Mixing All My Highlighters Together

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  • 게시일 2018. 02. 03.
  • For my next installment of "Bad Makeup Science" I decided to tackle my highlighter collection and mix them all together into one giant franken-highlighter. Turns out I have 45 highlighter colors that I scraped together to make a (hopefully) megawatt, dazzling highlight!
    Thanks to Olay Daily Facials for giving me the product to clean up our makeup mess!
    You can get them here: bit.ly/2Evk0EB and/or at most drugstores. #SkinCareHacks
    I've previously mixed my nude lipsticks, foundations, eyeshadows, and liquid lipsticks! What do you think of this addition to the franken-family?
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  년 전 +11601

    hello friends!! happy friday!! hope this franken-highlighter brings you a little sparkle for your weekend! ✨✨✨ love u all

  • Katelyn Cecelia
    Katelyn Cecelia 3 시간 전

    I love my maybelline holographic prismatic highlighter in opal

    • Katelyn Cecelia
      Katelyn Cecelia 3 시간 전

      It’s better than Jeffree star highlighter 🤭🤭 and I oop. Did I say that? 🤭🤭

  • I'm here Wait no I'm here

    2020 anyone???

  • bitchh lasagna
    bitchh lasagna 20 시간 전

    I wanna know how her skin is clear despite doin all those experiments

  • Bronwyn D
    Bronwyn D 일 전 +1

    PLEASE! do a franken-eyebrow gel or franken-blush

  • manuelyn go
    manuelyn go 일 전

    "You look like beige Rudolf"

    I'm dying

  • Buggy Animation
    Buggy Animation 2 일 전

    Frankin eyeliner

  • Medha & Abhisri Singh

    Mix all of your franken makeup stuff and put it on your face pleeeeeeease

  • josie turner
    josie turner 3 일 전 +1

    you should do a franken blush

  • shruti shreya
    shruti shreya 5 일 전

    Franklin's nail polish , bluish

  • Molly Casino
    Molly Casino 5 일 전


  • Jdj Dfg
    Jdj Dfg 6 일 전


  • Emma Rose
    Emma Rose 7 일 전

    You should do a full week of frankinstein makeup

  • Alexandra Miller
    Alexandra Miller 7 일 전 +1

    Saf: It looks like thinks are back to normal
    Also Saf: *Has colorful highlighters all over her face*

  • Lisa Whelan
    Lisa Whelan 7 일 전

    You should have called it highstine

  • Ashley Clements
    Ashley Clements 7 일 전 +1

    4:00 That is one shiny vulva

  • MyMikiMoo
    MyMikiMoo 7 일 전 +1

    please do a full face using all of ur franken makeups!!!!!💄

  • Kaja Dynesen
    Kaja Dynesen 7 일 전

    can you please do a video where you use all your makeup sciences and do a full face of makeup

  • Kawaikween 6602
    Kawaikween 6602 8 일 전

    How most people hear her : (7:23) cuz some of the chunks are kinda big...) How I hear her : ' iLiKE eM BiG iliKe Em chuNkY) 😂😂😎

  • Hedge Hog19
    Hedge Hog19 8 일 전 +1

    Franken Powder
    So all of your setting powders
    Or bronzer

  • Lisa Tapp
    Lisa Tapp 8 일 전

    Mix all your blushes

  • Olivia Forseth
    Olivia Forseth 8 일 전 +1

    What kind of pizza did you get at California pizza kitchen

  • Sophie Evans
    Sophie Evans 8 일 전

    You should do a full face of Franken makeup

  • XxunicorngurlxX
    XxunicorngurlxX 8 일 전

    she needs to do a full face of frankin makeup and test it out

  • Greg Putnam
    Greg Putnam 9 일 전 +2

    Is there a makeup brand or makeup company that has a Frankenstein themed makeup set or makeup line?
    1) she does not say "Frankin-Highlighter" or whatever product she is mixing and 2) she stopped doing this.
    She has definitely upped her game to mixing every makeup item at Sephora or every candle but she is not creating Frankin-Products anymore.
    Edited: She even created a new highlighter video and compared it to this one

  • Lynna Kim
    Lynna Kim 9 일 전

    she should make a fraken-makeup line

  • Ellie leuschen
    Ellie leuschen 9 일 전

    Saf should come out with a make-up line called franken beauty

  • Grace Babcock
    Grace Babcock 9 일 전

    Safiya Do a Franken setting powder

  • Tom Zhu
    Tom Zhu 10 일 전

    Safiya after meeting Cristine. IT'S NOT REAL HOLO! IT'S HOLO!

