Binging with Babish: Ribwich from The Simpsons

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  • 게시일 2019. 03. 12.
  • This week we return, once again, to the seemingly bottomless pit of pop culture food parody that is The Simpsons. Never one to shy away from making fun of McDonalds, America's favorite family now grapples with an otherworldly force known as the 'Ribwich'. I was going to make a "rib" patty, like they would in a fast food context, but I'm just getting out from under the flu and didn't want to. I'm sorry.
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  • Binging with Babish
    Binging with Babish  8 개월 전 +8302

    Was gonna do the good morning burger, but this seemed somehow...healthier?

    • Bakin It Right
      Bakin It Right 2 일 전

      did you take off the fat with a butter knife? 1:21

    • Star Petal Arts
      Star Petal Arts 9 일 전 +1

      You didn't even use the recipe in the cartoon! I was expecting some ground insects shaped into riblets and BBQ'd.

    • L3Vi
      L3Vi 10 일 전

      You ruined it with the un-shook ketchup juice

    • Ruthelen Guillaume
      Ruthelen Guillaume 14 일 전

      Mustard is nasty

    • Ruthelen Guillaume
      Ruthelen Guillaume 14 일 전

      Why mustard

  • Selase
    Selase 21 시간 전

    Can i marry you pls?

  • Ethanbloodytail
    Ethanbloodytail 일 전

    Mmmmmmm ribwich 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Toshii Gamingz
    Toshii Gamingz 일 전

    Cmon u ruined the ribwich there was no vegetables! :(

  • The Dude
    The Dude 일 전

    that bun is shit. ruined it. thanks babish you ruined my whole fucking day

  • Katie Franklin
    Katie Franklin 일 전

    can you do the clogger sandwich from the simpsons movie !!!

  • Michael
    Michael 2 일 전

    Babish: "A little, tiny shake of cayenne pepper..."
    Also Babish: (Proceeds to add several good shakes)

  • Redghost
    Redghost 2 일 전

    I see what you did here

  • marvelous LIE
    marvelous LIE 2 일 전

    Please do the Broodwhich from Aqua Teen. I'm begging you.

  • FattyMcButterPants
    FattyMcButterPants 2 일 전

    This dude sucks at making food, you need to get pork and blend it up into patties and shape it like a rib. You dont use actual ribs lmfao that is probably disgusting

  • ultimaaxe
    ultimaaxe 2 일 전

    Sandwiches like this, such as the McRib, are actually made mostly from restructured pork shoulder meat with a small amount of rib meat mixed in. You pretty much made a shredded rib sandwich rather than a Ribwich hehe. Not that there's anything wrong with that of course!

  • j b
    j b 3 일 전

    The secret to the ribwich is

    Baby medicine

  • Sitara Hayles
    Sitara Hayles 4 일 전

    Why does this remind me of the Popeyes chicken sandwich??

  • Jade Bennett
    Jade Bennett 4 일 전

    You should do young Sheldon meemaws brisket

  • coffeemug190 98
    coffeemug190 98 4 일 전

    Damn that one sexy snandwitch

  • David Hansson
    David Hansson 4 일 전

    Looks like a really tasty sandwich! :)

  • Yvonne Magat
    Yvonne Magat 4 일 전


  • Billfredbobob
    Billfredbobob 4 일 전

    wow I love ribs thanks bingin

  • Ashley P
    Ashley P 6 일 전

    Pimp my McRib

  • TheSaltyStomper
    TheSaltyStomper 7 일 전

    You fucked the other half of that sandwich, didn’t you?

  • Alvaro Gonzalez de leon

    Can you imagine babish with English accent

  • nathaniel gbekobu
    nathaniel gbekobu 7 일 전

    Can you do restaurant wars food from Steven universe

  • ahevfhv dbg
    ahevfhv dbg 7 일 전

    Ribwich has no veggies
    Nor has mustard in Marinate

    • 11963
      11963 5 일 전

      Ok ahevfhv dbg

  • Rainbow Osprey
    Rainbow Osprey 8 일 전 +1

    Ah yes, my favourite condiment
    *worshfefrhxhd sauce*

  • Patricia Lara Aguilera

    Me encanta el ribwich

  • Gabriella Comito
    Gabriella Comito 9 일 전

    0:43: Seriously!? ‘Normal paprika’!? The correct term would be ‘regular paprika’, not ‘normal paprika’! Plus, people use the word *regular* when talking about food, not the word *normal* ! Got it?

