Something About The Typing of the Dead ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) ⌨️💀

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  • 게시일 2019. 10. 19.
  • Pandemonium has broke out in Venice! Wielding a weapon far greater than a gun, Agents James and Gary set out to restore peace to Italy and stop the undead menace from spreading to the rest of the world.
    © TerminalMontage 2019
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    Dying NPC
    Jeffrey Giamo, creator of Captain Fear Facer
    James, Gary, Amy, Harry
    Chainsaw Cat Monster
    Team Fortress 2 Demoman
    ME :)
    Production Assistant: Vanessa Chinshue
    All remixes by the talented TheLegendofRenegade!
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    Valis 1 [GEN] - Lonely Soldier (SNES Remix)비디오.html
    Golden Axe - Turtle Village 1 (SNES Remix)비디오.html
    Advance Wars - Sturm's Theme (CPS-2 Remix) PATRON REQUEST비디오.html
    Super Mario Bros 1 - Final Bowser (Sega Genesis Remix)비디오.html
    Mega Man X6 - Boss Theme (Sega Genesis Remix)비디오.html
    Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattello비디오.html
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  • Kindren
    Kindren 25 일 전 +4676

    1:01 Harry's pulling the ultimate power move.

    • Gryffon Rider
      Gryffon Rider 일 전

      I’ve watch that same seen 10 times and the only things I see from 1:01 is 2 people walking in and a guy falling moments later. And I still don’t get it
      Edit: just saw what it was. And god damn why would you even look there! 😂

    • I like seal s
      I like seal s 5 일 전

      Aww man

    • Jįßæñ
      Jįßæñ 6 일 전

      Y’a know just pissing

    • VOLTMASTER 500
      VOLTMASTER 500 8 일 전

      @Charles Fitzpatrick
      If your a 4th dimentional being then it may be possible....

    • Charles Fitzpatrick
      Charles Fitzpatrick 8 일 전

      @VOLTMASTER 500 is it possible to learn this power?

  • Funny Clod
    Funny Clod 11 시간 전

    0:38 *Nice!*

  • The mistick Destroyer
    The mistick Destroyer 11 시간 전

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    No one in the universe:
    I swear no one in the fucking multiverse:

    Koichi with act 4:

  • Wildfoxx UwU
    Wildfoxx UwU 12 시간 전

    Can you do something about team fortress 2?

  • Denis Subotić
    Denis Subotić 13 시간 전

    So we all don't mention the hot dog at 3:13?

  • Denis Subotić
    Denis Subotić 13 시간 전

    There is one meme that is strong enough to beat him.
    Ok boomer.

  • aunpaidintern !
    aunpaidintern ! 13 시간 전

    Thanks to TerminalMontage I no longer stand to wipe.

  • Metal Storm47
    Metal Storm47 13 시간 전

    I uhh...I don't know that last meme unfortunately

  • ZaryTsuu_
    ZaryTsuu_ 15 시간 전 +1

    Gamer in their house be like :

  • GhostlyDurpy
    GhostlyDurpy 16 시간 전

    Wait This Is A Game!?!?!
    I Wanna Play This Now!

  • Mehraal Hassan
    Mehraal Hassan 19 시간 전

    1:01 when your realise that you wipe your butt standing up


    if you want to know what this animation is...

    its a game called *house of the dead*. look it up

  • Anthony Satterfield
    Anthony Satterfield 21 시간 전

    And why did they do it in the first place?

  • Anthony Satterfield
    Anthony Satterfield 21 시간 전

    For human consumption

  • Anthony Satterfield
    Anthony Satterfield 21 시간 전

    When they discovered cow's milk was fine

  • Anthony Satterfield
    Anthony Satterfield 21 시간 전

    What was the person thinking?

  • Anthony Satterfield
    Anthony Satterfield 21 시간 전

    He makes really old people look young again.

  • Anthony Satterfield
    Anthony Satterfield 21 시간 전

    He makes really ugly people look pretty.

  • Anthony Satterfield
    Anthony Satterfield 21 시간 전

    My daddy is a plastic surgeon.