  • Elsa Cousins
    Elsa Cousins 10 일 전

    If she doesn’t use highlighter that much, HOW DOES SHE HAVE SO MANY OF THEM

  • Emma Norton
    Emma Norton 10 일 전

    You say you dont use higher but then you show us a collection bigger than my future

  • Jemilee Williams
    Jemilee Williams 10 일 전

    You should have used black paper for the splotches

  • sapphira21345 AJ
    sapphira21345 AJ 10 일 전

    I was watching completely straight faced. And then...
    “Elsa’s buttocks.”

  • Erikka Kartak
    Erikka Kartak 11 일 전

    I used to love the Olay daily facials. Haven’t used them in years but now that you’ve reminded me about them I think I’m gonna pick up a box.

  • Alexis Brenton
    Alexis Brenton 12 일 전

    And I also have the same highlighter that you drew Patrick on😂

  • Alexis Brenton
    Alexis Brenton 12 일 전

    You should mix all of the highlighters from Sephora or a similar store.

  • Marissa S
    Marissa S 12 일 전

    Still waiting for the Frankenblush

  • Amaya Cervantes
    Amaya Cervantes 13 일 전

    Safiyas face is brighter then my future 😂💀

  • Koti Matthew
    Koti Matthew 13 일 전

    Imma straight guy but, yk, I always watch saf's videos and enjoy the Frakinmakeup series. I was called femmin and closeted bc I watch her videos but straight guys can enjoy these videos too.
    disclaimer: nothing against femmin guys or LGBT dudes. I'm a femmin guy

  • Ashley Rowland
    Ashley Rowland 13 일 전

    You need to make a full face of franken makeup.

  • Get Creative
    Get Creative 13 일 전

    If you ever make a highlighter, you have to call it "Deranged Reindeer."

  • Shayla Carrión
    Shayla Carrión 14 일 전

    I love how gentle you’re being with the makeup. It hurts less.

  • Yomna Mohamed
    Yomna Mohamed 14 일 전

    13:00...... Thanos?

  • Ellie Caine
    Ellie Caine 15 일 전

    "Some cinnamon, some sugar, some uhhhh... other spices?"

  • Felicity Conway
    Felicity Conway 15 일 전

    Franken Eyeliner!

  • Jorden Hynes
    Jorden Hynes 15 일 전

    You should wear a full face of all the frankin make up

  • Lara Kuntschik
    Lara Kuntschik 16 일 전

    Saf r u stil maiking vids ? Cos i dont get eni mor

  • Lizzy Morang
    Lizzy Morang 16 일 전

    The Hargreeves siblings WISH they got along this well

  • Randelaine Tromp
    Randelaine Tromp 16 일 전

    You should do a Franken blush

  • Gloria lizeth
    Gloria lizeth 17 일 전

    Did Safiya create makeup destruction??

  • MolotovKing Lizzy Day

    13:11 for demon saf

  • Leena Lalalisa
    Leena Lalalisa 18 일 전

    Full face franken makeup😍 thumbs up if you want to see that vid😍

  • Meiqi Yu
    Meiqi Yu 18 일 전

    I LOVE your vids!!!!

  • Rose Granger-Weasley

    TBH she looked creepy in the end.

  • Emillie Hines
    Emillie Hines 19 일 전

    Amongst all the beauty KRcliprs, I never expected a video like this, and it satisfies my inner child. Why do I love this so much

  • Matilde Torres
    Matilde Torres 20 일 전 +1

    can someone give me the name of the wet n wild highlighter?

  • It's Me Princess
    It's Me Princess 21 일 전 +1

    Next you should mix your concealer together!!!

  • Emma Xerri
    Emma Xerri 21 일 전 +1

    Blush ?
    (Suggestions for more bad makeup science experiments)

  • Lara Jean
    Lara Jean 22 일 전

    Omg, this video is demonitized! 😱

  • Jazzy Meep
    Jazzy Meep 23 일 전


  • Lyn Jaims
    Lyn Jaims 23 일 전

    This was the first video from you I saw I guess

  • Lachlan Norman
    Lachlan Norman 23 일 전 +2

    We need a full Face. Mixing all my concealers. Mixing all my contour. Mascara. Eyeliner. Etc etc 💖 btw love your videos

  • Acura TL GTLM
    Acura TL GTLM 24 일 전

    Saf's eyes glowing under black light is more than slightly terrifying.