  • Music Man
    Music Man 9 일 전

    Nice McRib, I mean ribwich

  • Star Petal Arts
    Star Petal Arts 9 일 전 +1

    You didn't recreate the one from the show? For shame... for shame...

  • StarWars Fan
    StarWars Fan 10 일 전

    It contains beer no wonder homer likes it so much

  • Brent Ducote
    Brent Ducote 10 일 전


  • L3Vi
    L3Vi 10 일 전

    He ruined it with the un-shook ketchup juice

  • John White
    John White 10 일 전

    You can just say woostershire

  • the baron
    the baron 11 일 전

    All of that work, all of that expense in the ribs and the seasonings....just to put it on the cheapest hoagie roll imaginable...not even a little bit toasted to add in a touch of firmness.

  • Sky star27
    Sky star27 11 일 전

    U mean Worchestershire sauce?

  • tobias wood
    tobias wood 11 일 전


  • Charlotte Sommer
    Charlotte Sommer 12 일 전

    Ever considered making a vegetarian "eat what you watch"?

  • Toybanaza
    Toybanaza 12 일 전

    You forgot the most important ingredient..... Nicotine!

  • Mr Amazing
    Mr Amazing 12 일 전

    I don't consume beer what can I use as a beer substitute?

  • Andrew Small
    Andrew Small 12 일 전 +1

    There's no possibility of a solid bowl movement after eating all these bloody spices, seriously, Indians would be watching this and saying settle down.

  • Dio
    Dio 13 일 전


  • TheSavageIs Me
    TheSavageIs Me 13 일 전 +2

    Lets be honest babish made a healthier version of the actual product most likely the real product was more unhealthy having more chemicals and such

  • Leather Neck
    Leather Neck 14 일 전

    I made this, but instead of buns I used more ribs

  • EpicAnt
    EpicAnt 14 일 전

    Use a slow cooker to remove the bones easily, plus try not to take off the membrane, it keeps the pork togetjer

  • Huzaifa Arif
    Huzaifa Arif 14 일 전

    What can i use beside using beer??

  • Jazz FTW
    Jazz FTW 14 일 전

    Yea i dont got the money for this😂

  • Prince of Logic
    Prince of Logic 15 일 전

    Sorry Babish, you made this completely wrong.
    The commercial in the show shows that you are supposed to throw a whole cow into a smelting furnace, use the letter graded beef, process the hell out of it and make it good enough for Krusty to not mind the taste

  • EnviousDozer94
    EnviousDozer94 16 일 전

    I've listened closely and I now understand that its not a sauce PAN but its a sauce PEN.

  • Maggie Sipple
    Maggie Sipple 16 일 전

    Can anyone explain the ketchup/mustard mix, besides the adhesion factor? I’m kind of confused why he would use that as opposed to...literally anything else

  • Nelson Lopez
    Nelson Lopez 16 일 전

    Try making a better version of the McDonald’s menu

  • King Arthur
    King Arthur 16 일 전 +1

    Man your recipes are hard as a mf!

  • Oliver Wood
    Oliver Wood 17 일 전 +2

    Damn Babish I thought you were about to loose them fingers chopping that onion 2:58

    • BM
      BM 14 일 전


  • Butt Cloud
    Butt Cloud 17 일 전

    That needed mayo

  • Butt Cloud
    Butt Cloud 17 일 전

    Hours of work just to be eaten in less than 5 minutes

  • Skull cavern crawler

    Is there a replacement for beer

  • Buff Baron
    Buff Baron 17 일 전

    If you have a great dry rub should you add sauce

  • T SexyRexy
    T SexyRexy 17 일 전 +1

    I'm trying to imagine it with lettuce..... sounds gross.

  • Square & Compass
    Square & Compass 18 일 전

    Nope, to much for a rib samich.
    BBQ ribs as usual, wrap in foil for last hour, pull bones out, brush on sauce, put in bun, eat.

  • K. Ichigo GlobalEurope6

    This is not the sandwich from the simpsons the ribwich is not even made with ribs.

  • john hincapie
    john hincapie 19 일 전

    Ribwich the popeyes chicken sandwiches of the Simpsons

  • Shane wickham
    Shane wickham 19 일 전

    The Ribwich was made out of spiders no?