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IVE 'ELEVEN' (Amazon Music Original Performance Video)

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  • 게시일 2022. 01. 10.
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댓글 • 2 154

  • angel
    angel  +3

    wow their visuals are never a joke, dancing, everything is so perfect in IVE.

  • 유민
    유민  +1

    The background is really flashy lmao, but the makeup looks really good, those outfits are some of my favorites, and the girls look amazing! <3 and good camerawork. So glad we keep getting so much content.

  • - A
    - A  +323

    Liz has such an angelic voice, I hope she can shine more in the next comebacks and show us her skills

  • 사라이RosesAreRosies-STAY4ever

    Red is their color, look how stunning they look with those outfits, every member is awesome and has talents, no matter who you look you won't get bored they're rookies but they still manage to be incredible performers and their vocals are so beautiful

  • whirlwindyoh

    Starship really never fails in fashion department. All their artists are well coordinated and dress in every performance.

  • Gina Ng
    Gina Ng  +21

    Really love this hairstyle for Rei, in fact the entire styling, choreography and performance by all members is chef's kiss.

  • Keiko Niigaki

    The fancy Outfits, elegant Hairstyles, ethereal Stage presence &

  • Qwerty Peach

    Other rookie girl group fans can’t accept the fact that Ive aren’t just visual but also very talented idols. Just stan your own idol group but please stop sending hates to this group.

  • lizintodive

    Liz is so talented, her extreme talent makes anyone wonder: Who is this blonde? She has mesmerizing eyes and a striking presence 🧚🏻

  • Narcissistic -- My God, I love it

    What am I proud of? I'm proud of these 6 girls - IVE. They've grown so much ever since debut. Looking forward to your comeback!

  • Yami Amaya

    Los artistas de Starship no sólo son visuales, si no también muy talentosos wow

  • GiGi
    GiGi  +534

    This is just SOO BIG to collaborate with a multinational music distributor in their rookie era! IVE IS NOT COME TO PLAY WITH YALL 🔥

  • ae_delle
    ae_delle  +28

    Starship stylists dress them beautifully and very attention to details. The girls look amazing 💖

  • Ayu Annur
    Ayu Annur  +34

    I can't imagine how it feels to change clothes and dancing repetitively. These girls have some dedication.

  • K-Pop Worldwide

    Really into the group because of Yuijn but Liz really is now my bias. Really pretty and tall just looks good in anything. Looks like a doll with that blonde hair like she is the person who suits blonde even more than real blonde. She looks unapproachable as she is soo good-looking. I would have my mind blown if she does not gets the spotlight and fame she deserves.

  • Carlo Bisda

    the production is really well done for this - if i didnt know, i would've thought this was the original music video lol

  • Mel Fuentes

    me encanta 😻

  • nini
    nini  +626

    the camera work, the quality, this is exactly what they deserve!

  • Almira Adina Azaria

    The makeup, outfits, perfomance and voice is so good and cool🤩🥰😚👌🏻