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์†Œ์Šค ์ฝ”๋“œ
  • ๊ฒŒ์‹œ์ผ 2022. 01. 24.
  • She got my number ๐Ÿ˜

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  • Simis_197

    "How great do you want this to look?"

  • Brynn C.

    This reminds me of when middle school boys would pretend their friend stole their phone so they could confess without reprocusions

  • funnybachpan 111

    He: I killed 4 people last night and buried them She: what? He : Iโ€™m just asking that where is the washroom

  • Say wha- WEEB!!

    โ€œHow staged do you want this to look?โ€ โ€œYes.โ€

  • Devam juthani

    Don't worry guys since Thanos is gone now we have darksied who knows what to do.

  • โ€ขamarxnth1neโ€ข

    These tiktokers be like:

  • Stxtic
    Stxtic  +593

    This is the easiest way to get a girl, and if they say no act like u didnโ€™t say that

  • free spirit

    "The camera man used his last Invisibility potion"

  • Light academic aesthetic

    Props to Harry Potter for giving his invisible cloak to the cameraman

  • PixelStacker

    "Do you want this to be staged?" "Yes." agreed!

  • Ameen Arfan

    Me: "Bro Your a Bit*h"

  • Black_ Joker

    "Hey your really cute"

  • F_J
    F_J  +8

    Respect to the camera man who used his last invisibility potion on this โœŠ

  • - TARI -

    amazing acting as always, and why is this shite being recommended to me

  • Sinjan Rakshit

    Him: "I just murdered a guy and buried him in my backyard"

  • XenozXmcpe
    XenozXmcpe 4 ์‹œ๊ฐ„ ์ „ +1

    "There 2000 people burning in the house"

  • RossDog
    RossDog  +3

    If you're here watching This and feeling inspired then keep going grinding away! keep up the good work and Never Give Up!

  • Gaia Spataro

    Congrats to the cameraman wasting his last bat wing and a cat eye to make an invisibility potion

  • Dinda Shafa

    โ€œDo you want to be my valentine?โ€

  • A random pew pew

    do you want to be my girlfriend?