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Andre Iguodala Gets Real About Jordan Poole

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  • 게시일 2023. 09. 20.
  • In this clip, Andre Iguodala talks to JJ and Evan Turner about the fit of Jordan Poole and his fit on The Golden State Warriors with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.
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  • @JJRedick
    @JJRedick  2 개월 전 +135

    Check out the full pod: krclip.com/video/WkpPPxJbUIQ/비디오.html

    • @ragingoracle6239
      @ragingoracle6239 2 개월 전

      Turn (Evan) Still owes me that 1v1..

    • @albundy495
      @albundy495 2 개월 전 +3

      Evan Tuner sounds like he's talking with coks in the mouth ..DA fuq

    • @MonstaRoe
      @MonstaRoe 2 개월 전 +2

      JJ You need to apologize to Kendrick Perkins for talking down to him for speaking on what actually happens in the Voting of the MVP in the NBA. You should of looked into it, instead of coming at him like he was wrong. when in fact you was wrongly speaking out of turn; You called him “irresponsible” if I remember correctly, when you was in that moment… Shaq has said similar things and other big named guys also! Would you sit in the faces of those men that actually knows because they was good enough to be up for it and talk to them like you did KP? That was such a huge step back from that article you wrote about black peoples plight. Made me think you was an ally of the truth and justice but I was wrong about your mindset.

    • @jonathanchan1365
      @jonathanchan1365 2 개월 전 +1

      ​@albundy495 good comment

  • @Shemzinho
    @Shemzinho 2 개월 전 +3419

    I understand the Draymond punch affected him but he was more polished in the championship year than last year. He went from torching the Nuggets to slipping on invisible banana peels every possession

    • @kelijahwarren4859
      @kelijahwarren4859 2 개월 전 +126

      When will yall understand they pay these players to throw games.

    • @DoesRocksFloat
      @DoesRocksFloat 2 개월 전 +107

      There's only so much leeway you can give for the punch. But Poole was sucking the whole season and showed no improvement on both ends. Playmaking was inconsistent and defense was non-existent.

    • @zion8993
      @zion8993 2 개월 전 +167

      @@DoesRocksFloatno he wasn’t he averaged 20 😂 he just sucked vs the lakers

    • @Chris7820
      @Chris7820 2 개월 전 +101

      It’s called a scouting report as he get a bigger role on the team the more they put spot light on him

  • @diablejambe3460
    @diablejambe3460 2 개월 전 +2054

    Beyond him inexplicably just slipping/losing the ball constantly, what pissed me off the most was how after losing the ball, he would just throw his hands up/pout and not run back on defense. Meanwhile, his teammates would be hustling back and hes just standing there. That, beyond anything else, was my biggest issue with him.

    • @adrrodw4975
      @adrrodw4975 2 개월 전 +133

      Why would you play hard for a team when the guy that sucker punched you has the full support of the locker room and front office? The Warriors got what they deserved.

    • @samirl375
      @samirl375 2 개월 전 +93

      he clearly downed tools, why would he put in effort when his mentor sucker punched him and got away with it, he felt like the franchise turned against him and he was completely spot on to give up on those who turned on him.

    • @adrrodw4975
      @adrrodw4975 2 개월 전 +25

      @@samirl375 too true brother, these fools are tripping

  • @Coicoy
    @Coicoy 2 개월 전 +1804

    The trying not to try part was my favorite quote in this 😂

    • @yaboiishaun9124
      @yaboiishaun9124 2 개월 전 +30

      I'm telling you that's my new quote right there.

    • @jeremycortes6349
      @jeremycortes6349 2 개월 전 +59

      Its weird how It makes sense though😂

    • @brandonbell8616
      @brandonbell8616 2 개월 전 +26

      Don't ask me why, but in the drilling field they call it "hot-dogging!" Trying to make it look like you're trying! More muscles are activated with fake facial expressions and movements.... when all that energy could have been used to actually TRY! I definitely get it! 😂

    • @Andrew-ms8md
      @Andrew-ms8md 2 개월 전 +37

      It's the same at every job. I can't tell you how many people at my work expend more energy trying to get out of work than they would if they just did their dang job

    • @victorampo1137
      @victorampo1137 2 개월 전 +2

      There’s a book on it

  • @normang663
    @normang663 2 개월 전 +269

    Andre has so much wisdom, that’s why he was so valuable to the warriors

    • @Antonin1738
      @Antonin1738 2 개월 전 +17

      he should join the staff tbh

    • @1234jokerboy
      @1234jokerboy 개월 전 +2

      I want Iguadala

    • @HighlightReelFactory
      @HighlightReelFactory 9 일 전

      ​@Antonin1738 nah the warriors staff did right lol. Iggy would've had him there still.

    • @YeahOk8
      @YeahOk8 6 일 전

      He didn’t say anything. He jumbled up a couple stories that had nothing to do with the conversation. The one time he did mention JP he kept sugarcoating calling him his brother.

  • @justkilledit21
    @justkilledit21 2 개월 전 +1526

    I think he would have been fine as a 6th man. I think they overestimated his role and gave him too many minutes, consequently felt they owed him a lot of money.

    • @tigera6
      @tigera6 2 개월 전 +259

      They needed him when Klay was still nursing his injury and Poole exceeded that role. But when Klay come back, Poole role got reduced just because Klay is part of the trio. At the same time, because Poole did so well, its only reasonable for him to demand huge money for it too.

    • @ivanrp2762
      @ivanrp2762 2 개월 전 +37

      @@tigera6we should’ve traded Klay & let draymond go

    • @donatello9482
      @donatello9482 2 개월 전 +10

      Either way they were gonna lose him anyways lol a good bit of situation is damn if you do, damn if you don’t.

    • @tigera6
      @tigera6 2 개월 전 +33

      @@ivanrp2762 yeah, or asking them both to take a pay cut to play in GS. Klay definitely isnt worth 40mil/year just base on his production alone. But GS are loyal to them, maybe too much.

