iPhone 11 and 11 Pro drop test

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  • 게시일 2019. 09. 21.
  • Apple says the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro have the toughest glass ever in a smartphone. Is it true? We drop these phones from 3, 6, 8 and 11 feet onto concrete to find out.
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댓글 • 798

  • Melidza Naveda
    Melidza Naveda 3 시간 전

    Can this phones with the small crack still go under water? My 11pro has a small crack in the back and a very small and thin one in the screen.

  • Nate Gamble
    Nate Gamble 5 시간 전 +1

    Remind me why we are still using cases?

  • puneetarorax
    puneetarorax 일 전

    Edge drops will flex the frame and irregular forces will impact the glass. Drop in edges and see.


    Hope i dont drop mine anytime soon

  • Isaiah Marshall
    Isaiah Marshall 5 일 전

    You used a machine to do something you could’ve just done with your hands..

  • DUMNEZEU Ofiicial
    DUMNEZEU Ofiicial 6 일 전

    The floor is not good

  • Kay Cole
    Kay Cole 6 일 전

    Who drops a phone that many times in one day and at 11ft off the ground at that... all in all good test

  • dunno yolo
    dunno yolo 7 일 전 +1

    She is so cute! And phone is nice.

  • les monster son nul

    Fake phone

  • SPOON 89
    SPOON 89 9 일 전 +1

    Apple baby drop test?

  • All Usernames Taken
    All Usernames Taken 9 일 전 +2

    It's interesting how the LCD panels are more durable than the OLED. It's also funny that the glass is also more durable than the OLED panel.

  • Jp Prater
    Jp Prater 10 일 전

    Maybe some drop tests should drop it on the corners from a weird angle, that’s how my phones have broken in the past. It wasn’t a clean flush drop like these but more of a weird corner drop.

  • Austin Caruthers
    Austin Caruthers 10 일 전

    This video is giving me anxiety

  • Sil
    Sil 11 일 전

    i have the iphone 11 and i bought a case from $50 from apple and now i think i wasted my money

  • Matthew Miller
    Matthew Miller 11 일 전

    They only break when you drop them by accident....like mine that fell 3 inches and shuttered like it had been shot. Odd all the you tube reviewers have such durable phones while the 83 pages of similar incidents by apple clients, on the official help page, have such weak phones....oh and by the way i was blocked by the moderators as I dared to mention that I don’t believe this phone is fit for purpose. Apparently I was “ranting” and “unhelpful others using that site...yeah right

  • xXang3l_Xx
    xXang3l_Xx 12 일 전

    Fake news

  • Rosage
    Rosage 12 일 전

    I never really liked drop test. Not accurate to me. The variables aren’t as controlled as I’d like.

  • Jon Elliot
    Jon Elliot 12 일 전

    I'm sorry but.... If phonebuff doesn't do it then I don't care 🤷🏻‍♂️. Still love you CNET

  • Saurav Verma
    Saurav Verma 12 일 전

    Kutti .. keede padenge tujhe .. arre karamjali aise koi naye iPhones fekta hai bhala.. arre nagwaar bhagwaan se dar !!

  • neoholmen
    neoholmen 12 일 전

    But no one drops it like that
    When i drop my phone it never lands flat

  • Zechariah Harper
    Zechariah Harper 12 일 전

    The iPhone 11 is more durable than somebody’s arms seemingly.

  • Led Cepelinac
    Led Cepelinac 13 일 전


  • Stephen Furr
    Stephen Furr 13 일 전

    TechRax is not impressed. 🤣

  • Tech Raid
    Tech Raid 14 일 전

    I blame the floor

  • sherri moquin
    sherri moquin 14 일 전 +1

    For a split second I thought that yellow thing on that machine was a magnet

  • OmegaSesh Lul
    OmegaSesh Lul 14 일 전

    Oh just give me to it me. The first accidental drop and it will be trashed

  • Simon. Ulvevadet
    Simon. Ulvevadet 15 일 전 +7

    Who watches on the iPhone 11(pro)(Max)

  • duniya daari
    duniya daari 16 일 전

    You should have dropped it vertically

  • Minh CAO
    Minh CAO 16 일 전

    Those drops are the best reviews by themselves. Awesome.

  • Qdkmister
    Qdkmister 16 일 전

    it need to fall down on a corner

    • Qdkmister
      Qdkmister 16 일 전

      then you will see the cracks

  • ima245
    ima245 16 일 전

    Whuuuut are you kidding me? I mean, I have iPhone XS Max and it is the first iPhone I own and not destroy, yeah! IPhone’s durability has improved with the years, but... 8 and a half ft is not realistic! I just can’t believe it.

  • Tristan
    Tristan 16 일 전

    How does it not break when you drop it from 6 ft..but when it slips out my pocket it shatters..

