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Dylan Hollis - PEPPER CAKE | 1915

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  • 게시일 2022. 01. 23.
  • Pre-1940's baking often blurred the line between sweet & savoury tastes. This colourful example depicts just that.
    My TikTok: @bdylanhollis

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  • DJ Doodles

    This man can turn anything into a fun experience, no matter the circumstances

  • Haley Clark

    “Ma’am this is vary runny, like ME in an hour”

  • Alex G
    Alex G  +52

    It probably wouldn't have helped with this recipe but I find that soaking your raisins in apple juice for 30 minutes to an hour usually yields plumper sweeter raisins that make recipes that much better. <3 Keep on keeping on, my friend! Thanks for the smiles ^_^

  • Alyce Mehrle

    There is a line between energetic and crazy. He walk that line. And I am here for it every second

  • ericka logan

    I DIED when he said “cup of raisins… love those” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Caleb Shaffer

    "It tastes like an identity crisis on a plate." Shit, man, I need to remember that line. That was hilarious.

  • Ekua Osei

    "Sounds like an interesting idea because it's awful."

  • Little Princess

    "Tastes like an identity crisis on a plate!" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Anjel IHart

    Best 46 seconds of my day!! Thank you!!!

  • Shara Yayo

    This man's playing a dangerous game. He's wearing a dark-colored shirt while working with ingredients that can easily ruin said shirt.

  • Sham Tham

    "It tastes like an identity crisis on a plate"

  • Emma
    Emma  +2

    "I was gonna cook it in the dishwasher" gets me every time

  • H P
    H P  +794

    "I was gonna bake this in the dishwasher!" - Dylan

  • AlmaraiMilk

    Dude I love the energy you give off so much it literally makes my day

  • TheYouTubeCommentor

    "Cup of rasins, love those."

  • Middlebox
    Middlebox  +878

    “Which is an interesting idea, because it’s awful ”. You’ve just described my whole thought process for everything I’ve ever done

  • Lady Bloom

    I love how just...good these videos are. Thank you for being awesome.

  • Sabrina Schell

    Every time I watch one of these videos, it cements my desire to meet this man, become his best friend, and sample all his bizarre bakes

  • Sour Lemøns

    I am in envy of this man’s fashion taste

  • Kimberly Leveque

    OMG. So glad to see a new video, love them. You're hilarious 😂