    • @beattheodds6219
      @beattheodds6219 2 개월 전 +70

      Nigga what?? He averaged 20ppg he’s emerged as one of next best young shooting guards in the league. They didn’t over estimate his role because he struggled in the postseason. That shyt happens to the best of em man. He would’ve been a great piece for them as they continue to try and contend for more rings. No doubt about that whatsoever

  • @b32acon
    @b32acon 2 개월 전 +47

    I really respect you guys and your contributions to basketball. I am not sure how JP will do in Washington without Klay and Steph spacing the floor. Regardless of the freedom that the Big 3 has, they were disciplined first or before the freedom. That freedom is slightly built off of that discipline or structure. I like JP but i felt that he was often out of control when he was frustrated resulting in TO's and poor decisions. At times I also felt that he was getting caught up in the hype / limelight resulting team breakdowns. I think he could be great, but I feel a lot will have to do with his maturity and growth from this point on. Also, he will not be at the Warriors organization which is going to be a different experience. It reminds me of Bynum leaving the Lakers. Bynum never played for another organization on the Laker's level.

  • @jasminedawson3998
    @jasminedawson3998 2 개월 전 +380

    Bottom line: to play with the warrior big 3 you have to take a role. Usually they get players on the downslope of their career who are willing and able to play their role. Poole just happened to be the one guy (so far) who was young and succeeded in a role. Problem was, he wasn’t on the downswing; he’s on an upward trajectory and grew beyond just a role. Sounds like warriors were promising him he’s be next but timing expectations were off … they wanted him to stay in his role and wait for things to progress with time and age … he wanted to start the transition right away. We see which side won out.

    • @doubleyoujaytee3017
      @doubleyoujaytee3017 2 개월 전 +58

      You know ball, GSW is a place for Team Ball, JP is a good player but he thrives in those Hero Ball situations, and he’d develop a ton on a Hero Ball team, so I’m kinda glad he’s in Wizards.

    • @cjwrench07
      @cjwrench07 2 개월 전 +20

      It’s like playing with prime LeBron/Magic/Russell. They are the system, and you fit in around them.

    • @tailoredfor831
      @tailoredfor831 2 개월 전 +21

      JP thought he was KD... sounds the same, but wrong set of letters. Didn't understand that it's not about potential when you're around people with experience/skill, u have to pay your dues first

    • @cjwrench07
      @cjwrench07 2 개월 전 +13

      @@doubleyoujaytee3017 SanFran has only ever loved & forgiven *failed* Hero-ball from Steph and Klay. Poole messed up by thinking they loved him like that too.
      Steph’s ~30% shooting in the last 5min *to tie or take the lead* is never held against his legacy [LeBron 46%, MJ 45%, Kobe 43%, Mr.Bill Russell 48% for historical context]. It’s just tossed away as part of his game like getting targeted on D.

    • @ahmereware8063
      @ahmereware8063 2 개월 전

      @@cjwrench07I don’t think so I think people know.

  • @zType2
    @zType2 2 개월 전 +781

    At the end of the day Poole was benched in the playoffs and a complete liability defensively. With Jordan Poole the biggest issue was his lack of effort on defense... and when he's having struggles on offense that issue is amplified 10x. Sucks that it played out the way it did but everyone won in the end... JP got paid and is now the #1 option on his team, Warriors got another championship.

    • @xengarcia1217
      @xengarcia1217 2 개월 전 +12

      And the true is poole quits to GSW team and he should be shameful to him self

    • @alexescutia4805
      @alexescutia4805 2 개월 전 +138

      @@xengarcia1217they quit on him draymond knocked him out and nothing came of it and the rest of the team didn’t stick up for him. Shameful

    • @beankobe8205
      @beankobe8205 2 개월 전 +34

      Draymond been a liability every season … we never seen nobody knock him out or trade him 🥱

    • @peaceful344
      @peaceful344 2 개월 전 +46

      ​@@xengarcia1217What are you even talking about? Because he didn't play well during the playoffs doesn't mean he quit. Klay didn't play well either does that mean he quit too. They're human and every human has bad games and stretches of time.

    • @TreeSnackz
      @TreeSnackz 2 개월 전 +8

      He’s a grown man who pushed another man , those are aggressive fighting actions .

  • @TimeBucks
    @TimeBucks 2 개월 전 +1134

    Pooles 285 turnover was enough

  • @ShumileSwift
    @ShumileSwift 15 일 전 +1

    JJ Redick is such an intelligent guy. Such a good podcaster its so entertaining to watch.

  • @pauldunlapjrbham
    @pauldunlapjrbham 2 개월 전 +35

    These three are a winning combo. Have them on again!

  • @sometimesposting6779
    @sometimesposting6779 2 개월 전 +135

    Andre is such a good basketball conversationalist.

    • @davidmack644
      @davidmack644 2 개월 전 +5

      Very charismatic, genuinely enjoyable to listen to.

    • @AR-io8fv
      @AR-io8fv 2 개월 전 +1

      And Evan Turner is not lol feel bad that I think it’s partly his voice

    • @courtdunge468
      @courtdunge468 2 개월 전 +1

      It’s his voice

  • @kingmitchell456
    @kingmitchell456 2 개월 전 +18

    Not for nothing Andre Igoudala is and has been one of my favorite people in the nba. Aside from him being an underrated monster in his prime he’s incredibly humble, a great locker room guy/ leader (according to ppl that have played with him) then on top of that he’s very candid and objective when he’s on podcasts. Not many people can walk the fine line of a harsh and open criticism all while keeping it completely professional/ respectful and iggy is definitely one of the few. If he chooses so, he’s going to have a great sport media career

    • @bplayerr1
      @bplayerr1 2 개월 전 +2

      Ppl do forget his prime as the "other" AI. A fast break and dunk monster!!!

  • @therockneverstops8261
    @therockneverstops8261 2 개월 전 +28

    Not all points are created equal when it comes to Jordan Poole. His lack of efficiency and ability to make others better is the main reason his scoring is not valued as much for a team with Championship aspirations. As much as he won the GSW a game in the finals he was also unplayable for multiple rounds of the playoffs because of his lack of defense and efficiency. 🤷🏾‍♂️ go figure..

  • @donovanbradford8231
    @donovanbradford8231 2 개월 전 +23

    I love discussions like this because these are players not very far removed from the league. Because I remember when JJ finally talked about his thoughts on tge Draymond punch to Poole, and JJ thought it looked like a young player who got paid and didn't want to put in the work and got checked for by a veteran. Right or wrong it's so interesting to hear these thoughts on players from guys just out of the league.

