20 things Pros NEVER do in Minecraft

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  • 게시일 2019. 10. 17.
  • Are you a true Minecraft Pro? I told you Never Dig Straight Down but you never learn!
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    So you think you're a Minecraft Pro!! Well, there are some things you need to make sure you never ever do before you consider yourself a Pro. Things like Never Dig Straight Down! This is a data pack that punishes the player whenever they do something a pro wouldn't do so you can learn how to be a pro. so here are 20 things Pros in Minecraft NEVER do #Minecraft #Pro #Update
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  • Logdotzip
    Logdotzip  25 일 전 +272

    As promised, the download for this datapack is now in the description! Thanks for all the likes :D

    • tony flamingo
      tony flamingo 14 일 전

      you dont go jail for eating people you go to jail for gettin the meat

    • Brad. S!!!!!! -3-
      Brad. S!!!!!! -3- 14 일 전


    • Kelli Ketchell
      Kelli Ketchell 15 일 전


    • Nancy Blore
      Nancy Blore 15 일 전

      Is it available for bedrock edutuons?

    • Boo Crimson
      Boo Crimson 19 일 전

      I'd say it's ok for novices even pros to use hoes XD just... use the wooden ones for all that is good in the pixelated universe though they're so much less wasteful they last for like ever as is you only need so many pumpkins carrots mellons etc. and netherwart and sugarcane can only grow on regular soul sand, and dirt or sand tiles respectively anyways

  • Gächå Înspíràtìônàl

    When you dig straight up place a torch at your feet to break any sand or gravel that my fell to you.

  • GUNJA Devi
    GUNJA Devi 6 시간 전

    U have shown effects that not cause while doing these

  • Obt Playz
    Obt Playz 8 시간 전

    Well what if you don’t have a silk touch

  • The Youngins
    The Youngins 9 시간 전

    At 6:38 he has a cooked pork chop and says look what happends when you eat a raw pork chop eats cooked pork chop.

  • DoxA liS
    DoxA liS 12 시간 전

    the diamond hoe is kinda wrong dont use diamond hoe cause its useless asf you can just make alot of them its just a waste of diamonds.

  • Rocky 977
    Rocky 977 16 시간 전

    Well if cooked properly you can eat pufferfish

  • Dzan Brkic
    Dzan Brkic 21 시간 전

    6:36 look what happens when you eat a raw pork chop ‘eats cooked pork chop’

  • Edited
    Edited 23 시간 전

    "Never dig straight down"
    Umm... Actually, that is what noobs do. Pros like me (Tryhard UHC player, abt to start a channel) don't dig straight down when the C counter is above 10. Otherwise, it's totally fine to do so. Otherwise no hate nice vid.

  • Kobe Raphael
    Kobe Raphael 일 전

    Major flaw in the digging consequences. How will you staircase down?

  • TsujoSakari
    TsujoSakari 일 전

    trash video

  • Joe Bailey
    Joe Bailey 일 전

    Or just put a torch down and then dig up

  • PaintedPhoenix
    PaintedPhoenix 일 전

    also the cobweb thing Me: *uses my sword*

  • PaintedPhoenix
    PaintedPhoenix 일 전 +1

    Pro's never use diamond hoe's

    Me: *loves farming and stares at my diamond hoe* but I'm good at minecraft...

  • Minedark 123467
    Minedark 123467 일 전

    We need a noob version

  • Minedark 123467
    Minedark 123467 일 전

    Am i the only one who thinks that is OP?
    Dragon breath is q thing that you can collect onky two times if you dont cheat
    So if you are a pro then you can just break enderchests and get free dragonbreath

  • Topaz 2364
    Topaz 2364 일 전

    Imagine making rules for a game where you can do anything in

    • Iago Todesco
      Iago Todesco 34 분 전

      _this post was made by chad vanilla gang_

  • Sean Fry
    Sean Fry 2 일 전

    your videos give me cancer

  • Weston H.
    Weston H. 3 일 전

    3:10 that’s why u always bring a shovel

  • Cryo Gaming
    Cryo Gaming 3 일 전 +1

    You get hit with pain of you break glass without silk touch.
    *misclicks while placing glass*
    *screaching noises*

  • Cryo Gaming
    Cryo Gaming 3 일 전

    Logdogzip: If you kill a pet you will die to potion effects
    Milk bucket: I'm about to end this man's whole career.

  • Cryo Gaming
    Cryo Gaming 3 일 전

    Real Minecraft pros dig straight up after placing a torch at their feet and have the reaction speed to cover themselves away from lava and navigate through.

  • Polar 115
    Polar 115 4 일 전

    Just put a torch in your feet of your digging straight up

  • Creeprvictor
    Creeprvictor 4 일 전

    **end gass spawns**
    *log* Bad news bears, think of dangerous bears, also get rid of em.
    *me* 2 things, 1 that is a... very... odd way to put it, 2

  • Minecraft Steve
    Minecraft Steve 5 일 전 +1

    Now this video could teach my brother how to be a proper pro.

