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Fixing, Yet Again, More Funko FNAF Plushies - FNAF 4 (PART 2)

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  • 게시일 2023. 11. 28.
  • Time to finish these bad boys. (They’re actually very good boys.)
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    Watch the last episode:
    • Fixing Some More Funko...
    Watch all episodes (playlist):
    • Fixing FNAF Plushies
    Thank you to Billy for the wonderful portrayal of Lisa The Simpson!
    / lobstercunt
    And, thank you to Gomotion for invading my home
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    Footage / Clip Credits:
    Ugly Stray Cat Video by Michael Rapaport:
    • Michael Rapaport - Thi...
    LSP 9/11 clip by Captainfluffytail:
    • Twin Towers Memoriable
    Art / Image Credits:
    FNAF 4 Plushies In Bedroom Art by WhiteSnow04:
    / 1687106364496388096
    Nightmare Freddy Plush Skin by Koophasloggedin:
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    Real Nightmare Freddy Plush by SonicRelated:
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    Nightmare Bonnie 3D Model by BLU3Dartist:
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    Previously-Incorrectly-Credited Pigeon Sona Plush Art by Malphym:
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    Music Used:
    Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Maya Fey (Turnabout Sisters Theme)
    Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story - Have a Nice Talk
    Metroid Prime - Frigate Orpheon Escape
    Mother 3 - Sorrowful Tazmily
    TLOZ: Twilight Princess - Shop
    Kirby's Dream Land 3 - Casting
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    Luigi's Mansion - Get Boss Key
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    Undertale - His Theme
    Mega Man: Network Transmission - Old Generation Area (Sword Man Stage)
    Team Fortress 2 - Right Behind You
    Sonic Lost World - Thundercloud Acropolis
    Luigi's Mansion - Luigi Recovers Mario's Painting
    Professor Layton and the Curious Village - The Veil of Night
    Deltarune - Scarlet Forest
    BGM Playlist: • Bizabizow BGM
    0:00 Intro
    3:36 Jack-O-Bonnie
    6:20 Jack-O-Chica
    8:28 Jack-O-Cupcake (Jack-O-Lantern)
    8:57 Nightmare Balloon Boy
    10:49 Nightmare Mangle
    12:43 Nightmarionne
    14:48 Nightmare Fredbear
    18:04 Nightmare
    19:14 Outro
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  • @Qlius
    @Qlius 개월 전 +6885

    I really like the fact that you don't rush these and make them at your own pace. These plushie videos feel like a nice little treat every now and then beside your other great videos.

    • @callyfoot
      @callyfoot 개월 전 +3

      no its very much so the other way around just look at the views

    • @TheGayestMushroom
      @TheGayestMushroom 개월 전 +50

      ​@@callyfootwdym by that

    • @callyfoot
      @callyfoot 개월 전 +6

      @@TheGayestMushroom the other videos are the treat to the only series anyone actually gives a sh*t about

    • @clipsyoudontwatch
      @clipsyoudontwatch 개월 전 +164

      @@callyfootyou realize your insulting her by saying that? Correction: YOU only give a shit about this series. If that’s your view on things then just leave the channel bro

    • @callyfoot
      @callyfoot 개월 전 +2

      @@clipsyoudontwatch I know

  • @thoopsy
    @thoopsy 개월 전 +378

    It's actually the moth larvae that eat your clothes. Mostly wool, they don't eat cotton. This is a big problem for yarn crafters. You sometimes have to literally freeze your yarn. Very fun. I think it would be funny to feed plushies to them on purpose. One way to get that hole look.

    • @_gremlinboy
      @_gremlinboy 개월 전 +16

      I've collaborated with my rats a couple times to create clothes full of cool holes so I can see it

    • @xxxyuri69
      @xxxyuri69 9 일 전 +2

      @@_gremlinboycool pfp! I love Sally face

  • @leatherbound_frollo
    @leatherbound_frollo 개월 전 +598

    As an avid nightmare mangle fan, I say you did absolutely wonderful on the plushie design! Also, you do so much work, you DEFINITELY DESERVE to take all the time you need. There is no rushing art.

