Trying Products That Asked To Sponsor Me (Not Sponsored)

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  • 게시일 2018. 10. 08.
  • So basically since we started making KRclip videos, we've gotten a number of *interesting* requests to our business email from companies who want to sponsor us or partner with us. So I decided to find 4 intriguing entries to our business email, NOT sponsored order them, and try them out, to see if I was missing out on anything! We tried a Japanese snack box, a free wifi map app, an ultra-portable seat, and an online psychic app. What do you guys think of my not sponsored haul?
    And yes, this video is NOT sponsored!
    PS - I know we are missing one blur, I just fixed it on my end in the KRclip edit screen and that is in process! Please don't harass the psychic in question! Thank ye :)
    Products Mentioned:
    ZenPop Japanese Subscription Box
    Free Wifi Map App
    Sitpack Portable Seat
    Kasamba Psychic App
    Safiya's Instagram:
    Via Audio Network
    Assistant Editors: Emily Linden & Claire Wiley

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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  8 개월 전 +11932

    HELLO FRIENDS!! what do you guys think of my not sponsored haul? the tea is mildly warm!! xoxo, saf

    • Kawaii Kiwi
      Kawaii Kiwi 개월 전

      The day this was published minus the year is 11 and she has 7.7 million subscribers and while I was writing this it was 14:03 3-7-11 the lucky numbers and 14:03 minus one is 13 the lucky numbers she said

    • Elisa Vaccaro
      Elisa Vaccaro 개월 전

      Mabey You should have your Wedding in the date 3-7-11

    • A D A M
      A D A M 개월 전

      Wait..... My lucky numbers are 7, 13, and I'm 11 years old...... 😮

    • Dance for life
      Dance for life 개월 전

      Safiya Nygaard she was correct you got engaged in December

    • Robyn Carlson
      Robyn Carlson 개월 전

      I just wanted to know where did you get that beautiful black sweater with the roses up your sleeves? I need that sweater!

  • Spicy Apple
    Spicy Apple 15 시간 전

    U got what u wanted for next year, ur getting married lol

  • Natalie Tanner
    Natalie Tanner 21 시간 전

    You got a fortune cookie o. The first one

  • Katherine Booth.
    Katherine Booth. 일 전 +1

    We are both cancers (June 23) and we are both half danish omggggg 😃

  • WickedSystem
    WickedSystem 일 전

    I am a firm believer in psychic abilities, but am always skeptical about those that charge. Of course there ARE those that charge that are legit, but they are harder to find.
    That being said, that Psychic app looks SO bogus. Firstly, few if any apps will show text as its being typed, rather than as one solid message sent all at once. Secondly, the prediction are incredibly generic. Third, they both texted with the same manner and tone, which was very "outsourced customer service"-esk.
    Definitely not legit lol

  • SarahBear795
    SarahBear795 2 일 전

    So it's June of the next year. What's up?

  • Thiago Klein
    Thiago Klein 2 일 전

    Kasamba was the add on my video .-.

  • Flora Falkenberg Schmidt

    Ej hej jeg er også dansker. Ya I'm also a dain in fact I'm in Denmark now the only reason I speak English is that I lived in Canada for 7 and a half years

  • Gemma Royo Acevedo
    Gemma Royo Acevedo 3 일 전

    Lol hi ,so here’s a story yesterday I was in my bed and then I was like I need to go to sleep so I closed my eyes anddddddddddd…………I fell asleep.


  • Meme Goldbars
    Meme Goldbars 3 일 전

    They kinda predicted the engagement

  • Kit is a cat
    Kit is a cat 4 일 전 +3

    "long erect laffy taffy..." ~Safiya 2K18

  • Emma Bay
    Emma Bay 4 일 전

    ehy, it is so cool that you are danish! so am i hehe.

  • Jeanne de Souza Etchells

    Is this a year before Tyler proposed?

  • BooksForever
    BooksForever 7 일 전 +4

    ‘Lots of big events in the next year where you will be very happy’
    I mean she’s getting married

  • Petra Lynn
    Petra Lynn 7 일 전 +1

    The one psychic was right about her being happy this year cause Safiya got engaged

  • Līva Liberte
    Līva Liberte 7 일 전

    Just kidding

  • Manila Synchrony
    Manila Synchrony 7 일 전

    OMG You got married at MARCH/JUNE!