  • @oppsrunning
    @oppsrunning 2 개월 전 +246

    Andre was 100% correct on that effort comment. Only guys that played sports at the high levels would understand. When you see guys faking it to get out of situations. Jordan was doing that all last year on defense 😂

    • @isaacdebeila8085
      @isaacdebeila8085 2 개월 전 +12

      😂😂😂no he wanted to force Draymond out the same way Draymond wanted to force Poole out... front office said they were looking to cut someone and Poole lost the bet

    • @sleeksilve2
      @sleeksilve2 2 개월 전 +15

      I knew from his demeanor at off-court events he's that kind of guy. Selfish is the word. Glad he's gone now. I never really was a fan of him.

    • @Ballinbmac
      @Ballinbmac 2 개월 전 +3

      @@sleeksilve2you know nothing

    • @ralph_m31
      @ralph_m31 2 개월 전

      @oppsrunning Yeah, and then JP gets "the bag" while Dray didn't… It must be all of that, and because of that sucker punch, JP will give minimum effort bcoz he's not appreciated...

    • @reeseangle9621
      @reeseangle9621 2 개월 전 +3

      Draymond played no defense in the Lakers series, But played super physical in the Kings series

  • @drancealot
    @drancealot 2 개월 전 +311

    I can't wait to see Poole in DC. I don't think he's going to be a superstar, but he will light it up. His defense will always be sus. But it was obvious he mentally checked out of Golden State after the Draymond punch.

    • @Polo22546
      @Polo22546 2 개월 전 +8


    • @frappexd_2959
      @frappexd_2959 2 개월 전 +14

      I think he can be like a ben gordan and before yall go at me for that. Go check ben gordan before the injuries in like 06-10 when he was averaging like 25 a game with the bulls and a young derrick rose. He was all offense and would destroy people in the pick n roll. and had a good deep range. He just was horrible defensively. Kinda like ben gordan can give u 25 a night just was a horrible defender

    • @cephasdaka7279
      @cephasdaka7279 2 개월 전 +8

      He was mentally punched out of Golden State warriors.

    • @randy2949
      @randy2949 2 개월 전 +3

      ⁠@@frappexd_2959this is actually a great comparison. I think poole is the better ball handler though, and Gordon was the more pure shooter. Legit a near perfect comparison.

  • @iamBlackTech95
    @iamBlackTech95 2 개월 전 +45

    The problem with Jordan poole last postseason was he didn't try to incorporate the team. He was trying to pad his stats. He was playing selfish basketball. Look at anytime he took possession of the ball, in times he should have pasted the ball he would see the person open, try to become a highlight with a crossover and slip like water was on the court. He lost possession too many times of the ball because of carelessness and selfishness. They should have put kuminga on the court more, instead of him.

    • @t.p.8876
      @t.p.8876 2 개월 전


    • @pfneuman
      @pfneuman 2 개월 전 +10

      There is a video of Klay making a comment about JP not wanting to pass the ball. If you frustrate Steph enough to make a gesture that gets him ejected and Klay says you’re hogging the ball, you know the comments about ‘playing for self glory’ (and the baddies) carry some truth.

    • @iamBlackTech95
      @iamBlackTech95 2 개월 전 +1

      @@pfneuman yep we seen it on full display last postseason.

    • @bplayerr1
      @bplayerr1 2 개월 전 +2

      When a team takes the side if the man who emasculated you Im sure I' be playing pissed off and unfocused. Right or wrong 🤷‍♂️

    • @iamBlackTech95
      @iamBlackTech95 2 개월 전 +1

      @@bplayerr1 we have no idea what people said to draymond. The fact that it was no repercussions tells me people started it

  • @KevinGrantandayolofortheroad

    I have been waiting for someone credible to put words to the JP situation with the team this way for months!! Thank you as always Andre for finally being the person to speak facts. So much of the media around this is so mind boggled on the relationship or loves to only focus on the punch and some awful feud. NAH. JP a sniper but he's no second fiddle. The man was hitting half court bank shots in the finals, he needs a loose leash. But when you got 3 stars that need the same leeway, that multiplies the magnitude of JP coming down the floor and hitting a double hesi and the ball flying straight into the stands. I think there should be no love lost as he is that dude, and in 3-5 years this could've been his team, but no hate on him not wanting to wait on that.

    • @steverogers9894
      @steverogers9894 18 일 전 +1

      Poor shot selection and abysmal defense. So give him leeway to do what?

    • @KevinGrantandayolofortheroad
      @KevinGrantandayolofortheroad 15 일 전

      @@steverogers9894 damn it's almost like you didn't watch them play if you're gonna say that's all he was

    • @ekkokrunch
      @ekkokrunch 8 시간 전

      @@KevinGrantandayolofortheroad your comment did not age well.

    • @KevinGrantandayolofortheroad
      @KevinGrantandayolofortheroad 6 시간 전

      @@ekkokrunch it did not, but I also did not think JP was gonna start playing like he's already got 5 rings and is trying out for the Globetrotters

  • @davidleong6606
    @davidleong6606 개월 전 +1

    What I will miss about JP is his surprising 😮creativity and fearlessness to shoot the winning shot or taking it to the rack… his confidence is his greatest asset… but just not for the Dubs… who grew impatient with him playing hero ball on O but zero ball on D.

  • @chinito1724
    @chinito1724 2 개월 전 +208

    I've always admired JJ's play, now I admire his take on a lot of subject matter regarding the nba

    • @wack...
      @wack... 2 개월 전 +10

      D rider

    • @taetrrtot6205
      @taetrrtot6205 2 개월 전 +6

      ​@@wack...🤣 Can't just appreciate what someone does?

    • @samuelvillanueva9956
      @samuelvillanueva9956 2 개월 전 +7

      @@taetrrtot6205no u cannot admire another man

    • @iluvdissheet
      @iluvdissheet 2 개월 전 +2

      I agree. As someone who hated JJ since Duke, I have a whole new love and respect for him as a podcaster.
      I think we all can appreciate hearing from the guys who actually played than some talking head who studies statistics.

  • @lonestarwealthmanagement7830

    JJ, keep them both. Y'all's chemistry is crazy! And it's so informative!