  • @ne3333t
    @ne3333t 개월 전 +160

    I must once again applaud the editing. You can really _feel_ the ytp.

  • @Cloudymatronic
    @Cloudymatronic 개월 전 +941

    Can we appreciate how that she actually give her best shot at making the plushies for the most complicated character designs in the fnaf franchise? Also I just adore nightmarrione's design-
    Edit (again): 717 likes?? Thanks!

  • @ericabney8141
    @ericabney8141 개월 전 +101

    I need you to know Bizabow, I don't ever watch these videos for the plushies more than I watch for you. I've binged almost all your content multiple times just because I love your personality and what you create.

  • @filleis6374
    @filleis6374 개월 전 +2335

    Im really excited to see what horrendous things Funko has made and how the design goblin has fixed them.

  • @VeeIsForVendetta
    @VeeIsForVendetta 개월 전 +53

    The effort that's being put into every single video in this series is insane

  • @Admantist
    @Admantist 개월 전 +95

    Regarding licorice: I am currently living in Northern Germany, and yeah, black licorice is quite popular here and in neighboring Denmark, both with kids and adults. For one, it's just something one gets used to since childhood, and for two - the plant that is used to produce licorice is good for sore throat (they make cough syrup out of it too). So it makes sense that licorice would be popular in colder, windy regions.

  • @notaripspiderman
    @notaripspiderman 개월 전 +59

    18:49 as a crocheter specializing in plushies, I think that maybe with translucent material and black stuffing a similar effect can be achieved

    • @ximenafelix6053
      @ximenafelix6053 21 일 전

      But what kind of material it would be?

    • @noobie.nailart
      @noobie.nailart 11 일 전 +5

      ​@@ximenafelix6053 could be tulle, mesh, marquisette, organza, some lace even 🤔 there are a lot of sheer/translucent fabrics and I really like the idea, however I'm not sure how it would look in real life

  • @larvasupershow
    @larvasupershow 개월 전 +30

    im a casual fnaf fan and absolutely in love with these videos. i dont know who any of these guys are lore wise but i love seeing you redesign their plushies, or just desogn them in general. i love watching your other stuff too, but this is how i found you!!

  • @MunchyMakesStuff
    @MunchyMakesStuff 개월 전 +36

    I'm surprised the models of plushies in games haven't been brought up more, especially for the characters that don't have funko plushies. Security Breach and Help Wanted introduced plushy versions of a lot of characters that didn't get plushies.

  • @avilovewell7091
    @avilovewell7091 개월 전 +1388

    Have you ever considered turning your fnaf plushie designs into enamel pins? I'd be all over that! ❤

  • @SnowFox-gv2rn
    @SnowFox-gv2rn 개월 전 +46

    You always manage to make ever plus he design either really cool, adorable, or both, and it’s very impressive!! As a long time fan, it just makes me happy to see these crazy designs turned into wonderful plushie designs (that look a million times better than most of the Funko ones)
    Thank you for making these designs! I’m excited for future videos from this channel, Fnaf related and not

  • @sythersight
    @sythersight 개월 전 +15

    Hey Biz. Just wanna say, it's impressive that you can make videos I actually want to sit and watch - most I just listen to while doing other stuff.
    Good job.

  • @Sono-yq6yk
    @Sono-yq6yk 개월 전 +3

    Thank you for this series!! I love watching it while sewing and hope one day to try making one of your designs 💛

  • @-tee-
    @-tee- 개월 전 +17

    These all look incredible as always!!! I absolutely adore hearing your thought processes on the designs of each of them, its fascinating :)
    (also I'm a pretty big fan of black licorice! Moreso the flavoring than the actual thing bc I have a hard time with the texture lol)

  • @danhatter6823
    @danhatter6823 개월 전 +10

    I loved the part where Biz got panicked and went “guys, we need to keep Fixing, Yet Again, More Funko FNAF Plushies - FNAF 4 (Part 2)”

  • @inkkid1467
    @inkkid1467 개월 전 +1338

    N. JJ (Hoax)- 9:40
    N. Fredbear (HW demo)- 16:07
    Nightmare (Teaser)- 18:26
    Love your videos as always and keep up the good work! No need to rush tho, don't want you having a panic attack or something.