  • Keiron Benjamin
    Keiron Benjamin 17 일 전


  • RayDaBos s
    RayDaBos s 17 일 전

    Maybe next time check if it is bent

  • Ramon Gonzalez
    Ramon Gonzalez 18 일 전

    It's not gonna crack if it lands flat. 90% of cracks happen from corner impacts and about 8% from getting stuff dropped on it

  • Der Danny
    Der Danny 18 일 전

    Drop it on asphalt

  • Atlanta Guns
    Atlanta Guns 18 일 전

    This is not a real world test. Real world we have pavement which are not perfectly smooth and flat as your office.

  • Zermecura
    Zermecura 19 일 전

    My iPhone Pro didn’t like the video

  • mob syr
    mob syr 19 일 전

    Samsung, Huawei LEARN from Apple.

  • Charbel hajj
    Charbel hajj 20 일 전


  • João Paulo Coelho
    João Paulo Coelho 20 일 전

    The test would look more real if the videos had no cuts. A little hard to believe.

  • Alex Whitton
    Alex Whitton 21 일 전

    The reason they didnt break is because the phones were dropped on a smooth flat surface not the jagged sidewalk they used to drop it on, that was a more real world situation compared to this which is like lab conditions for fucksake.

  • Pecoliky
    Pecoliky 21 일 전

    these tests are stupid.
    phones have

  • Janko Mirović
    Janko Mirović 21 일 전

    My phone breakage history:
    1) Dropped it while driving a hoverboard: than ran over it by the same hoverboard
    2) Threw kt for a dare from the 1st floor
    3) Fell out from my back pocket on wet floor tiles while my friends were "making me fly"
    4) I was riding my bike with 1 hand on the steering bar, and with my phone in the other hand - the chain fell off and i flew a few feat away from the bike and smashed my phone edge on hard concrete (bones healed, the screen didn't)
    5) Fell from pocket screen down on turkish brick flooring
    6) Fell from a charger on a camp site bunk bed
    That's it 😂

    • Brianne Renge
      Brianne Renge 18 일 전

      Janko Mirović ur a savage with ur phones lol

  • Christina Andwena
    Christina Andwena 21 일 전

    I’m getting the 11 pro in a week. So excited!!! What color would you recommend, kind stranger?

  • Manny S.
    Manny S. 25 일 전

    So if the floor is smooth, no need for case. If rough like asphalt or rocky, use a case

  • Flynn Bergschneider
    Flynn Bergschneider 25 일 전 +1

    When the Camera is not working, you have to take a photo and than it is working

  • Museum
    Museum 26 일 전

    Nobody manages to drop his iPhone like that.

  • Simon Polidano
    Simon Polidano 27 일 전

    This is bogus... I had an iPhone 8 on a two year contract... the battering that phone took is impressive and it didn't have so much as a scuff on it. My iPhone 11 pro fell twice so far - once on each side, two days apart - the screen is cracked with the majority of the damage located by the front-facing camera (which I can't use), the primary camera (top right) on the back is broken, as is the glass on the back. My phone is basically ruined after two falls and is going to a bomb to get it back to new. I was so eager to get the new iPhone. Now, a month in and I already hate my new phone. For the love of god, don't get the iPhone 11 pro; if it's as fragile as mine, you'll regret it!

  • Imran Mohebi
    Imran Mohebi 28 일 전

    I just bought iPhone 12 pro max I dropped it and it broke😭

  • RevineHD
    RevineHD 29 일 전

    Everyone send this woman some phones! i want to see droptest for every phone! P30 pro,s10,note10,iphones,xiaomi,oppo....

    AJAY SINGH 29 일 전

    About display 11 bad or not

  • BRAYEN Turner
    BRAYEN Turner 개월 전

    Dude if I dropped it from 1 foot it would crack

  • BRAYEN Turner
    BRAYEN Turner 개월 전

    iPhone 11 tuff

  • Rahul Addala
    Rahul Addala 개월 전 +1

    Drop machine, I have not heard more dummer thing than this 😂

  • Vikhyat Puri
    Vikhyat Puri 개월 전

    drop it on edge from that point the phone has the highest tendency to break as the pressure is most on it.

  • Sam Richards
    Sam Richards 개월 전

    Very impressive. Hoping my pro max with case and screen protector will not ever have a cracked screen. Would be first iPhone since original that hasn’t cracked on me at some stage.

  • Jonathan Walter
    Jonathan Walter 개월 전

    It sounds like being at the dentist

  • Jonathan Walter
    Jonathan Walter 개월 전

    She is cute.

  • francesca BaiMuDan 沉连清 SIM

    Better keep your xs Max than 11 pro Max and you can trade in again when Apple has Good soon ;)