I Bought An Abandoned Storage Unit

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2017. 11. 04.
  • I saw a lot of people buying and opening ebay mystery boxes for videos and I wanted to join in, so I bought an abandoned storage unit to do my own mystery haul and see what was inside, and how much it was worth! We ended up finding some treasure and a lot of trash, but overall had an ~interesting~ experience.
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  년 전 +14321

    HELLO FRIENDS!!! here is an odd adventure that we went on, that i hope you will enjoy.... though we escaped mostly unscathed this time, i'm not sure what mystery hauls the future will bring, hehe. happy saturday!!

  • Gloria Mar
    Gloria Mar 10 시간 전

    I just figured out who Safiya sounds like. Daria's mother from the cartoon Daria. ☺

  • Paul Bennell
    Paul Bennell 일 전

    Don't think you did too bad there. At least it didn't leave you any worse off.

  • Restless to Climb
    Restless to Climb 2 일 전

    The pushpins are the scariest shit I have seen, like, imagine if you wore slippers or something like that

  • Kara
    Kara 2 일 전

    Why does someone have a trolley XD

  • Monika lynn
    Monika lynn 3 일 전

    It was his storage unit 😂

  • maria c
    maria c 3 일 전

    Oh my God I want those comics

  • Undetermined
    Undetermined 3 일 전

    I don't know why, but I feel like that mask would actually be worth something.

  • Kumotta Kun
    Kumotta Kun 4 일 전

    The comic book guy is so cute when he rather not shake hands because his hand was dirty from the comic books! I bet he's good talking with kids too! We need more friendly shopkeepers haha

  • spleengrrrl
    spleengrrrl 5 일 전

    Ugh. There looked to be wadded up Kleenex in there......in the place where the guy had tons of porn. ***vomits****

  • Poly The Wicked
    Poly The Wicked 7 일 전

    Definitely a spank cave.

  • Dance Moms Clover
    Dance Moms Clover 8 일 전

    The library was probably wondering why the library books were being returned 10-20 years later..

  • Michelle McNemar
    Michelle McNemar 8 일 전

    Safiya I absolutely love your shirt!!!

  • Kay L.
    Kay L. 8 일 전

    do you want bed bugs because this is how you get bed bugs

  • Natália F.
    Natália F. 8 일 전

    You know that the guy who own this porn magazines probably used to use them right there... with all that power aids and trash...

  • Maddie McClure
    Maddie McClure 9 일 전

    5:59 okay saf, we see you and your weird finger trick

  • Sara DIY
    Sara DIY 9 일 전

    Please do this again!

  • Wendy Lea
    Wendy Lea 10 일 전

    Ok for all of the idiots on here: THEY DID NOT GET SCAMMED!!!! How dare you all try to ruin a man’s business when you clearly don’t know what you are talking about.
    1: He did NOT buy all of the comic books
    2: Just because they are worth a certain amount the store is NOT going to pay that amount because they also need to make a profit
    3: Just because it’s on E-Bay doesn’t mean the price is correct or that someone is going to pay that price.
    4: Unless you handle the comic book you have NO clue what shape it is in or what the comic actually is. A video tells you nothing.
    You should all be ashamed of yourselves. You have no clue what he actually bought in the end.
    YOU WERE NOT THERE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Olivia Roth
    Olivia Roth 10 일 전

    Saf: talks
    Tyler: Yes
    Saf: talks
    Tyler: Yes

  • Jade Horn
    Jade Horn 10 일 전

    Lol the hole time I was like omg did emily ever text you back then finally at the end she said yes she did I was like yay lol

  • C joy K
    C joy K 10 일 전

    I know it sounds strange, but the porn magazines do have some collector value, but it is harder to find the collectors to sell them to

  • Vvbb Vvbb
    Vvbb Vvbb 10 일 전 +1

    Please do another one

  • KitsWorld
    KitsWorld 11 일 전

    All ye who enter here
    Leave my shit alone.

    That sounds like something I would say or write. Starts out kinda creepy and just turns into who knows what.

  • Haley Sands
    Haley Sands 12 일 전

    You should definitely do this again

    L BANNA 12 일 전

    I think people buy shopping carts in bulk....

  • Ceandra Wyatt
    Ceandra Wyatt 12 일 전

    I got stuck on your channel once I seen you buying stuff on Wish .. idk HOW I didn’t subscribe back then 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣

  • DeltaTheBean :3
    DeltaTheBean :3 12 일 전

    Damn he scammed youu :((

  • Madison Doerr
    Madison Doerr 13 일 전

    The guy who owned the storage unit probably went back there and told his wife that he was going shopping, so he could read his comic book that's why there is so much food and Powerade🤣🤣🤣

  • Leah Vazquez
    Leah Vazquez 13 일 전 +1

    I love the way you start your videos

  • Avanti Animation
    Avanti Animation 13 일 전

    I miss her old intro

  • Dimah Alsammarraie
    Dimah Alsammarraie 14 일 전

    Someone was probably living there

  • maddy
    maddy 15 일 전

    no cap, that was a homeless person's unit

  • senpieloven
    senpieloven 15 일 전

    😭 so happy

  • Lilly Brown
    Lilly Brown 16 일 전

    That comic dude is out of order most of the comics still had the wrapper on and was in good condition I'm so annoyed he was a complete scammer and has no doubt made way more than what he's letting on

  • Lilly Brown
    Lilly Brown 16 일 전

    Be such a such a shame if the scary mask was worth a scary amount of money! Never know could of been :)

  • Hunter Cuyler
    Hunter Cuyler 17 일 전

    i can't wait to see the shopping cart in future videos

  • Kendall Scalley
    Kendall Scalley 17 일 전

    Can you please do this again 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Lils Lynne
    Lils Lynne 18 일 전 +1

    Saf u were a good person acting unfiendish bc u returned the books

  • HeadNtheClouds
    HeadNtheClouds 18 일 전

    Ohhhh, a dead body in a barrel & a jar of ears! Oh boy, some used sticky Hustlers & used rat traps!