  • @robxholicfoxyfan8552
    @robxholicfoxyfan8552 개월 전 +12

    Yes! The nightmare continues! Can't wait to see designs far better than Funko again. These are a reao highlight of the day when you upload them. It will probably have to end soon enough because of how everything is finite, but this is honestly fun every step of the way, though I don't doubt tough for you.

  • @cool_feller43
    @cool_feller43 개월 전 +19

    11:33 thats actually a pretty cool idea for a Halloween mangle design, having them be made up of discarded Halloween decorations trying to "fix" themself making them look horrific.

  • @alisonfool
    @alisonfool 개월 전

    thanks for taking your time and putting so much care into this series. I'm so glad to see another :)

  • @deetv403
    @deetv403 개월 전 +12

    Im so glad I discovered you when I came out as trans to my parents, i found you during the very first fnaf plush vid and now, im one week away from starting hrt, i love you so much girly, keep it up!!!!

    • @JuulietPod
      @JuulietPod 개월 전 +2

      🧡 Good for you, girl! You're gonna love HRT

    • @sporkzzz
      @sporkzzz 개월 전 +2

      I’m wishing you the best! 😎

  • @ikustoceol
    @ikustoceol 26 일 전

    There’s a lot to love about this series. Not only can you tell a LOT of effort goes into making the plushies look outstanding, but I wasn’t expecting this series to be so fucking hilarious. Your ytp is showing, and I’m so here for it!

  • @borahbros1664
    @borahbros1664 개월 전 +658

    As a nightmarionne fan, I love the design, I honestly didn’t expect it’s design to be possible to be pulled of in plush form

    • @blazingblight2706
      @blazingblight2706 개월 전 +28

      Yeah, the marionette / endo designs are def some of the more impressive interpretations imo.

  • @v1rtu4l_edge2
    @v1rtu4l_edge2 개월 전 +10

    I love how your designs are all so detailed and thought-out, i'm so excited to see what else you'll make, but do take your time! Do you plan on tackling FNaF World at all?

  • @chrisby4607
    @chrisby4607 개월 전 +6

    Well done, you’ve made it through what is most likely the hardest game to design plushies for!! *claps*

  • @peterlerantges945
    @peterlerantges945 개월 전 +2

    i like how she makes the plushies like how fazbear entertainment would want to make these plushies. it's like they wanted to make the plushies less scarier than the actual animatronics so they would sell better. i'm really excited for sister location!

  • @aceonthecase9510
    @aceonthecase9510 개월 전 +11

    I absolutely love black licorice and its nice to see someone else that enjoys it! :D Also love the designs of your plushies and would totally buy them if they were real. Just make sure not to rush alright as we can wait alright?

  • @Thao-nathos
    @Thao-nathos 20 일 전

    I love these videos and i love these designs so much, from the stitches instead of tearing to all the small details everything shows a very good amount of care and attention, on top of a good knowledge of how design works
    I'd love to have patterns for some of these, does anyone knows if someone only made any?

  • @_skye8660
    @_skye8660 개월 전 +2106

    babe wake up the funny lil girl is fixing more fnaf plushies

  • @bluenightrblx
    @bluenightrblx 개월 전 +5

    These are great! I love how you do these at your own pace. Keep up the good work :)

  • @dollveins
    @dollveins 개월 전

    this was awesome!! i'd love to see you redesign the sister location plushies whenever you can :D i'm very interested in what you'd do with them

