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I Built 10 MUST HAVE FARMS in Minecraft Hardcore

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  • 게시일 2022. 10. 02.
  • I built 10 must have automatic farms in minecraft hardcore.
    In this video, I build 10 automatic farms that will give me infinite blocks for my future projects, starting with the easy wood farms and stone farms, and working my way up to more difficult farms like gold farms and bartering farms.
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    ♪ Music provided by Artlist ♪
    ♪ Music also provided by Kevin MacLeod ♪
    ▷ Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0
    Stone Farm by Kanerade: • Fastest Stone Generato...
    Shulker Shell Farm by Emdy: • [Tutorial] The Simples...
    Nether Tree Farm by ncolyer: • Simple & Speedy Nether...
    Raid Farm by ianxofour: • Minecraft Elegance: Pr...
    Slime Farm by ilmango: • Game Changing Slime Fa...
    Slime Farm by ianxofour: • Minecraft Elegance: Lo...
    Honey Farm by Shulkercraft: • Minecraft Elegance: Lo...
    Cobblestone Farm by Scorpio: • Simple and Cheap Cobbl...
    Sugarcane Farm by Mysticat: • Top 3 Minecraft Sugarc...
    Gold Farm by DashPum4: • (OLD VERSION) Minecraf...
    Bartering Farm by ianxofour: • Minecraft Elegance: In...
    Series Inspiration:
    Loony, NotNotBrock, Sandiction
    #minecraft #but #hardcore
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  • @AustMC
    @AustMC  년 전 +229

    Hope you enjoyed this one! :D These farms should open up lots of new build opportunities for future videos. Links to all the farm designs are in the description.

  • @caveboy5677
    @caveboy5677 년 전 +1054

    He built a farm to make it easier to acquire the materials for a farm, which he used to gather everything he needed for a farm. Guy is on another level

    • @no1camper_30
      @no1camper_30 년 전 +43

      I mean why bother spending an hour to gather resources when you can spend 4 hours to build a farm that gathers resources for you?

    • @game3nGage011
      @game3nGage011 11 개월 전 +15

      @@no1camper_30 think of it as a investment because after he makes the games he can use them over and over again every time he needs that item instead of mining/crafting for the items he needs

    • @game3nGage011
      @game3nGage011 11 개월 전 +2

      Makes the farms I mean

    • @no1camper_30
      @no1camper_30 11 개월 전

      @@game3nGage011 I know I know after all that is something i'd do since it would easier to have farm that does things for you instead of manually farm for them which is why I prefer to put those extra hours on making an automatic farm

    • @bearIyy
      @bearIyy 11 개월 전 +4

      that's the point of farms in general...

  • @a.person.somewhere
    @a.person.somewhere 년 전 +429

    your channel is proof of quality over quantity. your videos are nicely edited, your voice is really calm, and the video is just amazing in general.

    • @AustMC
      @AustMC  년 전 +38

      Thank you :D

    • @Lewaifu
      @Lewaifu 년 전 +3

      Bro sneaking facts

    • @Aquaciouss
      @Aquaciouss 년 전 +2

      @@AustMC please make a tutorial on how you made your profile banner.

    • @AustMC
      @AustMC  년 전 +10

      @@Aquaciouss I paid a guy named Reithedoom to make it on Fiver. 😅 I wish I had those drawing skills.

    • @OztinSterling0
      @OztinSterling0 11 개월 전 +1


  • @Orangick
    @Orangick 년 전 +179

    Your videos never dissapoint, happy to see you grow

  • @Pinos_Mrime007
    @Pinos_Mrime007 년 전 +35

    I love how you use the totem with the editing there’s so much thought put into this video I love it

  • @amunkus2773
    @amunkus2773 년 전 +44

    Finally a non repetitive hardcore series to watch!

  • @bigpamma486
    @bigpamma486 년 전 +63

    Why isnt this guy famous yet damn what a quality of videos man! Thank you!

  • @markysparky8590
    @markysparky8590 3 개월 전 +1

    I binged all your videos in one day! I’m obsessed! Keep up the good work! It would be cool to see you make a zoo with every single mob!!

  • @vauszir
    @vauszir 년 전 +8

    Love it, love you, love this channel! I've found with most creators when they do a farm build episode it gets a little boring and I tend to just skip to the end result but your editing is so clean and engaging! Your totem reaction face 😂- Cannot wait to see what you do next!

