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Electricity is precious!

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2022. 11. 28.

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  • @somacguffin

    오랜만에 해피엔딩!

  • @user-nv4ok3tf1w

    킬포:귀시니만 마지막에 ls랑 웃을때 볼따귀 파란색임

  • @simplescience8374

    I didn't expect the mom to start kneeling down. You know the situation is bad when the mom starts panicking.

  • @Amuseraa
    @Amuseraa  +11

    Finally, a happy ending ☺️❤️

  • @paraluzion

    Really wholesome how Whisper decided to help her family by doing all sorts of things with the electric fairy. It really shows the strong relationship between her and the rest of them.

  • @user-gd3pi7yz9y

    어머니가 무릎 꿇는 순간이 올줄이야..

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  • @tankokleong6767

    First time seeing mom panicking like hell

  • @user-hd2em6gs1b

    소맥거핀 으쓱할때 디게 부드럽네

  • @issjgohan8488

    we've been seeing more of the mom in a single frame more and more huh...

  • @AGnil4869
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  • @pig3905
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  • @kyokothegoat6612

    Es tan lindo..

  • @user-it4st4kr1p

    소맥 형넴 구독자 50만명일때 한국인이 많았는데 이제는 외국인이 많나요

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  • @akiharuhino

    As an electrical technician I am surprised to your attention to detail when drawing the pole mount stepdown transformers and you even draw the substation panels as well ! Haha 😂 and you even show it was a cable fault ! Good job 👏👏👏💯

  • @sparrow9210
    @sparrow9210 21 시간 전

    I like how the family is freaking out, while the youngest sister and the fairy are fixing electricity, the roach is being flung around while the cat and the plant watch the whole thing like it’s a movie

  • @user-bc7nx5wn4l

    어머니가 무릎 꿇은건 진짜 희귀한 장면임