[MMA 2019] 방탄소년단(BTS) | Full Live Performance

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  • 게시일 2019. 12. 01.
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  • Antonina Piwkowska
    Antonina Piwkowska 시간 전

    Poor Jimin’s voice tho :((
    I hope he didn’t beat himself up for it

  • Antonina Piwkowska
    Antonina Piwkowska 시간 전 +1

    Tae could easily do the lesbian growl

  • bangtan bts
    bangtan bts 6 시간 전

    With Jin’s forehead exposed the whole world is under his control

  • Mixer Jade
    Mixer Jade 7 시간 전

    9:09 😂TXT

  • Gina Lauron
    Gina Lauron 8 시간 전 +1


  • Gina Lauron
    Gina Lauron 8 시간 전 +1

    One of a kind Jhope. #ISTANBTS

    VIKC TINA 9 시간 전

    23:18 omg

  • Jahnavi Sharma
    Jahnavi Sharma 9 시간 전

    JIMIN AND V OH MY GOD 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    VIKC TINA 9 시간 전

    20:58 it is cool

  • raquel
    raquel 10 시간 전

    Came back here after watching the boys less than 2 minutes appearance during OTR. The grammys isn't ready for this conversation yet.

  • Huyền Vũ
    Huyền Vũ 14 시간 전

    BTS is so cute and cool 😍😎

  • Fifi Fornow
    Fifi Fornow 16 시간 전 +1

    Ok damn they’re talented and what a production!

  • bts san Min
    bts san Min 16 시간 전

    Estas si son presentaciones no como los grammy ,si bts hubiera hecho una presentacion como esta hubiera opacado a los otros artistas

  • Azuni Tsubakita Sakamaki Matsuda

    Los grammy se perdieron de ésta poderosísima presentación de bts💕
    Bts no necesita de los grammy para poder brillar, ellos brillan por si mismos 💕

  • Joana `Jamolin
    Joana `Jamolin 19 시간 전

    I can't "not" look down...........god I'm sinful...........how CAN I TO THESE PRECIOUS BABIES!? T_T

  • SnowMoonLight
    SnowMoonLight 21 시간 전

    oh man holy shit O A O
    [ - insert pikachu meme here - ]

  • Trinity Green
    Trinity Green 21 시간 전 +1

    I bet Ateez was catching a heart attack out there.😂

  • Aby Romero
    Aby Romero 23 시간 전

    I get it, grammys were scared of a powerful performance

  • Aisha White
    Aisha White 23 시간 전 +1

    The Grammys would've been like this but they be play'n. If they'd given BTS a chance, they'd end up with something as iconic as this, but hey, you snooze you lose Grammy. You be sleep'n on some good potential performances.


    BTS are spreading such a great message for everyone but some people still judge them because they are more famous than other artists who they like. I know this because I used to be a hater but I still regret that decision to this day. My friends now refuse to be there when I am hurt but I don’t care because BTS has been there for me more than they have.

    Remember to love yourself before everyone first.

  • chipsndips
    chipsndips 일 전

    All that budget and still shitty camera work 😂😂😂 I love it!

  • OneofthemillionARMY

    I am laughing and crying at the extravagance of this performance. We've got galaxies, balloon animals, water, panels and panels of background, horses, large fans, and background props, the extravagance of that last set was a party worth tribute of Dionysus himself to come out and join. Damn, BTS! If you are at the top of the ladder, you're just gonna build the next step

  • I stan tea
    I stan tea 일 전 +3

    This is what the Grammys are missing out on

    • JT Mcusi
      JT Mcusi 23 시간 전

      Someone post this and tag Grammy's...clearly they ain't seeing shit

  • Shellbell
    Shellbell 일 전 +2

    Who's here after the Grammys? I am, because I needed to make myself feel better by watching this lol.

  • army bts
    army bts 일 전

    يجماعة تلميح اغنية شوقا Shadow 1:55😭😭😭

  • Nayelli Rojas
    Nayelli Rojas 일 전 +1

    The westerns would never have anything like this. The way BTS manage the stage is insane

  • Nayelli Rojas
    Nayelli Rojas 일 전

    The westerns would never have anything like this. The way BTS manage the stage is insane

  • Danielle Connell

    Map of the Soul: Persona should have gotten a nomination for Best Foreign Language album

  • Danielle Connell
    Danielle Connell 일 전 +1

    Loved everything about this. The EDM of Fake Love and Dionysus was great. Giving each of the their own main stage was really nice! The Grammys messed up big time with no nomination.