  • @TRBCrazyy
    @TRBCrazyy 년 전 +5

    Ever since I found out about this series, I've been following it every time a new video comes out, I think you work hard for both the videos and your world, respect♥️

  • @Oliq_
    @Oliq_ 9 개월 전 +1

    I love the editing, especially the faces on your totem lol 😂

  • @rubyl1456
    @rubyl1456 년 전 +16

    Great video
    You never disappoint me keep up the good work

  • @xoxo.ellanoire
    @xoxo.ellanoire 4 개월 전

    This is amazing, the amount of work and time you put to your hardcore world is just amazing! your builds are super cool and beautiful, you edits are a masterpeice, your voice is calm and chill, and your effort is just flawless!!

  • @cookingbakingwithsam2611

    The Bee farm is significantly more efficient when the bees from different hives dont collide. To do this, double the length of the overall farm, and space out the hives and place an azalea leaf in between.

  • @omarunzainkun11
    @omarunzainkun11 9 개월 전 +2

    The amount of work behind these farm is just bee-yond amazing! It's a real hive of activity. I'm buzzing with inspiration.

  • @froggerisswag
    @froggerisswag 년 전 +7

    im glad to see you`re channel grow and hope you get reconized more you videos are amazing, btw I think it would be cool if you made some smp videos

  • @GiantSwordDrop
    @GiantSwordDrop 년 전 +5

    Aust videos always make my day! 💕
    Keep up the good work man.

  • @joeisonlyaverage1313

    Awesome stuff as always!! If you want suggestions for the next build - maybe having a harbor/fisherman place? That could lead for some epic stuff with say, ships in the water!

  • @Rylano.
    @Rylano. 5 개월 전

    A few hours ago I found this channel and I’m already on this episode like your series is ADDICTING

  • @Sharkcnr
    @Sharkcnr 년 전 +1

    Nice to see you grow.

  • @remizik
    @remizik 년 전

    The quality content any Minecraft KRclipr should look up to. Very entertaining to watch :) I love the facial expressions on your custom totem. Keep the vids coming!

  • @darissijaric5505
    @darissijaric5505 년 전 +1

    Dude I love this channel
    I recommend building more stuff on the other side of the bridge where beacon is

  • @ranger1136
    @ranger1136 년 전

    the amount of work you do is amazing and I wanted to share my appreciation :) keep up the good work :))

  • @StarArbab1212
    @StarArbab1212 년 전

    I respect everyone who were involved in this, Seriously the best piece that I' ve ever seen on KRclip,HATS OFF TO WELL ALL ! LOVE YOUR VIDEO..

  • @ChonkerMan
    @ChonkerMan 년 전 +43

    Lets get this epic man to 100k In the next month.
    Also I love how you can see the progression of editing/playing, This channel is so addicting, however I have now watched every video, so there is nothing to watch haha

    • @AustMC
      @AustMC  년 전 +18

      The one downside to making highly edited content 😅 Very time consuming

    • @ChonkerMan
      @ChonkerMan 년 전 +5

      @@AustMC yup! Atleast it gives something to be excited for!!

    • @leilaniandraven7594
      @leilaniandraven7594 년 전 +3

      You are so right! I am always waiting for a new video because he makes really good ones.

    • @unwashedcucumber7488
      @unwashedcucumber7488 년 전 +1

      rewatching is still great hahaha

  • @FarLobster22890
    @FarLobster22890 년 전 +1

    This is my first time watching you and I have to say Im LOVING the content

  • @unotheguy6
    @unotheguy6 년 전 +1

    Dude! This is so helpful for beginning a world, keep up the great content!

  • @anartichoke_2260
    @anartichoke_2260 년 전 +1

    With all the soulsand from your Bartering farm, make a soul speed highway! If you put slabs over it then you can make it look nice and go speedy around your base!

  • @_r3con
    @_r3con 년 전

    your videos are great, the editing is perfect to the comedic atmosphere of the video, keep up the great work!

  • @elfridgordin1046

    1 problem with the sugar cane farm use mud instead of dirt because it isn't a full block so hoppers can collect through them

  • @BrysonTaylor-xc5bq
    @BrysonTaylor-xc5bq 21 일 전

    hey man keep up the good work you do amazing editing respect the grind

  • @jxstjake
    @jxstjake 년 전 +22

    You bee jokes were awesome! Great video, I thought the nether wood farm was a concrete farm and I wondered why it's in the 10 most important farms lol. Very good video!

