Game of Thrones: Series Finale - Review

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  • 게시일 2019. 05. 21.
  • Game of Thrones has wrapped up! It's over! Did it leave me feeling fulfilled, or wanting? Here are my thoughts on the GAME OF THRONES SERIES FINALE!
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  • Andrea F.
    Andrea F. 2 시간 전

    John should have been King. Why was he a targaryen if not to be king? Also, Dragon: You killed my mom! Now I'm going to kill the iron throne?? Dumb.

  • Mohamed Gargat
    Mohamed Gargat 3 시간 전

    Damn they could have called for Ivar the boneless to be king instead this baby face cripple Bran
    Arya needed a reason to take shower so went for short walk in a burnt city and got covered with dust and ash

  • Donovan
    Donovan 2 일 전

    No one seems to understand "Subverting Expectations" where the unexpected happens. GOT would have been even greater had Tony Stark's Iron Man shown up and killed Cersei Lannister & Daenerys Targaryen. No one would expect that at all with masterful "Subverting Expectations". .... Also, Drogon realized Daenerys was killed by a knife, so he destroyed the army of knives disguised as a throne. .... /s

  • William Haynes
    William Haynes 2 일 전

    Sam cures Mormont from grey scale

  • Smurf
    Smurf 2 일 전

    I really loved the ending of Game of Thrones. It totally made sense to me. Its a shame I'm in the minority.

  • Ravenclaw BNed
    Ravenclaw BNed 4 일 전 +1

    Bran: I don’t want to be king
    *couple episodes later*
    Tyrion: Will you be king?
    Bran: 😏

  • Rand Wulf
    Rand Wulf 5 일 전

    One of the worst seasons of any series, ever.

  • airborneinfantry23
    airborneinfantry23 5 일 전

    I literally said that about Jon! Soooo since they left can I stay now?😂

  • Tristan Todd
    Tristan Todd 6 일 전

    I wish cersi would have died in a way we cheered not cried

  • idk tho
    idk tho 6 일 전

    Yh I also thought that Bran would’ve fit the Master of Whispers role so much better

  • Cedric Torry II
    Cedric Torry II 6 일 전

    lmfaoooooo bruh you had me dead i thought the dragon would say a random sentence too on some "leave from here" "like ceasar lmfaoo shit was funny asf

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 일 전

    Dragons are very intelligent, and riders kind of give part of their soul to their dragons. Drogon burning the throne was Drogon showing that he’s not a mindless murder machine, and he saw that Dany’s power-hungry-ness is what destroyed her.

  • CaptainSoggyDog plus1

    Hey Jeremy I pooped bro I did it

  • SirSamsAlot
    SirSamsAlot 7 일 전

    After watching the ending i wish the night king had won. Still a better king than bran!

  • Yasser Alotaibi
    Yasser Alotaibi 7 일 전 +1

    even with this season got is still the best tv show of all time

    • Hassan Alamoudi
      Hassan Alamoudi 3 일 전

      Yasser Alotaibi agree the ending wasn’t amazing but it fit

  • Markiano 110
    Markiano 110 8 일 전

    The thing that pisses me off the most is when dany was watching missandei's execution she only had a couple of unsullied and no dothraki but then in the ending there's a thousand of dothraki and unsullied

  • ExotiC FrequencY
    ExotiC FrequencY 9 일 전

    The series finale was a masterpiece. It was art in its purest form and nothing can be greater and more intriguing then this GOT finale (im being sarcastic). Yea this finale sucked so hard my eyes got sore. These writers are going onto star wars now? They will destroy that franchise too! Disney damaged it but these guys will full on nuke it. Dam who hires and finds these shitty writers? Ugh gross!

  • Derek Gabrys
    Derek Gabrys 9 일 전

    I'm not so much disappointed by the events of the final season as I am in how quickly we got there and how fast the plot moved along. An additional 4 episodes would have helped a lot. The story needed more room to breathe. Like when Daenyrus is killed and disappears don't any of her loyal followers wonder what the fuck happened to her? All of a sudden they are just setting up a new regime and make Bran King and that's that?

    BOYBROU 9 일 전

    The way that the end of Season 8 went down, George RR Martin may even decide to change how the story ends. He has even admitted that he hasn't even started on the last book yet and isn't done the winds of winter yet. After reading a couple comments he made after the finale. I got the impression that he wasn't too pleased at how Dan and Dave told the ending.

