Why Apple's AirPods Are So Popular

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  • 게시일 2019. 01. 26.
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    today we’re going to explore why Apple’s AirPods are so popular. Now you may be thinking, well that isn’t so hard to figure out, Apple made a quality product so more customers are inclined to buy it. And that is part of the reason, but there’s actually more to the story. it all started when I visited the Apple Store during the holiday season to buy AirPods as a gift, but when I asked an associate about them, she said they probably didn’t have any since the AirPods had been out of stock for weeks. But she went ahead and checked the stockroom just in case. Then, a woman walked into the store also asking to purchase AirPods, she was told they were likely sold out, but pointed her in my direction anyway. Now, I was curious why Apple was struggling to keep AirPods in stock, considering they’d been on the market for about two years. But I assumed it was because of the holiday demand, and didn’t think much else about it. That was, until I began talking to the woman behind me...
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  • Apple Explained
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  • that one guy in class
    that one guy in class 6 시간 전

    lemme sum it up: they are expensive, and if youre in school, you know that if its not expensive, its worthless. and you know that if you have something expensive while in school, you are popular.

  • DashFlash
    DashFlash 일 전 +3

    You can’t go to a high school without seeing airpods

  • Tenified
    Tenified 일 전

    And I'm here with my fake airpods

  • Olivia McAllister

    Watching with AirPods in👍🏽

  • Waylen
    Waylen 일 전

    For the price you can get a mp3 player that sounds a lot better and not look like you have a pecker growing out your ears.

  • Waylen
    Waylen 일 전

    For the price you can get a mp3 player that sounds a lot better and not look like you have a pecker growing out your ears.

  • Sairam Sunkam
    Sairam Sunkam 2 일 전

    If Apple can make noise cancelling AirPods with the same design as the 2s without earbuds then it’s over for most of the competition because there is no way you can find something more comfortable than AirPods. They don’t fall out easily, they sound great(obviously not as great as the Sony earbuds) and it’s versatile in everyday life. AirPods aren’t for the rich but they’re for everyone that wants convenience in their lives and sometimes you have to pay a bit extra to get that.

  • kdgkh xx
    kdgkh xx 2 일 전

    We have money for airpods because we dont have kids😂
    Millenials ✌🏼✌🏼

  • Aizuddin Nasser
    Aizuddin Nasser 3 일 전

    just got the gen 2 but airpods pro just killed airpods 😢

  • Swag Alert
    Swag Alert 7 일 전 +1

    whos listening with AirPods

  • Always_Serpico
    Always_Serpico 9 일 전

    People were quick to shit on them because “cool kids” shit on Apple. But for me, it was a no brainer. I spent so much on wired earbuds because the wire constantly got tugged on, and damaged. It saved me money in the long run. Never had a issue with them, never lost them for longer than a couple of minutes, because of the tracking feature. You can have one in at a time, which is more useful than it may sound. If you prefer ear buds and you’re constantly moving - they’re perfect. Picked up the Pros today, and plan on happily using them for years too.

  • Tryeasy.
    Tryeasy. 9 일 전

    Charge every night bruh it lasts 1 week

  • Angelica Sharky
    Angelica Sharky 9 일 전 +1

    It’s because of Trevor Wallace.

  • Danny Draws
    Danny Draws 13 일 전

    scientists are saying that these new cordless headphones are causing a lot of damage to the brain and since its new technology, they have to see the outcome for a few years.

  • Ian Lindsay
    Ian Lindsay 16 일 전 +1

    before I had AirPods I was one of those people who carried my EarPods in the plastic case they came in

    • Ian Williams
      Ian Williams 9 일 전

      Ian Lindsay Loser!
      Just kidding. I tried doing that but always eventually lost the case or was too lazy to wrap them back up when finished. They were also in my ears 12 hours a day.

