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I never wished on Standard Banner until now (since 1.0)

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  • 게시일 2022. 07. 04.
  • Why? Because I'm secretly a treasure hoarder
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  • @DaemonV2
    @DaemonV2  년 전 +89

    I'll be saving my wishes again until next time!
    Follow my progress on Twitch! twitch.tv/daemonv2

  • @zhao343
    @zhao343 년 전 +2878

    you know that he’s never wished on standard banner when he says he doesn’t know what the bell is

    • @hyunjinlove4552
      @hyunjinlove4552 년 전 +78

      frrr the painnnn

    • @galiatee
      @galiatee 년 전 +26

      You can still get the bell on event wishes??

    • @mioki6748
      @mioki6748 년 전 +59

      ive still never gotten the bell

    • @knight7749
      @knight7749 년 전 +42

      @@mioki6748 yup, Me too ... Currently AR58 and not a single Bell

    • @imahotdog339
      @imahotdog339 년 전 +20

      I’ve had a bell b4 but NEVER Fischl’s signature, lions roar or a lot of the alley flash stuff I’m ar 56

  • @ohmygawdd1
    @ohmygawdd1 년 전 +1254

    you know hes pure f2p when he gets excited over c1 xingqiu
    Edit: wow i never got so many likes lol

  • @ManishaKumari-mq4nz
    @ManishaKumari-mq4nz 년 전 +471

    Let's be real- it wasn't all so bad, Wolf's gravestone is one of the best weapons, and kaeya constellations are super rare plus some of us are dying to get Mona-

  • @tiimbit_7398
    @tiimbit_7398 년 전 +94

    i still remember when i got Venti who was my first banner five star and i didnt have any good weapons for him but i loved him so much. Then only a couple of days later i pulled on the standard and out of all the five stars i could have gotten i got the one i actually needed and wanted, skyward harp, at early pity and my ventis had it ever since. Its not much but ill always cherish that memory and luck

    • @julietspalding2339
      @julietspalding2339 년 전 +4

      I had the same experience. Like the exact same lmao. Venti holds a v special place in my heart I got him in that banner before ayakas I forgot what patch

    • @tiimbit_7398
      @tiimbit_7398 년 전 +2

      @@julietspalding2339 YUH SAME

  • @takik.2220
    @takik.2220 년 전 +517

    I would have waited for at 3.0 to wish on standard hust because of the rumors that have been going around as of late, but he can regret it later if tose rumors end up being true

    • @SilverCoffee_16
      @SilverCoffee_16 년 전 +6

      What rumors

    • @tonyli4533
      @tonyli4533 년 전 +65

      @@SilverCoffee_16 rumors that tighnari will be going on the standard banner

    • @acho.o
      @acho.o 년 전 +64

      Tighnari will be an event character and then will be added as a standard 5star after 3.0 as far as I know. so you need to wait at least until 3.1

    • @takik.2220
      @takik.2220 년 전 +8

      @@SilverCoffee_16 ...You know about the standard banner having more 5 stars that used to be limited now being on the standard

    • @TheLastPhoen1x
      @TheLastPhoen1x 년 전 +5

      Would have to wait until 3.1, that where standard will get new 5*.

  • @MyNameIsSteveYesitis
    @MyNameIsSteveYesitis 년 전 +284

    Imagine they add all the mondstadt and liyue characters to this banner next patch xD .. I mean they're probably not but imagine

    • @akaris3890
      @akaris3890 년 전 +24

      thats never gonna happen but it would suck

    • @San-cb9mj
      @San-cb9mj 년 전 +18

      the only change we got for now at least is Tighnari addition to the standard banner in 3.1 after his banner in 3.0

    • @amabitst00pid28
      @amabitst00pid28 년 전 +3


    • @meloetta-mel
      @meloetta-mel 년 전 +4

      They probably gonna add very old character in this banner one day maybe 1 year or more

    • @aigerakabane1312
      @aigerakabane1312 5 개월 전 +1

      Well that happened

  • @omegothic91
    @omegothic91 년 전 +41

    "the first 5 star i've ever gotten was mona on a zhongli banner, and my first 5 star on a standard is mona" wtf dude it's me, it's literally me, i was so mad at mona
    at least zhongli came home early after that

  • @1Stormrider1
    @1Stormrider1 년 전

    I laughed so much, especially when you said the “pain slasher” 😂😂😂 I’m sorry you didn’t get what you want, I hope you have Amos by now.