  • The Egg
    The Egg 11 일 전 +1

    What pisses me off the most was what the hell was the point of the hodor time loop

    • robinson4979
      robinson4979 8 일 전

      What the hell was the point of the entire story for? D&D just left us with this shit pile of nonsense. None of this ending made sense.

  • TheFezzik
    TheFezzik 12 일 전

    Last season needed to be 10 episodes showing how Dany loses her mind and how Jon is in love with her.

  • Quentin Martinez
    Quentin Martinez 12 일 전


  • Jacey Ruisi
    Jacey Ruisi 13 일 전 +3

    The ending could have been better but i hope people dont forget how amazing the show was overall 🔥 don't let the ending ruin everything else.

  • gor9027
    gor9027 13 일 전

    Never watched GOT but now GOT fans know exactly how Walking Dead fans have felt the last few years watching a beloved show fall off a cliff completely.

  • Mike Bordin
    Mike Bordin 13 일 전 +10

    Is there even a single positive review of GoT finale? I swear D&D should be impeached

    NEHA SHARMA 13 일 전

    *What will happen, will happen* lmao

  • Tad Tranclere
    Tad Tranclere 13 일 전

    No, Dany should not have had a season where she was ruling. She didn’t even touch the throne in the house of the undying. She cannot sit it.

  • Comadoof
    Comadoof 14 일 전

    Dany gets stabbed once. Insta kill.
    Arya: Cute

  • diluk perera
    diluk perera 14 일 전

    Spoiler Alert: I think Bran the broken is easily the best choice to become the king because he can see the future, so he can see the problems mile away. And he is not power hungry nor he has children to collect wealth for.

  • Tainted Lilly
    Tainted Lilly 15 일 전

    HBO could redo season 8. Make the current season 8 a bad dream sequence that gets explained away in the first 10 seconds of the new improved season 8.

  • masterzombie161
    masterzombie161 16 일 전

    Watch Happy! Season 2 just wrapped up and dayum what a show.

  • jackwhitetron
    jackwhitetron 16 일 전

    I don't think Kings make legislation. They just make decrees

  • Brian Roth
    Brian Roth 16 일 전

    Great review

  • kaosgoblin
    kaosgoblin 17 일 전

    The choice of King appears to be somewhat influenced by the concept of rulership by a living god who can see a problem coming and work out the best large picture response, like in Dune. Also some theories have guessed that at the end of Bran's life, he casts his mind back to the earliest men, becoming Bran the Builder... so you know the hole in the wall is probably getting fixed one way or another.

  • Oliver Killian
    Oliver Killian 17 일 전

    Bran can’t see the future only the past, why is this dude assuming he knows everything that is going to happen

  • c c
    c c 17 일 전

    Everyone can now re-watch GoT from Ep 1 to 73 without getting so
    emotionally invested in the various characters. You'll enjoy the show
    much more for what it really is, a modern day classic!

  • Andras Libal
    Andras Libal 17 일 전

    The final episode was great up to the point when Dany gave her speech. That was a good shocker to everyone and it was building to that she did say she will take everything with fire and blood and she did. That is what breaking the wheel means, and she needed to demonstrate her power just like the US demonstrated nukes. After such a demonstration there is no opposition in Westeros any more. Think about it: the North and Eyrie has its army there they either bend the knee or die. Riverlands has seen this army. The Iron Isles are loyal (also they lost their main fleet). Casterly Rock was taken by the Unsullied, the Lannister army was executed at King's Landing, Cersei and Jamie are dead and Tyrion either is loyal or is executed as well. There is no way Lannisport or any other city will not yield. Highgarden was sacked, no resistance there. Stormlands just bled out everything with Stannis. What, Dorne, after the death of the leadership twice? Highgarden and Dorne were anyhow committed to Dany already. So tell me whom does Jon save exactly from Dany because as far as I see it with the power demonstration in King's Landing the war is over. There is nothing to burn.

  • Vaxus Kriegor
    Vaxus Kriegor 17 일 전

    I will defend Bronn here...... he spent the entire time accumulating debt from the lannisters so when it was all said and done he's one of the richest if not the richest man in Westeros....Bronn is the real winner of Game of Thrones he went from literally nothing to Lord of Highgarden and Master of Coin.

  • Maxim Delaet
    Maxim Delaet 17 일 전 +1

    Bran held all the strings the whole time, throughout the whole season. Bran let the people of Westeros die with a goal... I do like the guy, but I just want to point out that he could have controlled the dragon and save Westeros, but that would not have stopped the Dany army of destroying (or what she calls fixing) the rest of the world. So he deliberately let Westeros be burned to ashes after his plan A convince John to go for the throne failed miserably. But at least saved John from the dragon after he killed Dany and gave some emotional value to the whole stunt by making the dragon kill the throne instead of John which it actually aimed for.

