TWICE "Feel Special" Dance Practice Video

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  • 게시일 2019. 10. 03.
  • TWICE "Feel Special" Dance Practice Video
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  • Addisyn wisda
    Addisyn wisda 26 분 전

    Where the hell is Mina?? I checked 1,000 times and I can't find her

  • 채원김
    채원김 3 시간 전

    미나야 아프지마 ♡ㅜㅜ

  • Gamer Trainer
    Gamer Trainer 3 시간 전

    I can’t believe I have to do this dance in my dance class when I’m just nine ;-;

  • uma A.R.M.Y anônima
    uma A.R.M.Y anônima 4 시간 전

    Será q foi só eu q escutei OI

  • thank you namyu
    thank you namyu 8 시간 전

    they're in perfect sync, that's just mind-blowing

  • Mxxnal
    Mxxnal 13 시간 전

    what in the actual gooseberries-
    this dance is so hard hOW.

  • thu nguyenvanthu
    thu nguyenvanthu 17 시간 전

    I love chae young...verymuch

  • Iga Allen
    Iga Allen 18 시간 전

    분홍색 머리 누군진 모르겠는데 완전 내 스타일이다..... 너무 잘춤.....

    • ᄒᄒ
      ᄒᄒ 2 시간 전

      핑크 머리는 큐티섹시 사나 입니다😊

  • Don’t call me Angel
    Don’t call me Angel 18 시간 전

    Wow !!

  • cha cooky
    cha cooky 19 시간 전 +1

    *i* *want* *OT9* *version* 🙋

    mybe only in my dream

  • Celine Padrones
    Celine Padrones 20 시간 전

    if you practice this, your'e a LEGEND!

  • Jeremy West
    Jeremy West 21 시간 전 +1


  • 。ごまあぶら
    。ごまあぶら 22 시간 전


  • 라서
    라서 22 시간 전


  • Anenk Taiwade
    Anenk Taiwade 22 시간 전

    Queens of hard dances

  • 227Penguin
    227Penguin 23 시간 전

    x2 speed... so cool!!!!

  • kim squevkjin
    kim squevkjin 일 전

    why does the thumbnail looks like it has so many snakes?

  • Ganda Cyst
    Ganda Cyst 일 전

    Where mina?


    ❤💔💜MINA ❤💔💜

  • Alyssa Marie
    Alyssa Marie 일 전

    The hand gestures and body movements in Feel Special are all well-thought of. This is really an evolvement for TWICE since they started to have a cute concept but it's so fascinating to see a girl group *THIS* dedicated to show people that they aren't babies anymore. I can always tell people that TWICE is worth the stan. *THEY DO NOT DISAPPOINT!*

    ARMY ARMY 일 전

    Para mi que mina ya no está en twice

  • Carlos Sitanggang

    Still waiting for Momo Feel Special dance practice

  • Zina Mabaso
    Zina Mabaso 일 전

    Guys where is Mina❤️

  • Robyn
    Robyn 일 전

    Jihyo: I'll wear off white instead 😈

  • Blackpink's lightstick is the best ever!

    I mf have to learn this. Someone kill me, it's too hard 😂

  • Cosas de BTS Mis 7 hombres

    Where is mina? 😭😭💔💔

  • Cosas de BTS Mis 7 hombres

    Where is mina?

  • jasmine dobu
    jasmine dobu 일 전

    iyts the same energy stage or dance practice nice job girls love u kim dahyun

  • Roy Roy
    Roy Roy 일 전

    NO mina😭😭😭 What if mina was there in the dance practice it Will be a perfect dance
    Sorry for bad English

  • hai manusia
    hai manusia 일 전

    나는 같은 것에 동의하는 가짜와 진정한 춤 관행을 간청

  • 【永enn教】ennちゃん大好き


  • Dawn.L Hitsuma
    Dawn.L Hitsuma 일 전

    Twice: Let's all wear tank tops and sport bras and not tell Tzuyu.

  • 지찬
    지찬 일 전

    굿굿굿 힘힘힘

  • Jenny Chi Nguyen


  • DenZz JayymEe
    DenZz JayymEe 2 일 전

    Dahyun's Slut Drop is so iconic 😆😁💖🔥

  • Richard Cortez
    Richard Cortez 2 일 전

    their best choreo bye

  • Ana Rios
    Ana Rios 2 일 전


  • Ana Rios
    Ana Rios 2 일 전


  • Carol R
    Carol R 2 일 전

    Please watch this dance cover비디오.html

  • Vera Acevedo
    Vera Acevedo 2 일 전 +2

    momo is a really good dancer wow

  • RecycleBean
    RecycleBean 2 일 전

    AAAAAAAAAAAAA bat ang galing nila??

  • Marayna Coleman
    Marayna Coleman 2 일 전

    dude i seriously need to get back into shape like i only spent today and learned up too dahyun’s rap and i am already on the floor out of breath

  • hi I
    hi I 2 일 전

    Anybody know what pants nayeon and Sana are wearing?

  • Jiva Nayaputri
    Jiva Nayaputri 2 일 전

    I Miss Mina🥀❤

  • Life Of Alyssa
    Life Of Alyssa 2 일 전

    i love this dance sm what. 🥺

    LAS HAKUNAS LOCAS 2 일 전 +1


  • hereticmoses
    hereticmoses 2 일 전

    2:19 I lost. God Jihyo.

  • lesley marie
    lesley marie 2 일 전 +1

    whoever choreographed this was really smart to make it to where if Mina was missing the dance didn’t look like it had a hole in it, it still looks complete even with her absence. I’ve noticed that with some choreographies that when one member is missing it looks strange but with this it still looks good and it’s as if no one is missing

  • Emily M
    Emily M 2 일 전


  • Alycia Ullman
    Alycia Ullman 2 일 전

    where´s Mina!!

  • Steph QC
    Steph QC 2 일 전


  • Raflisha Lee
    Raflisha Lee 2 일 전

    Sync stan can relate

  • 純村田
    純村田 2 일 전


  • Taehyung kim980
    Taehyung kim980 2 일 전

    I literally can see Mina on Jihyo so weird hahahaha

  • 정수안
    정수안 2 일 전


  • 정수안
    정수안 2 일 전

    답해주세요 트와이스 사랏

  • 정수안
    정수안 2 일 전

    저 진짜 팬이예요 지금11살인데 저8살부터 좋아했어요 다예쁘고 진짜 팀워크 잘맞는거 같아요 제 최애는 나연 사나 지효 쯔위 다현이예요

  • Catherine Guijaro
    Catherine Guijaro 2 일 전 +1

    I'm a blink but where is MINA??
    Pls answer me

    • J. Chang
      J. Chang 3 시간 전

      @Sofía A.R.M.Y :v no one said she has depression and its only confirmed that she has anxiety. But depression isnt impossible either. Really worried for all their health not just physical but mental too.

    • -sanasignal -
      -sanasignal - 3 시간 전 +1

      Sofía A.R.M.Y :v
      she has severe anxiety but i don’t know where you got depression from because they never said that she has depression.

    • Catherine Guijaro
      Catherine Guijaro 2 일 전

      @Sofía A.R.M.Y :v thank you

    • Sofía A.R.M.Y :v
      Sofía A.R.M.Y :v 2 일 전 +1

      She has anxeity plus (I think depression)so she's not participating in preformances,but she appeard in the universary of twice,so that time she was only in that special case.But she is recovering her self :D.

  • Bakugou uwu
    Bakugou uwu 2 일 전


  • Lilly Snow
    Lilly Snow 2 일 전 +2

    Lmao I can only dance the chorus and the beginning 😅 there choreography is getting more harder and more beautiful