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[3.0] Khaenri'ah Did Nothing Wrong - A Genshin Impact Theory

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  • 게시일 2022. 09. 30.
  • (Contains spoilers for the Aranyaka Quest Line)
    I read one note inside the ruin titan in the Sumeru forest... AND EVERYTHING I KNOW HAS BEEN CHANGED FOREVER!
    In this video we'll explore more about Khaenri'ah, their fascination with robots, and the possible reason behind the infamous cataclysm.
    0:00 Introduction
    Dragonspine Cipher: genshin-impact.fandom.com/wik...
    Cataclysm: genshin-impact.fandom.com/wik...
    Pale Princess Books: genshin-impact.fandom.com/wik...
    Marana: genshin-impact.fandom.com/wik...
    Theory on the Celestial Nails: krclip.com/video/VnpgWjShKXU/비디오.html
    Theory on the curse of Khaenri'ah: krclip.com/video/Y3X5Xo5h5Ao/비디오.html
    A HUGE thanks to my editor TXR for doing an amazing job on this video! Check out his twitter: txrpwr
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  • Ashikai
    Ashikai  개월 전 +138

    - I've gotten quite a few comments from people who are upset that I likened the Night Mother to Kali. I want to make it very clear because I think I didn't make it clear enough in the video, that this is not a negative association. Both of these deities fall under the classification of a void goddess, a goddess that rules over both creation and destruction. Kali does belong to this archetype and I believe that the night mother is a similar deity which is why I used Kali to represent her.
    Both deities are quite fearsome to look at and could easily be misconstrued by people who don't understand them to be evil or demonic deities but they're not. They're meant to be feared, respected, and revered for their roles in both creation and destruction because they represent the complete cycle of life. I think I should have done a better job of clarifying that in the video itself, so for that I apologize.

    • Puja Jaiswal
      Puja Jaiswal 18 일 전 +2

      Hey Ashikai,
      After what has been revealed and we know and from the story of the Sword Of Descension i think that lumine was trapped in this world or to irminsul by sustainer of heavenly principles and lost the ability to travel from world to world unlike aether who still isn't connected to irminsul( from sumeru story quest) and is siding with the abyss who want to destroy the world/irminsul so that she will no longer be bound by the "laws" of teyvat and can leave

    • Keyon Willis
      Keyon Willis 23 일 전

      There was another robot in the desert when you go in the robot I found a piece of paper a guy was talking about how everyone he knew what’s turning into monsters and how he was slowly becoming I mean transforming into one

    • nikita raman
      nikita raman 23 일 전

      @Deepak Thakur what you said about hindu people being very sensitive is true. i can't say if that's necessarily a bad thing or not, because i'm not religious myself, and in that case i don't know if i have the right to determine that. but i did grow up in a hindu household while listening to stories from my grandmother and parents (and reading amarchitrakatha in the school library haha), and it's a shame that there's so much dimension in the "characters" of these stories and a lot of possible interpretations and simply a lot of interesting observations and analysis to be made, that are denied because people get offended very easily.

    • nikita raman
      nikita raman 23 일 전 +3

      oh, don't worry. my comment was a general question, i personally wasn't offended. i'm from a hindu family (although not religious myself), and i'm interested in mythology as whole, but i don't see how this was offensive. your depiction of the goddess is pretty much correct.

    • dnise
      dnise 24 일 전 +1

      @Deepak Thakur that's so informative! thanks for sharing 👍

  • Normal
    Normal 2 개월 전 +2235

    One thing that always stood out to me is how The Traveler refers to the Abyss with such... familiarity. In the Chasm quest where everyone ended up beneath the Chasm's Nail, there was a domain that showed people the things they feared most. For The Traveler, this was "The Abyss that took my [sibling.]" The domain only showed people things from their memories before that, so the Traveler is implied to have seen the Abyss firsthand. And the Traveler acts as though they have a point of view on the Abyss taking their sibling that they haven't voiced, because viewing The Abyss so strongly and negatively that it's your worst nightmare implies that The Traveler isn't accusing the Abyss out of mere suspicion, but from personal experience of some sort.

    • christ benitez
      christ benitez 29 일 전

      Another weird theory of mine is the two traveling siblings was a successful synthetic human created by gold herself in other words, lumine and aether are khanre'ans that gold created for the soul purpose of traveling from 1 world to another so khanre'a can be repopulate and survive because she messed up big time by unleashing the abyss in teyvat leading to Celestia to take matters in their hands.
      When we first play this game, the twins is set to travel into another world but they'll got block by the unknown goddess.
      Theory no 2.
      Since khanre'a has no god of their own, Gold created lumine and aether to host the 7 elements( pretty much making the twins as avatars)
      Albedo has yellow hair the twins has yellow hair so I imply that Gold has a yellow hair since he created the 3 I'm her image. Much like god in the bible that he created man in his image.

    • Rexhunter99
      Rexhunter99 개월 전

      @Lambda Nebula Yes this all lines up with what we learned about Teyvat in Enkanomiya, the fact that the Vishap/Elemental Realm and Abyss already existed in the void space, but the Primordial One created a realm for humans a realm of neither light nor dark where both could exist. This all implies that Teyvat is an artificial bubble world in Hoyoverse's extended universe.
      The travelers seem to be connected to the Primordial One as they represent Light and Dark, can wield all Seven Elements and are considered "Immortal" but also "Human", they also come from someplace unknown and 'far away' from Teyvat.
      I'm hoping that once it becomes clear that the Fatui overall aren't the enemy of humanity or the Traveler that we will side with them to fight Celestia AND the Abyss, Humanity can't fight them as they are in Teyvat, only the Travelers can fundamentally change fate in that world.
      Ultimately Dainsleif wants the Traveler to use the Loom of Fate to change Destiny, this implies that he either knows where it is/how to get it or already has it in his possession, but the fact that he wants us to see the world before we do so is important, it implies he wants us to gather worldly knowledge, wisdom, courage, etc. To grow as a person and prove ourselves before we can take up such a huge role.

    • Rexhunter99
      Rexhunter99 개월 전 +1

      Also! During the same quest the final cutscene specifically, there's a moment around 2-3 minutes in when the Traveler is at the edge of the disc with Paimon and the void below them 'pulses' only the Traveler flinches and clutches their head with one hand, not a single other character notices or does the same.
      It's likely both siblings are intimately familiar with the Abyss yet the one who woke up first for some reason has embraced it and this has caused a divide between the siblings where one cannot agree with the other's reasons when their autonomy is suspect.

    • Psudo Nym
      Psudo Nym 개월 전

      I just thought that Morana made the Traveller on her side via the battle pass story that happens. However since that was voiced by Venti, and Venti can't be trusted, I feel that the Travellers joined the alliance; as well as all of the Archons; as they stand against Celestia.
      Though, I think that makes more sense

    • JF
      JF 개월 전 +2

      I dont necessarily think the Sustainer is with the sibling and rather with the MC. Paimon refuses to go into the door in the Chasm dimension and is very suspicious about it. Like we would see something that we arent supposed to see. After that Paimon goes all dizzy for a while like they are trying to avoid having to converse about it. Aside from that Paimons crown has the crest on the opening door when you login and her shoes are little nails.

  • this how broadway does it baby
    this how broadway does it baby 2 개월 전 +1142

    the point of khaenriah fighting AGAINST the abyss is even more supported by the notes left around the second ruin golem in the desert, seems like they got cursed mid battle or right post battle as the soldiers slowly turned into hillichurls. another note from the akademiya around the golem seems to suggest that the akademiya actually housed and tried to cure some of the injured soldiers, so the two parties were not against eachother, but against the abyssal monsters
    edit: forgot to add this but it seems the soldiers got cursed also OUTSIDE khaenriah, now im not sure if the akademiya note is reffering to only the khaenrian soldiers or also sumeru soldiers who mightve been there, but if it would be very VERY weird if only the khaenrian ones got cursed (as if they were specifically targeted instead of accidentally being cursed)

    • Animesh Upadhyay
      Animesh Upadhyay 개월 전 +1

      You know I am pretty much sure that all of Marana has something to do with the story depicted in the battle pass cutscene

    • jishnu ps
      jishnu ps 개월 전

      There you now hav ur 1K like.....u were on 999 now adding mine...u hav 1K....

    • GaR TheProfitableTrader
      GaR TheProfitableTrader 개월 전 +2

      @Δs2 Wüolf more likely that those robots does not have the necessary knowledge or abilities to unlock the nail.
      They autonomously roam around but aside from beating the hell out of you they don't seem to be able to do anything else without someone giving orders.
      We see Lumine have control of one ruin guard during a cutscene so its safe to assume they can be remotely controlled.
      Khaenriah probably got nuked some time when the robots at the Dragonspine mountains trying to yank a nail out of it. And with nobody controlling it they roam around untill wear and tear took them apart

    • Δs2 Wüolf
      Δs2 Wüolf 개월 전 +2

      Thinking about it, it makes a lot of sense now that Dragonspine is the only place in Monstadt where there are ruin graders which are massive as hell because they were designed to theoretically bring back the skyfrost nail to Khaenriah. The fact that the ruin graders and ruin guards were wiped out either meant something fought them and won or that the Khaenriah researchers didn’t know how to break the skyfrost nail free from sal vindagnyr(which also makes little sense since we see ruin graders in areas that is blocked by ice already)

    • GaR TheProfitableTrader
      GaR TheProfitableTrader 개월 전

      @Noodles Sama Celestia seems to have a specific reason to "Destroy" a civilization.
      From the destruction of Kaenariah,
      The destruction of The Dragonspine ancient cilvilization,
      The destruction of the Chasam ancient cilvilization to The near wipeout of Enkanomians which was saved only because Orobashi exchange his life for them.
      They seems to met their end when they "Discovered" something that Celestia does not want them to know.
      Truth of the world perhaps?
      Abbys and Light are probably bread and butter that keeps the world spinning. And tampering this balance will bring instability to the core of the world itself?
      We know that Kaenariah can already use abyssal power to some degree by using it as a power source for their machines. Example the core of the Giga-ruin guard in sumeru and also the core of "The first Field Tiller". But ultimately something went wrong when they tried to use Khemiah with Abbysal powers leaving their people cursed and their civilization Nuked.
      The enkanomians found out about "Before Sun And Moon" which suggest that the celestians was not the original gods.
      Thus if this goes out the people will see them as such and will start to defy them making them harder to control, thats what theres a need to silence them probably?

  • Fencer Derio
    Fencer Derio 2 개월 전 +672

    These Ruin Golems gave some lore drops on a level I was NOT anticipating. I’m very excited to hear your take on it all.

  • Zevinn
    Zevinn 2 개월 전 +449

    I can't wait for the next Dainslief Archon Quest to either prove this is right, or completely change what we know about the story as a whole. I'm still holding out hope that it is Celestia behind a lot of this.

    • Coffee Latte
      Coffee Latte 개월 전 +9

      @Mita Cestalia me too.. there must be a reason khaeriah is cursed and why the god destroyed khaenriah.. i don't think there is wrong side or bad side or good side.. it's just unfortunate. but we'll have to see

    • Mita Cestalia
      Mita Cestalia 개월 전 +6

      I believe both sides are wrong, hence why Dains doesn't really side at all.

    • Zevinn
      Zevinn 개월 전 +15

      @khaliquet1 So I guess can we assume that the forbidden knowledge came from the abyss?

    • khaliquet1
      khaliquet1 개월 전 +50

      It’ll be criminal if Dain doesn’t show his face over the next year in Sumeru. We need some Answers. We have one more chunk of Desert to unlock, and then whatever is west of the pyramids (Mare Jivari/ Volcano?) before Fontaine. Maybe we’ll get something more there. Also, The Pyro Archon HAS to know stuff. They’re saving her for second to last for whatever reason…

  • Ploo
    Ploo 2 개월 전 +216

    Marana/Abyss sounds a lot like honkai, especially since it's sentient. In Honkai if you get a honkai infection you kind of turn into a zombie, almost exactly like a hilichurl. And the honkai isn't just one thing, it can be multiple things like diseases, cataclysmic weather events, monsters etc because it has a mind of it's own and can evolve into anything depending on the circumstances. And in Honkai the humans were able to somewhat manage and use the honkai power themselves, almost like abyss mages and abyss heralds and it's probably why everyone assumes Khaenriah is the abyss because they're using it's magic. And that makes me think that the night mother could be a herscher and her pygmies could be psuedo herschers.

    • よしみ
      よしみ 3 일 전

      Of course, it's Honkai

    • Zen Soh
      Zen Soh 8 일 전

      so basically the abyss is the sea of quanta and the irminsul is the imaginery tree 🤣

    • TheCheeseman1983
      TheCheeseman1983 12 일 전 +1

      @Om nom nom The devs have stated that, yes. But that doesn’t mean we should assume the stories of the two different games are directly connected without evidence. Genshin was once intended to be much more closely linked to Honkai in early development, but the game’s identity has drifted since and become more distinct. It seems like the writers for Genshin want to be able to do their own thing.

    • Om nom nom
      Om nom nom 12 일 전

      @TheCheeseman1983 Isnt it canon that genshin and honkai are from the same multiverse or something?

    • TheCheeseman1983
      TheCheeseman1983 16 일 전

      @Shura Gaming Sorry, I’m not sure what you are referring to. What is the law you’re talking about?

  • Oppa Anja
    Oppa Anja 2 개월 전 +645

    There's a lot of more additional Khaenriah lore in the Ruin Golem in the desert. You gotta start the world quest and find a certain scholar near the golem and you will find a lot of notes and info within that quest. And it's kinda scary and amazing how some of things you said here is very accurate in terms with the actual lore inside the golem. Amazing content as always, Ashikai 💖

    • Joshua Hodnett
      Joshua Hodnett 개월 전 +2

      also the fact that in that quest at the end the scholar tells the player that there mey be a problem with the OTHER ruin golems (not guards,drakes or graders) suggests ther are several more at least. I hope we get to see a fully working one in Natlan or Fontaine:)

    • Oppa Anja
      Oppa Anja 개월 전 +4

      @impii nice theory and observation. Now that you mentioned it, it might also symbolize the effects of war. Innocents are always harmed in-between cross fires 🥲😭

    • impii
      impii 개월 전 +6

      the thing i just realised as well is that outside the ruin golem in the desert is a few hilichurls that have seemingly been killed by the golem and if im correct in thinking hilichurls are khaenrians then that just means those hilichurls got killed by their own creation which is sad

    • vih.
      vih. 개월 전 +3

      @Oppa Anja pls i thought there was a ruin guard nearby and then i saw that massive thing firing at me and nearly had a heart attack, but it was worth it for all the note reading!