  • @user-bi9ml8sj9v

    When I was building my base I made a cobblestone farm and hooked it up to a super-smelter powered by a carpet dupe. It a better stone farm if you need a large amount

  • @Ethania-Gaming_Gunpla_MMA

    Use all of the blocks for a very large project that could benefit you or make you base more useful

  • @Standys35
    @Standys35 년 전

    I loved this! That is the main problem for me now. I wanna build one building but need 10 farms to for it :D

  • @rainbrinex
    @rainbrinex 년 전 +1

    Your content is amazing just as always, Hoping to see new vids next time... anyways love your vids Aust😁

  • @smokeys79
    @smokeys79 년 전 +1

    Just discovered your channel and I love it! Hope to see more of this awesome content!

  • @aplxgamingtv3622
    @aplxgamingtv3622 년 전 +1

    I can definitely see a bright future for your channel. I'll bet you already have 800k or 1m subs next year or later. Keep up the good work Aust!!!

  • @Yooo488
    @Yooo488 7 개월 전 +1

    Man the videos are so awesome they always give something for me to look forward to.

  • @daviscalledfred
    @daviscalledfred 년 전 +1

    i need to know how you edit ur videos, this is some of the best and most detailed editing ive seen in a while, keep up the LEGENDARY work Aust!

  • @ncolyer
    @ncolyer 년 전 +3

    Such a vital video for anyone looking to get into the amazing realm of technical Minecraft, thanks for putting it together and featuring my little wood farm too :)

    • @AustMC
      @AustMC  년 전 +1

      One day I’ll have to setup some more farms so I can actually run yours for more than 10 minutes at a time 😅

    • @ncolyer
      @ncolyer 년 전 +1

      @@AustMC some really good moss farms exist out there but they're a pain to find coz there's no yt vid for them -they're all on random discord servers- if u want i can send u like a schematic of one but also remember u can compost the wart blocks u get from the menace to make back 50% of the bonemeal it uses, which means u might be able to run it for 15 minutes instead of 10

  • @paulschwandt8705

    i love the way you narrate this video. saw you on my 4u and you earned yourself a sub. keep it up man

  • @boblifetime5959
    @boblifetime5959 년 전 +1

    Hey just found your channel and loved the video. Keep up the great work!

  • @ybot1688
    @ybot1688 년 전 +1

    I am not kidding I have been waiting a long time for you to post another video as I think you are THE BEST Minecraft KRclipr. Well done mate

  • @barberdrake
    @barberdrake 년 전 +1

    You should build more farms with them, but in like good looking building, like a normal tree farm in a tree, or a cactus farm in a cactus, or just a very very big chest room

  • @rsdwarrior2790
    @rsdwarrior2790 8 개월 전

    I admire you, not only are you playing on hardcore, you’re doing so many builds on it. I can barely handle a normal difficulty world

  • @imbetterthanhim

    Great Farms :0. This is amazing! Keep up the good work!!!

  • @travishollamon2844

    Awesome video keep up the work

  • @zeqo4202
    @zeqo4202 년 전

    this channel is so underrated imo, i love your videos

  • @Kannon1
    @Kannon1 년 전 +1

    Awesome video as always! :D

  • @aleattorium
    @aleattorium 11 개월 전

    Just found this channel, this is next level.

  • @vrushuv879
    @vrushuv879 년 전 +1

    Thanks for the texture pack Aust. I've been using your texture pack for around a month and it's just amazing. Btw your videos are also cool. Also wanted to know which editing software you use. Thanks Aust for your amazing videos.

    • @AustMC
      @AustMC  년 전 +1

      Thanks :D I’m glad you like it. I use Davinci resolve for my editing

  • @laurenisuwu
    @laurenisuwu 년 전 +1

    Amazing video mate. Love your content

  • @ExcuseMeWhat13
    @ExcuseMeWhat13 년 전 +1

    Amazing, loved the jokes and the farm building footage. I love the channel!

  • @MrBeiger
    @MrBeiger 년 전 +1

    Great work ❤

    • @MysteryMob-tv5fp
      @MysteryMob-tv5fp 7 개월 전 +2

      A quick tip: You should REALLY change your profile picture. 💀💀💀

    • @MrBeiger
      @MrBeiger 6 개월 전

      @@MysteryMob-tv5fp bro are you a proboscis monkey hater? :(

  • @oofcraftYT
    @oofcraftYT 년 전 +1

    Every video just gets better you did great can’t wait to see more 😅😇

  • @InfiniteMc
    @InfiniteMc 년 전

    I would suggest you building different builds around the farms so it. These builds should represent what the farms are used for. Just a suggestion. The video was awesome and keep up the good work

  • @Cat-jr8oe
    @Cat-jr8oe 년 전

    The expressions on the totem are such a nice touch and I love it :D

  • @GunterBagsYT
    @GunterBagsYT 년 전

    I subbed a few weeks ago but lost track of you despite having notifications on. Luckily I found you again and am able to watch your videos again. I love watching these. Highly underrated KRclipr.