  • @djdoc06
    @djdoc06 개월 전 +4

    1:48 this take on Jordan Poole 100% confirms everything I suspected when I watched him on the court. And ironic thing is that he is not smart enough to be a winner when he is given freedom. He didn’t recognize that he only did well before because he played within the system.
    Smart defenders literally happy to go to Poole Island and bait him into doing the same mistakes.
    Poole thinks that he is the 2nd leading scorer because he was 2nd best player, when the reality is that he was 2nd leading scorer because opponents picked him as their poison.

  • @kevinnatale4920
    @kevinnatale4920 15 일 전 +1

    Please more of iguodala, the guy is awesome

  • @geecorly7738
    @geecorly7738 17 일 전

    As a Sixers fan Iggy has Always been my Guy and he dishes some hard truths that all us Philadelphian’s can relate to 😂

  • @kobicooper8762
    @kobicooper8762 개월 전 +4

    Ahhh... The former 76ers shooting guards podcast. Lovin' it 😂 Gotta get AI and Maxey on with these guys.

  • @peaceful344
    @peaceful344 2 개월 전 +122

    The thing with Poole and The Warriors is they wanted and needed him to be all things to the team. One minute he's the 6th man, the next they needed him to start in place of Steph and be the leading scorer! The next minute he's back on the bench and required to lead the 2nd unit which contained 2 two way players and two 2nd year players the coach didn't trust. No role consistency at all and a terrible roster and he was 23 years old with nowhere near the amount of experience the vets had. Washington will actually be good for him. The new player development coaches the Wizards have hired have developed 5 all star caliber players. Everyone from Kevin Durant and James Harden to Shai Gilegous-Alexander. They'll be able to help him develop in ways the Warriors couldn't.

    • @sauce7608
      @sauce7608 2 개월 전 +9

      thank you,i believe the warriors will never find a player that can replace curry like poole.poole in the starting line up if curry wasn’t playing was a good player,he could literally do what curry does on the offensive end.i believe as well that poole will average at least 27 to 30 points per game in washington.

    • @ozvega.57
      @ozvega.57 2 개월 전 +6

      ​@sauce7608 that's if Jordan ever wants to try. People don't understand what it's like to be on a team you don't like and don't want to be in. This won't just be an easy chance for Poole to rack up stats, it'll be a chance for him to either make or break his career - will he find the focus to grow up quickly and be a leader, or will he simply attain the stats and secure a bag yet again without much mental development?

    • @reivelt3715
      @reivelt3715 2 개월 전 +3

      I think you nail the "he's 23". He is young. He is still that thirsty. And it is understandable. And not all player can be all like you said. The only player i remember that can do that is manu.

    • @iluvdissheet
      @iluvdissheet 2 개월 전 +8

      Poole's role was always to lead the 2nd team and be a replacement for Steph. That never changed.

    • @thebulletproofblueprint
      @thebulletproofblueprint 2 개월 전

      Had me in the first half... Poole isn't traded to OKC!

  • @younesyassine9409
    @younesyassine9409 14 일 전 +1

    Man i just love andre man you just feel that the brother is genuinely good

  • @jonaslundholm
    @jonaslundholm 2 개월 전 +97

    The thing about Iggy is that he is saying stuff that I haven’t heard other players say. Gold!

  • @kevinyuksekol646
    @kevinyuksekol646 개월 전 +1

    JJ and Iggy should 100% have a podcast with the two of them. They have great chemistry.

  • @theblazingblaziken1951
    @theblazingblaziken1951 2 개월 전 +5

    What so many people ignore is the fact that he was awful offensively and defensively last season. Sure the numbers looked good but no matter what lineup he was in he was a hindrance in some way and the numbers reflect that. The attitude problems as well as the fact that he is one of the worst decision makers and primary ball handlers in the league makes it all even worse.

    • @jimsmith5250
      @jimsmith5250 2 개월 전 +2

      Y’all don’t say nun when klay go 6/23 though……

    • @Gandalf-DZ
      @Gandalf-DZ 2 개월 전 +1

      ngl you just hate the dude and Stan for some people say as it is my G

  • @evefet5491
    @evefet5491 2 개월 전 +38

    Jordan Poole did not win game 5 , it was Andrew Wiggins who won that. Jordan had 14 pts, Andrew had 26 points, 13 rebounds.

    • @estupedude21
      @estupedude21 2 개월 전 +14

      The spark and specific moments in that game was why he won that game

    • @michaelf6205
      @michaelf6205 2 개월 전 +3

      @@estupedude21thank you. Stats don’t always tell the whole story

    • @myweirdsecondchannelwithap9070
      @myweirdsecondchannelwithap9070 개월 전 +1

      @@estupedude21 nobody seems to understand this. Celtics are making a comeback after warriors leading most of the game and they have all the momentum, then poole hits that shot as the 3rd quarter ends giving the warriors the lead again and changes everything. That's also why I think Poole probably won the warriors game 6 too, he was the catalyst of the 21-0 run which was too much for the celtics to come back from.

    • @savannahalexander86
      @savannahalexander86 26 일 전


  • @LayaLay_Duhh
    @LayaLay_Duhh 2 개월 전 +22

    Real warriors fans know that Jordan only played good when he started. He was reckless with the ball and made too many turnovers. He was never able to get over the Draymond incident. Which is understandable, but in order to play well as a team. You have to have team chemistry. His bad attitude is why he was let go. Him and Draymond would never be able to get along, so one of them had to go for the betterment of the team💯

  • @darylpogi77rogelio57
    @darylpogi77rogelio57 2 개월 전 +1

    The draymonds punch had a mental effect on jpoole but its not that much. Poole's performance on the championship run made coaches be aware of him. The lakers scouted him well and found out his court habits and tendencies and made him fumble the ball everytime.

  • @lilythethird
    @lilythethird 20 일 전

    I really think Jordan Poole is a talented player and was a vital piece to winning their ring, but the problem was that the Warriors gave him too much freedom to play the season after they won their championship and he got exposed for it. The more minutes he played, the more he showed his lowlights. From ill-advised shots, snobbing teammates after he got benched, to arguing with Kerr, DG and Steph during timeouts etc. They probably pulled the trigger on trading him knowing that it might probably be a great thought of getting CP3 to be the floor general and Curry to focus more on scoring.
    However, I still think trading Poole was too early. He played some good games, some bad games but it wasn't worth just trading him away. Maybe the organization thought the Big 3's time's running out and they don't want to wait for their young talent to mature?