  • Tara Jones
    Tara Jones 7 일 전 +1

    "I can see a lot of events yes coming where you will be happy" Saf got engaged a couple of months later and is getting married later this year, somebody give this psychic all the money

  • Aero Cat
    Aero Cat 8 일 전


  • Jason Owen
    Jason Owen 8 일 전

    Nice idea for a video, I like the transparency

  • Emily Young
    Emily Young 8 일 전 +4

    i have that silicone shampoo brush it’s kinda amazing

  • Kaylie Grunow
    Kaylie Grunow 8 일 전

    I saw my holo mom

  • UniHannah !
    UniHannah ! 9 일 전

    “Next year will be good for you.” *gets engaged next year*

  • Kit1888
    Kit1888 10 일 전

    Wearing black is like suppose to protect or something like that

  • Esha Srikantha
    Esha Srikantha 10 일 전 +2

    U know the free wifi thing, beneath where you type the name it says security, and You need to click on that and choose the right one to make it work

  • Konnor The Pig
    Konnor The Pig 10 일 전 +3

    Safiya: What sea animal is this?
    Me: not an animal but smells fishy
    Tyler: a clam
    Me: ......
    Safiya: yeah it does look like a clam. .........*begins to laugh*
    Me: She knows

  • Lazy Liv
    Lazy Liv 11 일 전

    danish people like this i am danish and yeet i can say nothing in danisih

  • Génesis Chótola
    Génesis Chótola 11 일 전

    I am watching this video and an ad from kasamba turned up 😂😂

  • oh geez it's lauren
    oh geez it's lauren 11 일 전 +2

    Could the psychic be referring to the engagement?

  • Shelby Muffoletto
    Shelby Muffoletto 11 일 전

    How nerdy does it make me to instantly recognize "Dance of the Little Swans" as the background music for the Sitpack?

  • slixoslish
    slixoslish 12 일 전 +3

    Omg I literally got an ad for that exact same psychic app 😂😂

  • Jean Duchardin
    Jean Duchardin 12 일 전

    The pussy looking clam was an awabi
    It really looks like an old woman’s bean

  • Aditya Venkat
    Aditya Venkat 12 일 전

    Just got an ad for kasamba before the video 😂

  • yaoi lord
    yaoi lord 12 일 전

    Yeah next year she gets married maybe 7-3-11 is the date you get married

  • Juniper Hill
    Juniper Hill 12 일 전

    The psychics really sounded like a chat bot, actually.

  • Juniper Hill
    Juniper Hill 12 일 전

    They were “sold out” of the one-time purchase so you had to get the three-month subscription? Seriously? 😂😂😂😂😂 I’m thinking that “sold out” button is a permanent part of the page.

  • Maryam Marey
    Maryam Marey 13 일 전

    I got an add for kasamba before this vid and theres a link to it under the vid itself 🤔🤔🤔

  • Lydia-Renee Darling
    Lydia-Renee Darling 13 일 전

    That free WiFi app actually isn’t bad. I was using it like last week, but since the area I’m currently living isn’t super populated it isn’t very helpful. But it IS nice when you’re out and about in popular shopping spots or more densely populated areas and need a WiFi password!

  • Nathan is a person
    Nathan is a person 13 일 전

    Holy shit the second one said you would be very successful between March and June and you posted that soap video between that and it's now #1 on trending

  • Inês Correia
    Inês Correia 13 일 전 +7

    Lol before the video a kasamba ad about cheating. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE????!?!???!?!

  • Bacon Pancake
    Bacon Pancake 13 일 전 +1

    I got an ad for kasamba before the video 😂

  • Natalie _Editz
    Natalie _Editz 13 일 전

    The k thing in the thumbnail. I actually got an ad for it

  • jeanette andersen
    jeanette andersen 13 일 전

    Im from denmak too

  • Evelyn Li
    Evelyn Li 14 일 전

    I got a Kasamba ad lol

  • Sophie Namjesus
    Sophie Namjesus 14 일 전

    I got an ad for the physic sponsorship

    It came up twice

  • Linnea Nyberg
    Linnea Nyberg 14 일 전

    I knew you were like danish or norwegian because i’m swedish and Nygaard in swedish is Nygård so yeah!

  • The Galaxy
    The Galaxy 14 일 전

    does nobody realise in the first psychic it said she would have special events next year well its 2019 and guess who's getting married? and for the second reading "transition in your life"

  • Quindlyn
    Quindlyn 14 일 전

    Ok y'all know KRclip show ads that relate to the videos they're prefacing right?