  • @b1graz0r12
    @b1graz0r12 년 전

    I like how his totem is used to show his reactions never seen it done super cool

  • @mohitmurty2269
    @mohitmurty2269 년 전

    Hey Aust, I watched this video and it was amazing!! also watched every single video of yours

  • @kevinryan787
    @kevinryan787 년 전 +2

    You are a underated youtuber you should have a big audience man love your vids

  • @val_kyo
    @val_kyo 10 개월 전 +1

    The quality of your videos amaze me so much. I only watched one of your videos (this one) and you def deserved my sub!

  • @shiparelli3448
    @shiparelli3448 년 전

    This was the first video I saw that was made by you and its frickin amazing. You used all the right designs

  • @Hrushikesh_mane

    You're video production flow is so cool... it's like some some 3 to 4 million subscriber creators video.. quite impressive ✨

  • @1g2u4
    @1g2u4 년 전

    I love this type of content!!! Keep on doing that❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • @grumpo953
    @grumpo953 년 전

    I love how your totem changes throughout the episode.

  • @Harvzy
    @Harvzy 년 전 +1

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  • @just_a_frend
    @just_a_frend 년 전

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  • @mrmoose_6522
    @mrmoose_6522 년 전

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  • @TheRealCM5
    @TheRealCM5 년 전 +3

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  • @orangenal
    @orangenal 년 전

    Make a bonemeal farm for the tree farm, the designs using moss can produce loads and they are tileable (I believe three modules already gets you ab 18k bonemeal per hour)

  • @twinkiethelup5147
    @twinkiethelup5147 년 전 +2

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    @RIKO_4U 년 전

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  • @unwashedcucumber7488

    this was the best video i have watched in ages. llove the editing mate, Great job.

  • @wolfratman3909
    @wolfratman3909 년 전 +2

    Yes, another amazing video.

  • @xscitobor1233
    @xscitobor1233 8 개월 전

    Very fun to watch in all aspects nice job

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    @jeda2398 년 전 +2

    Love ur vids❤

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    @max10862 년 전

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    @PixMoonlight 년 전

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    Keep it up!

  • @babayagx
    @babayagx 년 전 +7

    the bee puns made me giggle all the way through. "beauty is in the eyes of the bee-holder" 😂😂

  • @soolakowy5399
    @soolakowy5399 년 전

    In my opinion you need to add auto sorter to poglon frarm and think of better solution with chest full of cobblestone

  • @jace_0453
    @jace_0453 년 전 +3

    So nice Video! Love when people make Farms

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    @LiedGT 년 전

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    @ishaanjain2347 년 전

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    @altezxa 년 전

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    @CRYGAMING-hc2bf 년 전 +1

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  • @Kosmomaaan
    @Kosmomaaan 년 전 +3

    Nice vid so far. Hyperactive enough for me.

  • @kaogaroo
    @kaogaroo 년 전

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    @doorBehindthe 년 전 +3

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    @ahdhnahajajlrd 년 전 +2

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  • @lestertaylor9727

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    @P2WFoxBruno 년 전 +2

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  • @minted.
    @minted. 년 전

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  • @Santa0944
    @Santa0944 년 전

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  • @dermor_
    @dermor_ 년 전

    I absolutely love this video. Just a question though, what kind of mod/plugin do you use for viewing large builds and for seeing the insides of a shulker box without placing it? Is there a name i can look up or a video I can watch?

    • @AustMC
      @AustMC  년 전

      Litematica shows blueprints of builds and the material lists. For the shulker preview, I think itemscroller has that as a feature? Not sure 😅 Could be minihud

  • @basta11aa45
    @basta11aa45 5 개월 전

    Aust : *builds a new efficient farm*
    Also aust : and with this chunk loader on this thing should run 24 / 7

  • @feetflavouredtoast

    I love the video, keep it up

  • @bluu4208
    @bluu4208 10 개월 전

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  • @LegoYoda.
    @LegoYoda. 년 전

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