  • @jaydg97
    @jaydg97 2 개월 전 +2

    End of the day he forgot that it wasn’t his team, he wanted it to happen faster than allowed. I had high hopes that he would be able to take over after Steph slowed down but Steph still playing like he’s the MVP so I think the best move was to trade cuz Poole is too good to just use him on the second squad.

  • @patitoduck123
    @patitoduck123 2 개월 전 +253

    Bro the fact Draymond and some GS fan have successfully turned the situation around and made it seem like Poole is the reason for all of GSs struggles and he’s the one to blame is crazy. At this point you would think he threw the punch lmaooo. The main reason they lost was because Poole regressed after Draymond knocking him out, Klay was back to full health and was buns, Steph’s and Wiggins were out for a while, Draymond couldn’t hit a shot, and the biggest thing, they were small lmao. No size and small ball only took them so far

    • @occultsymbols
      @occultsymbols 2 개월 전 +12

      Spot on

    • @kevinhousen2791
      @kevinhousen2791 2 개월 전 +16

      Draymond said " punching Poole had something to with it"
      Poole makes bad decisions and has terrible shot selection at times. He thought he was a splash bro but he wasn't.

    • @KrisHornett_
      @KrisHornett_ 2 개월 전 +32

      ​@@kevinhousen2791klay thought he was too

    • @0hsoaj513
      @0hsoaj513 2 개월 전 +8

      He didn’t even regress he averaged a career high in points and his moments , he just had a inconsistent role in the playoffs becus of early play which destroyed his confidence.

    • @DoesRocksFloat
      @DoesRocksFloat 2 개월 전 +23

      @@KrisHornett_ Klay had a bad playoff year, that's true. But Klay during the regular season shot over 40% on threes and made 301 threes for the season. Third player ever to break 300 threes a season. He also averaged over 20 points a game. Cmon bro.

  • @peytonlong5573
    @peytonlong5573 2 개월 전 +143

    I think Poole going to Washington could actually be really good for him

    • @tjones8778
      @tjones8778 2 개월 전 +3

      Fr he’ll be better tbh

    • @pleasedonttemptme5963
      @pleasedonttemptme5963 2 개월 전 +2

      He’s going to thrive

    • @peytonlong5573
      @peytonlong5573 2 개월 전 +3

      @@pleasedonttemptme5963 I agree I think he puts up an all star level season like 26 PPG 4 RPG 5 APG type range

    • @vulcanraven9701
      @vulcanraven9701 2 개월 전 +3

      The Warriors were foolish to trade him

    • @insanepolygon
      @insanepolygon 2 개월 전 +13

      Going to Washington is never good for anybody lol. He will score a lot and lose a lot.

  • @antoniomoya2460
    @antoniomoya2460 2 개월 전 +7

    A takeaway I have from this podcast is when they're talking abt Poole after winning the ring, questioning "why don't I get freedom like that? I'm proven already." That's the issue there. Jordan balled out in the 2021-22 season, but I remember he even regressed a bit back then, when klay came back into the rotation. Like I said, he did ball out that season, he did come up big plenty of times in the playoffs, and earned his bag. I think him getting that bag probably meant to him, that he was now gonna get the same treatment as Steph. Once he seen that wasn't the case, the attitude showed.
    Now I get Jordan's frustrations. He's young and hungry. Steph's spot on the gsw throne at that time had Jordan poole's name reserved to sit next on it. Had Jordan kept up the work ethic and been a key role player like he was in 2022, the dynasty run coulda continued, and Poole coulda slowly and respectfully nudge out one of the splash bros in the starting and closing spots.

  • @GBnHawaii
    @GBnHawaii 2 개월 전 +6

    Poole is young and immature but very talented! He's very competitive and best curry in ft% but wasn't rewarded. I'm in interested to see what he's able to do with his own team now. Great trade for both teams in theory. They need a true point since Iggy and Livingston are gone... and somehow they couldn't replace them. Not loving the direction of the team resigning the core for 4 more years. They got beat down in the post season and on all their road games... it was time for a shake up.

  • @M3Burrn
    @M3Burrn 개월 전

    First time watching JJs podcast. This is more fun than watching First Take.

  • @schwolmart
    @schwolmart 2 개월 전 +14

    Love hearing Iggy speak. What a legend

  • @sheeeemer
    @sheeeemer 2 개월 전 +4

    Three of you have a chemistry you should let ride out a few more episodes.

  • @mrelove72
    @mrelove72 2 개월 전 +145

    This is kinda disrespectful for everyone in this discussion to keep saying Poole was 2nd in scoring, when he was actually 3rd. For a player to come back after 2 years, no offseason training, only to then lead the league in 3 pointers, averaging 22ppg is crazy to me.

    • @Zaghzackio
      @Zaghzackio 2 개월 전 +60

      Trust me they weren't trying to disrespect Klay with those comments.

    • @Masoch1st
      @Masoch1st 2 개월 전 +41

      poole still played more games and scored more points. so its not wrong to say he was second in scoring. he only scored around 80 more points though.

    • @mrelove72
      @mrelove72 2 개월 전

      @Masoch1st Well, if that's the case, Steph played in fewer games than Klay during the regular season, so they should probably acknowledge who Poole was 2nd to. I'm guessing they was trying to say 2nd to Steph, which is why I thought it was disrespectful.

    • @mrelove72
      @mrelove72 2 개월 전 +4

      @@Masoch1st Poole played in more games and scored more points than steph also, if you want to angle it that way.

    • @mrelove72
      @mrelove72 2 개월 전 +3

      ...which would mean Poole led the team in scoring based on your analysis.

  • @drew8608
    @drew8608 2 개월 전 +5

    He was a huge part of why they won a chip… they couldn’t have done it without Poole

  • @davehowell6703
    @davehowell6703 2 개월 전 +3

    JJ you are the man. Love your content and views on the game - You keep it real and do not bow down to goofballs not to name names but Steven A _ i sincerely hope to see a LOT more from you.

  • @Cjherand
    @Cjherand 2 개월 전 +3

    Poole had the 4th most turnovers last season. If we compared his total minutes per turnover, to Trae Young, Edwards, and Westbrook who have higher turnovers. I think he would top the list. (him and westbrick are actually close in turnover per minute played. But Westbrook has higher apg, rpg, spg, and bpg than Poole.