  • Cassie Bloemendaal
    Cassie Bloemendaal 26 일 전

    @Safiya Nygaard you should mix every lipstick you own including the Franken one. I think that would be funny

  • Amanda Elliott
    Amanda Elliott 26 일 전

    you should mix all your lipsticks together (not just nudes/liquids but every one she owns)

  • Hunter Jones
    Hunter Jones 27 일 전

    You should put on a full face of franken everything

    • Hunter Jones
      Hunter Jones 27 일 전

      Like a full face of combo everything

  • LesleeLane
    LesleeLane 27 일 전

    I am loving it!

    IJ MUSIC 27 일 전 +1

    Mix eyliners ?

    • IJ MUSIC
      IJ MUSIC 25 일 전

      +Alice B true

    • Alice B
      Alice B 25 일 전

      How would that work? Most eyeliners are black.

  • lorde isaroyals
    lorde isaroyals 27 일 전

    "Oh I do kinda look like a deranged reindeer" 😂😂

  • lorde isaroyals
    lorde isaroyals 27 일 전

    Generate my own sheen 😂😂😭😭 Same girl same

  • Ruby Dreelan
    Ruby Dreelan 28 일 전

    How about you mix every single product in your makeup collection together

  • Sara Braunstein
    Sara Braunstein 28 일 전

    I’ve been watching all these Franken-product vids and I’m honestly hungry and wanting pizza... love y’all

  • ahmed ali
    ahmed ali 29 일 전

    8:56 her face is so red

  • MagicFire15
    MagicFire15 개월 전

    A Franken concealer would be really cool!

  • Emily Kang
    Emily Kang 개월 전

    Nikkie ain't got shit on Jeffree sis
    Let's be honest

  • Anastasia Clare
    Anastasia Clare 개월 전

    Do eyeliner next😂

  • -Blue Soap-
    -Blue Soap- 개월 전 +3

    Sephora employees in their minds when Safiya walks in : MONEY DAYYYYYYYY WHOOOOHOO

    BOXED 개월 전

    U should mix all ur nail polishes together

    • Alice B
      Alice B 25 일 전

      She doesn't have any nail polishes.

  • Charkitty :3
    Charkitty :3 개월 전

    You should wear all the frankin makeup again but also use the other frankin things other than makeup.

  • Kaitlyn Ritchie
    Kaitlyn Ritchie 개월 전

    Frankin blush

  • Hope Bullard
    Hope Bullard 개월 전

    I cringed hard at the fenty one.... Lol

  • Mj Hodson
    Mj Hodson 개월 전

    Make a frakin mascara and brow contour/blush

  • Palak Sharma
    Palak Sharma 개월 전

    Next should be the Mixing all eyeliners.....

  • Haley Gunning
    Haley Gunning 개월 전

    Saf should do Frankenbronzer or Frankencontour

  • Sophie Williams Williams

    Still waiting for that full face of franken-makeup

  • AvaLynn Ecklund
    AvaLynn Ecklund 개월 전 +1

    Who’s here before Saf and Tyler got married?

  • maranda Peterson
    maranda Peterson 개월 전 +1

    Dead at "Elsa's buttocks"!!!!!

  • Gacha Kitty
    Gacha Kitty 개월 전

    Where are my 2019 peeps at????!!!

  • super girl
    super girl 개월 전

    Do a franken liquid eyeliner

  • Robin Armstrong
    Robin Armstrong 개월 전

    Who da booty?
    *your da booty!*
    Who da booty?

    Ok imma stop.

  • JTC
    JTC 개월 전

    You should do mixing all the lush bath bombs together

  • Abi
    Abi 개월 전

    frankin’ gloss?

  • Ice cream Bananas
    Ice cream Bananas 개월 전

    Frankin makeup

  • Hello Death
    Hello Death 개월 전

    Saf Huda beauty is a homophobic and literally has ideas from other smaller companies

  • Guan Guan GUAN
    Guan Guan GUAN 개월 전

    Hello friends
    Safiya Nygaard 2019

    Helllooooo friends
    Safiya Nygaard 2020

    Helllllllooooooooooo friends
    Safiya Nygaard 2021

    Hellllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooo friends
    Safiya Nygaard 2022

    Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo friends
    Safiya Nygaard 2023

    Safiya Nygaard 4057

  • skyela xoxo
    skyela xoxo 개월 전

    You should buy every colour of eye liner and mix them to make a Franken eye liner

  • CaraGacha08
    CaraGacha08 개월 전

    U should do full face of franken makeup

    Edit: Contour, eyebrows, eyeliner

  • Milly Gamer
    Milly Gamer 개월 전

    Who thinks safiya should mix all her eyeliners if possible

  • circus baby_1576 lover


  • Marinel Mejia
    Marinel Mejia 개월 전

    Love this!