  • Cat
    Cat 일 전 +1

    mma 2018 and 2019 were so iconic nothing an american stage even dreams to be.

  • Cat
    Cat 일 전

    grammys would never

  • Elle Kagaoan
    Elle Kagaoan 일 전

    hi guys so ive seen this more than a hundred times in the past month but i came back after the grammys cos i was bored

  • Ярик Лапа

    Я канешно не умею писать на английском, но это круто

  • Manuel Asayas
    Manuel Asayas 일 전

    jungkook's impact....

  • Wooga Vooga
    Wooga Vooga 일 전 +1

    I'm here to make myself feel better about BTS' Grammy feature performance. I mean I know they looked happy and I'm happy for them but this... this is a performance that would shake the western music world.

  • Tiffany Wentworth

    Namjoom got barssss

  • Saru Mathy
    Saru Mathy 일 전

    Grammy is not ready for this

  • Kyla Camille Lim


  • Zsófi
    Zsófi 일 전 +1

    Grammy you failed. This is how you do it ;)

  • Mariah Findlay
    Mariah Findlay 일 전 +2

    Who else came here after the Grammys?

  • Ariane Carré
    Ariane Carré 일 전 +3

    So, the grammys could have this quality of performance but no, they prefered that soace rapper cowboy and the walmart kid. Even the green cowboy skull had more relevance than the boys and I will always be angry for that. But anyways the boys had fun and they seemed so cute :( 💜

  • Tablo Vitamin
    Tablo Vitamin 일 전 +3

    Grammys missed out BIGTIME.

  • baotran hoanghong

    Jimin is better than me❤️

  • moon light
    moon light 일 전 +1

    4:50 song?

  • delale
    delale 일 전 +20

    Who else is watching this after *“their Grammy performance”* bc you feel like there is just something missing and you wanna see *the actual potential of BTS*
    Don’t get me wrong fam, I’m SOO proud of our boys performing at the Grammys giving 110% as usual even if it’s not a solo performance *BUT* I feel kinda sad bc they couldn’t even show 5% of their talent with the performance and I just wish, hope and pray that BTS will get the chance to perform something spectacular like this and show the world what an actual performance should look like - and finally make those ignorant people shut, sit and humble!
    I just know that they are too scared of our boys bc nobody did a performance comparable to theirs.They r simply not able to
    *Mic Drop*

  • Precious Ignacio
    Precious Ignacio 일 전 +2

    They took their horses down better at MMA 2019 than at the Old Town Road at the Grammys

  • K Lum
    K Lum 일 전 +4

    Just watched the thirty seconds that BTS was in the Grammys. I’m here to try to rid that out of my mind. #BTSdeservesbetter

  • Elyza Faye Amante
    Elyza Faye Amante 일 전 +2

    Grammys can never

  • Lia Franco
    Lia Franco 일 전


  • Jael Cárdenas
    Jael Cárdenas 일 전

    Sin duda alguna la mejor presentación estoy sin palabras!!!!!🤧🤭🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Tae
    Tae 2 일 전

    Where in the world did they have time to store horses?

    SHATHA NAIF. 2 일 전

    حاجه ولا اروععععععععععع

  • Kiiasia Barragan
    Kiiasia Barragan 2 일 전 +3

    Who here wants bts at the Grammys

  • Mathilda Dahlbäck
    Mathilda Dahlbäck 2 일 전 +1

    This must have been BTS best performance yet. Everything about it is just amazing!

  • Sharmili Adhikari
    Sharmili Adhikari 2 일 전

    Damn. BTS are true artists and entertainers in every sense of the word. Keep going Take the world by storm. #KPopForever

  • Ngân Ngân
    Ngân Ngân 2 일 전

    Quá đỉnh !!!!!

  • Jeon Jungshook
    Jeon Jungshook 2 일 전

    30:06 oh.. lovely. mores horses.

  • 장군TV
    장군TV 2 일 전 +1

    BTS, this performance is great too.

  • Wanda Igartua
    Wanda Igartua 2 일 전

    Son los mejores 37 minutos de toda mi vida

  • Djeey DD
    Djeey DD 2 일 전