  • @ggsimmonds1
    @ggsimmonds1 2 개월 전 +3

    This is the first time I've heard Iggy speak at length in this kind of setting and I gotta say, I love his personality.

  • @ljay061
    @ljay061 2 개월 전 +7

    Same people saying trade klay and draymond to keep Poole is the same people that would’ve been clowning them if they did that and gave up their defensive leader despite what they had going on behind the scenes doesn’t change the fact he underperformed poorly in the post season, and yes you can say klay did as well but it’s understandable because klay will never be the same he suffered a career ending injury, the only thing hurt about Poole was his EGO.

    • @ljay061
      @ljay061 2 개월 전 +2

      Poole got satisfied with one ring and the money and lost that hunger he was playing with before

  • @t.p.8876
    @t.p.8876 2 개월 전 +26

    What I couldnt stand the most about watching Poole play besides the turnovers was his reaction to losing especially when he was a big factor, he didn't care , you see him on the bench smiling and joking while the majority of the team looked pissed!

  • @jonpoon3896
    @jonpoon3896 2 개월 전 +126

    Poole is a good player taking good shots. But when he learns the difference between good shots and great shots, he’ll unlock into something else

    • @snakedog77
      @snakedog77 2 개월 전 +1

      We will see.

    • @Omelettedufrommage
      @Omelettedufrommage 2 개월 전 +23

      The shots Steph takes aren’t great tho he just makes them

    • @MKIVD
      @MKIVD 2 개월 전 +7

      @@Omelettedufrommage This is like the "Its a bad shot" comment by PG about that Dame game winner. The shots Steph does and makes are great shots for him and his ability, but aren't great shots for most people. That Dame shot was a good shot for him since he could still shoot beyond that point. For everybody else that's not a deep range sniper tho-its a bad shot.

    • @insanepolygon
      @insanepolygon 2 개월 전 +1

      And that's what makes him Steph. When you shoot 46.2% from 30-40 feet while the next best guy shoots 37.9%@@Omelettedufrommage

    • @Polo22546
      @Polo22546 2 개월 전

      Hopefully so.

  • @leonpse
    @leonpse 2 개월 전

    Poole was a lot more smooth and efficient before. He started playing as if he was the only player on the court. He would make five or six moves with no one guarding him.

  • @wysiwygtol3921
    @wysiwygtol3921 27 일 전

    André hás been the key to the Warriors championship. He is the most underrated player, he is amazing, I put him right under Curry for most impactful player.

  • @jimcroce620
    @jimcroce620 2 개월 전 +8

    I've never watched a professional ball player slip as many times as JP, and I'm not even exaggerating. If you watched enough Warrior games, you'd know Jordan Poole slipping and losing the ball in a game is almost as certain as death and taxes.

  • @umarghourii6524
    @umarghourii6524 2 개월 전 +2

    The trying not to part was my favorite quote in this 😂😅

  • @Elizaveta-Vasilenko
    @Elizaveta-Vasilenko 2 개월 전 +4

    Apart from his frequent mishandling or loss of the ball, what frustrated me the most was his reaction afterward. Instead of hustling back on defense, he would often throw his hands up or pout, leaving his teammates to pick up the slack. This, above all else, was my primary concern with him. 😤🏀

  • @Will-fq1um
    @Will-fq1um 2 개월 전 +5

    Andre Iguodala is always on point! Love the brother

  • @christopherbahena5955
    @christopherbahena5955 2 개월 전

    Happy to hear from you guys 🏀 such wisdom

  • @ANGELOFDARKification
    @ANGELOFDARKification 2 개월 전 +31

    JJ got it spot on. GSW need another Shaun Livingston archetypal PG type player off the bench. The only issue is Klay isn't what he used to be so Wiggins or someone else has to step up scoring wise.

    • @MandoGuerrero2
      @MandoGuerrero2 2 개월 전 +10

      Wiggins was their second best player when they won their chip in 22. When he wants to and is asked to step up he does.

    • @simonanderson4858
      @simonanderson4858 2 개월 전 +1

      @@MandoGuerrero2 He did't quite have it after the time off last season. Hopefully he springs back

    • @simonanderson4858
      @simonanderson4858 2 개월 전

      I think the issue is broader than that unfortunately. None of the big three are quite what they used to be, even Steph. Plus the league has caught up

    • @DoesRocksFloat
      @DoesRocksFloat 2 개월 전

      @@simonanderson4858he got injured then spent a long time away from the team due to a family matter. The guy only came back right as the playoffs started.

    • @simonanderson4858
      @simonanderson4858 2 개월 전

      @@DoesRocksFloat Yeah that's what I was referring to when I said "time off."
      His level of play was understandable but that doesn't mean he a was where the team needed him to be

  • @powertothetubers456
    @powertothetubers456 2 개월 전 +3

    Never a dull moment hearing Iggy talk about the game of basketball

  • @djkeefer76
    @djkeefer76 개월 전

    Andre, you da man!! I love your perspective, and I am so happy you came back to the Warriors. Love your insight!

  • @zzzxxx0004
    @zzzxxx0004 2 개월 전 +8

    Poole reminds me of something Phil Jackson said: Jordan would get his points every night within the flow of the offense; Kobe on the other hand would force it to the point it would become detrimental to the Lakers. I think this became a really big issue for the Warriors as they run a super tight offensive system.

  • @wyatthowe9234
    @wyatthowe9234 2 개월 전 +20

    Love the show JJ glad to have ya back.

  • @Marx1684
    @Marx1684 2 개월 전 +1

    Piggy was one of my favorite players when he was in the court. Always showed up. Could easily change what’s taking place on court. Much respect.

  • @intersheett3754
    @intersheett3754 2 개월 전

    I tried to watch almost every game last season and I did watch every single one in the playoffs. Poole's lack of effort and his attitude were palpable. That kind of mindset is toxic for a team. Punched by Draymond or not (and I would not be surprised if his attitude was the reason for the punch to begin with), I am glad he is gone DESPITE how incredible he was in the 21-22 playoffs.

  • @taorenyt5427
    @taorenyt5427 2 개월 전 +1

    Poole going to the wizards is going to mature his game since he can play freely, we seen what he can do when the warriors was on there championship run. He gonna be great

  • @zethjugos1250
    @zethjugos1250 2 개월 전 +14

    Iggy confirms what we suspected. JP got too ambitious too soon but didnt want to put in the work and it showed...he was lazy on the floor and was often slacking during practices as well...GSW made a big mistake with him...