  • Joe Hopkins
    Joe Hopkins 17 일 전

    Am I the only one that thinks that shot of the Dragon with the wings behind Daenerys is super cliche and not even subtle at all I mean do Westeros even have their own form of the devil does it even relate to them

  • AJA Ryan1994
    AJA Ryan1994 17 일 전

    While I liked this season, watching this review made me realize just how stupid it was to end it at season 8. I know Star Wars is a big thing, but D&D should’ve been patient and ended this show properly first.


    Bran being The King is like Google being The President🤦‍♂️

    • Andrea F.
      Andrea F. 2 시간 전

      And the Iron throne goes to... MEMORIES!!! 😭

  • zjsfiercefame
    zjsfiercefame 18 일 전

    You are cute as fuuuuuuck!!!

  • Ilze Grina
    Ilze Grina 18 일 전

    To recap - this ending was made for a different GoT, that was created in a parallel universe. It just didn't "fit".

  • Daeduluus
    Daeduluus 18 일 전

    just watched his breaking bad review I guess we now have a clear best show now haha

  • KVG 1988
    KVG 1988 18 일 전 +23

    Bran let Dany burn down Kings Landing so he could rebuild it to be wheelchair accessible.

  • Paul Woodall
    Paul Woodall 18 일 전 +1

    Jeremy this video completely cracked me up 😂 I agreed with you 💯%

  • sunsignhealer
    sunsignhealer 18 일 전

    I really really hope the books end better!

  • Ian Schombs
    Ian Schombs 19 일 전

    Why not just make Bronn the master of war instead of coin if they want him on the small council? Wouldn’t that make a lot more sense?

  • Featuring Dez
    Featuring Dez 19 일 전

    Bran the broken+op master of secrets=Op as shit!

  • Lawrence Duell
    Lawrence Duell 19 일 전

    This whole season was just kind of like, what is that it? A lot of it just feels like fan service mixed with- I don’t know what, laziness? I’m not against everything they did in this season, but most of it did feel very very rushed. Don’t even get me started on the War with the Night King, talk about building something up for nothing. This whole season should have definitely been dedicated to The Long Night. It’s the fucking Long Night. It lasted a total of one episode that was SLIGHTLY longer than a regular episode. I’m not gonna ask for ten seasons of ten full episodes or anything, but fuck even 7 episodes of the Long Night for Season 8, then seven episodes for Season 9 dealing with the war with Cersei, Dany finally snapping and Jon having to kill her and the aftermath, would have been enough time that I wouldn’t be left feeling unsatisfied. I know not everyone was ever going to be satisfied with how this all ends, hell I wanted Jon on the throne since season 1, and even I was cool with Bran being the one. Let’s be honest the all-knowing cripple kid who doesnt have fucking emotions is probably the way to go in a place like Westeros.

  • Jan Bil
    Jan Bil 19 일 전 +1

    Season 8 is a pile of Rubbish, no doubt about it.

  • T.C Mills
    T.C Mills 20 일 전

    👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾Very Great Review!! I agree with you completely!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Tristan Branch
    Tristan Branch 20 일 전

    The point of Jon's lineage and him being the rightful heir was one of the driving forces of Dany going mad. So it's not a totally waisted storyline, but I do feel people are missing this point due to the final couple seasons being rushed af. To the point of Sam being at Bran's table even the he hasn't earned it... I agree, but Bran is the king and has the right to appoint who he wants to that position, so why not choose a close and trustworthy family friend.

  • L. Rodrigo Andrade
    L. Rodrigo Andrade 20 일 전 +1

    This is one way I think it could have gone down.

    • Cersei’s armies march North attempting to surprise the enemy who was facing another threat.

    • The Northern army stayed put thanks to Bran. They were able to counter the attack. The North prevails and the beaten forces are added to their numbers.

    • Against his most precious desire, Jamie kills Cersei proving that his duty to the realm outweighs the madness in his heart. He threatens to attack Jon and poses a duel in an attempt to earn a knight’s death. Jon, reluctant, kills Jamie and commends him as an anointed knight of the realm.
    • The army of the living makes their final stand against the dead. The battle takes place at Last Hearth.
    • Many die! It’s awesome and terrifying!

