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[TY Vlog] LA에서의 좋은 시간☀️🌴 (기내식/옷 쇼핑/멕시칸 라거&Oyster/Pink’s Hot dogs)|툥이로그 #5

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  • 게시일 2022. 11. 16.

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  • 성연우

    아 진짜 진짜 이태용 ….. 너무 보고싶을때 찾아와줘서 고마워 진짜

  • AishaKyes
    AishaKyes  +355

    Thank you Taeyong for your dedication to your channel. Despite having a busy schedule you always make sure to film everything and provide us fun content. We're so grateful and we want to say that we appreciate everything you do for tyongfs 💗 Stay healthy and enjoy life~

  • Dren Kard
    Dren Kard  +233

    Mark and Taeyong are so funny together 😂

  • mork
    mork  +267

    im a new fan of nct, but taeyong really has such a great personality, i hope you're always doing well

  • Rachel Day
    Rachel Day  +211

    Taeyong is such a hard worker. Even when it's his time to rest on the plane or his free time he's still filming content for us ... I'm so grateful

  • Nushie
    Nushie  +149

    taeyong literally goes out of his way to make sure nctzens get fed in every way possible & he tries his best to include the members as much as possible in any way. thankyou taeyong for making this nctzen experience great!!!

  • bubblegum plop

    There’s always something so special about seeing Mark and Taeyong together. Major little brother- big brother vibes.

  • Jennie Eye

    Im so thankful for Taeyong for creating this TY Track channel because we can see alot of cute side of being himself just spending his time and the fact he also allow us to see the bts of their schedule to flight. Just seeing him eating and talking is so relaxing. He is such an interseted person.

  • Divianna P

    Omg! How can TY be so cute!!? I find myself giggling every 10 seconds because of his super cute ways (^ω^)

  • A
    A  +60

    Taeyong vlogs are always so healing to the soul. ❤ And he’s so talented and hardworking and dedicated, he stayed up the whole night before a long journey working on Hello for the concert 🥺

  • army? bangwool.

    Thank you Taeyong for taking the time to film a vlog for us, we really appreciate it. Also when Taeyong was trying to show the list of Netflix films on his iPad I wanted to tell him just press the x button 😭

  • Laela Pitriani

    Taeyong oppa, you've worked hard. Thanks for trying to bring us content. Thank you for sharing your daily life with us. I just want to say that you are our moodbooster & inspirational figure for us. We have always seen you as someone who is hardworking, diligent, generous, caring and compassionate. We are all very proud of you, uri Leader. Your visuals, your multi-talented, your songs, and also your kindness, you have it all. And we like you just the way you are. Always healthy there, Taeyong Oppa. Always happy too. We love you and will always support you.

  • ty
    ty  +418

    Put respect on Taeyong's name. He is literally the most hardworking, diligent and talented. He writes lyrics and composes songs no matter how busy he is with schedules. He works on new music whether it's official or not. He is very passionate about music and songwriting. The song HELLO is written by TY which was performed in The Link+ concert in Seoul. This year only he did his unreleased songs on TY Track like Lonely and Ghost and Fine on Soundcloud and Official collab releases like Love Theory , Skip and Lit. Also there are so many unreleased songs he uploads/plays on his instagram story or live. I'm so proud to be a fan of such a Genius Musician and Artist. Proud to be a TyongF.

  • Vy Mauricio

    Cute and funny how Taeyong couldn’t find the x button on the top right of the Netflix screen. His barefaced red cheeks were so cute. 💖

  • saucha
    saucha  +48

    요즘 정말 마음이 많이 힘들었는데 사클에 fine 곡이 올라오고, 듣고 나서 울기도 많이 울고 너무 많이 위로를 받았어요 그런데 이렇게 툥로그까지 올라오니까 넘 좋네요..!!!

  • Samy12'7'-× [Multi•Stan]

    I love Taeyong and Mark’s friendship they’ve been through it all 🥺💚 so happy to see bubu enjoying himself!

  • jaehyuniverse

    Taeyong thank you for sharing your talent to us, being a leader to nct and overall as an idol. You actually save me from loneliness through your songs and watching you being successful makes us so happy 🥺 anways, I hope in your next vlog you give tips on how to mix and match some outfits because you're very FASHIONABLE!! we need some advice from youuu

  • Yuna S
    Yuna S  +15

    I haven’t been able to travel abroad for the last 3 years, so this very personal and cozy clip, seeing Taeyong on the outgoing plane inside his own seat compartment (!) talking about what you ate on the plane with Jungwoo as he was heading for immigration, visiting stores shopping with an old friend, dining out and relaxing on the streets of LA with Mark, all, made me feel like I was also tagging along on this trip. Thank you so much for sharing Taeyong - It really uplifted my spirits 💖💖✨✨

  • Shay
    Shay  +719

    Thank you Taeyong for always making Tyongf have content, you are the best, don't overwork yourself, I love you, Taeyong best leader

  • tyongfzen
    tyongfzen  +61

    taeyong himself gives a positive vibe watching him is so much fun 💚 let us support nct for a long time