    • Oppa Anja
      Oppa Anja 2 개월 전 +28

      @Basilisk Gaming haha I know what you're talking about. I was shock as well when it started beaming laser 😂 But the world quest will fix it.

  • Dakota Yarbrough
    Dakota Yarbrough 2 개월 전 +160

    So, King Deshret brought the Withering to Sumeru by acquiring some kind of "forbidden knowledge." I wonder if this knowledge is related to the knowledge that caused Celestia to force Orobashi to do what it did, and the bleaching of Watatsumi's soil is its own variant of Withering?

    • Holo Universe
      Holo Universe 15 일 전

      forbidden knowledge that may be connected: creating 'flawed' lifeforms, destructive technology for war (nuclear weapons), immortality, a spaceship that can take you to another universe/dimension (reach celestia) while having a corporeal form (only spirits shall ascend). The travelers have bypassed the last forbidden knowledge.

    • rizz
      rizz 개월 전 +1

      good theory but the soil in watatsumi is bleaching because it isn't natural, it's made out of fish scales from orobashi so the soil isn't good there

    • violet
      violet 개월 전 +18

      the bleaching of the soil was just what naturally happened since it is an unnatural island than orobashi just made really quickly; it never had normal soil. you can perform the matsuri ritual to turn it back to semi fertile, but eventually it will revert back to being infertile, and the cycle continues

  • DrPaimon
    DrPaimon 개월 전 +77

    3:56 not necessarily. The Tsaritsa is also an archon and it seems like the other archons aren't really that close to celestia either. Both Zhongli and Raiden willingly gave up their gnosis and venti seemed to barely fight back and didn't seem really upset. I've got a feeling the Tsaritsa doesn't see the archons as her enemy, but rather as the victims of celestia, her actual enemy.

    • BattyButtercup
      BattyButtercup 22 일 전 +4

      The archons we've met thus far have all been Elementals (I'm including Buer here, too, though interpreting her as being a kind of dryad-avatar of Irminsul), entities borne of Elemental Energy & Leylines: the archons we know are "children" of Irminsul.
      Then Celestia descended and made the gods of Tevat fight each other to gain Celestial-approved Authority.
      Celestia is alien to Teyvat, its archons are native to it: it makes more sense that the archons would side with each other over Celestia (who ordered & enforced a civil war that lasted thousands of years). yet, for all that the oldest archons so successfully established their authority (by friendship, by alliance, by raw power), none felt able to challenge Celestia.
      until now.
      by giving up their gnoses in deals of information, the archons have subtly allied themselves against Celestia or, at least, allied themselves with each other: the Archon War proved that Celestia is more powerful than Teyvat's native gods; the cataclysms proved that Celestia is NOT powerful enough to confront Marana directly (or are too lazy to come up with a solution alternate to "drop a nuke every few thousand years").
      Celestia likely used Khaenriah as an Example, a threat to the Archons they summoned there of what happens to those without the "safety" of Celestia's approval & might.
      Whatever the Harbingers have told the archons, Morax and Buer feel confident enough to "forsake" Celestia's protection & oversight. I am very, very curious as to how Barbatos knew that it was safe for Mondstadt to lose its gnosis to La Signora, an ex-patriot. What words did the winds carry to their archon? Did Venti visit Yae to get his story to match up with Ei's? What kept the God of Freedom from aiding Lesser Lord Kusanali?
      these questions all point to Celestia, even if the growing data on the situation with Khaenriah doesn't.

    • Rexhunter99
      Rexhunter99 개월 전 +8

      The Tsaritsa is known as the "God of Love with no love left for her people" so the people of Schnezneya fill the void she left when her love ran dry with their love and devotion to her, that's why the little anime Russians are so devout for their queen and god.
      It's likely she resents the other Archons for not making a move against Celestia despite their actions in her perception, after all it's clear that when Asmoday (Unknown God) smited Khaenri'ah she also was responsible for the death of someone the Tsaritsa held dear to her.
      Venti talked fondly of the Tsaritsa, and mentioned that once long ago she had been a good friend of his but that time had frosted up her heart and they no longer saw eye to eye on things. This tells of a hostility between the archons and a melancholy Venti carries over it.

    • Rasp
      Rasp 개월 전 +11

      Forget about Raiden and Venti, ZHONGLI willingly gave his gnosis on a contract. Now, we don't know what it might be in exhange for, but what could possibly be equal to the worth of a gnosis. It might be going against the heavenly principles.
      Also, If you look at the current position of Celestia in game, and intersect two lines, the point where celestia is located is the exact location where Sneznaya will be. So its likely that Celestia is floating above Sneznaya, meaning that they know about the Tsarista's rebellion

  • Average Otaku
    Average Otaku 2 개월 전 +111

    Didn't Pierro literally say the fatui's goal is to seize authority from the gods though? I don't think he was talking about the archons, but Celestia itself considering Celestia is the one with true authority over Teyvat.

    • TheCheeseman1983
      TheCheeseman1983 26 일 전 +1

      @Ashikai This point is given extra plausibility by the end of the most recent Archon Quest. Even when they could take what they want by force, the Fatui choose to make a deal, instead.

    • Ashikai
      Ashikai  26 일 전 +2

      Yeah but there's no real hostility or else they'd try to kill archons. They go out of their way to negotiate instead.

    • Mirary🤎
      Mirary🤎 개월 전 +1

      Pretty accurate since most Archons do not really seem to want to be gods, Venti leaved Mondstat and doesn't want to be recognized as an Archon, he just wants peace, wine, play/sing music and just be a simple bard, Zhongli is basically retired and made people think Rex Lapis died, he wanted to be seen as a normal citizen with a bit more knownledge than others, Ei made a puppet to reign on Inazuma instead of her, also she seemed kinda uncomfortable with everyone recognizing and praizing her in her second Archon quest where she went to visit Inazuma with the traveller, and Nahida only seems to care about her people's well being and not leading Sumeru as a god, plus she doesn't really considers herself as an Archon or worth of being one. Also it's not the Archons themselves who give visions to people but Celestia, and the Archons don't even care so much about keeping their gnosis to themselves. So yeah, the Celestia gods being the real gods that some characters and Pierro want to take down seems more accurate, even tho I don't doubt that a lot of pnj's have problems with their own region's Archon, as we can see in the Zhongli Archon quest where a pnj hated Rex Lapis because they thought he killed the god of salt himself xD

    • TheCheeseman1983
      TheCheeseman1983 개월 전

      @Rexhunter99 I seem to recall that Boreas’ primary motivation for abdicating was because the role of an archon is to protect and guide humanity, and he didn’t care about humans. Therefore, he chose to give his power to the land where his kin lived, and let somebody else worry about humanity.

    • Rexhunter99
      Rexhunter99 개월 전 +1

      Yes, most of the people in Teyvat who know more about how the world really works refer to the beings running Celestia as the real gods and the Archons as just puppets hence why there is a distinction between Archon and god in modern era in some cases. The archons to people like Peirrot and maybe themselves too are just puppets of Celestia on long leashes. IIRC (I could be wrong) Boreas also hints that when he considered if he was worthy of being an Archon during the wars he wasn't able to consider all of the possibilities and is glad he chose to put his faith in Barbatos, it's not a lot to go on but it could imply that he's aware of Venti's ball and chain from Celestia and is thankful it's not his to wear.

  • LEskiE
    LEskiE 2 개월 전 +283

    That actually makes sense. Khaenriah was at the point of no salvation that Celestia decided to nuked it out along with its people. Maybe the gods have an argument about it. Maybe Zhongli dont want to talk because he supported it for the sake of his own people in Liyue. Maybe Makoto was killed because she is strictly against it or trying to stop it. Maybe Venti just go along with the flow or forced to. We dont know yet but its possible. Maybe its the reason Dain hold no grudge against the gods nor no love for them either. Nice theory.

    • Rexhunter99
      Rexhunter99 개월 전

      @Twig It's never established as fact, neither of the two gods we know of that have discussed the matter openly (Ei doesn't count as she was Makato's shadow at those meetings btw) We hear tales about Venti cleaving mountains in two and hurling the tops into the ocean.

    • 傻哔1号
      傻哔1号 개월 전

      Makoto maybe dying with fight to abyss, too.

    • Harry Shade
      Harry Shade 개월 전

      @LEGENDARY KING007 and a god-warrior is inherently no higher than a god of war

    • Harry Shade
      Harry Shade 개월 전

      @LEGENDARY KING007 Ei is also a warrior god, it’s just that Zhong Li killed / sealed more gods, which is why he was given more honors

    • stavros
      stavros 개월 전 +1

      @Andrew Manook yeah, by the people of TEYVAT. morax has only been called that by his own people, his original and most relevant title is obviously "god of contracts", while the pyro archon is the actual god of war.

  • crapaholic
    crapaholic 2 개월 전 +73

    "An old component obtained from defeating a Primal Construct.
    It is said that these machines are different from those ruin machines that come from deep within the desert, for they were not made as heralds of destruction or conquest."
    -Turbid Prism
    "In the ancient past, these ruins were once part of a civilization mighty enough to almost touch the dome of the firmament, while "ruin" still waits in the deep places of the earth, awaiting the order to arise and tread all kingdoms underfoot."
    -Chaos Oculus
    From the 'Turbid Prism', it is implied that the Ruin Machines were 'made as heralds of destruction and conquest', and from the 'Chaos Oculus' , it is implied that they were made to 'tread all kingdoms underfoot', which definitely does not bode well for Khaenri'ahs reputation. They could have been against the Abyss as well, but that doesn't mean they were completely innocent either.
    I think it goes a little like that scene in Megamind;
    Humans: "Thank you, thank you! Khaenri'ah has freed us from the Abyss / Heavenly Principles!"
    Khaenri'ah: "Oh I woundn't say freed. More like... under new management."

    • Rexhunter99
      Rexhunter99 개월 전 +1

      Yes, I also believe the King and Sages intended to crush Teyvat's surface nations and build a single mega nation once and for all on the corpses of all the dead ones... essentially just replacing Celestia as the big bad evil, but with the Abyss instead, which also means that effectively Teyvat has been pruned from the Imaginary Tree too at that point and falls into the Sea of Quanta to be churned up.

  • Athina
    Athina 2 개월 전 +98

    Imagine erosion is then Marana's curse towards immortals who defy "death" with their immortality.
    I love your videos! Your thoughts are so well explained

    • LAVQ
      LAVQ 2 개월 전 +13

      @Avanasyev based on the fact that erosion is part of the heavenly principles, and that True death is associated with loss of memory, I have a theory about the possibility that there is another god of time (diferent from Istaroth).
      This god could be associated with the passage of time (Chronos) while Istaroth is associated with 'moments'(Kairos).
      This god could be another shade of Phanes, responsible for the loss of memory, erosion and the cycle of Teyvat (Samsara).
      This is based on some sus dialogue from the Aranaras in AgniSutra quest, where they mention the wind 'ad oblivione'.
      It could also be possible that Istaroth itself is the one behind erosion. This would mean that he could be an antagonist that simply has no moral issues with this principle or has 'two sides' .

    • Luis Sanchez
      Luis Sanchez 2 개월 전 +5

      @Avanasyev is not suggested, zhongli literraly said that his erosion time was determined by the heavenly principles

    • Priyanshu Singh
      Priyanshu Singh 2 개월 전 +2

      I like this idea a lot 🔥

    • Avanasyev
      Avanasyev 2 개월 전 +17

      Zhongli actually suggests that erosion is guaranteed by the Heavenly Principles, meaning that Celestia made erosion/true death a thing in teyvat

    • Athina
      Athina 2 개월 전

      @LAVQ Right!! It would make sense with the given hypothesis

  • windeen
    windeen 2 개월 전 +206

    Zhongli's comments in his story quest about Havria (I think, might have been the other one).
    He said (paraphrasing here) that he wanted the traveler to:
    "Be a witness so that Teyvat would never be forgotten"
    ... The way he said it made me think that whatever is going on is definitely world ending.
    Almost like he's given up on it being saved.
    And likely Xiao and Venti.. And possibly Yae all know about it, and have given up (though Venti and Yae don't seem to have completely lost hope).
    All of them have either said or indicated that they thought of the traveler as a witness.
    One that was needed for if/when the world falls apart.
    And I am getting that vibe from Kusanalli, as well- though I'm not done with her Archon quest yet.

    • Mădălina
      Mădălina 19 일 전

      For sure. I do think Zhongli doesn't think this world has much longer. The world will go at war against Celestia. And If the honkai people are right. One of them will basically destroy the entire world if its too advanced

    • Simson616
      Simson616 26 일 전

      To that I would add what we know about leylines and memories - and the fact that the traveler is constantly told to not rush but enjoy the journey.
      My assumption then is that in the very end, the old world will be destroyed and a new world will be rebooted based on the travelers memory.

    • windeen
      windeen 개월 전

      @Noodles Sama I like that idea about Himeko.
      I haven't played much of Honkai, however, I do follow the story.
      I don't much like the way it's gameplay UI feels TBH- I had to hook up a game controller to my PC, just to play Honkai a bit.
      And it still doesn't feel "right" to me, but no matter how I tried to edited the keyboard controls it never worked out in a way that felt comfortable- though the controller does help a bit... Its still better than constantly changing the control settings on the keyboard....
      Anyway, have you played/finished the Aranara world quest to get the Bija?
      Something was said there, that I've been fixated a bit on.
      But, I don't know if it was said in other languages, or if it's a wonky English translation, with them transliterating a word in the place of what was meant to be there....
      However- If it's MEANT to be that word though.... It MIGHT mess up the project ark idea....
      That's why I've been fixating on it a bit.

    • Bridgette Jasper Reyes
      Bridgette Jasper Reyes 개월 전 +1

      That's good...
      Playing Gun Girls Z way back where Kiana always turns into Herrscher of The End and watching her kill everyone and reset the timeline over and over and over has gotten me desensitized to anything depressing miHoYo might think up again in their future games... Honkai Impact just deepened the Hole...
      Teyvat having a Happy Ending would be great...