  • TASK gaming
    TASK gaming 22 시간 전

    still remebering that the house of the dead saga (accept the overkill) IS THE CHEESIEST

  • Jackson Sloss
    Jackson Sloss 23 시간 전

    0:58 Oh my god he typed in "Bird Up".

  • Super Video Games
    Super Video Games 23 시간 전 +1

    I just hate it when a dorrito is under my f key don't you guys?

  • Greater Danemark


  • Holy Chief
    Holy Chief 일 전


  • Wadood Khan
    Wadood Khan 일 전


  • Mr. Milwaukee
    Mr. Milwaukee 일 전

    "Disgusting! That place is covered in memes." This is my new term and I will use it whenever I see my meme dealer



  • Cristian saavedra

    With megaman x6 boss?? Jajaja awesome

  • Joshua Korynta
    Joshua Korynta 일 전

    You either sit or stand when you wipe your butt? Pathetic. I do BOTH.

  • the ice cream man

    This is unexpected

  • Terence Lin
    Terence Lin 일 전

    I hear tf2 sound effects

    This is the greatest animation Chanel ever.

  • Yovanny Lora
    Yovanny Lora 일 전

    Dell sit

  • XX_MADness_XX
    XX_MADness_XX 일 전

    Know Your Meme:
    “whomst’d’ve” is the strongest meme ever, created by BagelBoy in his video “whomst. mp4.” It was made popular by TerminalMontage in his KRclip video “Something about The Typing of the Dead.”
    also feel free to add anything else in the comments :D

  • Mo Mane
    Mo Mane 일 전

    ok boomer

  • Shane Woof
    Shane Woof 일 전

    At 0:59 he types BIRD UP

  • Long Ye
    Long Ye 일 전

    *Do Something About Gunstar Heroes next*
    Do Something About Gunstar Heroes next

  • Zapples The comment shitposter

    W H O M S T D V E

  • garaa ta best
    garaa ta best 일 전


  • Mega Rebirth
    Mega Rebirth 일 전

    What if you squat when you poop

  • the game project

    this is the most dialogue heavy something about and yet its one of the funniest

  • The Dude907
    The Dude907 일 전

    You should do more Sega games video

  • Jake YT
    Jake YT 일 전

    *[STAND NAME]*

  • Lord fartamor
    Lord fartamor 일 전

    do a something about castle crashers plz

  • Catpetsooo cool
    Catpetsooo cool 일 전

    I believe this is House Of The Dead is that correct?

  • Adrian Soria
    Adrian Soria 2 일 전


  • sam studios
    sam studios 2 일 전

    I love it when I turn on the captions even for the end credits all I get is Good vibes

  • Aidan Mohajer
    Aidan Mohajer 2 일 전 +1


  • Michael Hall
    Michael Hall 2 일 전

    It's technically super saying blue.

  • KnivesPDK
    KnivesPDK 2 일 전

    @0:39 - There is nothing we could do.

  • Penguin Imp the Insane

    "Disgusting! That place is covered in memes!"

  • Cho Kahn
    Cho Kahn 2 일 전

    I’m surprised nobody said “keystrokes keystrokes keystrokes” yet.

    Also please play this game when you can, *gamers*. If you want to satisfy her you’ll need fast hands

  • Gare Mc
    Gare Mc 2 일 전

    "My god, zombies"

  • not yourbuisness
    not yourbuisness 2 일 전

    I learned proper ass wiping technique today.

  • Skyler Studios
    Skyler Studios 2 일 전

    0:46 (Florida License plate Driver)


    Do you wanna do of Rayman?

  • venom the dragon slayer

    whomest d ve

  • venom the dragon slayer

    my f key has a dorito

  • Ocictci GD
    Ocictci GD 2 일 전


    • Ocictci GD
      Ocictci GD 일 전

      Next is Something About Undertale

  • Kyd Too craa
    Kyd Too craa 2 일 전 +1

    Whomst’d’ve... it’s PERFECT

    • Kyd Too craa
      Kyd Too craa 2 일 전 +1

      I’m so freakin honored to get highlighted by you. You are the best

  • Kainoa Thegamer
    Kainoa Thegamer 2 일 전

    Different version:James types in SANS