  • @imthemobby
    @imthemobby 년 전 +1

    He got Noelle before getting Guaranteed Noelle from Beginner’s Banner. 😂
    Huge respect for resisting the temptation to pull for standard banner.

  • @knightmoonbeam785
    @knightmoonbeam785 년 전 +12

    It's funny how he was more excited about getting Kaeya than Mona

    • @-Lin__
      @-Lin__ 년 전 +3

      Kaeya, Amber and Lisa’s cons are rare to get bcs they dont are on temp banner

  • @swwtpie
    @swwtpie 년 전 +213

    I feel like he either spent some of these wishes or simply never bought it from paimon shop, 166 is kinda low considering he saved for almost 2 years

    • @kharusbell4025
      @kharusbell4025 년 전 +34

      Sssshhhh, lets ppl enjoy the content

    • @Sankalp-sd6fm
      @Sankalp-sd6fm 년 전 +9

      Wow 166 standard fates are low for you

    • @rajat9311
      @rajat9311 년 전 +77

      @@Sankalp-sd6fm "saved for almost 2 years" yes it is low kid

    • @vani5632
      @vani5632 년 전 +10

      Ikr? I wished on standard got keqing after 74pulls and then qiqi after 76 pulls now my pity and skyward harp at 80 or smth and now I have 30 pity but I think it's because of the shop reset idk

    • @safad5662
      @safad5662 년 전 +33

      @@Sankalp-sd6fm nah ive been playing for less than 1 year and have gathered up 230+

  • @lianaulep2804
    @lianaulep2804 년 전 +5

    I got Tighnari in the standard banner with a single pull. That was really unexpected. 😆

  • @crystalwz
    @crystalwz 년 전 +11

    The amount of willpower have all gone to you
    And I'm jealous of all those fragile resin
    They're practically money hahaha

  • @namiehitomi9004
    @namiehitomi9004 년 전 +142

    Man I want wolfs gravestone- I’m so jealous aaaa, I should start saving perhaps and level all my characters up lmao

    • @white_tulip2189
      @white_tulip2189 년 전 +5

      It was my second 5* on the standard, and i was disappointed. I’d rather have Amos Bow or Skyward atlas/bow.

    • @Solr084
      @Solr084 년 전

      @@white_tulip2189 🤓hope you get a skyward spine next time!

    • @extrem2497
      @extrem2497 년 전

      Wolf is best claymore. but its too hard to get it. It was my first 5* weapon

    • @lynahoover
      @lynahoover 년 전

      @@extrem2497 it was my second 5* stars weapons! And I didn’t use it until when Eula got a rerun in 2.3, it was a great opportunity to use it !!xD

    • @-Nihilus-
      @-Nihilus- 년 전

      It's a great claymore but I the only Claymore character I play is itto and he is defence scaling

  • @henryrojas1054
    @henryrojas1054 년 전 +20

    If you have waited one more month you could have gotten tighnari

  • @mariakitsanta2929
    @mariakitsanta2929 년 전 +15

    when he laughed and said '2 in a row?' (then he didn't get a second one) i was like: nah its not possible, but then i remembered my darn pulls. i got kazuha on his banner and then got keqing right after on klees banner Lmao

  • @ryu246
    @ryu246 년 전 +73

    I got Skyward Harp and Kaeya on standard banner 2 days ago, I guess this is hoyoverse's way of saying sorry after I lost at weapon banner, lmao

    • @seizure4059
      @seizure4059 년 전 +3


    • @VVesteria
      @VVesteria 년 전 +7

      Bro I’m so jealous I want more Kaeya cons

    • @uniqueblakeuwu
      @uniqueblakeuwu 년 전 +1

      i need me some kaeya cons

    • @ryu246
      @ryu246 년 전

      @@uniqueblakeuwu this was my first time getting Kaeya constellation! let's hope my luck stays this way..