    • AndreEagle17
      AndreEagle17 개월 전

      @Suwoh.C now try using an argument that doesn't involve other Hoyo games. To add on that, none of them are open world, every open world game allows you to play afterwards. I'd rather see it end like someone mentioned above: with Traveler becoming the one true God and saving Teyvat from destruction

  • OnwardSkyways
    OnwardSkyways 2 개월 전 +345

    I have a few issues with this, when you play Enokomiya you find that Khaenriahns were using them to attack and kill other people to gain the forbidden knowledge Celestia was trying to lock away and when read by Orobashi was forced to sacrifice himself to the shogunate.
    More than that most of the monsters that were created aren't abyssal monsters, they are creations of Gold. The Wolflord and Rifthound as well as Durin and Rugedero and by extension the Dragon Whopperflower came from Gold as well. She seemingly made the Wolflord to create tunnels through space and reality to have things travel through. And of course Durin was sent directly towards Mondstat leading to Dvalin to be corrupted by the poison. This isn't an issue of being poisoned or corrupted, they are made this way purposefully by the king of Khaenriah's most loyal Alchemist. And now while most of them are left to go wild and hunt, their creation was purposeful and targeted, from every Riftwelp to Durin seemingly regenerating even now

    • Odile Mwaro
      Odile Mwaro 17 일 전

      I wouldn't trust the books of Teyvat

    • Abdiel O
      Abdiel O 26 일 전

      Additionally there is the Chasm and more especifically the Ruin Serpent, it uses the mud and the nail from Celestia counteracts it…
      I think its clear that Khaenriah was using the Abyss against Celestia

    • Ashikai
      Ashikai  26 일 전 +12

      Idk man, Rhine was working on the Primordial Human Project, of which Albedo was the only success. Plus she's trusted by Alice who by all accounts doesn't appear malicious. I think there's more to it than "Gold made all the monsters." The scarlet king for example was painted as a villain but we learned really quick that he didn't have those intentions and was instead a martyr.

    • ivy marie guisando
      ivy marie guisando 개월 전 +1

      the prime example of gold did not purposely created durin to wreck havoc is non other than our resident homunculus albedo. I believe that khanriah is not about just good/bad and will be later explained when we reach the secret chapter.

    • Sora ソーラ
      Sora ソーラ 개월 전 +1

      @Lord Fritz Ropero Dont forget that Durin in some point lost his mind. He even said that he dont remember exactly when he started to fight Dvalin, he just recuperate his own councius only when Dvalin through his throat. Maybe Gold could have manipulate him from far in that time? Durin incident was quite before the Cataclysm. Thats explain us why in some point they descrive us Durin like a arrogant and violent dragon, but in others cases, he is descrived as a naive and unexperiment child that is easy to amazed. Also, at some point Durin return with his "mother" after he met Dvalin and Barbatos. But when he return to Monstand, he lost his mind.

  • ṨᎥlver Gนlᖙeภ
    ṨᎥlver Gนlᖙeภ 개월 전 +16

    Since we're talking about Khaenri'ah being cursed by Marana, I'm really surprised no one has mentioned Eleazar. Eleazar is given an explicit link to Marana/the withering. When the withering gets worse, people with Eleazar get worse. The people get very sickly, grow scales, lose mobility, etc. It doesn't seem normal. And I feel like I remember a character literally saying it is a manifestation of the withering on the human body.

  • Harmonial Arts
    Harmonial Arts 2 개월 전 +187

    Kudos to your new editor. They really went hard!
    The theory is certainly interesting and is starting to overlap with the honkai impact plot again. But the thing is that it seems like there's supposed to be some thing that 'triggered' the Marana to appear in the first place because as far as we know as of 3.1, the Scarlet King was responsible for bringing the marana to Sumeru and because of this Rukkhadevata sacrificed herself Guoba style.
    I was thinking... (dangerous I know) but what if Rukkahdevata's sacrifice ended up infecting the Irminsul? Since her conscoiusness is connected to it and all that. It might have been destiny if such a thing was inevitable.
    Kinda off topic but I'm guessing that burning the tumor within the Irminsul is Dottore's plan with Scaramouche as our chief arsonist/botanical surgeon?
    Another thing: why hasn't the withering manifested outside of Sumeru if the infection is within the Irminsul itself? We know King Deshret was responsible for manifesting it in the first place, but why hasn't it spread to other nations? Is it the absence of a fully grown god/archon the reason? Is it why their making an artificial God? We know the Sacred Sakura could be managing the withering in Inazuma. But I'm not sure what's keeping Liyue or Mondstat safe, but its possible the celestial nail is responsible. Or maybe in later patches the withering will start appearing in other nations because I highly doubt they'll cure the Irminsul at the end of the Sumeru chapter or if ever. I feel like there will be no way of curing the Irminsul kinda like there's no cure for honakai.
    Anyway yeah, Khaenri'ah is not bad. Was never bad. Everyone is a victim of the Cataclysm/Marana/Abyss.

    • Rexhunter99
      Rexhunter99 개월 전

      @Luis Sanchez Inazuma doesn't have any Abyssal zones in it, Tsurumi Island is just a place where the Ley Lines were just about entirely destroyed.

    • Rexhunter99
      Rexhunter99 개월 전 +1

      @Darko Miku The Chasm directly implies that if one digs deep enough you'll find ways to reach the Abyss. The Chasm specifically is a unique place hence why there is Abyssal Mud there yet not on the surface. The Ley Lines of Teyvat reach all the way DOWN into the Abyss like the roots of a tree. so even the memories of the Abyss are in those Ley Lines, not just Teyvat.
      The cycle of life and death, rebirth, etc that Teyvat is trapped in began when King Deshret first made contact with the Abyss, he probably wasn't the first to meet the Abyss, but he was the most influential. Since the forest spirits talk about how there was a before Marana that means there is a time when the forest and Teyvat as a whole were immortal too and lived forever, but that when Marana came and whispered of death to the world, the world began to shrivel.
      You can almost always draw parallels between trees and Teyvat, the themes constantly come together.

    • PolCPP
      PolCPP 개월 전 +1

      ​@Anthony Rodriguez Same effect, but different origin.
      You can say that Teyvat is a fragile environment. So any major changes (Abyssal energy, or Dense elemental energy), causes lifeforms to decay and die.

    • Anthony Rodriguez
      Anthony Rodriguez 개월 전 +6

      @TheCheeseman1983 Yes, but also at the end of Three Realms Gateway event, we can see an Irminsul inside the Danichi Mikoshi, and that the bleaching of Watatsumi Island's soil that can turn it to a desert is really similar to Sumeru...
      I think that because Watatsumi was made from the coral that was in Orobashi's body, that's why the ritual needs the Jade Coral Branch, but the Irminsul's contamination is the reason why is happening

    • TheCheeseman1983
      TheCheeseman1983 개월 전 +9

      @Anthony Rodriguez The bleaching of Watatsumi island is a separate issue that doesn’t appear to be related to Marana or the Abyss. It seems to be the fault of the Vishaps, which were the original inhabitants of what would later be Enkanomiya, and by extension, Watatsumi. In fact, from the story of the Three Realms Gateway event, the Abyss appears to be just as deadly to dragonkin as it is to humans, but was prevented from gaining foothold in Enkanomiya.

  • Zeke 1460
    Zeke 1460 2 개월 전 +713

    Also I like to think that the elites of Khaenriah DID do something wrong. Or not necessarily the elites just a faction within the country.
    Eg: Khaenriah finds out celestia faked the sky and replaced the primordial one. Khaenriah decides to rebel against celestia. Khaenriah starts losing, evil faction reveals their trump card that causes the calamity and worldwide corruption.

    • Rexhunter99
      Rexhunter99 개월 전 +1

      It's now established that the King was corrupted/changed by the Sages and the Sages were likely the reason Khaenri'ah was ultimately destroyed. Peirrot talks very bitterly about the sages and he's quite accusatory of them more so than the King whom he used to love and respect.
      If you look at the drop item the Black Serpent Knights have, each rarity tier has an interesting flavour text, the earlier ones depict a noble one eyed king beloved by his people, worshiped and revered among his nation and men. The final rarity depicts him with an evil red eye and the totem changes over all looking more dark and menacing, the text describes how he changed for the worse.
      At some stage Peirrot advised the King to change his plans, to stall the plan to start the war against Celestia, that they weren't ready for it etc. The King dismissed him due to the Sages counsel and Peirrot could tell the King was too far gone. Peirrot's Fatui are the direct response to this, he left the kingdom and sought out allies... eventually the Tsaritsa and he create the Fatui as we know it.
      This is also why he seemed to actually care about Signora's death, he understood her pain, the betrayal she felt. Out of all the Harbingers Signora could be considered one of the more loyal ones to Peirrot and the Tsaritsa.

    • Space junk
      Space junk 개월 전

      False flag operation by the Gods to cause a causus beli?

    • Roger Madrid
      Roger Madrid 개월 전

      @hey In fact, it is possible that what Dottore is doing is outside the fatuous and the cinematic of the funeral was before the arrival of tartalia in Inazuma looking for Scara, and Dottore is hiding it, also Scara does not know anything about the gods more than what he said he believes and what he is doing now is out of the fatuous plans and led by dottore, basically Scara is still innocent believing the "nice" words that she was told final staff will be used.

    • hey
      hey 개월 전 +4

      @Roger Madrid No, the fake sky definitely has a bigger meaning than just that. Pierro knows about it and it was a part of his plan to make Scaramouche find out about it by himself, probably to make Scara doubt more about the Gods side as Pierro might have thought Scaramouche still had some godhood within him from being a Vessel, but he wanted to make sure Scara trusted them (Harbingers and Tsaritsa side) thus he gave him the opportunity to discover that huge thing.
      Im just saying , at SOME point, the Harbingers must have given something important to Scara other than just making him more powerful. Because they wouldn't risk using gnosis into him and turning him into a god if they weren't certain he wouldn't turn against them and go into the ''archons side''
      (or maybe im reaching, but seriously, Pierro is a big planner so)

    • munchxin
      munchxin 개월 전 +1

      I wonder why Rheindottir (Gold) was the one accused for all this mess then.

  • Friendly Gamers
    Friendly Gamers 2 개월 전 +168

    The notes of people slowly turning into Hilichurls are horrifying TwT
    I think that whatever Celestia did caused some kind of backlash,
    Or that there were some people in Khaenri'ah who were trying to use the abyss after the nuke.
    Maybe that's why the sustainer was angry at them. Not because they brought the abyss, but because they decided to use what Celestia had sealed to get their revenge for destruction of their nation

    • Friendly Gamers
      Friendly Gamers 개월 전 +3

      @Harry Shade no it's not. Eleazar doesn't have language impairment or visions of the cataclysm

    • Harry Shade
      Harry Shade 개월 전

      it was Eleazar. Same symptoms

  • Di
    Di 2 개월 전 +88

    This is why I love this game. The lore is so deep and the theories people come up with (even if they turn out to be wrong) are so interesting to think about.

  • Goodman Einstein
    Goodman Einstein 2 개월 전 +128

    I kinda remember that Zhongli once said he can't reveal the truth of the Khaenriah because he made a contract 500 years ago. After this video, if your hypothesis about the Kheanriah being destroyed by the gods unwillingly is correct, it does make sense that Zhongli and the other gods would not want to reveal the truth.

    • Mădălina
      Mădălina 19 일 전

      ​@Kurogane Uzumaki sorry don't think they were mind controlled but they for sure were forced. They are Celestia's soldiers so if they don't want to do what is asked of them then they can easily be killed or their nation will also be destroyed. Knowing this, their hands are forced. I think people theorized that the old dendro archon was actually killed bcs he didn't want to do it

    • Kurogane Uzumaki
      Kurogane Uzumaki 28 일 전

      @Mita Cestalia That's fair but if that were the case then the events would have been different than what we have now (Zhongli under contract with Celestia to not talk about it and Venti bring vague).
      It could be guilt but I feel the "I'll attack Khaenri’ah to protect my nation because they built weapons of mass destruction" is way too obvious and seems unlikely because with the new information from Sumeru that the giant Ruin Guard we see was meant to protect from those who escaping the curse (i.e. got turned into Hilichurls) not attack Celestia.
      If that was protecting people than attacking Celestia itself, then why would the Archons have to "protect their nation" if Khaenri’ah didn't have the weapons to attack Celestia directly but protect its people?

    • Mita Cestalia
      Mita Cestalia 개월 전

      @Kurogane Uzumaki Honestly, I think it will be better if they're not controlled, but they must do it simply because they must protect their own land. There's this corruption going on and it's about to reach your country, your choice is to destroy it or let it reach your region.
      If you're an archon, number one will be best choice.

    • Kurogane Uzumaki
      Kurogane Uzumaki 개월 전

      @Shark112 That's true.

    • Shark112
      Shark112 개월 전 +8

      @Kurogane Uzumaki that makes sense, Raiden Shogun calamity form is like a herscherr..

  • Melanie Fowler
    Melanie Fowler 2 개월 전 +22

    Lol dain has his own faction just for himself
    "The fatui, the abyss order and dainsleif" that made me laugh😂

  • Alexandra Chernysh
    Alexandra Chernysh 2 개월 전 +25

    Interesting fact about robots, they do not start walking and attacking because of internal programming, or because they are "recharged". Most of the robots are broken and not operational. But it is the plants that stick out out of their backs that re-animate them. It is not just a design feature. As I understand, similar thing happened with desert golem, it started shooting again because of the plant-like seals inside it

    • Rexhunter99
      Rexhunter99 개월 전

      It's actually implied that many of the 'newer' model ruin machines are powered by Abyss Cores which are eternal power sources.
      Khaenri'ah looks to have already achieved storing energy as crystals like other ancient civilizations were able to, but it wasn't enough for them, they wanted/needed more power and Abyssal Reactors _seem_ to be the solution... But I bet that comes at a cost.

  • Sea Wolf
    Sea Wolf 2 개월 전 +48

    So something has been bothering me, in Albedo's first story quest he said he can give the traveler the answer to the question they are seeking, so does that mean Albedo knows the abyss twin?

  • Eduardo Weidman Barijan
    Eduardo Weidman Barijan 개월 전 +31

    There is so much lore in Sumeru. They were not kidding when they said it was the land of wisdom afterall. The desert has so many secrets and yet another nation to speak of. I can't wait to see your theories regarding everything. Also the editing really improved. Way to go!

