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I never wished on Standard Banner until now (since 1.0)

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  • 게시일 2022. 07. 04.
  • Why? Because I'm secretly a treasure hoarder
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  • DaemonV2
    DaemonV2   +75

    I'll be saving my wishes again until next time!

  • Zhao
    Zhao  +2

    you know that he’s never wished on standard banner when he says he doesn’t know what the bell is

  • loser69
    loser69  +1

    you know hes pure f2p when he gets excited over c1 xingqiu

  • Manisha Kumari

    Let's be real- it wasn't all so bad, Wolf's gravestone is one of the best weapons, and kaeya constellations are super rare plus some of us are dying to get Mona-

  • taki k.
    taki k.  +502

    I would have waited for at 3.0 to wish on standard hust because of the rumors that have been going around as of late, but he can regret it later if tose rumors end up being true

  • Tiimbit_
    Tiimbit_  +64

    i still remember when i got Venti who was my first banner five star and i didnt have any good weapons for him but i loved him so much. Then only a couple of days later i pulled on the standard and out of all the five stars i could have gotten i got the one i actually needed and wanted, skyward harp, at early pity and my ventis had it ever since. Its not much but ill always cherish that memory and luck <3

  • MyNameIsSteveYesitis

    Imagine they add all the mondstadt and liyue characters to this banner next patch xD .. I mean they're probably not but imagine

  • Blank
    Blank  +80

    Aint no way he just called Xinyan gross 👹👹

  • Valeska
    Valeska  +160

    sees Xinyan

  • omegothic
    omegothic  +33

    "the first 5 star i've ever gotten was mona on a zhongli banner, and my first 5 star on a standard is mona" wtf dude it's me, it's literally me, i was so mad at mona

  • Namie Hitomi

    Man I want wolfs gravestone- I’m so jealous aaaa, I should start saving perhaps and level all my characters up lmao

  • Butter Cup
    Butter Cup  +204

    I feel like he either spent some of these wishes or simply never bought it from paimon shop, 166 is kinda low considering he saved for almost 2 years

  • KnightMoonbeam

    It's funny how he was more excited about getting Kaeya than Mona

  • Henry Rojas

    If you have waited one more month you could have gotten tighnari

  • Maverick Lampano

    He got Noelle before getting Guaranteed Noelle from Beginner’s Banner. 😂

  • Maria Kitsanta

    when he laughed and said '2 in a row?' (then he didn't get a second one) i was like: nah its not possible, but then i remembered my darn pulls. i got kazuha on his banner and then got keqing right after on klees banner Lmao

  • Crystal Wong Zin

    The amount of willpower have all gone to you

  • ryu
    ryu  +71

    I got Skyward Harp and Kaeya on standard banner 2 days ago, I guess this is hoyoverse's way of saying sorry after I lost at weapon banner, lmao

  • Shapes Of Me

    Me playing from 1.0 and still never got a Mona 💀

  • NOT puppet

    The ones saying qiqi come home are the kind off people that envy other players for being lucky.