, there will be a more mature audience to follow

  • Ashley Darr
    Ashley Darr 18 시간 전

    My dad has had leukemia (a type of blood related cancer) for I think 10 years now but when it first started I almost lost him when I was 8. So idk what it feels like to actually loose a parent but I understand what you guys went through. You guys do whatever you need to process this and we all will be here to love and support you guys 😁👍🏼

  • Sun Shixe
    Sun Shixe 18 시간 전

    I hope you guys can get through this tough time I hope you stay the great heartfelt ppl you are

  • Mandy Gates
    Mandy Gates 19 시간 전 +1

    Update to anyone who doesn't have twitter instagram or snapchat...

  • Morgan Brown
    Morgan Brown 19 시간 전

    You guys have to give yourself time to grief over the loss of your dad. I know exactly what your going through I lost my dad in February of this year and it still feels unreal every day but with time and talking about it has helped me accept it for what it is. It’s ok to go take a break and spend time with your family, if people have a problem with it then they aren’t truly supporting you. I’m glad you guys are recognizing these problems now ❤️

  • breisamom now
    breisamom now 19 시간 전

    Only watching this video because Shane's in it

  • Cynthia Rose
    Cynthia Rose 19 시간 전

    I just came across this video, and I gotta say, losing a parent shifts who you are and who you were meant to be. I don't know you. But I'm proud you reached out for advice. You need to take time, you need to make your mental health a focus.

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith 19 시간 전

    You guys really need to invest in yourselves. Your mental health is more important then anything.

  • KeRmiT iS bAE
    KeRmiT iS bAE 19 시간 전 +1

    Mother *Shane* at it again

  • Francessca Bevan
    Francessca Bevan 19 시간 전

    i love you
    do u still have the foam pit
    if you do you should last to leave or something xx

  • P0mbum
    P0mbum 19 시간 전

    I love shane, he is so caring! #dadofyoutube
    Also, take a break, focus on yourselfs!

  • P M
    P M 19 시간 전

    Chutiya log

  • Fenixz Filip
    Fenixz Filip 19 시간 전

    So like dude you mean like, we have to ,like, increase our IQ above 0 ?
    Bro, how ?

  • Madison Harper
    Madison Harper 19 시간 전

    God bless you

  • Olivia Grace
    Olivia Grace 20 시간 전

    Shane is the KRclip therapist

  • Kent Hyde
    Kent Hyde 20 시간 전 +1

    These Guys Fully Have My Respect! Take all the time you need! Im here for any journey you wanna take us on!

  • Amy 13w
    Amy 13w 20 시간 전 +1

    I’m 15 and I know 3 friends who have lost a parent, and two who lost a brother, it’s super hard, they said they never get over it, they just learnt to live with it and time is the greatest healer

  • Angeline Narvaez
    Angeline Narvaez 20 시간 전

    do what you want to do its your life i will pray for you love you

  • Kyle Coomer
    Kyle Coomer 20 시간 전

    honestly who disliked this

  • maria m querido
    maria m querido 21 시간 전

    We will allways support you guys and everything you do, it's amazing you don't have to be sceard to show who you really are and how you feel we will allways support you guys...and I'm being honest I cried a littel bet seing how you really feel about this...just stay truth to your sealf happy...celebrate life.

  • Jaytsia M
    Jaytsia M 21 시간 전


  • zoe lehman
    zoe lehman 22 시간 전

    okay but why not vlog there? 😂

  • Ella Silk
    Ella Silk 22 시간 전

    Grayson and Ethan, you don't have to hold on to something in the past that was good but isn't good for you now anymore, like you both always say you've grown and things change, that doesn't mean it's lost, it will stay good and you blessed us as much as i know you feel we've blessed you. But YT is just a social media platform, it's okay to put the camera down and enjoy your real life, speak to people face to face without the camera in the room and wake up deciding then and there what you want to do with your day, instead of force yourself to do or be something for others and not yourself.

  • Water Sheep
    Water Sheep 22 시간 전 +1

    *What no you can't do this to me I was about to say I want daily videos and now your doing this to me, how do you sleep at night I'm sad how dare you*

    • Water Sheep
      Water Sheep 22 시간 전 +1

      It's a joke before y'all sue me :/

  • Louisa Roper
    Louisa Roper 22 시간 전

    How could anyone dislike the video

  • Lina Roshka
    Lina Roshka 22 시간 전

    I'm actually 26 and started watching them by accident, cause Russians are not aware of them. They shouldn't worry, it is not that hard to see that they have a much deeper personality.
    My dad died of cancer just a few days ago after 2 years of battling (we all had to keep it a secret). Their videos somehow helped me to go through the rough patch. I'm still lost, devastated, burned out and completely alone, but they give me hope.
    These boys have a strong moral compass and already are on the way of becoming truly noble men. So if you read this... Dear Ethan and Grayson, thank you. Everything you do is very appreciated. But sometimes for the sake of your own mental health, it is important to remember that you owe nothing to no one. Take your time and be happy.

  • Brandon Roberts
    Brandon Roberts 23 시간 전

    This is gay.

  • Jenine Flores Paredes

    You guys should try famous Tiktok dances

  • Shevonne Reynolds

    First of all any changes that you'll be making I'm sticking with you brothers ❤️❤️ you guys mean so much to me making me smile and laugh and waiting for that notification will keep me going through the days ❤️ and second.. Shane you are an amazing person ❤️

  • Angelika D-A
    Angelika D-A 일 전

    noooooooooo im literally crying but it's ok because I couldn't post weekly because I would have forgotten on the 2nd week lol

  • Amreen Sidhu
    Amreen Sidhu 일 전

    We love you. Take care of yourselves. Everyone deserves a break sometimes.

  • Eva Dro
    Eva Dro 일 전

    no one:
    literally no one:

  • Lilyan Darmaillacq

    leave youtube and live your life for minimum a year

  • Andinia Yunike
    Andinia Yunike 일 전

    I miss you so bad!!

  • Chelsea Prettie
    Chelsea Prettie 일 전

    I just have one thing to say. I love y’all toe nail paint👌🏻

  • Bailey Crozier
    Bailey Crozier 일 전

    ok will go find a different youtuber because LDshadowlady now posts once a month

  • Helme Gallano
    Helme Gallano 일 전

    Hey...Its okay to take your time ya know?I lost my dad when I was 3 and it was a really hard experience for me and I dfinitley know how you feel.I hope you gt better! so many people will understand what your going through.We will wait for you both!💖🤗

  • Kram Roza
    Kram Roza 일 전

    I can relate since it's just like "coming out". You don't want to show a part of you because you are afraid.

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    Damn i cried

  • holly gannie
    holly gannie 일 전

    Hi everyone, they announce it at 10:54

  • Taylah Armitage
    Taylah Armitage 일 전

    I guess they need to update the banner now

  • Sara Wendt
    Sara Wendt 일 전 +1

    People keep pushing Ethan aside and it makes me sick. He has such a huge heart and is so down to earth. Kinda glad that everyone doesn't see it, actually. I would love to spend a day just hanging out with Ethan.

  • Hasiger Hase
    Hasiger Hase 일 전

    i guess it is time to unsubscribe.