    • dione f.
      dione f.  개월 전

      THIS IS WHY ILOVE SUMERU. and im indianmiddle eastern so i feel catered to.

    • Bunny Fuzzy
      Bunny Fuzzy 개월 전 +7

      If you look at the Achievements, they literally put "Sumeru: The Rainforest of Lore".

  • Ale A. Santi
    Ale A. Santi 2 개월 전 +69

    I also believe Khaenri'ah had more than one faction, Kaeya's family is one (that worked as regents i think?), the ones that messed up everything is another, then there is the rest of the people that just lived there...

    • Rexhunter99
      Rexhunter99 개월 전

      @notmaylea Gold was King Irmin's Royal Alchemist so they answered to him directly, we can all but assume they, like the sages and King are corrupted by the Abyss. Neither Alice nor Albedo really knows where Gold is or what happened to them.

    • notmaylea
      notmaylea 개월 전

      there's the royal family (ex: King Irmin), the advisers/sages (ex: Pierro), the royal guard (ex: Captain Dainsleif), concepts of clans (ex: Alberich Clan), and the normal citizens (hilichurls). Gold/Rhinedottir is an alchemist with the skills to create life (Durin, Albedo, etc.).

    • TiaTam
      TiaTam 개월 전 +2

      The Alberich Clan (Kaeya's family) stepped up as regents in place of the king of Kaenri'ah when he grew weak

    • BlackHeart
      BlackHeart 2 개월 전 +9

      And Rhinedottir aka gold

  • Mochimonika (Veronika stans leader)

    The way you talk about how Marana is kinda sentient in some way reminds me of will of Honkai. Marana has its avatars - Honkai has its herrschers (how the hell is that spelled?), and since Honkai and Genshin *are* connected I feel like this makes a lot of sense! I haven't played Honkai, just heard many things about the plot, so I'm not very sure on this, but that's what I noticed.

    • Shura Gaming
      Shura Gaming 16 일 전

      You got the spelling right, and yes dear. Teyvat is subjected to Honkai Authority but in genshin its called Abyss/Marana or whatever the natives of Teyvat call it.

  • kalishaka
    kalishaka 2 개월 전 +47

    This broke my brain for a moment, and then when my brain rebooted, I got suddenly terrifyingly excited. This notion that the nails are used to keep the Abyss/Marana away, made me think of the things the islanders say at the beginning of the Tsurumi Island quest. Because the civilization of Sal Vindagnyr, The Chasm, and the pre-Thunderbird Civilization are definitely connected see murals. When Kito and Kina are talking about the murals they say "...This is what the ancient world looked like before it was swallowed up by THE darkness" followed by "The Great Thunderbird created the Sea of Fog such that THE darkness would lose it's way and become unable to enter the island" and Roo makes a point of noting later on that the Island had been limited in what could access it, only having really one main animal type on it. Abe and Ona mention that people could leave but never return. Since we didn't find a nail at Tsurumi, but it had all the evidence that it would likely NEED one, maybe the fog created by The Thunderbird was another option/alternative making it likely that throwing the nails really was more "Last Resort" than remnants of war.

    • KoiinuNe
      KoiinuNe 개월 전 +2

      oh the connection!

  • Julijana Mitchell
    Julijana Mitchell 2 개월 전 +51

    A little off topic but I’m still shook from my revelation from last night when I was reading a slavic mythology book that Marana is a direct reference to the slavic goddess for winter, night, and _death_ . I of course didn’t catch this earlier because my subgroup of slavs called her Morana with an ‘o’ (every subgroup has a different name variation for each god) 🥴
    It just makes me very happy knowing just how wide mihoyo’s inspiration sources are to include even something as obscure and poorly known as slavic mythology (first Azhdaha, now Marana) 🥰

    • dione f.
      dione f.  개월 전

      winter (tsaritsa) night (moon) and death (marana). hm... the fatui, gods, and the abyss?

    • Sylvar Ogre
      Sylvar Ogre 개월 전 +13

      @Avanasyev There are some similarities between Slavic and Iranian (Persian) languages, so shared stories or names aren't surprising, even if rare. It's pretty cool when seemingly different groups of people turn out to be related in subtle ways or share stories that developed long before either group developed to survive in different lands and times. It is nice to find we are really one big human tribe after all.

    • Avanasyev
      Avanasyev 2 개월 전 +20

      Correction: It is true there is a dark goddess name Morana in Slavic myths but the word 'marana' is a Sanskrit word meaning death. It is etymologically connected to Morana (as well as other Indo-European words for death, like Latin mors).
      Also Azhdaha features in Slavic myths? I thought azhdaha is a Persian dragon based on what I read on wikipedia

  • Gnidel
    Gnidel 2 개월 전 +6

    If Abyss is death, could be possible that there is no death without Abyss? That means that if Nails repel Abyss even from living beings, who would normally die because of traces of Abyss within them, then removing all Abyss from them would result in "cursing" them with immortality. However, that doesn't stop the process of absorption of memories by Lay Lines, resulting in loss of mind over time.

  • GéneSys
    GéneSys 2 개월 전 +29

    The way you describe the Night Mother, it makes me think about the Herrscher of Corruption. I know that Hi3 and Genshin are their own stories, but perhaps they're contained stories within a bigger universe, and the thing that ties them together is the Corruption/Marana that all these mini universes have to face.

    • Elder Roll
      Elder Roll 개월 전 +2

      in hi3, forgot the chapter, Otto was looking on a screen with images from different universe from the tree. one of the images is dvalin.

    • Rexhunter99
      Rexhunter99 개월 전 +2

      The company rebranded itself to Hoyoverse, which is essentially the name of their self contained universe. HI3 established a lot of lore for how this universe works. You can imagine it as a big magical tree there are no leaves on said tree, just fruits and each fruit is a precious jewel but eventually as all things do, the fruit will wither and eventually rot, sometimes the fruit refuses to fall and instead clings... this is a risk to the other fruit as the rot can spread...
      Honkai is described as a force directed by a singular entity with the sole goal/purpose of pruning dying/rotting worlds from the Imaginary Tree I just described.
      Teyvat is suggested to be an artificially created Bubble World on the same Imaginary Tree that Honkai Impact 3rd exists on, the reason for Teyvat being artificial is that the "Primordial One" created the realm we get to explore as a cradle/ark for humanity to live in, a realm of light and dark.
      Said Primordial One seems to be connected to the main characters, Aether and Lumine of Genshin Impact who apparently smell of Stars and cosmic dust.
      Abyss is definitely the manifestation of Honkai in Teyvat, it's just that what Honkai looks like changes from world to world as each world is special and unique and needs a special touch to be dealt with. The fundamental abilities of Abyss/Honkai are the same, when humans are in close contact with it and don't immediately succumb to it, they talk about how they can hear a voice, some people can have conversations with said voice, but ultimately they fall to the corruption and die or worse.
      Abyssal mud is essentially pseudo-liquid Abyssal Energy and ordinary humans cannot come into contact with raw elemental energy as it is toxic to them, the same can be said for Abyssal Energy though there seem to be added effects on top of that.

    • notmaylea
      notmaylea 개월 전 +2

      same thoughts! ^^ it makes a lot of sense for bubble universes to be subject to the same rule since they are interconnected in the same World Tree

  • Monika
    Monika 개월 전 +10

    I have trouble believing the destruction of Khaenri'ah wasn’t the intended outcome of Celestia, considering Orobaxi’s fate and Ei’s quote of “I’ve seen a nation stride forward and lose everything to the heavenly principles” and the concept of the heavenly principles in general. Given, I also might have not payed enough attention to the video so if I’m missing anything that’s on me.

  • Namimouth
    Namimouth 2 개월 전 +54

    It is scary how this video made me think that it kind of may explain why Flower Goddess died.
    I do not have all the lore yet. I didn't have time to truly explore Summeru so I dunno if reason for her death was given.
    But if she was a Seelie, and she fell in love with Nara (and I assume Gods count as Nara too) then she just... withered.
    And Paimon, if she is a Seelie too, is only safe as long as she won't fall in love with Nara.
    It doesn't even have to be specific Nara. I think the concept of "love for humanity" applies too.
    Imagine that you fall in love with a Seelie, and your Seelie partner loves you back, and they suddenly start withering.
    They start loosing intelligence and memories and everything until they become a little bulb that makes cute noises.
    And it is literally the only thing that is left out of your loved one. (I am picturing someone holding a Seelie in their hands and crying).
    I am a sucker for drama. I can see Scarlet King weeping over the little bulb of Seelie that was left of his beloved.

    • M A
      M A 개월 전 +14

      There's a theory going around where Paimon is apparently a Seelie. She clearly adores the traveler, and they're kinda like siblings. It probably doesn't need to be a romantic sort of love, so...
      Hoo, it's gonna be tragic.

  • Sup Ayam
    Sup Ayam 2 개월 전 +314

    I was worried that this summary would cause people to skip the whole video, so yeah, I'm sorry.

    • 花散里Hanachirusato
      花散里Hanachirusato 개월 전

      @ong Seungwu probably because Khaenriah is not under the watch of the Seven a.k.a. pawns of Celestia so they didn't care to mess with anything until it spreads to other parts of Teyvat and Celestia intervened

    • the Neighbor’s kid
      the Neighbor’s kid 2 개월 전


    • Stray Kids
      Stray Kids 2 개월 전 +1

      Tnx for the summary!

    • Black Gate of Mordor
      Black Gate of Mordor 2 개월 전

      The Seelie weren't cursed by the Abyss, or at least they weren't cursed in relation to the events surrounding Khaen'riah. The Seelie withered away (such interesting wording the game uses) about 6000 years ago when Celestia invaded.

    • ong Seungwu
      ong Seungwu 2 개월 전 +1

      @Soneilly and from what we know the old civilization in dragonspine were having mutual conversation with celestia but then suddenly nuke their iriminsul tree? Why do you suddenly nuke your friend out of nowhere? The answer is the abyss. Like what they did with khaenri ah iriminsul they nuke it because of the abyss?? But why when they already know that it doesn't do anything to the abyss? Well because they don't have the answers for themselves the only thing that they could is that. This clearly tell that their not the highest beings in teyvat.

  • Good Job
    Good Job 2 개월 전 +37

    TLDR: I feel like some of your answers could be answered if you look at the "Wuxia" genre which I'm guessing Mihoyo took some inspiration from. If you know about this, just don't bother reading the essay below.
    The basic plot of a wuxia novel starts with the protagonist, usually a mortal born in a lower world that somehow obtains special powers or was born with them.
    They then travel on the path of becoming an immortal, someone who stands at the apex and wields mystical powers that mortals could never dream of. They do this through cultivation and level up through stages (think Dragonball, Super Saiyan -> Super Saiyan 2).
    Authors often make their own stage names, but most follows the similar pattern of:
    Mortal -> Basic Body Refining (think just normal martial arts) -> Soul or Qi Refining (taking in the energy from the world into their bodies) (Houtian realm) -> Breaking through to the basic "God" realm where they can do things like fly and use magical like skills (Xiantian realm). This is the starting line.
    Even within these realms, there are sub-stages that a cultivator must go through. For example for someone who just broke through to the Xiantian realm, let's just call it Xiantian stage 1, there are 2 more stages, Xiantian stage 2 and 3, with each stage being stronger than the last.
    Some of my thoughts are that the gods/adepti/other beings of Teyvat are in this Xiantian realm albeit maybe in different sub-stages. (Perhaps if there other beings in Celestia they are in the highest realm)
    Next the protagonist may realise that the world they were born in was simply a lower world, where the "Dao laws" are less abundant and to go to the next stage, where they "ascend" to a higher world by breaking through the firmament. In the higher world, Xiantian realm cultivators are like mortals and the protagonist must again cultivate to the next stages to grow stronger until he reaches the apex. This is a basic wuxia story. (As a side note, ascending to a higher realm is always easier than descending from a higher realm to a lower realm, often whomever descends are restricted to the lower realms laws and they cannot use all their powers)
    The protagonist battle other cultivators along the path of the "Dao" and can come across treasures. These treasures are often the result of a higher stage cultivator, dying and dropping their weapons or knowledge intentionally for some lucky person to inherit. The higher stage cultivator often times, makes a domain (a separate dimension) where these cultivators can battle to see who gets the treasure. (I always thought this is where Genshin got the domain idea from, it has a lot of parallels. I also thought it is extremely similar to how Zhongli knows how to create these domains like the teapot)
    Also where do they store these treasures? In special rings that are created with a similar method to domains, often called "Space rings". They can hold vast amounts of anything, however it can't be a living creature. Parallels directly with our inventory in game which the traveler often says can hold pretty much anything.
    I could go on and on about the parallels but here are some that I found similar.
    For more information on terms just search "Glossary of Terms in Wuxia, Xianxia & Xuanhuan Novels"

    • Ashikai
      Ashikai  26 일 전 +1

      Man, I can't cover everything. There's not enough time. :/

    • v ans
      v ans 개월 전

      C U L T I V A T E
      more seriously, yeah, would like if Ashikai looked not just at Gnosticism and historical texts, but also other media and stories from other genres of fiction and other games. Mihoyo as otaku and gamers themselves took a lot of inspiration from those as well.

  • presmadagascar
    presmadagascar 개월 전 +5

    Another thing that stood out to me is how the notes inside the golem mention dying "in a foreign land", which makes twice that that's been mentioned recently in addition to Winter Night's Lazzo and a third overall including Venti's story quest. And sure, maybe there's some concern for dying outside the lands under protection by your archon in Mondstadt and Snezhnaya's case but Khaenriah doesn't have one of those, so why do they care?

    • Rexhunter99
      Rexhunter99 개월 전

      In the absence of gods they became Atheists likely but Teyvat is a world of magic and mystery at its core, look at the Ley Lines for instance, any human could easily believe that leaving the home nation they were born in is risky because you leave the place you forged so many memories that the Ley Lines have absorbed. It's likely the concept of death and not returning properly comes originally from a past nation's understanding of the Ley Lines and how they store/carry memories and that true death is when you are no longer remembered.

  • R3APER
    R3APER 2 개월 전 +27

    I think the Serpent guarding the World Pearl in the BP intro is either a metaphor for Marana choking the Irminsul, or an Avatar of Marana slowly draining the literal core of the Irminsul. I believe this same entity is the creature Ajax (Childe) met when he fell into the Abyss before Skirk saved him. So Childe may be key near endgame to finding the source of Marana and the World Pearl.