  • @ultmateragnarok8376
    @ultmateragnarok8376 개월 전 +8

    Three main things I want to talk about, other than you just making another great video with the type of good humor I wish was more prevalent on the internet:
    -Both Jack-O-Chica and Nightmare Chica actually have two endoskeleton jaws, which the little lines inside their mouths could do with showing (and I do so love that you include those lines on all the open-mouth designs).
    -I adore how you did the Nightmare Mangle plush. It looks so much cuter than actual Nightmare Mangle's honestly lazy design, and the little endo head is so perfectly funny-looking and adorable in your style. Nightmarionne similarly looks so much better than its actual design, you just keep knocking these out of the park.
    -I would like to formally request 'Blacktime Freddy' to be included in the SL group. While he's technically a reskin of Funtime Freddy, albeit hollow, an easter egg and dubiously real in the way Lolbit is to Funtime Foxy, Blacktime Freddy was cut from the game pretty much entirely, and then cut again from SL Custom Night, and then again after that from UCN. I think he sometimes replaces Ennard's mask in SL and he shows up in the Funtime-themed office in UCN, but he's been shafted a lot and I want representation for him. Fun fact, he's the character on the cover of The Fourth Closet, the third and final of Scott's novel trilogy, and he's the Freddy model that appears in TFC, not Funtime Freddy - notable features include apparently yellow eyes, presumably implying he's meant to be Yenndo's shell, and the two functional hands that the text provides. The graphic novel adaptation missed this entirely, because it is honestly on par with Funko's plush designs.

    • @sprousprou
      @sprousprou 개월 전

      I’m pretty sure “Blacktime” Freddy was created specifically for the Fourth Closet’s cover, he didn’t appear in Sister Location even as an Easter Egg

    • @ultmateragnarok8376
      @ultmateragnarok8376 개월 전 +1

      @@sprousprou None of the models used on the novels' covers were created specifically for those novels. TSE has Freddy, TTO has Nightmare - who doesn't appear in the book, nor do any of the Nightmares, because the point of it is the Twisted line - and TFC has Blacktime Freddy. And he was considered for SL CN, he had a mechanic similar to Jack-O-Chica in UCN.

  • @shaysela6989
    @shaysela6989 29 일 전

    This are absolutely great. It's amazing how you made designs that had the word "nightmare" in their name cute. My only grime is that the lower button on Nightmare Fredbear should be gray and not black like the top one. But aside from that - perfection

  • @scoopishere7881
    @scoopishere7881 개월 전 +886

    What I love about your editing and gags is they’re energetic and silly without being a bruh and vine boom every five seconds. This one got some big laughs out of me. Love the plushie designs too, as always. You are extremely talented!

  • @armando-_-8872
    @armando-_-8872 개월 전 +1

    Your content always has me crying with your comedic timing and editing. Keep up the amazing work ❤️

  • @Cassirole7
    @Cassirole7 22 일 전

    I absolutely love these videos. I love all your designs and Funko is stupid for not contacting you to do these. I can’t wait to see how you make the Sister Location plush 😁

  • @cruisindownthestreetinmy6490

    this is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! i love these videos soo much and do not mind the wait at all. you deliver such high quality shit that is just a pleasure to watch.

  • @eduardoaguero1220
    @eduardoaguero1220 개월 전

    I'm very happy this series is back, and the other content kept me in order while I waited! I can't wait for the SL since that game has some good designs, I really love clowns to the aesthetic is mostly why, and I may have brought it up before but even though Funko really dropped the ball on some of them (Ballora) I kinda like what was attempted, Baby looks like she was replicating a raggedy ann doll which is shocklingly fitting, Baby is the only SL plush I own and I've loved her since Febuarary, she's just such a funky lil gal and I think it's funny Scott saw how bad the merch was so he got steel wool to make character off of it lol.

  • @johnnydracaena6052
    @johnnydracaena6052 개월 전

    God it really is such a special treat when these come 💃🕺 I genuinely love the wait between them cause it makes the videos so much more sweeter

  • @FunnyLarvaFamily-lx8xh

    I'm so happy this series is still going it's the fuel for my soul

  • @animatorkay
    @animatorkay 29 일 전

    Amazing. More than amazing actually, more than words can even express 😊 I love every single design you've made!!