    • @unknown_k55
      @unknown_k55 년 전 +1

      Wanna know something? I started playing like a month ago or something, I mostly pull on the standard banner bc I knew I wouldn't get Venti and my favorites are mostly on the standard anyways (Heizou, Beidou and such) well, here's the thing. I got Kuki, Thoma (against the popular opinion I actually love them, maybe because I just like to fight even if it's kinda hard) and here comes the cursed part... Got Noelle (on the standard, not on the Noelle banner), Barbara, Xianglin and (today) Kaeya. Literally all free characters. All the characters the game gives you just in case you need them. Those could've been my Heizou or Beidou, but they weren't 💀 and as much as I like Kaeya, Xianling and Noelle (i also think Barbara it's really sweet) I hate the fact that they could have been someone else, lmao, not even those I wanted, if I'd gotten Gorou or Bennet, or Razor literally anyone other than the free ones I'd be happy
      Edit: i stopped, I'm saving for Albedo bc i fell in love with him even before playing, but ughhhhhhh Heizou come home please

  • @blank6220
    @blank6220 년 전 +87

    Aint no way he just called Xinyan gross 👹👹

  • @hydro4413
    @hydro4413 년 전

    you know what my first standard weapon is?yep it is primodial spear and character is mona.at the version 2.4 i won xiao and now he is my main.

  • @ashishitD
    @ashishitD 년 전 +58

    "imma spend every wish i got since day 1"
    also him: has hu tao and john lee

    • @mizukiaesthetic3502
      @mizukiaesthetic3502 년 전 +37

      Standerd banner

    • @Magda333
      @Magda333 년 전 +1


    • @R0yale.
      @R0yale. 년 전 +2


    • @Magda333
      @Magda333 년 전 +2

      @@R0yale. lol he pronounces the name as john lee instead of zhongli XDD its kinda hilarious

    • @xyveta
      @xyveta 년 전 +1

      @@R0yale. r/woosh

  • @Ryker2005
    @Ryker2005 년 전 +2

    I already have like 3, 5 star weapons from this banner and all of them were like early I think, I got Amos Bow, Primordial Jade winged Spear and Aqui favonius if I remember correctly

  • @moon_child_army5
    @moon_child_army5 29 일 전

    Dae is a patient guy

  • @valeska6786
    @valeska6786 년 전 +169

    *sees Xinyan*
    "Omg gross-"
    That hurt me-

    • @ryu246
      @ryu246 년 전 +11

      same, but I wheezed- I'm so sorry Xinyan

    • @TheLastPhoen1x
      @TheLastPhoen1x 년 전 +12

      To each their own.
      lvl 90 9/12/12 C6 Xinyan haver, spin-2-win DEF->ATK BRRRRRRRR
      Thinking about crowning her, like I did to Amber.

    • @notanymore6377
      @notanymore6377 년 전 +8

      I felt bad for Xinyan as well

    • @thundering_sakura7284
      @thundering_sakura7284 년 전 +2


    • @sandcastle4423
      @sandcastle4423 년 전 +2

      Considering how bad she is and her Eng voice yeah I'd say the same thing 💀

  • @phantomraimundo
    @phantomraimundo 11 개월 전

    The first 5 star i got was kequing when i first startet playing on basic banner wich was like last year or something or at the beginning of this year .
    Later at Albedos last banner i got him on the last day and this week i got mona on wanderer banner and the wolvendom greatsword or how its called in genshin from basic banner on the same day i got mona

  • @jhey2325
    @jhey2325 8 개월 전

    I would be happy if I got Mona cons. Mona is a beast and her damage is

  • @isuka8363
    @isuka8363 년 전 +1

    Tbh im more happy to get a kaeya,amber and lisa cons than getting 5 star character or weapon that I dont want

  • @ow5533
    @ow5533 년 전 +1

    Respect for this player

  • @naoyuls2119
    @naoyuls2119 년 전 +16

    yeah he should have waited for 3.1 when this stream happened on version 2.4
    nice one guys

  • @notpuppet1934
    @notpuppet1934 년 전 +6

    The ones saying qiqi come home are the kind off people that envy other players for being lucky.

    • @Zoecomigosevocepuder
      @Zoecomigosevocepuder 11 개월 전

      Same I want Nana, I see no other 5* standard cooler than her, Keqing is close second But I use rarely!