    • R3APER
      R3APER 개월 전 +1

      @Rexhunter99 I mean. Yes, it's pretty implied that Genshin is one of the bubble worlds...but hoyo hasn't confirmed anything yet. They could easily still debunk it, though it would anger alot of fans.
      That being said I don't think the Serpent is the same as the Will of Honkai. Honkai seems several levels higher than the Serpent.

    • Rexhunter99
      Rexhunter99 개월 전 +1

      Nah, Childe met the Will of Honkai/Abyss.
      It's established that Teyvat is a world in the same universe as Honkai Impact 3rd as in they are both world fruits hanging from the Imaginary Tree but like both at the stage where rot is beginning to set in.
      Honkai is just a manifestation of the Will of an entity whose sole mission is to prune dying/dead/rotting worlds from the Imaginary Tree, said individual is often depicted as depicting themselves as a copy of the person they interact with, but that the will is absolutely a single individual entity with a persona of its own, it has a bit of a sadistic side to it and is EXTREMELY manipulative and hostile towards humanity.
      What that individual's power manifests as in a world is up to that world, Abyss in Genshin Impact and Honkai in Honkai Impact 3rd

  • Marc
    Marc 2 개월 전 +23

    The more I play genshin... The more I realize that there is no such thing as hero and villain

  • V Alivan
    V Alivan 개월 전 +6

    This is so very interesting tbh. I've been thinking we've been in a gray area of who's to blame for this war. They say history is written by the victors, but i dont think this is entirely the case for the cataclysm. It was such a chaotic time, and I think as time went on the truth was twisted down the grape vine. personality i think Rhinedottir, is more connected to the corruption than we think. Maybe she even merged/sided with the Marana which is why monsters like the rifthounds were said to be her creations set out into the abyss/Khaenriah so violently. And maybe, Albedo was her attempt to redeem herself, as he is supposed to be in likeness to how she looked. along with giving him all her knowledge on Khaemia. Albedo could have been a way for Rhinedorrir to be "reborn", similar to Ei and Scaramouche's situation. This could also be why she dropped Albedo off with Alice, and disappeared because the corruption was finally overwhelming her, just like the rest of Khaenriah. Albedo knows nothing more about khaenriah, just as much as everyone else, but he was also tasked with finding the "truth" of the world, just like the Abyss Twin said to Traveler.
    The more that we learn about these ruin machines, the closer we could come to figuring out what truly happened 500 years ago, and this is most likely why the Akademya has banned research on ruin machines. These machines hold forbidden knowledge within their creation, a truth that maybe Teyvat isn't ready for. And maybe that truth is the Marana has been festering, growing in the abyss, and now is strong enough to take over the overworld. Without Khaenriah's defenses Teyvat is left vulnerable and the only thing Celestia can do is drop a nail down to purify severely damaged areas, but even that comes with the cost of destroying/warping whatever is there.
    My idea of how things went is as follows:
    Khaenriah was a nation founded long before Celestia. Possibly fighting a forever losing battle with such fierce corruption with such advanced technology for its time. Along that path, on of their greatest minds, and renowned alchemist, succumbed to the corruption creating an outbreak that went across the three realms, destroying everything in its path. Celestia had no problems with the Abyss or Khaenriah up until this event, and enlisted their archons to help battle this common enemy. In the end both sides suffered greatly in this war and Khaenriah was quickly falling. So a loyal, trusted knight of the royal family seeked out Celestia and asked them to please, end the suffering of his people, they have the power to do so; an artificial version of the upside down fountain water in the Chasm. And so, Celestia did. Maybe they dropped a nail, or something even stronger onto the nation of Khaenriah ending the war instantly. This knight went on to be called a traitor by the remnants of his people, a lone soldier now keen on stopping a ridiculous attempt to revive his homeland because, he out of everyone, knows for a fact that Khaenriah is gone.
    Everytime i comment on one of your videos I also write an essay lmao. But it's always fun to share theories. Especially when they involve Dain. I feel like this is why Dain holds a distaste for the Archons (not necessarily Celestia), but is firmly against the Abyss Order. And could possibly explain the "it" that slows the curse? Maybe it was a gift from Celestia for such a painful decision, and allowed Dain to fight against the Abyss Order.

  • Jonathan Wilson
    Jonathan Wilson 2 개월 전 +143

    OOOHH We be defending Khaenri’ah huh? I haven’t gotten the chance to explore the massive forest golem yet, but I’m super excited to watch this!!

    • Ashishit Anurag Daniel Tigga
      Ashishit Anurag Daniel Tigga 개월 전 +1

      @Vulpes sorry I was in theory crafting form so the writing is incoherent lmao
      Words are typed before I can actually think what to write......imagine dotore's crazed research paper submitted to the akademiya

    • nooona noonung
      nooona noonung 개월 전 +2

      @Ashishit Anurag Daniel Tigga My brain broke reading your english

    • muir
      muir 개월 전 +6

      @Vulpes shhhh................ let them have their suspense!!!! lmaoo

    • Vulpes
      Vulpes 2 개월 전 +21

      @Ashishit Anurag Daniel Tigga bro why do you talk like ......... lmao

    • Ashishit Anurag Daniel Tigga
      Ashishit Anurag Daniel Tigga 2 개월 전

      Khanrians were just evacuating ppl out if the desert......and eliminating any abyssal creature released from the event
      I think deshrats elezar corruption incident and cataclysm is one and the same
      In both......cataclysm and to cure deshrats kingdom........rukkadevata "died"
      How can 1 God die twice?
      It's not ..........it's dat the 2 places are one and the same
      Deshrats kingdom is where all the archon came to destroy the source of tbr problem.........it WAS WHERE khanrian contacted deshrat

  • Krys
    Krys 개월 전 +3

    The new lore definitely helps clear their name, it seems like they weren't trying to colonize other nations but they were actually just trying to defend themselves against a common threat. They didn't do great job since a pint sized elf girl could probably take down a few of their machines but hey they tried 🤣
    Maybe that's what the primordial human project was for, assuming another theorists theory is right which is that Albedo was modeled after the Traveler who can purify corruption (not sure if both twins have this ability). It would be helpful to have a bunch of them, sure robots are useful but something that can purify corruption and use elemental powers without a vision would definitely be a huge boon.
    We probably won't see Dain in Sumeru until around the Fontaine patch since he seems to wind up in the last nation we were at but still we might get some good lore out of him the next time we see him, hopefully theory confirmation.

  • Shade Of The Night
    Shade Of The Night 2 개월 전 +43

    2 hours left to wait but that quest made me think that what tayvat thought was Khaenri’ah attacking was actually just the aftermath of Khaenri’ah being destroyed coming over and it was never really a war.
    Not directly related but It also made me wonder if the ruined guards default programming was to be robotic defenders of Khaernri’ah city’s and are programmed to recognize the architecture and authorized personnel. Because if so that’s the reason that they are always by the ruins because they look similar.

    • KoiinuNe
      KoiinuNe 개월 전


    • Acedia Frost
      Acedia Frost 2 개월 전 +1

      They're called Ruin Guards because they seem to be, y'know, guarding ruins, so I guess that theory checks out

  • leturna
    leturna 2 개월 전 +24

    The Ruin Golems are one of my absolute favorite things in the whole game. Just the very idea of them is chilling and incredible.

  • tux maceo
    tux maceo 개월 전 +3

    Your explanation literally reads like a proof. The logic and reasoning are tight and I am now 100% convinced Khaneriah/Celestia were never at war.
    One thing I’m thinking is that Celestia is “asleep” in the way that Elysia/Flamechasers exist(well, did exist) in the Elysian Realm and may be why they haven’t shown any signs of activity since after the cataclysm.

  • GaR TheProfitableTrader
    GaR TheProfitableTrader 2 개월 전 +42

    I always believe that the siblings were denied passage out from Teyvat by the Sustainer because they are likely used to be some sort of Panacea or medicine for the world that is slowly dying.
    The sibling true power is that of light so it makes sense that they can fight the abbys which is the darkness. And light which is if broken up turns to 7 different colours (elements). Having knowing this fact the gods know the siblings will attempt to re-gain their power by going trough each 7 region of Teyvat and while doing so they will encounter (or forced to) various types of world issues and end up solving them.
    Celestia know this and is taking advantage of it.
    Think it like if you are somehow got to a bad accident the doctors will patch the small wounds first before going to the larger ones like broken bones or such. This is so that when the siblings claimed their true power and ready to be used to fight the real issue which is the abbys the world is already patched up and ready to take on the beating.
    Only.. At the end of the journey the traveller's sibling found out that the source of the world destruction are the same thing they are trying to save and they are being used by the gods so that they (the siblings) can delay it (the destruction) and celestia can continue ruling for a bit longer.
    The siblings are possibly not the only other world traveller and there are many more before them being used the same way. Once the other sibling came to know this they decide to fight Celestia instead and side with the abbys.

    • GaR TheProfitableTrader
      GaR TheProfitableTrader 개월 전 +1

      @dennn Well assuming that the "Collect the 7 power" thing is true.
      Aether will also have the same power as Lumine, at least the "Light" type power.
      I think if theres a Gacha twin, the twin will be of Abbys power just like Dain.

    • GaR TheProfitableTrader
      GaR TheProfitableTrader 개월 전

      @Mita Cestalia During the Arayanka questline we are told that the Seelie race was doomed by a curse due to one of them fell in love with a "Traveller" long ago.
      Although it was not mentioned explicitly (at least from what i can remember) that the person is of otherworldly origin but i think Hoyoverse seems to emphasize the "Traveller" word to a specific type of character in game, which was those who can travel cross worlds.
      Initially i think it was the other sibling but i soon realize that the Aranara have a very specific name for the twin which is weird for them to suddenly change it on a whim.
      There are people who go around the world of Teyvat traveling and doing stuffs of legends but they are simply called Adventurer.
      Alice was rumored to be capable of traveling to other world but she is still called an adventurer, probably because it was not yet confirmed?
      The other sibling also clearly state that their journey is the same. That indicates that they are in a re-play type of situation which enforces the loop theory but only up untill a certain point IMO.
      The traveller already experiencing bad effects from just the repetition of Subzeru Festival given how tough they are. I would imagine being in a loop on a World scale would give a mental stress significantly worse and at some point they will die and another traveller is needed to replace them.
      Thus Aether and Lumine is just one of those unlucky worldly traveler cought in a big trap but because they are twins and they did not do the travel together one of them manage to realize this and tried to fight it.

    • Mita Cestalia
      Mita Cestalia 개월 전 +1

      @dennn Everyone finally will build the MC 😂

    • Mita Cestalia
      Mita Cestalia 개월 전 +2

      I think the siblings are the only other world traveller, but hear me out, Celestia put them in a loop instead of trapping other new traveller so the siblings lost each other happens several times already. Each loop Lumine and Aether exchange roles where sometimes Lumine in abbys side and sometimes Aether in abbys side.
      Let's just face it, if I found God traps me in eternal loop where I lost my sibling several times to save the world, I will go to the dark side as well.

    • dennn
      dennn 개월 전 +2

      when the siblings gain the light power by collect 7 elements. then will be a time we can summon gacha lumine and aether with light element.

  • WonyoIVE
    WonyoIVE 2 개월 전 +6

    I don't play Honkai but this sort of makes me wonder if there is any relation to Marana and the Herrchers. They seem to have similar purposes (destruction) and can take multiple forms (from natural disasters to taking people or living things as avatars). Maybe if Marana were to possess an archon they would then become a true Herrcher?

    • Rexhunter99
      Rexhunter99 개월 전

      Herscherrs are called "Lawmakers" officially, they are essentially the Will of Honkai's commanders on the front lines of battle against Humanity, they are needed to combat humanities technology and just infecting a human isn't enough, you need to give them some sort of power to use against humanity. We know that as humanity got more advanced, the herscherrs did too an by more advanced they were less and less horrific monsters and more and more human as time went on.
      There's not really a need for those kinds of beings in a world where they already exist as Vision Wielders and Archons.

  • Ricardo Alonso
    Ricardo Alonso 개월 전 +5

    I like this interpretation. It would also explain why Kaenriah had no Gods and why Dain says to not get invovled with the gods but also dont try to end them ether. But I still have to wonder about the identity of the Travelling Twins. I like entertaining two possibilities, the first and also most boting is a from of abnesia, hiding thir identites as shades of the primordial one. But the one I like the most currently is that they are the power from beyond Dain talks about. The epitomje of humanbity from a different world, making the twins human but also more, wich is the reason HP descided to ruin our trip out.

    • Rexhunter99
      Rexhunter99 개월 전

      Sadly humans from other worlds have visited Teyvat canonically in the past, hence why there was already a set of names and terms for the Traveler when they arrived. The most likely result is that the Twins are a manifestation of the Primordial One meant to represent Light and Dark to unify the Abyss and Elements. Celestia is just a parasite extracting energy from the Ley Lines, pretty sure they are implied to be aliens to Teyvat and actively harming it long term. The Primordial One would want to protect their creation no doubt and while it is possible Celestia killed the PO, stranger things have happened already in Teyvat... we got to see a damn Soul.

  • Neko Koishi
    Neko Koishi 2 개월 전 +18

    I remember that on the giant desert ruin robot world quest. The researcher mentioned that the giant robots were used to fight against a the monsters of the Abyss.

  • mlle whimsy
    mlle whimsy 2 개월 전 +19

    Just wanted to say props to whoever edited this, great job!

  • The Baka Lord
    The Baka Lord 개월 전 +2

    I can imagine that due to the corruption of the Abyss, that the Greater Lord Rukkhadevata sensed that the power of the Abyss concentrated in the Desert and so to protect those who lived there, she went to the Desert just before she came back to Sumeru. She knew that the forbidden knowledge and Eleazar would have spread far beyond than that believed and so she had to sacrifice most of her power to suppress this forbidden knowledge and to suppress the full nature and danger of Eleazar. As the priest of the Scarlet King said she used most of her power to eradicate the forbidden knowledge and Rukkhadevata's form became that of a small child, something similar to Gubou's case(foreshadowing in this game is god tier.). But! Iriminsul's corruption: due to it being Rukkhadevata's consciousness being connected to Iriminsul, it got contaminated as a result and she had no choice which is why 'world forget me' was said, Rukkhadevata got contaminated by the forbidden knowledge and Eleazar which is why Iriminsul got contaminated, but due to sacrificing most of her power and body, she was to ensure her reborn self Nahida, the newer god of Wisdom and Sumeru was free from the contamination.