  • starii
    starii 14 일 전

    I got a kasamba ad sksks

  • Annamma Kurian
    Annamma Kurian 15 일 전 +1

    Ironically I got an ad for kasamba before this vid began

  • Ella :3
    Ella :3 15 일 전

    If I did the psychic text app:
    Psychic: Your going to die
    Me:what? When do I die? How do I d-
    Psychic: I'm sorry I'm going to have to stop you there, your time is up.

  • Samantha Costello
    Samantha Costello 15 일 전 +3

    You got married soo I guess they were right
    (First psychic)

  • Meg Toon
    Meg Toon 16 일 전

    Lol the whole "good things will happen next year" and now you're engaged so I'd say that's something. (I'm not a psychic shill don't worry)

  • Joshey vlogs
    Joshey vlogs 16 일 전

    Reminder everyone: Safiya is an adult.

  • Mizurana Sunobu
    Mizurana Sunobu 16 일 전

    I got an ad for Kasamba and Zen pop on this vid 😂

  • lara renji
    lara renji 16 일 전

    Anyone get the ad for the psychic- gad me losing it

  • Pungavi Linghan
    Pungavi Linghan 16 일 전 +18

    Next year will be good for love..... u got engaged ❤️

  • Lara Jurisic
    Lara Jurisic 16 일 전

    Omg i got ad by psychic

  • maria.elena
    maria.elena 16 일 전

    i got an ad for the text psychic before this video 👀

  • Kate Hanchon
    Kate Hanchon 16 일 전

    Yes, Saf, I would very much like a sitpack.

  • Anthony Marquis
    Anthony Marquis 17 일 전 +1


  • Inaya Ikram
    Inaya Ikram 17 일 전

    Drinking game idea: Every time Saf says alright in any video

  • Cranemaker !
    Cranemaker ! 17 일 전

    Gasp rn is between March and June now you only have 1 more month for your career to git gud.

  • Kaydence Brice
    Kaydence Brice 18 일 전 +27

    It's crazy because it's 2019 and she's engaged! So the psychic was right!

    • North·of·Naeru
      North·of·Naeru 7 일 전

      Ooor it was a general statement and it's a hazard the engagement fell on that window of time. It's so much easier to notice a lucky event that you've been told beforehand ''could be maybe happening'' than to notice nothing at all has happened.
      The site is obviously a total scam.
      1. Only five star reviews. As if fake reviews were not a thing... when there are tens of thousands of reviews, it's statistically impossible that there would be NOTHING below 5 stars.
      Also, ''reading type = honest'' yeah, hum, it should be pretty automatic for every teller to be seen as honest. Again, a general statement that means nothing.
      2. Super general statements that are almost the same from one teller to the other
      3. Incontistencies between statements (lucky numbers and lucky events to come)
      4. Many easy compliments to make the buyer feel good about themselves and think it's all true
      5. People feel like they're writing to a friend on messenger because of how it looks and the key words ''hun'' ''sweety'' etc. plugged in. It's all about making a person fall for it because they think they can trust the teller.

    • Eva Axman
      Eva Axman 7 일 전

      I was about to comment this when I saw this! Lol

  • Sparlky Cooper
    Sparlky Cooper 18 일 전

    Anyone else got a kasamba add on this? Or just me?

  • HarryPotter Lover
    HarryPotter Lover 18 일 전

    I had a Kasamba ad before this!

  • Loki Lover
    Loki Lover 18 일 전 +5

    Dude I got a kasamba ad before this video 🙀🙀🙀

  • A HC
    A HC 18 일 전

    I got an ad for the csychic thing 😂

  • Kenny Meltzer
    Kenny Meltzer 18 일 전

    Be sure to read honest and real reviews of Kasamba on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/kasamba-review/ Thanks, Klee.

  • Hong Tse
    Hong Tse 18 일 전

    I would be nice too you too when you give 70 dollars for mumbo jumbo

  • Laila Mohammed
    Laila Mohammed 18 일 전 +4

    OMG!!! I know everyone’s saying this but I got a Kasamba add!!

