[MV] HISTORY(히스토리) _ Might Just Die(죽어버릴지도 몰라) (Performance ver.)

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  • 게시일 2015. 05. 26.
  • [MV] HISTORY(히스토리) _ Might Just Die(죽어버릴지도 몰라) (Performance ver.)
    *English subtitles are now available. :D
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    :: iTunes DL : itunes.apple.com/us/album/beyond-the-history-ep/id997202999?l=ko&ls=1
    The title song 'Might Just Die' is singing a parting of a couple behind the grand string sounds. Dramatic lyrics covering from love, sorrow, anger to regret are very impressive and the special arrangement element is hidden at the end of the song for the stage performance of HISTORY.
    At the 4th mini album [Beyond the HISTORY] you can meet attractive vocal, rap and performance of the five members at the same time as well as the totally 'NEW HISTORY' you've never seen before.
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    HISTORY主打歌《Might just Die》讲述与情人分手之后的故事,歌词包含爱情、悲伤、愤怒、后悔的情绪,令人觉得新颖。

    HISTORY的第四张迷你专辑《Beyond The HISTORY》,可以让你欣赏5个队员的美丽声音、Rap以及表演。
    5人のメンバーの魅力的なボーカルとラップ、そしてパフォーマンスを同時に楽しむことができるトラックで構成されたHISTORYの4thミニアルバム『Beyond The HISTORY』で、私たちはこれまで見たことのない‘新しいHISTORY’を発見することができる。
    타이틀곡 “죽어버릴지도 몰라”는 웅장한 스트링 안에 연인의 이별 뒷 이야기를 담아낸 곡. 사랑과 슬픔, 분노와 후회를 넘나드는 드라마틱한 가사가 인상적이며, 노래 후반부에는 히스토리만의 특별한 무대 퍼포먼스를 위한 편곡 요소가 숨어 있다.
    다섯 멤버의 매력적인 보컬과 랩, 퍼포먼스를 동시에 만나볼 수 있는 트랙들로 구성된 히스토리 네 번째 미니앨범 [Beyond The HISTORY]에서, 우리는 그동안 본 적 없는 ‘새로운 히스토리’를 발견하게 될 것이다.
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  • gummybearmonster01
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    it really sucks to find all these fans now after their disband....

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  • multlgual rulyxa
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    *History* was history .

  • kpop trash
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    The Performance ver has more views than the mv ver-

  • JMinLin ewe
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    Es una joyita, me encanta.

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    Con ese portadon quien no va querer ver el video :v💕

  • Aspen Hawkins
    Aspen Hawkins 11 일 전

    Who’s watching right before 2020?

  • Maty Makeup
    Maty Makeup 11 일 전

    A la fin de la vidéo c sexy

  • Brittney
    Brittney 12 일 전 +2

    this song was so ahead of its time :( this group had some bangers, if they debuted now they would’ve been huge

  • Giedre .G
    Giedre .G 12 일 전

    Happy birthday Kyungil!

  • FreeLifeStruggles
    FreeLifeStruggles 13 일 전

    I would love this song if it didn't have the panting

  • 百合孟
    百合孟 13 일 전

    some people don’t know this song exists and it shows

  • Fay Ali
    Fay Ali 13 일 전

    2019 😍😍😍

    CARE SUSHI 13 일 전

    Kpopers latinas 2019?🌍🌈

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  • F I F I
    F I F I 13 일 전

    im proud of producer jang yijeong he is a part of bighit now and produce TXT songs 😢.

  • Isabella Creates
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    Happy Birthday KyungIl 🎂

  • Micaela O michaela?
    Micaela O michaela? 14 일 전

    Wao wuapardos

  • Ari ashley
    Ari ashley 14 일 전

    Almost 2020 and I'm just now finding this group?¿! I'm so disappointed in myself I wish I found them sooner. They're literally amazing and talented

  • Nely Nely
    Nely Nely 14 일 전

    dang if they would've debuted in 2019, they would've abolished kpop stans lol

  • Noris 246
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    Why i see Johnny from NCT XDD

  • Frederikke Ringstede

    I really love their vocals!!...I am speechless..they r amazing just to be clear❤

  • Авсгуст Грустный

    Эх, всегда буду вспоминать эту песню

  • Androniki T.
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    What do you mean *Might just die* ?
    I did die. PERIOD

  • Camila Rowe
    Camila Rowe 15 일 전

    I just discovered this group... I cant stop watching this MV... they're sexy, not cute not boyish... actually SEXy
    They all look like they're 6 feet tall

  • Наталья Дорофеева

    О,какая музыка, особенно в начале и в конце. Мощное выступление!