  • Ace Cepeda
    Ace Cepeda 개월 전 +3

    your theory definitely makes a lot of sense and I bet later on in the story of Genshin, this will be confirmed. I love this game and thank Hoyoverse for such a wonderful experience for the past 2 years in Teyvat

  • Elbytron
    Elbytron 개월 전 +7

    Huge props to TXR! The editing in this video was really fun, fast paced and engaging. I like the meme-y flavor of it. It must've been a lot of work.
    Now for the video, it's an interesting idea! I hope Hoyo doesn't pull a Dottore plague mask and goes for the most obvious and boring solution 😂 so far we don't really have enough information, I think. Especially about Khaenri'ah and it's survivors. Like Kaeya: we know he's a spy, but what's the goal of his mission? What are Pierro's thoughts and motivations to devote his life to the Tsaritsa, create the Fatui and collect the gnosises? There's a lot of speculation, but nothing with solid confirmation. Things in the future are about to become interesting!
    There's a noticeable increase in mentions of Khaenri'ah, due to the Academia and it's research, so I'm hopeful that during 3.x we'll learn more.

    • Rexhunter99
      Rexhunter99 개월 전

      Kaeya actually is a former spy, he gave that life up and is now fully the adopted sibling of Master Diluc, after Diluc's father died, what happened to Diluc helped make Kaeya make a decision and he decided that Mondstadt was truly his home and that he'd do whatever he could to assist his brother from then on.
      In the manga he actually offers Diluc the chance to fight him to let his brother _vent_ the frustrations out, to help his brother out.
      Likely later on when we start to get closer to Khaenri'ah and uncovering the Alberichs, he'll assist us in that, it's clear he knows more about what is going on in the world than he lets on, just that he obviously doesn't know everything as he's really just a grunt.

  • Awkward Katalyst
    Awkward Katalyst 2 개월 전 +3

    Wasn't Rhinedottir blamed for the abyssal attack or the creation of abyssal creatures? If the abyss was just always there, were the creations just corrupted? Is it possible that the constant use of khemia by all of khaenri'ah was actually creating or releasing abyss creatures? Sort of a 1:1 trade. You make a field of carrots and get a few rift wolves with them

  • Your_Fellow_Alienz
    Your_Fellow_Alienz 개월 전 +2

    I’ve been looking for lots of connections between HI3 and GI, reading the comments I got about halfway but someone definitely said exactly what I was thinking. Beside the obvious parallels between characters and gods.
    I also seem to see the abyss as the sea of quanta and the irmunsul trees as the big tree in honkai I forgot what it’s called. Because although in Genshin they are linked together I can definitely see them fighting each other like in honkai. I’m pretty sure it’s Otto that uses the tree and sea analogy. 😅 not so sure though. Hope this made sense to anyone that read it. Have a good day everyone!

  • Kinokochou Chou
    Kinokochou Chou 2 개월 전 +23

    I did not expect this quest go the way went, but it was very good. aranara questlines so far are my favourite in the game

  • Hissoka
    Hissoka 개월 전 +3

    Do you have any clue about the hilichurls that just kinda lay on the ground. They don't get up and attack, but they still light up when you use an elemental site, just like the ones in the chasm. They are all over inazuma and now Sumeru too (especially by the giant ruin guard in the dessert). It's so creepy. In lore they seek the darkness towards the end of their life, but these guys are just out and about, but not quite dead dead

  • Dasy Taylor
    Dasy Taylor 개월 전 +2

    I loved this theory, can't wait to see more lore supporting it. What I don't get though is how the heck does Gold fit into this picture. If riftwolves are her creation, how can they be the beasts of Marana? Was she perhaps trying to create life from decay itself?

  • KingTaltia
    KingTaltia 2 개월 전 +2

    Thanks for piecing all this together Ashikai, I've been hung up as to how the Scarlet King's empire fell to what looks like the Abyss at the EXACT same time as Khaenri'ah, and this helps put some pins together.
    I knew before Sumeru even came out that "Sumeru being the nation of 'knowledge' probably means theming-wise we're going to get a lot of key information toward all our ongoing theories" and by jove has it proven it with every update thus far.
    A few bits of information here seem a bit... vague or off, such as Dain's motives, but otherwise all this adds up with a Pret-ty neat bow.
    Now... to figure out the relation with the "unknowable knowledge" of the Scarlet King, and what that has to do with the fall of Khaenri'ah. (Walks away with a pondering look on face)
    (P.S. was not prepared for the League of Legends joke, you got me hard there, I had to pause the video to laugh at that one!)

  • Lux and Caligo
    Lux and Caligo 개월 전 +4

    1. In the Diluc event, we got to know that the abyss order can activate the lay lines and it's memories whenever they want somehow. This is maybe because they had technology to extract elemental energy from irminsul tree.
    2. We know that the hillichurla worship the elements, not the archons. That can mean that they worship the irminsul and the elemental energy that the lay lines absorb and store within.
    3. Dain and Halfdan aren't the only cursed ones with consciousness. The abyss mages, heralds, and lectors do too. That is why that herald told Dain that you and i are not so different. The surprising thing is that, even some hillichurls have some degrees of consciousness and memories. They worship the elements, have the eclipse tribe, move near the celestial pillar in chasm to suppress their curse, etc.
    4. Both the abyssal wolves and Durin were created for good purpose until they were exposed to the abyssal energy and got corrupted. If we wouldn’t destroy the blood coat on Dvalin, he would face the same fate. The abyss order was trying to make him cursed like them and recruit him. They tried the same process on Boreas and exposed him to marana/abyss. But the traveller intervened.
    5. During the Inazuma matsuri ceremony event, the whole Enkanomiya was possibly filthed with marana or abyssal energy. It was Enjou's doing. Again, they were possibly trying to get those vishaps corrupted. They also tried to look for that certain book in there.
    6. I can bet my bottom mora that the Karma that Xiao possess is a curse from the night mother or abyssal energy. All his kins were affected by it, lost their minds, and turned on each other.

    • Rexhunter99
      Rexhunter99 개월 전 +1

      Hillichurls all retain some sort of their old selves until they begin to move underground to live out the rest of their empty days near the Nameless City as Dain described to us.
      They wear masks because the human part of their subconscious becomes terrified by the monster they see in reflections, this is a well known Trivia in the overworld too though researchers claim to not understand why they hate the sight of their own faces (we know why though)

    • notmaylea
      notmaylea 개월 전 +2

      you know this reminds me of other games where humans are fighting against a force whose inherent purpose is to kill life. in Honkai Impact 3rd, well there's the honkai. In Punishing: Gray Raven, there's the punishing virus. In Genshin Impact, there's the abyss/marana.
      What's common among these kinds of stories is that there's usually a faction that gains the power to control this force and uses it to accomplish their ideals. You know what's a good battle scene? The Abyss sibling manages to harness abyssal power while the Traveler protagonist regains their original power back (the power of pure light, or something) and then they clash. Just two complete opposing forces battling it out full force.

  • Xelonir
    Xelonir 2 개월 전 +19

    Afratus in the desert tells us that Khaenri'ah built the three ruin giants to fight the black goo coming from the ground.
    I was initially a bit puzzled when the Aranara said that Nara Varuna helped them fight the black stuff, but now it makes sense.
    As an underground nation, Khaenri'ah was actually most likely to be attacked first by the black stuff coming from below.
    Though this does not rule out that something someone in Khaenri'ah did was the reason/trigger for that (Rhinedottir, some Alkemia stuff...).

    • azure
      azure 개월 전

      @UberWraith maybe in diff region, bcs if all of them in sumeru I'm wandering why too

    • UberWraith
      UberWraith 개월 전 +5

      @azure Sumeru's map is still incomplete, I guess we will see the third Golem in a future release.

    • azure
      azure 개월 전 +1

      I'm wondering where is 3rd ruin giant bcs we only have 2 for now

  • abarr2951
    abarr2951 개월 전 +2

    I like this theory, I really do though I do have a slight disagreement with your thoughts on the motive of the other sibling; it could just be that he (I play as Lumine) has been brainwashed/tricked into working for the Abyss. Which could explain the story in the Gnosis story that Venti narrates.

  • John Okazaki
    John Okazaki 2 개월 전 +2

    Great theory, but I have an OBJECTION!!!
    First, we know that Rinedottir created :
    Albedo, Durin and the rifthounds
    As such, being Kaenriahs greater Khemist, is more than feasible to infer that she, as well as many other Khemist, used abyssal powers to their ends. In many ways, this means that Kaenriahs was deeply involved with the abyss and considering how they were seeking the book of "Before Sun and Moon" in Enkanomiya, it's most likely that they (perhaps) wanted to dethrone Celestia, or at least, they didn't like their position in heavens. Therefore, they might not be having a war against Celestia, but they were battling against the abyss either. UNLESS the tradition told in the lore is, probably, Rinedottir... And maybe Dain knew about her experiments but decided to not do anything because of feelings towards her? Maybe not romantic, but he didn't have the strength to stop her? And the reason why Piero blames himself is because he saw through Rinedottir, but he even though he objected against her, no one took his opinion in consideration...?
    That might be a case, nonetheless I believe Rinedottir at least was already involved with the abyss, and most probably, Kaenriah was too.

  • pegasBaO23
    pegasBaO23 2 개월 전 +10

    See I kinda came to think Khaenri'ah were bad guys cause their machines are powered by the abyssal energy, but if they were meant to fight abyss itself, being powered by it, is a cleaver and efficient way to make sure the robots will have sufficient power to see their mission through to the end

  • DrPaimon
    DrPaimon 개월 전 +2

    I feel like there's a little more to the destruction of Kheanri'ah than just that the abyss flooded Kheanri'ah and they failed to hold it back. Kheanri'ah did cause some of their own misfortune. After all Gold is suspected to be the one that set the cataclysm in motion. The fact that Kheanri'ah was technologically advanced HAS to mean something. All technologically advanced nations have been destroyed one way or another. I suspect celestia destroys nations in order to prevent something similar to honkai eruptions, but for Kheanri'ah they were to late and an eruption actually happened, manifesting in Golds creations. (in raidens story quest two it's stated that mainly Rifthounds came and destroyed things. In Mondstadt Durin in appeared. There's no mention of other abyss creatures during the cataclysm as far as I know. Although this might just be because Gold themselves became corrupted by marana. Anyways I feel like there's a lot that we're still missing right now.

  • Afbuster
    Afbuster 개월 전 +2

    I think if "the truth" Sibling learnt really was just about how inseparable is Marana from Irminsul, they wouldn't go on a war like that. No reason to. That's more of Dainsleif place, I think, and they disagreed with each other.
    I think there may be a good solution to the marana, if not really truly permanent. Plant the new world tree. Like in Aranyaka, but on a scale of the whole world. Have someone bear witness to all what teyvat is, collect all the memories, and have them use that power to become the new Irminsul. The traveler is the new tree.

  • Mendelynn Mantaya
    Mendelynn Mantaya 2 개월 전 +8

    *Heizou voice*
    "It's all coming together now..."
    Thank you for taking the deep dive into the lore so that I don't have to. This was a very interesting video - your theory makes so much sense! I'm curious as to how it will turn out in the end but I think many of your ideas go in the right direction.
    Also, compliments to the editor. This was so well done. *chef's kiss*
    *still laughs thinking about "the Light and Shadow*

  • Mmmatt
    Mmmatt 2 개월 전 +8

    Not related to the topic of the video but this was SO well edited! Your timing with Yanfei’s expressions is impeccable and your multiple character scenes are so interesting and fun to watch! It’s nice seeing the characters “interact” keep up the great work!!

  • GGWP
    GGWP 2 개월 전 +2

    Thank you for the video! Now I understand that I was not alone in finding it strange that many parties to the conflict simply ignore its alleged existence.
    (Even to me this sounds like gibberish, but more and more like the truth) At this point, I haven't been able to think far, but what if Celestia isn't the cause of Celestial nails drop? Perhaps they are the consequences of a system malfunction? What if they are connected with the Irmensol tree. Their very appearance on the main screen is reminiscent of the structure of the Hebrew world. And outside the tree and the sphere with the world is the abyss. It is necessary to consider only a non-three-dimensional coordinate system. This may explain phenomena like portals of the abyss that can connect any point since they are outside the three main coordinate systems. Also, in this case, any movement along a three-dimensional coordinate system can, in practice, lead us to unexpected changes of direction, turns, and so on.

  • Self-Aware and Biased Slander

    This theory made me think. When you said Khaenriah is a Withering Zone Underground, it made me think of the Tsaritsa and Zhongli and Venti. When you described the sequence of events of how Khaenriah entered the flop era, and then looking at Venti and Zhongli who remained of the original Seven, it makes me think that Khaenriah is linked to the cryo archon. In winter, life does not grow as much, which sounds like Khaenriah which is barren like my dms. I support this further with Khemia. I theorise Khemia is introduced by the Cryo Archon because Snezhnaya is technologically advanced and would have had the capacity to do such things. I also want to quote Dain of how he describes the current Cryo Archon as no love for her people and her people dont love her too. This could be because of Khemia, which the previous Cryo Archon could have introduced to Khaenriah which is humanity's pride and backfired on them all.

    • Rexhunter99
      Rexhunter99 개월 전

      Tsaritsa is also an original Seven btw, I think we're going to find ALL of the archons are the originals but there may be some circumstances that changed, Venti describes the Tsaritsa as having totally changed in 500 years.
      We can't totally trust him but I think we can trust this statement as he was talking from the heart about someone who was clearly a close friend to him in the past.

