Brian Windhorst: LeBron James' Lakers contract shows lack of trust in Cavs | SportsCenter | ESPN

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  • 게시일 2018. 07. 02.
  • Brian Windhorst discusses LeBron James’ commitment to the Lakers with a 4-year contract and how it compares to his contracts with the Cavaliers.
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댓글 • 990

  • Jay Bryant
    Jay Bryant 년 전

    Commentators that never played a sport a sport in their life. Get a real Athlete

  • ginger
    ginger 년 전

    Staying in Cleveland would certainly be a year by year decision for anyone ...

  • EKG14
    EKG14 년 전

    This dude needs to lose 100 LBs minimum

  • TomKaren94
    TomKaren94 년 전

    Most premier players will not play in Cleveland. As the one who was head and shoulders above his teammates, LBJ was able to be abusive to them... which he was on a regular basis. He's not going to be able to be the same person in LA.

  • Tober
    Tober 년 전

    LeBron is a sorry ass dude

  • Cross
    Cross 년 전

    Outside of basketball, LA has a lot to offer LeBron in terms of other business ventures....great weather year round....the culture and food scene. The shopping and entertainment....I mean he is at the last quarter of his career so I don't blame him if he wants to just look towards a place to be outside of basketball....his kids will have a chance at education with other students with influential parents....

  • Dick Grayson
    Dick Grayson 년 전

    When did the Penguin become a journalist

  • Derek Hettinger
    Derek Hettinger 년 전

    I wouldn't trust you to watch my fries while I go to the bathroom

  • Jonathan Ocasio
    Jonathan Ocasio 년 전

    Who cares. Boogie Cousins to the warriors is bigger news Lmaooo lets go #2019Champs GSW

  • Tommy Bain
    Tommy Bain 년 전

    That lack of trust was well founded.
    Even a casual and superficial examination of management moves going back to his first stint is ample evidence.

  • Matthew Lane
    Matthew Lane 년 전

    The Cavs are a bum ass franchise

  • bob smith
    bob smith 년 전

    whoever this fat fuck is he should nize dat

  • Musty Martian
    Musty Martian 년 전 +1

    Dan Gilbert gave LeGone everything he wanted even let him Coach the team. He destroyed the Cavs and now Gilbert is seen as the villain, smh. Yeah, I would be upset too.

  • Erik Hopkins
    Erik Hopkins 년 전

    Brian Liverwurst!

  • Anthony Colon
    Anthony Colon 년 전

    Brian is a homosexual and is head over heals for Lebron. I’m convinced

  • Isaac Rodriguez
    Isaac Rodriguez 년 전

    Rihanna's gonna be at every Laker game😂😂

  • TheDucciano
    TheDucciano 년 전

    I expect either Lonzo to be traded or LaVar to be murdered . . . King James ain't gonna put up with that BBB horseshit.

  • Cappy 22
    Cappy 22 년 전

    NBA (nowadays) = 3 point contest, a lot of *bricks,* no defense, and some fancy dribbling. Shit sucks

  • 007thematrix007
    007thematrix007 년 전

    lbj goin' to the #lakers didn't surprised me, but this contract def. did,..... seems like he's going all in w/ the lakeshow (*with magic, rob, & luke at the helm)

  • Keith B Jones
    Keith B Jones 년 전 +1

    Those athletes don't be getting all that money that shit is for 📺

  • Mark Wheeler
    Mark Wheeler 년 전

    I guess Windhorst will be moving to LA too!

  • roundingcorners
    roundingcorners 년 전

    business and family decision? he couldn't win a chip with the cavs. prob. think lue is a sorry ass coach.

  • Javonte Foster
    Javonte Foster 년 전

    Now that he's there alone expect them to come rushing to his side if salary's fit maybe they'll take pay cuts

  • Javonte Foster
    Javonte Foster 년 전

    Even tho its gone be old the banana boat in LA gone look good

  • Austin Langhorn
    Austin Langhorn 년 전

    So I guess now the Celtics and warriors are gonna meet for the next 4 years.Lebron should've stayed now he gonna be swept in the second round

  • Austin Langhorn
    Austin Langhorn 년 전

    damn sucks i have to root against lebron now.Lebron was my goat but now Jordan is.

  • Walid Aladssani
    Walid Aladssani 년 전 +1

    I would have traded him last year. Hes a jerk.

  • Better Than You
    Better Than You 년 전

    Since 1999? This guy's whole career was riding LBJ's coattail? That's so damn sad.