    • @shlidgn90
      @shlidgn90 2 개월 전 +3

      Was that his fault? Klay jacked up worse shots than him.

    • @remnant8898
      @remnant8898 2 개월 전 +3

      @@shlidgn90 Yes it was, and no he didn't. Klay shot better and scored more consistently than Poole.

    • @laserhawk221
      @laserhawk221 2 개월 전 +1

      @@shlidgn90but klay earned it. Poole needed to earn it

    • @DoesRocksFloat
      @DoesRocksFloat 2 개월 전

      @@shlidgn90klay shot over 40 percent and shot over 300 threes. He had a bad playoff year but klay had the best stretch in the regular season for his career and that was without Steph.

  • @DS-rw5lv
    @DS-rw5lv 2 개월 전 +3

    In the Warrior organization's point of view, the main point is about "are you really the future of the team"?. J Poole has proven himself to be a valuable piece of the team but has he proven himself to be "the future of the team"? The clear answer is unfortunately no. The Warrior organization saw him as a no, and the players also saw him as a no.

  • @ubonwang1485
    @ubonwang1485 2 개월 전 +1

    I actually glad that JP traded to Wizards, last year JP in the situation that no matter how good he played, he still cannot start cause Kerr just going start Klay over him due to his past glory. Klay shot 3/19 but Kerr had no issue and still let him keep shooting. Draymond made dumb pass that cost the game, Kerr had no issue. This Warriors culture just not as good as people thought. Who else these vets going to blame if they still get out second round.🤔

  • @roxy_hernandez
    @roxy_hernandez 2 개월 전

    Thank you, as usual, for standing up on this point. #podcast

  • @meffendoom4677
    @meffendoom4677 2 개월 전 +1

    It sounds like Steph didn’t want him scoring too much and Klay was upset with Poole outshining him

  • @franksterkb891
    @franksterkb891 2 개월 전

    No wonder Iggy has a high IQ. The guy is smart. On point. Fun to listen to. The veteran presence that every team needs.

  • @isaacdebeila8085
    @isaacdebeila8085 2 개월 전 +3

    JP3 did understand his role is the issue... he was never the now starter, but he was getting starter player minutes on the floor.
    He should have understood that he was the young players Steph Curry and should have focused on leading the bench and when time goes he would be the starter

  • @thatfatguy7591
    @thatfatguy7591 2 개월 전 +5

    Poole was worth $15 mill max yearly. The $125mill deal was almost as bad as the Gobert contract.

  • @legattostacatto4805

    That "trying not to try" quote were genious.

  • @jamiekoh6113
    @jamiekoh6113 2 개월 전 +1

    So true about Lou lol this why Raptors didn't even blink twice to resign him in 15-16

  • @24dreww
    @24dreww 2 개월 전 +5

    I hope he’s an all star in the future!

  • @mhm8713
    @mhm8713 2 개월 전 +23

    Im surprised that he felt that way, I fsfs thought he wouldn’t care if he got less touches. I feel if the punch never happened he would’ve loved to sacrifice for the team

    • @Prince36300
      @Prince36300 2 개월 전 +6

      Na, everyone said he had a massive ego and was a defensive liability before the title run. He just came back on some this is my team ish, got humbled pubicly, realized no one really had his back over dray and checked out

    • @simonanderson4858
      @simonanderson4858 2 개월 전 +3

      I think it's part of why the punch happened

    • @mhm8713
      @mhm8713 2 개월 전 +1

      @@Prince36300 craaazy man I just hope the spirits are higher this year and Chris paul come off the bench😂🔥

    • @harissahab2743
      @harissahab2743 2 개월 전 +2

      He wanted to be the guy, I wish he would've put his ego to the side cuz I loved Poole. Last szn was definitely not his best szn and his handle and game seemed off (he could still get buckets but you could see a contrast from the year before). I think after that big year and paycheck he basically went laid back thinking he didn't have to polish his game, you could see that he definitely wasn't the Poole before the bag.

    • @Prince36300
      @Prince36300 2 개월 전

      @@harissahab2743 Facts but its human nature to want to be the man after constant success that early. You take your situation for granted. Kobe and Kyrie basically did the same thing after getting their rings early. And they both ended up regretting it

  • @jmlion7756
    @jmlion7756 28 일 전

    "Jordan, it looks like your trying not to try. Do you know how much energy it takes to try to not to try? It takes less energy to try!"
    Wowww! Now that's wisdom that you can apply in life. I need this. Thanks Iggy!

  • @360conscience
    @360conscience 2 개월 전 +262

    Pooles 285 turnover was enough 😆.

    • @beankobe8205
      @beankobe8205 2 개월 전 +13

      Stop lying poole as a starter did work cause curry can’t score without a screen. So poole being on the court gave curry more space to run around screens. Every team has to defend poole so curry can’t get double teamed. They literally lost to a 7 seed after trading poole 🙅🏾‍♂️

    • @peaceful344
      @peaceful344 2 개월 전 +33

      I bet you don't know that Steph averaged more turnovers than Poole last season. Steph averaged 3 3 per game to Poole's 3.2 per game. Poole's total number was higher because he played all 82 games whereas Steph only played 56. People report their own narratives about a situation and unfortunately don't always know the facts

    • @ryanmcphee8451
      @ryanmcphee8451 2 개월 전 +13

      ​@beankobe8205 what r u talking about they didn't trade Poole until the season was over he played in the playoffs for the warriors

    • @switchbiz
      @switchbiz 2 개월 전 +28

      @@beankobe8205 curry can’t score without a screen? well yeah, if the defense throws a double on you everytime you get the ball, you won't be able to score as well without screens

  • @Jay.King23
    @Jay.King23 2 개월 전

    He is rough understanding what it takes to win makes you know what are the sacrifices needed to win

  • @indiefilmmillennial8338
    @indiefilmmillennial8338 2 개월 전 +37

    Jaylen Rose said the day of the punch that Poole and Green would never be the same again. MAYBE if the Warriors actually punished Green, that would have helped Poole.