  • @rgz-91xsre-zz15
    @rgz-91xsre-zz15 개월 전

    These are amazing designs and don’t worry if the action pases scene didn’t work out, some times we just need to take it slow.

  • @milky_nyan
    @milky_nyan 일 전

    i'm very glad you made "i think you should leave" a guideline here on this channel. this show does not get enough love, i say MORE! MORE!

  • @vuautsu358
    @vuautsu358 개월 전

    Oh yes! These redesigns are sooo satisfying, so excited. And the next one is the game with my fav designs too!

  • @Jam-og1km
    @Jam-og1km 개월 전 +354

    I'm so happy we got another one of these so soon! I know you don't want them overshadowing your other stuff (which is great too) but these are some of my favourite videos ever!

  • @gr33n_gVtz
    @gr33n_gVtz 28 일 전

    I have been watching this series since literally 2-3am (its almost 4am rn) and im gonna get back into fnaf because of this. I CANT HANDLE HOW GOOD THE LITERAL IDEAS ARE?? like, the stitching for withering, literally everything SCRUMPTIOUS (im obsessed)

  • @ms.cartoonist9576
    @ms.cartoonist9576 개월 전 +1

    One thing I thought would be cool is when it came to the Jack-o versions of Bonnie and Chica (the cupcake too I guess), would be if they had a light in them that you can turn on by pressing their hand! Like maybe the material at their lighter parts or their cuts were more translucent and when you press their hand, they light up! Light up plushies are so precious and maybe it could add to their cuteness factor! Also LOVE Fredbear, he's my favourite character in the whole series!!

  • @Kitsu-vk3of
    @Kitsu-vk3of 개월 전 +1

    I’ve been indulging in a BUNCH of PWAA recently, and have even been doing my first PWAA playthrough (been on my bucket list for YEARS. this is such a cool series), so hearing Maya’s theme was like a jumpscare lmao

  • @sib_here_
    @sib_here_ 개월 전 +3

    I'd like to know why you think Nightmarionne's design is bad, I like it personally but I always love looking at character designs and examing them

  • @coffeeskeletonfilms5876

    I actually love Good and Plenty. Back in High School a couple years ago I filled an old pill bottle I had for antibiotics with those white and magenta candies and tricked my classmates into thinking I was eating antibiotics like candy, because you know, they were candy. But then there was the more sinister trick, because as soon as they would try some, most spit it out because it was black licorice. A couple did like it though and I still love black licorice, it’s definitely an acquired taste though

  • @ThePoltergust5000
    @ThePoltergust5000 개월 전 +255

    I love black licorice AND Nightmarionne! :D Also your plush design for them is PERFECT, like, it's _spot on,_ I LOVE the fingers and how the shape squishes down Nightmarionne's _wild_ proportions so succinctly. Great stuff as always

    • @ZeldaCraftr
      @ZeldaCraftr 개월 전 +10

      I also love both black licorice and nightmarionne! :3

    • @moffgoblin
      @moffgoblin 개월 전 +10

      ​@@ZeldaCraftr i think loving black liquorice and nightmarrione is a requirement, one without the other is an atrocity

    • @jyoshiyo
      @jyoshiyo 개월 전 +5


    • @ecstaticwooper368
      @ecstaticwooper368 개월 전 +2

      i love black licorice, nightmarionne, nightmare mangle, AND asked for a jack o pumpkin plushie.

    • @ilikefood6512
      @ilikefood6512 개월 전 +3

      yooo I do too!! I'd hug the nightmarionne plush alot, it reminds me of the funko ballora plush I have (hate the plush design for ballora, and the body proportions suck, but the nightmarionne plush looks so much more balanced and quality. also both of them are horrific.)
      I'm very intrigued on what the sister location plushes would be.