  • Apolis Plays
    Apolis Plays 6 일 전

    You need to eat rotten flesh for a trophy on PS4 iron belly

  • Hunter Clark
    Hunter Clark 6 일 전

    Bruh you need some of these to actually complete the game aka something a “pro” would do

  • Leandro dangalan Pinot

    Loses item in nether...
    Data pack: nether go unprepared

  • The peep king
    The peep king 6 일 전 +1

    im a minecraft pro i would dig straight down wit with fire resistance to get lava so I can use water to make obsidian

  • Brodey B
    Brodey B 7 일 전

    But don't I have to dig down to dig a star way lol

  • Jonathan Larsen
    Jonathan Larsen 7 일 전 +1

    >Pros never eat spider eyes
    >EthoSlab builds spider farms specifically for spider eyes for food

  • Jonathan Larsen
    Jonathan Larsen 7 일 전 +1

    >Pros would never let diamonds fall into lava
    >EthoSlab throws diamonds into lava

  • Deleted CHANNEL
    Deleted CHANNEL 8 일 전

    I dig straight up but with a torch under me

  • Diego Gutierrez
    Diego Gutierrez 9 일 전

    I always dig straight down like literally and I never fall in lava

  • Rotten_Flesh
    Rotten_Flesh 9 일 전

    Tyler: why would they eat rotten flesh:

    me: *good question*

  • Nigel Hall
    Nigel Hall 9 일 전

    im lucky i dig straight down

  • Annika Caniedo
    Annika Caniedo 9 일 전

    6:37, 6:45
    “When you eat a Raw Porkchop!”

  • Jhonny Ballesteros
    Jhonny Ballesteros 9 일 전 +4

    “Pros don’t use hoes”
    Me: This sounds wrongs...

  • Shauthri Ramasamy
    Shauthri Ramasamy 10 일 전

    Is a good thing I go to the nether with an iron armour

  • đệ tử của trùm sò

    I just want to have a balance diet

  • KingRussian Artur
    KingRussian Artur 10 일 전

    Me: found a chest deep in the ocean in the start of the game and I went there, so I would only lose 1 hurt
    Installed pack: F*ck u

  • KingRussian Artur
    KingRussian Artur 10 일 전

    Ohhhh as I understood if I accidentally putted glass in the wrong place in the start of the game I have to wait for me to make silk touch

  • KingRussian Artur
    KingRussian Artur 10 일 전

    Video: says that pros don’t dig straight down
    Me: digs straight down while putting ladders
    Video: says that pros don’t dig straight up because of gravel or sand
    Me: places the torch underneath while digging straight up
    Video: says that pros don’t dig straight up because of anvils
    Logic: ok, ok, f*ck me

  • •Maricar Casona•

    I diged straight down and then I dropped in a cave with creepers and I died :(

  • KingRussian Artur
    KingRussian Artur 10 일 전

    Stupid logic about going to the nether unprepared what if you just don’t need to be prepared, because you already built a base there?!?! I have this many times

  • Homanzi
    Homanzi 10 일 전

    I’ve played Minecraft for 5 years and never knew about the silk touch and glass trick

  • Funtime Foxy The Fox Who Likes YouTube

    Pros do mine up. Cuz if u place a torch underneath you then wont suffocate!!! But lava, its still a nightmare? AND OTHER THINGS PROS DONT DO NEED TO BE DONE!!! Im Funtime Foxy And Subscribe To My Channel Plz

  • Meghraj Goswami
    Meghraj Goswami 11 일 전 +1

    Pro tip: You can dig straight up without having to worry about getting buried in sand or gravel if you place a torch on the block you're standing on

  • Everything Thrice
    Everything Thrice 11 일 전 +1

    It's been proved recently that using water to get crops can actually give fewer of the food then getting food manually

  • Janssen Ruiz
    Janssen Ruiz 11 일 전

    You said raw porkchop twice

  • Katarina Antonyova
    Katarina Antonyova 11 일 전


  • Katarina Antonyova
    Katarina Antonyova 11 일 전


  • Katarina Antonyova
    Katarina Antonyova 11 일 전

    Boohoo noob

  • Shaymin Plays
    Shaymin Plays 11 일 전

    Random person: *kills pet*
    Me and the system: [PLAYERNAME], you MONSTER

  • Jake Perks
    Jake Perks 11 일 전

    If you only break one block down though u will still die how do you mine then

  • LaZer-Cptn_Jon_Jon
    LaZer-Cptn_Jon_Jon 12 일 전

    Who’s to tell me what I can or cannot do in my on world, oh this data pack? Ok

  • Agatha C
    Agatha C 12 일 전

    14:26 well what about when you’re falling into lava? Potion of slowness! * Has time to build platform * BOOM!!!!! Life saved!

  • captain wapakels
    captain wapakels 12 일 전

    well if you are super pro you will solve to break the rules

  • Terry Ngo
    Terry Ngo 12 일 전

    you know there's something called milk right?????

  • Realm Crusader
    Realm Crusader 12 일 전

    I'd consider myself pro, and I don't have a problem with digging down or up. I think Mumbo Jumbo did a test and the chance of falling in lava from digging down is pretty low. like 8% so there is a 92% chance you're completely safe