    • @crystalsturdivant269
      @crystalsturdivant269 2 개월 전 +6

      That would have helped him from slipping and sliding on the floor, not playing defense, and complaining to the refs while the ball was still in play? I like the guy and hopefully he stops that in Washington

  • @tomimdawodu6808
    @tomimdawodu6808 2 개월 전 +3

    Also Poole did NOTHING to add to his bag in the off season after the championship win he rested on his laurels and teams made a HUGE scouting report on him come playoff time and he was exposed badly on offense and defense when you a up and coming player like he was and make great season for yourself and got clout etc etc ALWAYS come back better the next season than last

  • @MrKrabs-ho6gz
    @MrKrabs-ho6gz 2 개월 전 +169

    Shoutout iggy for keeping it real. Need more of this

    • @beankobe8205
      @beankobe8205 2 개월 전 +6

      Iggy lied to make draymond look good bro stop your bullshit.. poole was second in scoring all iso plays.. curry can’t get a bucket without a screen . Give poole his credit

    • @swaggyardigan
      @swaggyardigan 2 개월 전 +14

      @@beankobe8205your comment screams casual🤣🤦🏾‍♂️

    • @iluvdissheet
      @iluvdissheet 2 개월 전 +11

      ​@beankobe8205 2nd in scoring 1st in defensive liability....
      The offense is designed around Curry not Poole. His job was to blend in and stabilize not need a new offense for his skills.
      Remember who the leader is.....

    • @connorhess923
      @connorhess923 2 개월 전 +8

      @@beankobe8205Poole also had 252 turnovers, had abysmal individual and team defense and had questionable shot selection at times. When his crazy shots went in, it was somewhat worth it and it gave Steph and klay some space for the screens. However, when he missed, teams forced him into tough shots and got the ball out of curry’s hands. He’s too inconsistent and when he plays bad he pulls the entire team down

  • @sssstaver
    @sssstaver 2 개월 전

    Can’t help but wonder how much this mirrors Kawhi in San Antonio. I know there were differences over injury management, but did KL feel like he wasn’t getting fair treatment for lifting three future HOFers to their last chip? I don’t think the warriors miss out on championships with JP gone, but what about the Spurs without KL? Don’t mean to pull attention from this story, but it is easy to lose sleep when thinking about the ways that winning a championship can create an identity crisis for a team’s ‘core’ players

  • @phillyjackson5931
    @phillyjackson5931 2 개월 전 +3

    I mean I understand his frustration but he doesn’t look happier with the wizards. To win you must sacrifice. If his mouth didn’t get him in trouble he really could of took over that franchise in 2-3 years easy. Tragic loss

  • @ehe8119
    @ehe8119 개월 전 +1

    That punch prolly the boiling point for JP. He feels disrespected, overlooked, and for some cases not their best option.
    That’s why in ‘22 - ‘23 szn instead of proving that he can take that next step, he’s emotion got the best of him and lose his focus and eventually got traded.
    But hey JP now has the freedom that he wants it’s really up to him if he can take off this szn.

  • @mrb-dot6025
    @mrb-dot6025 2 개월 전

    When it comes to the freedom part of the conversation, do you think Poole's overall contribution to the team is a) deserved of said freedom he wants, and b)would him having that freedom play out as a positive or negative for the TEAM?

    • @t.p.8876
      @t.p.8876 2 개월 전

      I say that freedom wasn't earned yet by him and definitely a negative if it were allowed , he seemed to get to full of himself waaaaay too soon. Just my opinion.

  • @Black____
    @Black____ 2 개월 전 +2

    “It takes less energy to try”

  • @hornblower2010
    @hornblower2010 2 개월 전 +1

    Draymond chased Durant out and then alienated the up and comers. Kerr admitted he couldn’t control Dray, and failed to protect Poole, bring Kuminga along, and start facing the future. It’s downhill from here for the Dubs.

  • @UzbekWatermelon
    @UzbekWatermelon 2 개월 전 +2

    Imagine an NBA locker room where all the dudes were emotionally mature. Is that possible?

  • @davidcelestino6461
    @davidcelestino6461 2 개월 전 +3

    I think Jordan Poole got cocky. It’s probably the reason why Draymond punched him. Warriors paid him a bag to emulate the same performance during that championship run and he basically tried to step out that role and did whatever tf he wanted

  • @choofuyen358
    @choofuyen358 2 개월 전 +1

    The fact is Draymond knew his value because he connects well with Steph, where the latter depends on Dray to feed him. The dubs are definitely gonna choose Dray over anyone else just to keep Steph productive

    • @1blackone
      @1blackone 개월 전

      Seems like you and Poole had the same thoughts about Draymond! It's now being reported wait Poole said to Draymond: "You're an expensive backpack for 30"

  • @geraldperrilliat6687

    Poole did have a lot of floor time 😂

  • @huhmf4815
    @huhmf4815 2 개월 전 +2

    My issue is jordan should of never thought he had any freedom that vets have. Regardless of what he was doing he came to a established championship franchise. 3:50

  • @Johnny-xj5qu
    @Johnny-xj5qu 2 개월 전

    Let’s set the horrid defense Poole plays aside, offensively he’s a huge liability and an asset to the other team. He dribbled around aimlessly hunting for his shot, and just gets into trouble, putting up garbage that misses. He was given freedom offensively, and he abused it so badly they had to take it away

  • @IronGears.186
    @IronGears.186 2 개월 전

    I think they overestimated his role and gave him too much time and therefore felt they owed him a lot of money

  • @TossGawd
    @TossGawd 2 개월 전 +131

    Turners voice surprises me every time even though I know it’s coming.

    • @jamardns77
      @jamardns77 2 개월 전 +9

      My eyes didn't want to believe that voice was coming out of him😂

    • @tonygaertner8863
      @tonygaertner8863 2 개월 전 +15

      Nah that’s yachty

    • @lancestriplin8161
      @lancestriplin8161 2 개월 전 +10

      It’s disgusting…I can’t bare to listen to it for too long

    • @COOLFOOL1980
      @COOLFOOL1980 2 개월 전 +20

      He sounds like Meatwad

    • @johnleighty6564
      @johnleighty6564 2 개월 전 +14

      Man just needs to clear his throat, and then continue to do it over and over and over and over. Not sure how to describe it it’s so odd

  • @TpolTime
    @TpolTime 2 개월 전 +1

    Jordan Poole is a great 6th man. If he’s your 2nd or third option you’re not probably not getting out of the 1st round.