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비비 (BIBI) - 나쁜년 (BIBI Vengeance) Official M/V

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2022. 11. 16.

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  • ChickenNoodle

    Can we talk about her facial expression and her acting?!? She deserves to be famous as an actress

  • mimi
    mimi 14 일 전 +3

    "Almost every woman I have ever met has a secret belief that she is just on the edge of madness, that there is some deep, crazy part within her, that she must be on guard constantly against ‘losing control’ - of her temper, of her appetite, of her sexuality, of her feelings, of her ambition, of her secret fantasies, of her mind."

  • XY
    XY 21 일 전 +4

    This is an mv I'll never get tired of watching, you slay girl 🔥

  • NeilZen
    NeilZen 일 전 +874

    Breakthrough in KPOP. This song and her vocals are lit!

  • Purple Venom
    Purple Venom 14 시간 전 +719

    Watching this mv feels like I'm watching a kdrama with a very strong female lead . I just love it.

  • StaMyA
    StaMyA 9 시간 전 +305

    This MV was a full short Kdrama😲👏

  • Yomira S.A.

    The rhythm is so addictive

  • subtle Provisions
    subtle Provisions 21 일 전 +199

    This should be the OST for The Glory

  • Tania Camacho
    Tania Camacho 21 일 전 +382

    Peroooo, sus expresiones faciales omg! Su voz es tan increíble, bueno en sí todo de esta canción es increíble. ¡Ame completamente esta canción!

  • Sky Rogers
    Sky Rogers 14 일 전 +200

    How did I not see this MASTERPIECE UNTIL NOW

  • Sam
    Sam 19 시간 전 +184

    She is a fresh breath of air in the K-pop industry, you go girl❤

  • Min Yoo 💫☄️
    Min Yoo 💫☄️ 21 시간 전 +167

    BIBI는 더 많은 관심을 받을 자격이 있습니다!!! 그녀의 보컬은 놀랍고 이 MV는 말할 말이 없습니다. 난 이 컨셉이 정말 좋아 왜냐면 존나 사실적이야!!! 이 걸작에 대해 Gurlll에게 감사합니다 💫

  • aNu
    aNu  +4


  • mert ycl
    mert ycl 21 일 전 +95

    If you look for a woman whose self-confidence gushes and a woman who is perfect is that If you look for a woman who has a gushing of self-confidence, and a woman who is perfect is that person. BIBI

  • Sm0kei
    Sm0kei 일 전 +47

    pure masterpiece, she is art, this mv is art. her voice fits perfectly to this song, im so impressed. this song and her visuals wow.

  • Anam Rehman
    Anam Rehman 4 시간 전 +32

    She nailed the song, acting, dance, facial expressions... Literally everything!!!!!

  • sanam mjd
    sanam mjd 21 시간 전 +83

    This character has the potential to be made into a movie… ❤

  • Cheska Nakano
    Cheska Nakano 7 시간 전 +77

    🔥🔥¡Esta chica tiene mucho talento!🔥🔥

  • Sreejita 💕

    Finally a solo artist is putting so much effort on describing the feeling of hatred and silent struggle.... So proud of her❣️❣️❣️

  • TuemeLover
    TuemeLover 일 전 +36

    i don't know why this is so underrated all the scenes, props, her facial expression!!!, her voice and dancing skills are sooo