  • Max Smith-Hashim
    Max Smith-Hashim 17 일 전

    facts. memes run the world

  • avery -
    avery - 18 일 전 +1

    also the fact that apple got rid of the headphone jack, making it impossible to charge your phone and listen to your music at the same time. It was so annoying for me but ever since i bought the airpods i haven't thought about it.

  • LilLess222
    LilLess222 19 일 전

    Explain how having AirPods is flexing, there $160, your phone is more than that 😂 People

    • A村人
      A村人 12 일 전

      Also let me make it a point that I am not trying to argue with you.

    • A村人
      A村人 12 일 전

      @Daniel P Are you really sure about that? Because you really don't seem to have tried the cheaper options. If you did, please tell me which ones you tried.

    • Daniel P
      Daniel P 12 일 전

      A村人 those cheaper options have terrible sound quality, cheap material quality and battery life sucks.

    • A村人
      A村人 19 일 전

      Also "they're" ftfy

    • A村人
      A村人 19 일 전

      It's because you are showing that you spent $160 on earbuds when you can buy something of better quality for less than half the price.

  • untamed
    untamed 19 일 전

    and now we have AirPods Pro

  • Chigurupati Chandrasekar

    There cost with taxes is more than my new mobile phone.

  • tony stark
    tony stark 21 일 전

    i wish it was black... the only thing keeping me from buying is the color 🥺

  • Miles Guillot
    Miles Guillot 23 일 전 +1

    who else is watching this with airpods

  • Jacob Hellner
    Jacob Hellner 23 일 전

    Long story short: they were popularized because of memes

  • I need to stop
    I need to stop 25 일 전

    i remeber even when they first released, i wanted some but couldnt afford the money and was paranioid of losing them. NOw im going on two years wiht my pair and miracously have not lost them yet

  • 17justkiki17
    17justkiki17 25 일 전

    So many annoying comments omg

  • Chris Rosado
    Chris Rosado 28 일 전

    i didn't buy them for the design i bought them for the convenience and ease of use

  • Yung Llaamma
    Yung Llaamma 개월 전

    Everybody says people with AirPods are rich but if that’s the case then literally everybody at my school is rich

    • Leo 04
      Leo 04 29 일 전 +1

      Yung Llaamma u mean they’re parents

  • T O B Y
    T O B Y 개월 전

    i don't get it, amazon and walmart have off brand wireless buds for a quarter of the price that still sound good.

  • place holder
    place holder 개월 전 +3


  • Diego Tijerina
    Diego Tijerina 개월 전

    People just don’t want to be broke

  • Toopienator
    Toopienator 개월 전

    we need an AirPods vs. Galaxy Buds comparison just because.

  • Arsenal pro idk
    Arsenal pro idk 개월 전


  • Ali Abdul Rehman
    Ali Abdul Rehman 개월 전

    When you take a call and use the in built mic you do come off as a douchebag

  • Lorraine Gruz
    Lorraine Gruz 개월 전

    Me watching these with my galaxy buds

  • I'm William
    I'm William 개월 전

    why do kids with airpods flex on ppl with Bose QC 35 lmao

  • Shyam Bakrania
    Shyam Bakrania 개월 전

    dumbest looking earbuds. easy to spot the douchebags...there are many.

  • George Lopez
    George Lopez 개월 전

    When they were first introduced in 2016 they were still hard to look for i got mine online had to wait like 6 weeks for them

  • jrlv62
    jrlv62 개월 전

    What’s funny is Apple started the no headphone jack generation, then they put corded headphones in the box! So much for wireless!

  • Mr. Canada
    Mr. Canada 개월 전 +1

    I've tried my friends Airpods, gotta say I prefer my Galaxy buds to them.

  • Cherokee Dreemer
    Cherokee Dreemer 개월 전


  • Yunathan Noise
    Yunathan Noise 개월 전

    I bought it at the jclineup.com store last week and I'm super happy with the AirPod that looks just like the Original.
    It is amazing!
    And the service of this store is impeccable.
    Of all the Replicas I ever had, this one is by far the best!