  • @shapesofme4413
    @shapesofme4413 년 전 +1

    Me playing from 1.0 and still never got a Mona 💀

  • @ifrauzt8386
    @ifrauzt8386 년 전 +24

    You got the legendary Kaeya! Waaaaaaaaaaaa
    Why is it so hard getting his cons 😭

  • @5118556
    @5118556 년 전

    xinyan is best dps , if you know how to build her , and she is fun and looks very awesome not like many other boring characters , she can do 100k physical damage no need to do reaction , her spinning charge attack is higher than any character , and she can recharge very fast

  • @lovinqtoon4631
    @lovinqtoon4631 년 전

    You can see he has pulled on noelles it says 10/20 so he has pulled just not directly on standard not sure if that does count or not but yeah

  • @roguynick2256
    @roguynick2256 년 전 +1

    my luck is crazy...my first five star was venti. I got jean one of the best supports on the standered banner. Then not long after i get a Cyno. + F2p

  • @ZOWi_tuby
    @ZOWi_tuby 년 전 +5

    Him after learning the standard banner will be updated after 3.1 👁️👄👁️

  • @jay13982
    @jay13982 년 전 +1

    So good 😭 I don't have a Mona but pulled jade winged spear lol

  • @YukiTheOkami
    @YukiTheOkami 년 전 +1

    Rainslasher can be usefull in a teaser teams with beidou or maybe future hydro claymore but aside from this yeh

  • @user-yr2gw7up6d
    @user-yr2gw7up6d 년 전 +5

    You should hv waited until tignari was added to standard 😭😭😭

  • @iampower5547
    @iampower5547 년 전

    Rip in peperonis when Tighnari comes into the standard banner . Dang unlucky

  • @mister_wolfy1193
    @mister_wolfy1193 년 전 +9

    Sadly tighnari is coming in standard in 3.1

  • @IlDottoreWatches
    @IlDottoreWatches 7 개월 전

    Kaeya: You asked I oblige, BUT the catch is you gonna unbench the bro.

  • @iloveplumpgrannies174

    My standard wishes are 205. I'm not planning to use them unless they add a new tall 5" character on the standard banner.

  • @humayunali5663
    @humayunali5663 년 전 +3

    You didn't did 420 wishes !
    You didn't even have 420 wishes

  • @iheartlilnasx
    @iheartlilnasx 7 개월 전 +1

    i’ve never seen someone get a heizou on standard

  • @ghjfyityuthe_retard207

    I got c0 bennet 1 wish in standard banner
    Edit:i got c0 chongyun aswell today

  • @minha2940
    @minha2940 년 전 +16

    His stream looks pretty chill time to sub

  • @LF37592
    @LF37592 년 전 +9

    Kaeya Constalation is pretty rare

    • @mibsu8914
      @mibsu8914 년 전 +2

      My sister have 5 of them and I have no Idea how she managed to get them

  • @blackwhite-sensei3267

    Once i made 15 pulls on Xiaos banner, got Xiao, Jean and Mona XD

  • @A_Femboy204
    @A_Femboy204 년 전

    Meanwhile - me getting Amo's bow from a single pull back to back with keqing :

  • @natebrueggeman4291


  • @hitokz
    @hitokz 년 전 +1

    How did He get Zhongli if he hasn’t pulled a banner even Once? I need Zhongli

  • @mizuhitoru2747
    @mizuhitoru2747 년 전 +2

    this is the gigachad i have allways wanted to be

  • @themasterflexG
    @themasterflexG 년 전 +6

    Got xingqiu from pulling? Could never relate?
    I’m still not sure I’d ever get him if it wasn’t for the Iridori festival. I still don’t have his constellation even until now.
    I swear gacha god hates me 🥲🥲🥲

    • @davidxd6870
      @davidxd6870 년 전

      Bruh i have 2 alt accounts and I've never gotten a single bennet on one of them. 💀

    • @-Nihilus-
      @-Nihilus- 년 전

      I got c6 and he's cracked 😁

    • @velynnec
      @velynnec 년 전

      im ar 55 and i have all 4* except for Razor and xinyan. literally didn't get xinyan from kazuha(?) after getting to pity twice

    • @Strashky
      @Strashky 년 전

      same bro, i did over 120 pulls on banners he was on and never got him on or off banner. i got 2 from events as rewards and i might buy another from the shop rn to bring him to c2

    • @Strashky
      @Strashky 년 전

      @@velynnec you are so lucky, i wish to never get any of those ever again

  • @Red_Frog69
    @Red_Frog69 11 개월 전

    I saw that you got like- debate club and that one other weapon and then i literally thought: I think he’s gonna get a wolf’s gravestone and then YOU GOT ONE!!!