  • Maggie Sexton
    Maggie Sexton 18 일 전

    Y’all should make a series out of this!

  • Jax InTheBox
    Jax InTheBox 18 일 전 +1

    Jacquelyn is my name. Spelt the same exact way.

  • Gabriella Trujillo
    Gabriella Trujillo 18 일 전

    You know they binge watched storage wars 😂 love this video ❤️

  • Lamont Mitchell
    Lamont Mitchell 19 일 전

    Do a giveaway on comic books

  • MMM M
    MMM M 19 일 전

    And they found out that mask they left was worth $200,000......

  • Funday Person
    Funday Person 19 일 전

    I really want all of those comics

  • Linda Dean
    Linda Dean 20 일 전 +2

    I really like ur channel...!! It's informative, fun, & Real...!!
    I've subscribed & will catch up on prior videos...
    BTW... You & ur fiancee r a really wonderful couple...u look good together..🌻
    Peace & Love....God Bless...🤗

  • The Emmy and Addison show

    Please do this again

  • KaTerria Epps
    KaTerria Epps 20 일 전

    I think someone was def living there😬🤔

  • Pan!c on
    Pan!c on 20 일 전

    But the porn was ok - Safyia

  • Pan!c on
    Pan!c on 20 일 전

    Wow that captain marvel comic looks cool

  • Pan!c on
    Pan!c on 20 일 전

    I love tyler blurs it and then is like oh shes not naked

  • Diana Dai
    Diana Dai 21 일 전

    More videos like this please!

  • Ari O. Ramirez
    Ari O. Ramirez 21 일 전

    You could've taken the mask to a pawn shop I wonder what that was worth

  • Anime And Loneliness

    1:04 W-why did Safiya say “okay”? I was fully anticipating an “alright” but I missed it ;( Her “alright’s” are so pleasant sounding to the ears.

  • Kayla Beigh
    Kayla Beigh 22 일 전

    Who else just keeps rewatching her videos...

  • Todd S.
    Todd S. 23 일 전 +1

    So glad she gave credit to Philly

  • NerdNLK260
    NerdNLK260 24 일 전

    Please do a part to them do like a giveaway for the stuff you don't want

  • boobookittifukk
    boobookittifukk 24 일 전

    Those Batman issues that the guy would sell for between $10 and $30 are from the Hush story arc. Written by Jeph Loeb and illustrated by Jim Lee. Highly recommended.

  • Starlight Shimmer
    Starlight Shimmer 24 일 전 +1

    If you see one My Little Pony buy the unit because I'll try to buy the pony if it is a older, prototype, or one I do not have... I have been collecting.. Look up ponies on Strawberryreef.com to see what pony you found... I have been wanting more ponies and I actually am going to donate some if I get too many of the same exact pony from the same set...

  • Jewel Thompson
    Jewel Thompson 24 일 전

    This channel's content is superb!!!

  • Scary
    Scary 25 일 전

    Can I just say, shopping carts are 100- 150 dollars each.. 👏👏

  • FruitCakeReaper
    FruitCakeReaper 25 일 전

    the mask was probably worth like $10K

  • The Sky At Night
    The Sky At Night 25 일 전

    You need to cleanse that stuff- that mask was some bad vibes

  • Tara Lynn
    Tara Lynn 26 일 전

    Please do this again !!

  • mooir 7
    mooir 7 26 일 전

    Tbh I actually probably would've keeped all of the comics, they seemed tight

  • Kate Hasara
    Kate Hasara 26 일 전

    The thing that bothers me about this is: sometimes, storage companies are shady as hell, and they sell units without talking to the person who rented them. That's actually something that happened to me. I had a whole collection of books I had received as a child, and they were in great condition. I have no idea who got them or what they did with them. My husband and I kept up with payments, but that didn't matter to the person who screwed us over.

  • Felicity Smith
    Felicity Smith 26 일 전 +1

    i bet that mask was worth a fortune

  • Jaide Florence
    Jaide Florence 27 일 전

    Who else wants another one of these videos

  • mary mary
    mary mary 27 일 전

    I hope you all doused yourself in some holy water after that. Yeesh!

  • Ciara Twomey
    Ciara Twomey 27 일 전

    Do a part 2!

  • megan cebenka
    megan cebenka 28 일 전

    hey thats my home

  • Rebekah H
    Rebekah H 29 일 전

    Most storage auctions are selling units that have been unpaid. Depending on the state, they have until the start of the auction to pay their account up. They could also bid on their stuff to potentially pay less. I had a guy pay like $20 for a unit. He ended up finding jewelry totaling about $4,000

  • Thelma Taco
    Thelma Taco 29 일 전 +1

    Like, I would only watch Saf do this, you know?

  • Alma Lorentzen
    Alma Lorentzen 개월 전

    Kan du ikke lave en video hvor du går i dansk stil?

  • Dirtbikers 4 Days
    Dirtbikers 4 Days 개월 전 +1

    Please do more of these videos!