  • ᄆᄌ ᄆ
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    this is art😍

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  • Kei Asia Ford
    Kei Asia Ford 16 일 전

    I was just casually watching this video as mark lee from stray kids was being my spirit animal then I saw it.

  • yasmine JAZZ
    yasmine JAZZ 16 일 전 +27

    Who is DISCOVERING this in 2019?!

  • WON derland
    WON derland 16 일 전

    I don't know about this song or group but yeah I'm here coz of recommendation 👍👍

  • Brisa KookMinHyungGi

    Van a pasar años y seguira siendo mi favorita.

  • Natalie Hubbard
    Natalie Hubbard 16 일 전 +2

    Can we talk about how impressive that jump is tho 👌🔥

  • Silver Fire
    Silver Fire 17 일 전

    damn…… I think I really "might just die".... I can't unsee what I saw

  • Official Jocelyn
    Official Jocelyn 17 일 전 +19

    Looks like they were "jopping" long before Super M.

  • Luzinete Pereira de Souza

    Achei lindo mas o refrão é muito barulhento e isso deixou minha cabeça muito confusa

  • josefine S
    josefine S 17 일 전 +2

    Uhm... so... I just died.

  • ••• Akenninn •••

    2019 anyone oh okay.....

  • jamless beach
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    Let's admit it, we'll never get over History

  • Yesenia Solis
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    This reminds me of infinite

  • Loona Lu
    Loona Lu 18 일 전

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  • Giedre .G
    Giedre .G 18 일 전

    Simply wonderful, powerful, beautiful, energetic...I LOVE this song.

    ATS BTS 18 일 전

    2:34 I hope i can breath 😍🔥😭

  • hannah swinehart
    hannah swinehart 19 일 전

    I'm so dumb, I was watching thia thinking this was a new band then I saw the realise date

  • Amanda Schneider
    Amanda Schneider 19 일 전

    i refuse to believe that they're real and not digitally created. they're far too perfect

  • yesica dominguez
    yesica dominguez 19 일 전 +1

    2:35 OMMAAAAA

  • Yvonne G
    Yvonne G 19 일 전

    May someone help me getting some knowledge about these freaking talented (and damn hot) guys, who disrespectfully smashed my plans of not starting another group while all my tests..... please

  • Abby-leigh S
    Abby-leigh S 19 일 전

    How the hell did I miss this video after it was posted on my birthday!!!!!! .....not happy....

  • serenity 2.0
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  • Jiae Choi
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    1:08 omg who dat guy??😍

  • Suho's hoe
    Suho's hoe 19 일 전

    Aww this is making me so sad I really want to stan them but they're already disbanded? Like wtf why?! 😭 they deserve more 😭

  • Lola Heyder
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    Someone please tell me what these members are doing now in 2019?

    • Enas Eno
      Enas Eno 13 시간 전

      Unfortunately they disbanded 😢

  • Mあに
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    Love this group. Manly men. They make my heart melt.

  • grey VANN
    grey VANN 20 일 전

    My oh my

  • Lost LunchboX
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    I just might die too...... especially with those ads and them grinding on the floor. X-X x-x x_x X_X

  • Todéla In Korea
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    I love it again... ♥

  • Tela
    Tela 22 일 전

    Who are they! And why all thier MV are bangers, this one and QUEEN, why could someone disbaned something like this ,he must be real crazy
    Where they practiced thier vocals
    Omg ,who trained them
    *All the groups pls look at this & take vocals notes

  • MinMoshii
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    ahora entiendo mas o menos el nombre de la cancion

  • Music Lover
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    this is giving me slight Taemin vibes