  • BanjoGate
    BanjoGate 2 개월 전 +3

    Ashikai is such a wholesome bundle of joy no matter what she talks about. I'm glad that someone like you are so deep into lore, it makes Genshin a pleasure to watch even when it becomes a grindy bore

  • Merania Odinien
    Merania Odinien 개월 전 +2

    This also ties in nicely with Kaeya's placement near Mondstadt. The Alberich Clan has gathered what little humans of Khaenri'ah are left. They can't really go anywhere, because I believe there would be extreme racism and prejudice against Khaenri'ahns by the general populace of Teyvat, who mostly believe in Celestia's right to rule. Celestia is not flawed, they can not make mistakes, therefore Khaenri'ahs destruction was a conscious and correct decision, and because Celestia must be just Khaennri'ah deserved it, so all Khaenri'ahns are sinners or they would have been saved, nevermind that they were (some reason for some of the Khaenri'ahns to be human must exist), but the general populace still believes that Celestia cursed the Khaenri'ahns (because who else would have done it) and those who know more about the subject believe it to be forbidden knowledge, knowledge that if someone discovered they knew, they themselves would get killed for.
    So the human Khaenri'ahns have a few choices for refuge: Ask the Archons, the entities most likely to know the truth, and first and foremost the Dendro Archon. The Dendro Archon is dead though, so on to the next. I assume they went to the Tsaritsa next for whatever reason, and they got refuge in Snezhnaya, a region large enough the Archon can grant them a piece of land far enough away from everyone else to not get noticed. In return the Khaenri'ahns share their knowledge with the people of Snezhnaya: They are the only other nation to make progress in robotics (seeing as it's banned in Sumeru). And now to an older theory: Pierro is Kaeya's Grandfather. If Pierro and his son disagreed on how to rule Khenri'ah/proceed with their survival, say, took more of a Dainsleif approach, they'd need a new place to stay, and they'd need to be on good terms with that nation. Kaeya is not a spy, he's a diplomat. Mondstadt is most friendly towards travellers and vagabonds, Venti has a known dislike for Celestia, and if any people know about it, it would be the Khaenri'ahns. Kaeya is supposed to integrate into Mondstadts society and to destroy racist stereotypes by showing them the good in Khaenri'ahns, so that they might be granted permission to stay as a larger group. People just forgot to tell him, and because of what he can learn about Khaenri'ah, and everybody else assuming Khaenri'ah stands against Celestia and is planning a big offense, he believes he must be a spy.
    Also I love the idea of Khaenri'ah not being at fault, or even being the first to oppose the Abyss. But this also gets me on the "every other nation had god(s) to believe in" point, what if Celestia and Marana had an agreement, that just as Celestia got followers, so would Marana, but Marana being what she is, the people supposed to be hers could not exist as humans near her, and everything else they turned into was unable to be near life. In the end, Dainsleif would be her only true child, the only human who understands what she is about: The death that must exist for life to be meaningful, but forever taken from her (in his inability to die).

  • L. P
    L. P 2 개월 전 +4

    I still don't fully believe that the traveler will be on the side of the abyss sibling by the end of the journey. Mainly because, despite taking the same route as each other through the nations (perhaps??), they have not made the same connections with the people nor do they have the same travel companion. I'm kind of relying on paimon to lead the traveler down the route of saving the world not via total annihilation. Maybe this is how the traveler and the fatui see eye-to-eye once they get to Snezhnaya.
    Also crack theory: maybe the abyss sibling never really accepted the destruction of their original homeworld and that's why they joined the order as soon as they learned the truth. BUT if the marana is a cruel figure who is to say that the abyss sibling isn't in an incredible amount of danger, especially as they themselves could be destroyed in the process without knowing. The end goal of the traveler does still seem to be "get my sibling, save the world, get out", so perhaps saving the abyss sibling w dainsleif might be one of the final quests. I'm still on the train of "the abyss sibling is being manipulated".

  • Rob dot gif
    Rob dot gif 2 개월 전 +16

    I have to say i really apreciate the little version numbers before title. Saves me a lot of of checking for dates and dread from not always having done the most recent quests

  • okkasannan
    okkasannan 개월 전 +5

    Also, if you translate letters on the walls of the Chasm, you will get the phrase "Non est ad abyss via vedi flevi Caell ese un td umus", which is latin, and in English it will be "There is no way to the abyss that we see the tears of Heaven". Also, the poem in the letter left in the blocked room suddenly starts to make more sense. Also I think that two Abyss mages, Agnarr and Egill, probably were stuck there since 500 years ago - the last three phrases tell "Agnarr, Egill and the darkness" - so, my guess is that they were sent to obtain the Nail from the Chasm, but failed, and spend some time to write those things on the walls and a piece of poetry about their despair before they gave up, gone mad, and joined Abyss as their only option.

  • Jonnathann Amorim
    Jonnathann Amorim 개월 전 +3

    Thx members… the editing in this video is so damn good. So dynamic, so engaging. Thanks Ashikai for all the incredible mind breaking work you are doing putting this insane puzzle together. Question for the community… am I the only one to watch Ashikai videos at least 3 times?

  • Diceboxx
    Diceboxx 개월 전 +2

    My take is Celestia and Khaenri'ah work together during the War with the Abyss but some people in Khaenri'ah discovered the "Truth" about it, that the Abyss is connected with Celestia itself so Celestia decided to nuke Khaenri'ah, and it's implied that Khaenri'ah was betrayed form the inside

  • Apoorv Joshi
    Apoorv Joshi 2 개월 전 +10

    I believe, Khaenriah and Abyss are two different factions. The current abyss swallowed the remnant of Khaenriah(the battle pass story in which the princess starts to believe that she is the queen of abyss) as if you see the interactions between abyss herald and Lumine(they are pretty bold in front of her, as if they are aware that they are using Lumine as their giant banner). while abyss mages are absolutely loyal to Lumine. So I believe either Abyss and Khaenriah are different, or Khaenriah was never one big nation but a group of many factions comprised of members from the entirety of teyvat. Plus if you think about it, there are many parts of teyvat that looks like they may belong to khaenriah. Like the biggest clue we get is in Mondstadt, where we have Dadaupa gorge, the hillichurl tribes there have a relation to Khaenriah. And then to support this even more, just further ahead of Dadaupa Gorge is the Cape Oath, which has a portal to Spiral Abyss. As if those Khaenriahn tribes was trying to guard the portal to abyss. Plus there is dragonspine there.
    Also, The ruins of Dahri are basically Khaenriahn ruins(as we learn that Dahri actually means people of khaenriah), so why is there such a massive Ruin belonging to Khanriahn People situated on the border of territory belonging to Rukkhadevata and Scarlet King? And we know that Scarlet King and Rukkhadevata were both very very strong, there is no way they would let an enemy create such a base in the land they care about.
    And third thing that I feel is very suspicious, is If abyss and Tsaritsa are both trying to overthrow Celestia, why are they not banding together? So far we have seen no hint of cooperation between fatui and the abyss. Is it because the abyss doesn't trusts Tsaritsa(as she is a god)? Venti hints that Tsaritsa's attitude changed 500 years ago, that is during the downfall of Khaenriah. Meaning she was a supporter of Khaenriah, and it seems that Lumine was also recognized by Aranara, and by extension the dendro archon. Meaning Lumine wasn't the enemy here. Probably Khaenriah was battling something fearsome and the archons were supporting Lumine in her crusade. But they got ruined as the collateral damage when Celestia decided to intervene. That is why, Abyss has never attempted to take over any of the archons lands. Fatui confronted Venti directly but Abyss didn't. The same can be said for other archons like Kusanali. They are weak, and if abyss wants, i doubt the sages can protect the gnosis. Means the current head of abyss, Lumine..does not wants to attack and make use of this opportunity. Maybe she still considers them her allies. And that is why archons still havent banded to destroy the abyss once and for all.

    • Rexhunter99
      Rexhunter99 개월 전

      This is what I've picked up so far from the game, I won't give sources for all I say as its tiring but here I go.
      Once in Khaenri'ah the people were happy and they loved their King, though they were without a god they were blessed with good food, a safe home and amazing technological marvels from their greatest researchers and scientists.
      At some stage, the King takes on new advisors, the Sages. These individuals then set about a plan to gain power for themselves, using the King. This is the beginning of the decline of the King and Khaenri'ah as a whole, this is also when Abyssal Energy is introduced to researchers.
      As time progressed, the King became more closed off and withdrawn. The people started to see him become more dark and moody.
      The technology boom continues, especially with Abyssal tech, the Sages continue to amass power and assist the Abyss in its plans to destroy Teyvat.
      Around now is likely when the King decides to wage war against Celestia, likely with new knowledge forcibly discovered by the Sages and used as proof to incite war.
      The war slowly warps into a genocide of the surface nations too, a cleansing of the Archons and their government so that a single nation ruled by humans for humans is the sole survivor.
      This leads to machines of war being mass produced, the ruin machines we know of, also Gold is experimenting on creating life forms for more specific and complex tasks.
      By now the people are afraid, they are going to war, they don't know that it's a full scale war on the other nations, just the gods and that alone is frightening...
      The war begins, likely prematurely started by the Sages, which explains its total failure, the King disappears as do the Sages, the Twilight Sword is left to try and protect the people, he assigns the remaining Guards to that duty, they take that duty with them both to the grave and into their cursed lives after.
      Meanwhile, the operators of various ruin machines (like the Golems) are starting to realise what they are supposed to do, half of them seem to revolt, refusing to murder humans indiscriminately, the other half either fallen to the Abyss already or twisted individuals themselves fight them and win but at great costs to themselves.
      Ultimately it seems that not all of the people of Khaenri'ah agreed with the King and Sages/Abyss, or even knew about the real plot at all until it was too late.

    • Loona .
      Loona . 개월 전 +1

      There's a bit in the Pale Flame set's lore that implies Pierro wants to cleanse the abyss, so I think they see the Abyss Order as part of what's wrong with the current Teyvat and eliminating them and Celestia would create a better world.

    • TheCheeseman1983
      TheCheeseman1983 개월 전 +5

      We know that the Fatui are just as much enemies of the Abyss as they are enemies of the gods. The Tsaritsa presumably wants to overthrow the divine because she believes that the current power structure is doing a bad job keeping the Abyss at bay, as demonstrated by the Cataclysm.
      It should be noted that The Abyss and the Abyss Order are not the same thing. The Abyss Order are former Khaenri’ahns who appear to have been corrupted by the Abyss and now seek to destroy the current Teyvat in order to revive their “homeland”. They appear to wield Abyssal power, but we don’t know whether they have the full support of the Abyss, itself. Presumably, if they had the power to challenge the Archons in direct conflict, they would have, by now. In fact, that’s probably what the Abyss tried to do 500 years ago, but was pushed back. Hence why the Abyss Order is trying to obtain new weapons like Dvalin and the mechanized Osial.

  • Devon Dorr
    Devon Dorr 2 개월 전 +3

    Haven't watch yet, but I think if I remembered correctly the dialogue when getting the giant robot quest in 3.1 the sumero scholars mentions that the Khaenri'ahns fought against the "black thingy" in the giant robot. So it is quite safe to assume that part of Khaenri'ah is not at war with Celestia.

  • Serenity Mercer
    Serenity Mercer 개월 전 +4

    This really makes me wonder more about Childe. If the Abyss Lectors are ones who accepted Marana into their hearts, what does that mean for Childe's Foul Legacy form? Childe's voice line about Signora says, "When you're a Harbinger, you have to accept that death could come at any time..." I find this quite interesting, it seems to imply that he has accepted death. So perhaps he has accepted death/Marana, just not into his heart. I'm not sure, I'm kind of just word vomiting and hoping this makes sense lol
    Edit: Just thought about how hydro is very much a healing element, and I believe every hydro character except for Childe can heal at least a little (Mona and Ayato though the correct weapon iirc). What if Childe does use his hydro vision to heal, but he just has to heal himself internally because of the Marana. I mean, his Foul Legacy form can only be sustained for so long and it takes a lot out of him.

    • Serenity Mercer
      Serenity Mercer 개월 전

      @OOO yeah, for sure. It's absolutely about justice as well! This just made me think of a different aspect

    • OOO
      OOO 개월 전

      I think hydro is not only for healing, maybe justice?
      Both childe and ayato had hard time at young age and with their hydro vision they were able to get stronger and bring justice for themselves

  • Aahaan Jain
    Aahaan Jain 2 개월 전 +4

    I have a theory!
    before any one of you say how wrong i am, i don't know alot about this games lore but i formed a theory and wanted to share it.
    My theory- the traveler will make scaramouche use his full power to stop him rather than taking him down with their sword.
    Why- becuase the traveler knows that once a god uses too much of their power, they reduce to a weaker version of their selves and lose their memories. For e.g- Gouba, Rukkadevata
    How would this impact the game- This will be kind of a soft reboot of scaramouche and as much as i don't want it, mihoyo might make scara a good person becuase of his reboot, but that would mean that he might be playable.
    Again, i don't know much about this games lore so i might be completely wrong.
    Tldr- the traveler will soft reboot scaramouche by making him use his full power.

  • iimintyii
    iimintyii 개월 전 +2

    Practically, celestia destroyed k’hanneria because of rhinnedotter, she created all the abyss monsters (called abyss monsters because k’hanneria also is known as a type of an abyss) Because of rhinnedotter and her obsession with alchemy, it released into the 7 nations, therefore declaring an “accidental war” ofc these monsters were strong, and strong enough to kill gods. That was what triggered the destruction of k’hanneria, their obsession with alchemy. Main proof of this is the creation of albedo. What human do you think would wanna make a human out of nowhere without a significant other? Rhinnedotter was practically insane that she kept driving on to almost destroy her whole world. So if k’hanneria was destroyed because of the accident of one person, Ofc people wouldn’t be angry at the gods but the person that begun the calamity. Hence why they are all split, some have different views and some others different too. Cursed people and non-cursed people, their all different. Dain is centre because he is cursed and not cursed as in comparison to hilichurls and abyss monsters. He’s cursed with the reality of life and constant spiritual erosion that won’t kill him.

  • Lion's Garden
    Lion's Garden 2 개월 전 +6

    Absolutely love this video and the theory that the Goddess of the Abyss/Chaos and the various gods of life/shades of Phanes are closely related, but I can't help to feel that there is something deeper going on. If Marana is indeed the memory of Death, maybe it is just the sap of Irminsul trees containing the memory of the said thing, leaking out and causing the Withering of Teyvat and it's people. Or maybe it is somehow a part of various deceased gods, slain when Celestia came and during the Archon war, carrying the will of malice and revenge. It is also worth noting, that in my eyes the gods themselves don't actually deteriorate or age with years, but they seem to be eroding from the baggaged emotions and suffering, aka they are eroding into madness and despair (or retiring after achieving their purpuse?) There is much to consider and I can't wait for us to know the backgrounds of the reaining Archons and actually get ANY concrete information relating to Celestia. We really don't know much about it, besides the fact that Vanessa ascended there and the Sustainer god thew us out the Wibbley Wobbley Timey Whiny window, because we stepped on their lawn... Btw, love the Discord and League of Legends references!