  • @tinyspongebob
    @tinyspongebob 개월 전 +3

    Once again, we rejoice to appreciate these amazing pieces of art. Till the next ones to join us together again

  • @Cloud_Sheep
    @Cloud_Sheep 개월 전

    I love that she doesn’t rush these and takes her time

  • @iiii5806
    @iiii5806 개월 전

    These videos are a great thing to watch after a stressful day

  • @jarvistoasty
    @jarvistoasty 8 일 전

    The fact that she's still doing this after 4 YEARS and is going to do more just goes to show how much of a bad job Funko did at making their plushies.

  • @Illuiso
    @Illuiso 개월 전

    Ah, yes.. my yearly / biyearly FNAF trash plushie fixing videos to soothe my soul, now to craw back into my little crevice from whence I came to wait so my little crow brain can hoard them all like trinkets.

  • @darkember_im.fictional
    @darkember_im.fictional 개월 전 +140

    I genuinely love your sense of humor so much. These videos always make me laugh, they're the perfect amount of nonsensical chaos and genuinely amazing art

  • @hatmaster7774
    @hatmaster7774 개월 전 +2

    Bizabizow is like that kooky aunt that half the family avoids, but when you get to talk to her she's actually really cool
    (this is a compliment btw)

  • @kwonunn4170
    @kwonunn4170 개월 전

    I really love the plushies! I've watched the entire series multiple times over heh
    For nightmare BB, I think he'd look a lot nicer if the black of his """gums""" extended past his teeth as it does on his model. Really makes them feel... gunky (euch)
    Keep up the awesome vidyas ^^

  • @vintagejuniper5248
    @vintagejuniper5248 개월 전

    Love the work you did on the Jack-O animateonics, also that boring pumpkin, I can't with the cuteness these guys have...
    Love your work so much, and your personality as well; I'm always crackling in-between every plushie.

  • @Idiotic_B_Purcell
    @Idiotic_B_Purcell 개월 전

    Yo girl! If you'd like, I can give pointers on how to fix the FNAF5/SL plushies using ideas I've learned from watching this series as well as Andie's. Just reply if you're interested in letting me help you redesign those misfits into beauties! I've been desperate to be someone's right-hand-gal for a really long time after a friend cancelled their game and I was their design advisor. So I've had experience with giving advice before, and with a bit of kind negotiation, we just might have potential if we can civilly agree upon it all! Best of wishes to you, BP

  • @scrdart
    @scrdart 개월 전

    I do not in any way intend to take away from how amazing this series and your work is, but I just wanted to compliment your voice?! I've watched the first few of your FNAF pushie videos many times, and was here when the second installment first came out. It's been a treat to listen to your voice change journey :) I personally have loved your voice in every video, but was so surprised by the difference in this video. (I missed the part one installment of this somehow? So the last I heard you was the video from about a year ago, which is why I was so surprised. I'll be leaving this video to go watch P1 now, but I'll be back, don't worry!)

  • @Haunted_Garf_Plush
    @Haunted_Garf_Plush 개월 전 +170

    Am I the only one surprised they don't have an official bonbon puppet that you can put on your hand...? That would be so cute

    • @chibimango5028
      @chibimango5028 개월 전 +24

      We ALMOST got that bc they released incredibly similar puppets irl but when making a bonnie one they themed it around toy bonnie for some reason?? Theres also a toy freddy one

    • @goldenmaplearts1264
      @goldenmaplearts1264 개월 전

      @@chibimango5028 Yeah, I have both of them

    • @matthewmayrand
      @matthewmayrand 개월 전 +1


  • @mintrydoesstuff9221
    @mintrydoesstuff9221 개월 전 +1

    i feel like an awesome idea for the sister location plushies would be some kind of velcro-attached flaps to act as the face plates :3

  • @carbonrick-roller7428

    I never thought I’d watch this many videos about fnaf plushies but you make it sound so interesting

  • @usefulfarmedpancakes2713

    Well worth the wait! Awesome video!
    The plushie designs haunt my dreams (in a good way, of course)

  • @olivergraves9381
    @olivergraves9381 개월 전 +1

    Absolute delight as usual!

  • @mattchristopher7471

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