  • IAJ3
    IAJ3 년 전

    You know Dan Gilbert is heated right now lol

  • Jason Long
    Jason Long 년 전

    JR Smith flew into Los Angeles this morning thinking he got traded

  • Damien Ortiz
    Damien Ortiz 년 전

    Everybody just to say he would have stayed if #11 stayed haha

  • JJ 00
    JJ 00 년 전

    Brian Windhorst looks like he's never touched a basketball

    • retro331
      retro331 년 전

      +JJ 00 nah fam he just has a bit of a flat face and a unattractive turkey neck, probably just never been inside a woman tbh

    • JJ 00
      JJ 00 년 전

      Pee Jay lol

    • Pee Jay
      Pee Jay 년 전

      He looks like he eats everything he touches.

  • Marvin Mariano
    Marvin Mariano 년 전

    How much cavs offered lebron?

  • Polish Wonder
    Polish Wonder 년 전

    Brian Windhorst career is over ...again 😂😂😂

  • elver galarga
    elver galarga 년 전

    Cavs have no fan base , and outta nowhere laker fans appear ‘!

  • Steven Leos
    Steven Leos 년 전

    I hate that fat fuck brian. He such a lebron dick rider from the start. He hates on the west and lakers. You can see this whole video and others he doesn't sound happy or SMILE once. Compared when lebron went back to cavs he's red face fat ass got all happy. This guy needs to get off TV.

  • Ciaran Murray
    Ciaran Murray 년 전

    Stalker Boy 🔥🔥🔥

  • JesusChrist IsSatan

    This is will be the greatest Laker since Shaq. Bynum, Gasol, & Odom I must mention as well since they won 2 championships dragging Kobe with them.

  • folumb
    folumb 년 전

    Dan Gilbert is a snake who brings an NFL owner's attitude to the NBA. That ish don't work here. Have fun being irrelevant again

  • dave lopez
    dave lopez 년 전

    Kobe come out of retirement and rock the west with Bron

    • Aaron
      Aaron 년 전

      dave lopez

  • Ben Judah
    Ben Judah 년 전

    Lue and Gilbert, hope you guys enjoy cleveland

  • Griff __14988941

    Anybody believe this is Bron's last contract? Retirement 4 years away? If it is hell of a retirement plan...

  • Robert Cerney
    Robert Cerney 년 전

    LeBron was always two-faced. Wouldn't trust him as far as I can spit. No loyalty!!

  • Long Johnson
    Long Johnson 년 전

    I can't stand this dudes flubber neck just flapping away while he gobbles Lebron's hangdown

  • Jason Webb
    Jason Webb 년 전

    I wonder how many Cavs fans are going to burn his jersey agin. Ill just say this. Hes a complete all around player and will go down as the best ever. Jordan was the best till now.

  • 4rmDEC2FRE
    4rmDEC2FRE 년 전

    Why are we comfortable with Brian being so overweight?? Shouldn’t we hold him accountable like the athletes?

  • J T
    J T 년 전 +1

    TBH, LBJ screwed the Cavs hard by pushing them to resign TT and Korver to terrible contracts. And now that he's gone, those guys are eating up the Cav's roster space. #ripCLE

  • jaymtl79
    jaymtl79 년 전

    2nd round knockout. Hsve fun getting your ass handed 2 you in the west.

  • Alfredo Plascencia

    Has he ever played against or with lebron ?

  • djkneecaps91
    djkneecaps91 년 전

    this dude has a hard on for LA, he sounds so wack on every video. "this creshendo of coming to the lakers" lol

  • Yes, we Koreans hate black niggers

    now if durant joined lebron in la, then that would be 2 weak ass moves in his career

  • Cooper Jones
    Cooper Jones 년 전

    Is nobody mentioning hes playing with isiah?

  • Positive Vibrations

    Let’s see how Lebron does in the west !!!

  • David Arowolo
    David Arowolo 년 전

    Wouldn't be surprised if the finals are Celtics and Lakers so it'll be kyrie vs lebron

    • Aaron
      Aaron 년 전

      David Arowolo
      Wouldn't be surprised if GSW GO AGAIN WITH COUSINS LMAO

    ELON PUFF 년 전

    Brian bratwurst the🌭🌭🌭 eating champion

  • mick chappo
    mick chappo 년 전

    Mega star

  • Salvadore Andretti

    This guy needs to be introduced to a treadmill

  • Tavious Moore
    Tavious Moore 년 전

    Man fuck any team jumping fan we ain't with day shit boy I'm a laker for life and not because of lebron so it means I'm a real fan

  • oj oj
    oj oj 년 전

    They’re talking trash about my Lakers player already smh here we go..

  • Dan Grump
    Dan Grump 년 전

    I wanna see Klay go to LA either with boogie or Jimmy Butler but the world ain't perfect love from Philly