    • Lion's Garden
      Lion's Garden 개월 전

      @Rexhunter99 I agree completely!

    • Rexhunter99
      Rexhunter99 개월 전 +1

      It is possible that Celestia are trying to mimic the power of the Primordial One by having the seven Archons who are the strongest wielders of their element, act as chess pieces in the board, the Primordial One created.
      If that is the case they are in a bit of trouble because the ACTUAL manifestation of the Primordial One is back, the Traveler siblings wield all seven elements as well as Light and Darkness at their full power. The Primordial One created Teyvat as an ark/cradle for humanity, a world of Light and Dark where both the Abyss and Vishaps could intermingle where previously neither could enter the others realm without terrible consequences.

  • Hissoka
    Hissoka 개월 전 +2

    hi! shower thought here... What if Dain was with the abyss twin when they helped the aranara all those years ago and recieved a bija hoping that it would help heal the ley lines that sustained Khaenri'ha. When the duo arrived to Khaenri'ha, the abyssal monsters were just about to break the front lines of ruin guards. Dain would order his men to protect every citizen of Khaenri'ha to the best of their ability and the Twin would either stay back and fight or come with dain to defend the royals of Khaenri'ha AND/OR their irminsul/ley lines. When they came to the either the aid of the family or ley lines, they had to split up. I'd imagine Dain would try to protect the royals, but realize that healing the ley lines would be more beneficial for the country as a whole.
    here my shower thoughts posits that the abyss twin would protect the family while Dain would be in charge of healing the ley lines. While separated, the abyss twin would end up failing their task and looks for Dain. Dain would fight as hard as he could to make it to the ley line site to deposit the Bija fruit, but be injured horribly and become unable to do so. The ley line becomes flooded with Marana/Abyssal energy and die, releasing a massive burst of Abyssal energy all over Khaenri'ha. An injured Dain would try desperately to protrect the Bija incase there was still hope, only for the fruit to squish and the fruit juice would leak into his wounds giving him resistance NOT FULL IMMUNITY to the Abyssal effects. Hence why he doesnt transform into a monster, but he is still suffering from errosion. The burst, compounded by the drop of a celestial nail to stop monsterts from entering Teyvat, actually makes things worse. The nail is like a catalyst that mutates the citizens into the hilichurls and other hili-varients we know today before it completely neutralizes the flow of abyssal energy in the area. The twin comes into the room to see that Dain had failed, but also that he hasnt become corrupted and sees the Bija fruit was used on him. The twin, in mourning the fall of their second home falls victim to the corruption of the Abyssal energy and blames Dain for the true fall of Khaenri'ha. His grief and anger get amplified so much by this power that I assume they would either try to harm Dain or have a small monologue about how they will become the saviour of Khaenri'ha and declares Dain a traitor, assumimg that he'd die from his wounds or get killed once they leave, not yet knowing about the curse that was placed on the citizens.
    The Abyssal power doesnt fully corrupt the Twin's body because it's fighting the Light Element that is within them or because they arent from Teyvat originally, not sure.
    Again this is a shower thought and i may or may not have inhaled a little too much Spirit Borneol if ya know what i mean

  • Cassandra WasRight
    Cassandra WasRight 2 개월 전 +7

    If the Abyss/Marana is "the memory of death," then perhaps it's the product of someone who died? A Shade, perhaps, or maybe even the Primordial One themself?
    Also, didn't Khaenri'ah use Abyssal energy for power in their latter-day Chaos Cores according to the ruin titan quest? I wonder if some sort of mishap related to that could have contributed to their ultimate downfall?

    • Cassandra WasRight
      Cassandra WasRight 개월 전 +1

      @BlackHeart Asmoday is Space/Void/the False Sky
      Istaroth is Time
      and then there's Life, Death, and Reason that may or may not have Shades. The remaining one corresponds to the Primordial One.
      Personally, I think that Istaroth isn't one of the original four Shades, as she's identified as the Primordial Child but not explicitly as a Shade. Instead, I think she is a latter-day creation of the Primordial One who shares Time with them.
      So that would leave us with Shades of Space, Life, Death, and Reason. And Reason is probably the most intimately linked to Irminsul, since Irminsul deals with information---memories and the like. Could the reason that Irminsul is withering be that the Shade that presides over it is dead?

    • BlackHeart
      BlackHeart 2 개월 전

      Exactly ! Shades are supposed to represent these things right ?
      Like Asmoday Space
      Ystharoth Time
      And the others Death and another oneI dont remember

  • R. D.
    R. D. 2 개월 전 +4

    Sumeru is making us lore lovers eat good, and I hope it continues, the finale will probably have one lore bomb after the other, and Celestia lore will probably come with Fontaine, at least I hope so.

  • Protag Kun
    Protag Kun 개월 전 +3

    If you read the info for the Aeonblight drake on the map, it says "This mechanical monstrosity seems to be proof that the now destroyed realm had reached heights that mortals should never have"

  • Sanjay Karthikeyan
    Sanjay Karthikeyan 2 개월 전 +4

    This reminds me of "The will of Honkai" And Kaenriah as like the Anti entropi from honkai impact, who also uses mechas against the Honkai... Does that make Sneznaya Schikschal... Like how they both have human experiments and enhanced human weapons...
    Maybe visions are like an emergency equipment/weapon against another outbreak?

  • Faris Anwari
    Faris Anwari 개월 전 +2

    A tidbit I may add, is Dainsleif's title, the 'Bough Keeper'. I looked it up, and bough means 'main branch of a tree'. Perhaps he was the custodian of Khaenriah's main branch of Irminsul, carefully pruning sections where Marana had invaded, guarding other sections for Khaenriah's general use.
    Once Celestia deemed it unfeasible to keep up this vain attempt, they eradicated Khaenriah, cutting away a large portion of Irminsul to save the rest of Teyvat from the infection.
    Another theory I found fascinating was how Eleazar resembled turning to the churls -- Abyssal corruption. The Dottore was figuring out how to combat this corruption in human scale, perhaps then applying it to the cosmic scale of Irminsul, which is where the rest of the Fatui and their Gnosis hunts come in. IDK tho, different viewpoints still conflict over what the Fatui endgoals are.

  • Vin Bali
    Vin Bali 개월 전 +2

    In a race for farming artifacts and collecting & leveling up characters, we have forgotten the most important purpose of being there in genshin impact.... that is to live a story.
    Good job bringing it back to light.

  • one two
    one two 2 개월 전 +2

    Thank you SO much for your videos, Genshin feels like such a huge text dump lately so your videos help me to continue enjoying the game.

  • Artesius
    Artesius 개월 전 +2

    I don’t think I’ve ever commented on Ash’s videos but I just wanna say if I ever feel like I’m not into Genshin anymore I watch one of these videos and instantly wanna play and discover! Love the content ❤

  • Pool-Aid
    Pool-Aid 개월 전 +2

    This game is quickly inching towards Honkai and Herrscher parallels and I am absolutely here for it. Thank you for your in depth analysis, I love the lore for this game and you do a fantastic job clarifying it, easiest sub I've ever given.

  • Rania Minhas
    Rania Minhas 개월 전 +2

    Ever since I’ve found out about the Alberich clan I’ve always wondered what their goals were- they seem to have this secret ancient plot and their known to be very secretive since they destroy all evidence of their existence- but why?? Also does this imply there are more Alberich’s since the whole secretive thing would be kinda useless if it was just Kaeya and his dad.
    Also who the hell is Kaeya’s dad? If he is Pierro, then is Pierro both serving the fatui and the needs of the Alberich clan. If Kaeya’s dad was Pierro or even another Khaenri’ahn, is he 500 years old too? Was Kaeya also 500 years old but frozen in time somehow? Because so far it’s inferred that only Kaeya seems to be a Khaenri’ahn born in recent years rather than 500 years ago.
    And also who the hell is Kaeya’s mom? Is she from Teyvat which would make Kaeya half-Khaenri’ahn thus evading him from the curse? but in his character story he said he was abandoned in this ‘strange foreign land’ which means he was born in Khaenri’ah and lived there. I’ve seen some people speculate that Kaeya’s mom might have been a descendant of the eclipse dynasty or Irmin’s daughter so Kaeya is a half blooded royal.
    Low-key would love for you to make a video speculating on Kaeya, his family and his clan and possibly Pierro who might be part of the Alberich clan and related to Kaeya in some capacity.

    • UberWraith
      UberWraith 개월 전 +1

      My theory on Kaeya is that he was not simply brought to Mondstadt ~15 years ago by his father. I think he was 'chrono-ported' there from the Kaenri'ah of 500 years ago, hence his father got the curse of Immortality while he 'dodged' it through time-travel (we already saw time-shenanigans during Ei's Story Quest II), avoiding the specific moment in time when the Curse took place. This would explain why he effectively grew up like a normal kid despite being Khaenri'an himself.
      Ok, now I feel the need to draw it on a blackboard Doc Brown-style ^_^" ...
      And yes, I believe that Pierro is his father (the resemblance is very high).

  • Jayska Teag
    Jayska Teag 2 개월 전 +3

    If what you say about Dain is correct, that he hesitated while on his way to destroy the night mother/marana, that could also be when the abyss sibling was traveling with them. The sibling could have been the person who pointed this out even.
    It could be that after that, and they saw what Celestia did to their home, yet Dain didn't join them with the abyss for payback, that they call them a traitor

    • Rexhunter99
      Rexhunter99 개월 전

      I think ultimately we get to really see the moral fiber of the Twilight Sword when we see Halfdan's sacrifice. The sheer adoration and pride his comrade had for him was absolutely brimming even in death, that tells you that he was an exemplary human being among the Royal Guard, a person all the men looked up to, a man who children pretend to be in the street while swinging a stick as a sword. I really think that the entire time Dain was faced with hard choices, he always took the hardest choice because it was the right choice in his mind. He believes in humanities strengths above the gods power, killing the surface dwellers would have been entirely against his and much of the peoples beliefs that humans are all unique and special.

  • SpeedyTheSnail
    SpeedyTheSnail 개월 전 +1

    This is my first video I’ve ever watched on your channel and one thing that really stood out to me is how good of a narrator you are and how much it matches your editing style! Add in the amazing writing and you’ve got a channel worth keeping up with! Keep up the good work! ❤

  • The Otaku Fan Girl
    The Otaku Fan Girl 2 개월 전 +3

    My brain has once again exploded in a good way from another Ashikai theory.
    Honestly I feel like the key to the answers for Khaenri'ah is Kaeya. He knows far to much and is never EVER going to tell us until we get closer to the end of the game, so another 4-5 years.

  • Agnis
    Agnis 2 개월 전 +1

    It's really interesting theory! I agree with it, especially after reading notes from that big ruin guard in the desert. It's also worth of mentioning how Black Serpent Knights are reffering to the Celestial Nail in the Chasm:
    "Enter not, outlander... Do not disturb the sleeping stone from the heavens..."
    "...Even the ominous thing that came down from the heavens shall be ours to use..."
    "...Who art thou to stop us... We shall cleanse the tainted things from the skies... with sacred blood...!"
    I'm curious.. were they trying to obtain the Nail or destroy it?
    I'm also interested in how that applies for Childe. I mean, what exactly Skirk was? Avatar of the Marana? If so then is Childe becoming the Avatar of the Marana while using Foul Legacy Transformation? Why she taught him that? Or was it her way of reviving him, when he fall into the Abyss? Or... was it a curse?

  • Shade Of The Night
    Shade Of The Night 2 개월 전 +1

    Interesting. I still think the “tilled will steel and blood” was in reference to how the lay lines work and cycle of life and death but that’s just me. I do agree with the end part though. Abyss accepts the idea of death and rebirth, celesta is opposed, Fatui wants a new world without mass destruction of the abyss and the world order of celesta, and Dain is similar to the Fatui but instead of bringing a new world it’s accepting the currant world.

  • Ahra~Ahra~
    Ahra~Ahra~ 개월 전 +3

    Also, do you guys remember the short video where Lumine narrates our (Traveler) journey in Teyvat during the 3.0 livestream? She mentioned in the last part that she has to "report" the situation. Meaning, Lumine (The Abyss Princess) is not the leader of the abyss, and there's someone/something else at a higher position and could possibly be the actual leader of the abyss.

    • notmaylea
      notmaylea 개월 전

      ​@Rexhunter99 ohh aight, it just wasn't mentioned directly if it was during or after. think they're still a likely candidate though if ever they managed to stay conscious like Dainsleif despite the curse. also this might be a bit weird to say, but i sincerely hope that we meet Kaeya's dad at the Khaenri'ah Act just so the two would settle their ideals (Khaenri'ahns never lived like normal people of Teyvat, only Kaeya had the opportunity to live like one) and also so that Kaeya can finally have closure about his "abandonment"

    • Rexhunter99
      Rexhunter99 개월 전

      @notmaylea Nope, they stepped in AFTER the calamity to maintain order in the collapsed nations ruins, it was more like they stepped up to lead the people because there was no one else left as their nation fell into total ruin and decay. King Irmin was present until the Sages started the war, what happened then we don't know, just that afterwards the throne was empty and no one was left from the Royal family or from any leadership role so the Alberich Clan stepped up to fill that void.
      They definitely aren't good guys as they are spying on the surface world rather than trying to get help from allies in it and Kaeya himself actually decides to focus on his life in Mondstadt as Diluc's brother and gives up his role as a spy. This happened shortly after Diluc's father died btw.

    • notmaylea
      notmaylea 개월 전 +1

      i sure wish that it's Kaeya's biological family. they kinda went AWOL after sending Kaeya to Mondstat to serve as an agent. the Alberich Clan was kind of the last ruler of Khaenri'ah before it fell so if there's anyone who wants to revive Khaenri'ah more, it has to be them

  • nour
    nour 2 개월 전 +2

    And maybe the abyss curropted our sibling into believing that Celestia destroyed khaenriah to use the sibling to do something to kill the devine just so that they could be the only strongest beings it could be out of thirst for power or revenge who knows also in a world quest this researcher mentioned that the giant golem in the desert is from dahri and he mentioned dahri is khaenriah...in sumeru there's this ruin called "ruin's of dahri"and it has ruin guards hmm I think we'll get more khaenriah lore in sumeru