  • Zen  Yen  🔴
    Zen Yen 🔴 개월 전

    Much ado bout nothing.
    I use sennheiser indoors as well as
    Jaybird Vista for sports in rain out doors

  • Russ Howard
    Russ Howard 개월 전

    Who else got them before they were cool?

  • sreb01
    sreb01 개월 전 +4

    The thing is, for me, they just work. So seamless. Love them.

  • Michael Hord
    Michael Hord 개월 전

    They suck. They are not quality. I have the second edition after I got amazon to take my first pair of the old version back. They still suck. I have to pair them to my android phone every time I use them . Only one side works when connected to my Iphone about half the time. This is a shit product for what I paid for them I expect them to work on every devices all the time. I expect both of them to work all the time. I swear to God, it's a 5 minute swearing, cussing and screaming sessesion of me hating on my fucking airpods every time I go to use them. I'm stuck with this shit. I hate them so much.

  • lilmil
    lilmil 개월 전

    Air pods are worth no more than $80. It’s a fucking rip off. And yes I’m salty that I broke it after a month by accidentally leaving it in the washing machine.

  • Enchanted gamer
    Enchanted gamer 개월 전

    Why would people say there easy to loose well it’s their fault their not responsible I can imagine I lost them it’s apple fault

  • Hyper Relic
    Hyper Relic 개월 전


  • freelikeabird
    freelikeabird 개월 전

    I just ordered some and I will be picking them up shortly. Honestly I never thought I would need them. But I’ve been working out trying to get healthier and when I’m doing my 3 mile walk my wire headphone are aggy. Plus my head phones have a short in them so yeah.

  • freelikeabird
    freelikeabird 개월 전

    I been wanting some AirPods but I just felt like they were too high but I’m finally getting some today.

    • ISM Gaming
      ISM Gaming 개월 전

      freelikeabird get it on sale

  • Landstander
    Landstander 개월 전

    It amazes me that people think that Apple is the leaders in cutting edge technology, but really they are only the best at maturing existing tech.

    • Daniel P
      Daniel P 12 일 전

      Making existing tech better than its competitors

    • Ben Beach
      Ben Beach 개월 전 +1

      Apple is the best idiot

  • Mike Hurt
    Mike Hurt 개월 전

    Its because people are so obsessed with flexing now of days. At work I was helping out a mom and 12 year old girl with her cracked iphone 6 and she was like I "need" airpods and I was like no you don't theyre more expensive than your phone's worth

  • philliumcorp
    philliumcorp 개월 전

    Thy reveloutionized technology. I have and Ipod touch 2nd generation and Sony smart phone that were made around the same time. The touch screen on the sony is horrible and the Ipod touch screen is absoloutly fabulous. On my ipod touch the blue tooth function doesn't work that well with my new Sony headphones, but at least I can use them with my ipod touch, unlike with my sony phone. My sony phone will not even recognize my sony headphones. Apple just makes quality products

  • Laura Elrod
    Laura Elrod 개월 전

    They hurt my ears, I just got some yesterday

    • Ben Beach
      Ben Beach 개월 전 +1

      Well you have weird ears

    • ISM Gaming
      ISM Gaming 개월 전

      Laura Elrod replace your ears

  • Jusa Master
    Jusa Master 개월 전 +36

    In short: airpods became the most popular ear buds because of memes

  • Lucas
    Lucas 개월 전 +7

    Because it makes 12 year old eshays that steal everything look rich and cool

  • Shima Kaido
    Shima Kaido 개월 전

    Well internet ALWAYS speaks too soon.

  • Kevin Campbell
    Kevin Campbell 개월 전

    I have several pairs of Apple Bluetooth headphones. The AirPods are my favs over both sets of Beats because of their comfort level.

  • - rainbowine -
    - rainbowine - 개월 전 +4

    short answer: memes