  • @ahmadalmansouri4061

    I dare you to wish on Aratakii itto's banner

  • @adrian_tf
    @adrian_tf 년 전 +3

    At the last Ten Pull I was constantly like: Diluc Diluc Diluc Diluc usw
    Because I love him and then you just got the frickin Gravestone, I was like... Gimme that. My Dear is still stuck with the fucking Prototype.
    And yes you can Main Diluc in 2022
    I am doing that and deal quite decent dmg. No need to be shy! Be Batman!

  • @somerandomdude948

    I want a wgs so bad

  • @ljmanuel9527
    @ljmanuel9527 년 전 +7

    Omg! He should have waited for additional 3 months for Tighnari...

    • @lynahoover
      @lynahoover 년 전 +3

      ??? He didn’t know and it was recorded in January

    • @Dananimals20
      @Dananimals20 년 전

      Omg as if he would've wished and immediately gotten Tighnari 😭😭😭 His chances of getting ANYTHING aside from Tighnari would've been lower istg u all skip logical thinking classes

  • @Jrmy_Makaveys
    @Jrmy_Makaveys 년 전 +1

    I started in 1.7 and got keqing and 2 weapons on the standard banner with all being after 75 wish, so how he got only 166 ?

  • @sallycolwell4914
    @sallycolwell4914 년 전 +5


  • @Hu-Tao____
    @Hu-Tao____ 년 전

    I'm AR 42 currently, I got Three 5 star weapons from standard banner under 10 pulls.

  • @Xo01w
    @Xo01w 년 전 +2

    Kinda sad how he called xinyan gross 😔

  • @nareshfree
    @nareshfree 년 전 +1

    I need some answers.
    Featured banner zonghli.
    1st 90 pull: qeqing
    2nd 90 pull: zonghli
    3rd 90 pull: Jean
    4th 90 pull: ???
    Is this guranteed zonghli?

  • @musiclover2105
    @musiclover2105 년 전 +12

    Painslasher made me laugh

  • @nurulsyuhada13
    @nurulsyuhada13 년 전 +35

    Aren't we getting a new standard banner sometime before Fontaine tho

    • @celestaaddai6940
      @celestaaddai6940 년 전 +1

      probably there are some rumours that the new standard banner characters are gonna be the gods

    • @nurulsyuhada13
      @nurulsyuhada13 년 전 +16

      @@celestaaddai6940 Nah, I think that's impossible. They'd probably put unpopular characters like Tartaglia or Yoimiya on it

    • @ittodakimasu4814
      @ittodakimasu4814 년 전 +2

      @@nurulsyuhada13 nah only albedo is acceptable since mo geo

    • @ayah3421
      @ayah3421 년 전 +27

      @@nurulsyuhada13 i believe they legally cannot do that because they advertised those characters as limited, and many spent money on their banners. they can get sued if they make limited characters permanent.

    • @nurulsyuhada13
      @nurulsyuhada13 년 전

      @@ayah3421 Ohh, I see. But according to the law, are they allowed to make 2 standard banners? I just want Childe to be on the standard banner lol

  • @zdunu_4413
    @zdunu_4413 년 전 +19

    Tbh thats not that much pulls considering it says they started to save them 1.0 lmao

  • @sleeepyshadow3828
    @sleeepyshadow3828 년 전 +10

    LOL thats some pretty hot pulls my guy!

  • @damii_11
    @damii_11 년 전 +1

    I have 2 wolves Graystone ;( I'd trade 1 for an Attack Bow

  • @Natsumiliker
    @Natsumiliker 년 전 +2


  • @user-yu3wu4ym9n

    🗿 I have pulled 70 times on standard banner and 80 time on event banner... haven't gotten a single 5* character or item... And I'm a newbie. I must say if the game wasn't good I would've dumped it a long time ago...