  • Cupcake Girl
    Cupcake Girl 19 일 전

    @ 15:21 had me laughing because it opened up and looked like a big ol dong to me 🤣🤣

  • SomeOneElse Productions

    One thing to take from the Japan snack box. Its like if you smoke oregano. Thank you Tyler

  • Drama Lover
    Drama Lover 19 일 전

    HOLLLY FRICK i'm watching this is 2019 ONE YEAR LATER the first psychic was right she did have a good future SAFIYA IS NOW ENGAGED, ONE YEAR LATTER: IM CREEPED OUT

  • Jens Laerke
    Jens Laerke 19 일 전

    Hey Saf i am half danish to Danish together

  • ShiningStar Studios
    ShiningStar Studios 20 일 전

    I honestly dislike one part of this video
    I always feel like oh this persons cool i can relate to this person alittle
    Then its like oh were going to disney world randomly like you just normally go there
    Then i remember disney is thousands of dollars
    And it just takes me out of the experience and its like your just showing off
    And i dont like show offs

    • Burtasaurus Rex
      Burtasaurus Rex 9 일 전

      She isn't showing off. If you live near Disney land or Disney world they offer season passes that are much less expensive than if you live out of state. Also Disney isnt thousands of dollars. My fiance and I went and the flight there and back is what made it super expensive. You can't shit on someone for being able to afford something.
      So maybe you should look into things before judging. Also she has several million subscribers and has worked hard for years to build that up. If a doctor takes a vacation do you get upset because they worked hard to have a career that pays well? That's ridiculous

  • Audréanne Deschesnes
    Audréanne Deschesnes 20 일 전 +1

    I just had the add of Kasamba before the video😂 sorry for my english im french

    • Chelsea Jean
      Chelsea Jean 17 일 전

      Your English is actually really good!

  • Viki L
    Viki L 20 일 전

    I got an ad for Kasamba on this video

  • Nanade Chan
    Nanade Chan 20 일 전 +3

    I swear youtube played a Kasamba add before this video...
    Coincidence? I THINK NOT

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  • Sydney and Layla
    Sydney and Layla 21 일 전 +1

    i got an ad for that kasamba before this vid

  • Isabella Shortleaf
    Isabella Shortleaf 21 일 전


    It got over 100k views...

  • Vaidehi Cheedella
    Vaidehi Cheedella 21 일 전

    10:01 lmao

  • Inés Alcázar
    Inés Alcázar 21 일 전

    Got a kasamba add while rewatching this hahaha

  • Alexa F.
    Alexa F. 21 일 전

    That psychic reading app is straight up robbing people. Over $70 for them being nice to you and not saying anything specific?!
    There are thousands of free general readings on KRclip that are more accurate than that...

  • Ute Ajdb
    Ute Ajdb 21 일 전

    I need that sit pack for Universal this summer..and i have a big ass so I'll be ok.

  • *hello There*
    *hello There* 21 일 전 +1

    I got a kassamba ad before this video 😂

  • Hannah Hull
    Hannah Hull 21 일 전

    Isn’t it ironic that kasamba was my ad for this video?

  • Super Kitty
    Super Kitty 21 일 전 +4

    After watching this video, and many others, I have reached the conclusion that I am going to fail my exams.

    • Ute Ajdb
      Ute Ajdb 21 일 전

      Get back to studying will be here

  • Holly Watts
    Holly Watts 22 일 전

    Safia : they might give you energy we will never know (as she’s dancing around the room)😂

  • Kamila B
    Kamila B 22 일 전

    I got a Kasamba ad before this lol

  • Notti
    Notti 22 일 전

    "I know how to Say chicken....And beer"
    We're danes, do you Think we need any other words?

  • The Gayest Gay That Ever Gayed

    It’s March to June right now

  • wolfchild howl
    wolfchild howl 23 일 전

    I saw a fucking Kasamba ad before the fucking video

  • Charlotte Abercrombie

    I have never heard of people actively seeking long waiting times at Disneyland ahaha love this channel x

  • Grace
    Grace 23 일 전

    That WiFi thing is literally asking to get your information hacked

  • Charlotte Reynolds
    Charlotte Reynolds 23 일 전

    Lmao, i watched a kasamba add before this video 😂😂

  • ɢɪᴢɪʙᴇTM
    ɢɪᴢɪʙᴇTM 24 일 전

    I got a kasamba ad on this

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    Allie Rose 24 일 전


  • KENZIE0242 Cooley
    KENZIE0242 Cooley 24 일 전

    I got an ad for this app before watching this video 😂😂