SAMSUNG A70 vs S10+ | Speed Test Comparison

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  • 게시일 2019. 11. 13.
  • A20s vs S7 Edge비디오.html
    A50 vs J7 Pro비디오.html
    A30s vs Huawei Y9비디오.html
    A50 vs Moto One비디오.html
    A30s vs S9비디오.html
    A50 vs Huawei P Smart 2019비디오.html
    A30s vs S7 Edge비디오.html
    A50 vs S9비디오.html
    A30s vs Note 8비디오.html
    A50 vs Moto G7 Power비디오.html
    A30s vs Moto One비디오.html
    A50. Vs Huawei Y9 2019비디오.html
    A30s vs J7 Pro비디오.html
    A50 vs S8비디오.html
    A30s vs Moto G7 Power
    A30s vs Huawei P Smart 2019
    A50 vs Note 8
    A70 vs OnePlus 6
    A30s vs Galaxy S8
    A70 vs Note 9
    S10 vs A70
    A20 vs J4
    A6+ vs A30s
    Moto G6 vs G7 Play
    M30 vs A30s
    A50 vs A30s
    M20 vs A30s
    A30 vs A30s
    iPhone 11 vs Galaxy S10+
    A30 vs A6+
    iPhone 11 vs S10
    iPhone X vs iPhone 11
    iPhone 11 vs Note 10+
    iPhone XR vs iPhone 11
    iPhone 8 vs A50
    iPhone 8 vs A70
    A50 vs iPhone 7+
    A70 vs iPhone 7+
    A50 vs iPhone 6+
    A10s vs iPhone 6
    A10s vs A20
    A10s vs A10
    S10+ vs Note 10
    Note 10 vs Note 10+
    Note 10 vs iPhone XR
    S10+ vs Note 10+
    Note 9 vs Note 10+
    A80 vs S9+
    A70 vs Moto One Vision
    A70 vs S9+
    A80 vs Note 9
    A80 vs S8+
    A80 vs A70
    Moto One vision VS S8+
    Huawei Y9 vs Huawei P Smart 2019
    A7 2018 vs A70
    Moto G7 Power vs G7 Play
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댓글 • 6

  • Nigiri Sushi mmm
    Nigiri Sushi mmm 8 일 전 +1

    Samsung is the best for all people
    And iphone got nothing to add while you pay more
    Even the screen is so much larger with 16.7
    Then again the asus ROG 2 is the killer phone on the market
    Cheaper then the best iphones and with so much more power

  • Makosik LoL
    Makosik LoL 26 일 전

    Iphone better

  • Deep ❶
    Deep ❶ 개월 전 +1

    Please Which one is better The A70 or Xiaomi Mi 9T (k20) ?

  • Ali.sga.30 Safari
    Ali.sga.30 Safari 개월 전

    Nice video

  • Valentin Reynoso
    Valentin Reynoso 개월 전 +1

    Buen video