  • @Laoruperteen18
    @Laoruperteen18 년 전

    lol, if only he spent money on welkins, sure it wouldve been about 160 dollars over the course of his playtime, but thats an extra 120k primos he couldve had :D
    thats another 750+ wishes he couldve made :D

    • @Dananimals20
      @Dananimals20 년 전

      Why the fuck would you spend MONEY

  • @neonpurush3960
    @neonpurush3960 년 전 +5

    He's gonna regret when 3.2 comes 🤣

  • @akitax1803
    @akitax1803 년 전

    bruh, right when its gonna change for the better. RIP

  • @Piligrime10001
    @Piligrime10001 년 전 +1

    Should have waited for 3.1

  • @Aanonymous88
    @Aanonymous88 년 전

    WGS is the highest rate up weapon in the standard. I also got it buy I need a spear though.

  • @Sergmanny46
    @Sergmanny46 년 전

    "Let me flex on my wishes and fragile"
    More like "let me flex on how many resources I have wasted by not wishing/artifact efficiency".

    • @Dananimals20
      @Dananimals20 년 전 +2

      How tf is saving fragiles wasting resources 😭😭 I wish I had saved mine instead of wasting them without knowing. Being resinsless is the worse that can happen to someone who's already 100% EVERYWHERE on the map (except Sumeru now) and wants to keep playing but has nothing to do thanks to resin.

    • @vincikeeper1581
      @vincikeeper1581 년 전 +2

      What resources he have wasted? It's standard wishes. They're always here, you can always pull them. Plus you need to collect fragile for 5* artifacts for 45 rank. So no, very reasonable for me.

  • @spiderdude2099
    @spiderdude2099 년 전

    Would've waited until 3.1 to nab tighnari

  • @urlocalwalnut
    @urlocalwalnut 년 전

    Mona was my first wishing 5 star… I’ve had her for 3-4 weeks and I AM NOT LEVELING HER.

  • @jacobyjecoby1104
    @jacobyjecoby1104 년 전 +1

    Bro u should wait until 3.0 banner cuz u can get tighnari in standard

  • @ChuuyasHatt
    @ChuuyasHatt 년 전

    1:16 But doesnt barbaras outfit cost genesis crystals

  • @jrjidjddjdjjdekdk2104

    If he never wished how he got hu Tao and zonghling

  • @kittyfangs
    @kittyfangs 년 전 +1

    i started genshin yesterday and my first pull on the standard banner today i got a 5 star 💀 is fhis normal ?

  • @kaitofishie
    @kaitofishie 년 전 +2

    Did he just call xinyan gross…aint no way…

  • @ilhanovic2272
    @ilhanovic2272 년 전 +1

    should have wait for 3.1

  • @_atrixz_
    @_atrixz_ 년 전 +1

    Rip xiyan. :(

  • @jooi1567
    @jooi1567 년 전


  • @tingtingofficial897

    that's so weird , because we need pull asap to get anything to know what we should build and invest then

  • @akiramalfoy7440
    @akiramalfoy7440 년 전 +1

    Could've waited till 3.1

  • @Spidxiooo
    @Spidxiooo 년 전 +3

    0:59 yo that stone is sus

  • @canqzcangcutz5181

    3.1 tighnari is on standard

  • @raizen2614
    @raizen2614 9 개월 전

    no ones gona talk about the qiqi rock? 1:01 i hate my mind

  • @xycamore2721
    @xycamore2721 년 전 +1

    *cries in tighnari*

  • @JiffyTheConqueror
    @JiffyTheConqueror 년 전 +2

    how dare him say gross to xinyan 🤣

  • @tauzy5289
    @tauzy5289 년 전

    After the news from the 3.0 Live stream about tighnari is going to the standard banner :(

  • @pakawatpotamtrakool4745

    I saw this video 3 month later and i really want to get mona and now my adventure rank 60 i didnt get her TT

  • @slytherinlady3907
    @slytherinlady3907 년 전 +3

    5:08 my god that don’t recommend channel button is looking fine today

  • @rehangamerneverdies412

    Yesterday I wished on standard banner and I got Jean

  • @notsosecret7602
    @notsosecret7602 년 전 +1

    He probably wishes that he pulled on 3.2

    • @AcEx1797
      @AcEx1797 년 전

      I have a que I'm on 72 pity on standard banner now does the pity continue on thighnari banner(upcoming standard banner)?

  • @heisoup
    @heisoup 년 전 +3

    why did this dude call xinyan gross tf