    • Bran reaches the ultimate state of his transformation into the three-eyed raven and is now able to converse with The Night’s King. The ice demon SPEAKS to him and explains that his people are creatures of darkness and cold. Exiles from an extinct world that had exhausted all available resources in it. They must feed on death by praying on the living. When all froze and died, they were left with nothing and fled their world through their deep caves and tunnels. When they emerged, they were at the Northern edges in the Land of Always Winter and there they settled. This was their second attempt to dominate this new world. They had been driven away by a fierce fire-wielder who commanded an army manned by all kinds of creatures: big and small, hairy and naked. They were unprepared at the time and so they retreated. They studied the enemy and multiplied. Lurking and spying they awaited until the time came again to take the life out of the living. This was his people’s last chance of continuing… of being.

    • During their encounter Bran is able to enter the enemy’s mind and undo his spell which prevented him from fully accessing the past memory of how the prophecies came to be. In doing so he realizes that both Danny and Jon are the prophecy fulfilled. However, the spell requires that either one bathes in the blood of the other so that The One mentioned in the prophecies can, through Blood Magic, be armed against the Night’s King. He passes on the information to Jon and Danny just before he is cut down by the ice blade.

    • Danny and Jon are the next target. They are aware of it and know they must comply rapidly. Danny, astonished, turns to Jon but before she can utter a word Jon approaches her, sword in hand and with tears in his eyes. “I love you, Danny…” he says to her, “Please forgive me.” With both hands on the hilt he raises Longclaw. The blade aiming at his own heart.
    “No! Never!” She thinks the words but can’t say them in time… Drogon reacts faster, however. He senses Danny’s feelings almost simultaneously as she does herself. His gentle muzzle knocks Jon down just before he can pierce his own chest. Jon, recovering from the blow, sees Danny picking up longclaw. She has tears streaming down her face but they stop at a kind smile. Her gentle voice goes to him: “Geros ilas, Jon Snow. Avy jorrāelan!” The spell-forged steal pierces her so swiftly that her heart still manages two more heartbeats even after being cut in half.

    • Jon Snow is lost. He can’t stomach the travesty that fate has presented him with. He had found love again and again there she was, lying lifelessly on the ground. He cradles her silver locks one last time. “Not again… I really thought this time I would be able to save her. I’m no king … nor am I a commander.” At their king’s bidding, the gelid demons charged. Seven of them, all eager to deliver the final blow. Amidst the madness of his misery Jon sees Longclaw, drenched in Danny’s blood. “It didn’t even work. Nothing even happened!” He reaches for it so he can throw it away. His grief giving way to anger. “Damn you, Bran! Damn you!” But as he touches the hilt one more time the blade starts to glow. More and more it glows as if it had just come out of a smith’s forge, red, orange and yellow. It is like looking directly into the dawning sun. Such glare makes him look away. He looks back to it with narrowed eyes and realizes his eyes are adjusting though the brightness from the blade only grows more intense. He sees the walkers sent to end him. They have halted about five feet from him. Their hands covering their eyes as they produce noises of agony and pain. “They are blind.” Jon acknowledged. He kisses Danny on the forehead and stands up. His anger is still very much afire! As Jon leaves to fight the enemy, Drogon goes to his fallen mother. He lies around her in a circle, still as a rock.
    • The air changes. It thickens and heats up. Hot heavy gusts of wind swirl around Jon as he paces towards his victims. The walkers are on all fours now. They struggle to breathe as he swings the ember-bright blade onto their necks. One by one their severed heads fall on steamy puddles that are no longer snow. The last one, somehow, even manages to raise his weapon to block the strike, but it is futile. The blade breaks off easily and the last head hits the puddles. Its charred eyes staring deadly at its king. Suddenly the Night’s King starts screaming and shouting noises and shrieking sounds supposed to be words. He runs as an enraged beast. His eyes locked at Jon. As the winter monster approaches Jon assumes his stance. “The heat and the glare are nothing to him, but that changes nothing!”

    • Jon evades the first blow too easily. “A bait!” The second blow is faster but Longclaw stays it in time. Again, and again from all directions they come. Each more violent than the last. “Pace yourself! Watch his feet!” Sir Rodrick’s voice speaking clearly in his mind as if his father is watching from the balcony back at Winterfell. “Don’t let anger overcome you! Pace yourself! Watch his feet! He will falter!” Sir Rodrick’s words proved true at last. Jon sees the opening and strikes downwards. The creature is caught off guard and can barely stop the blazing blow. The deadlock brings the Night’s King down to one knee as Jon presses down unforgivingly. As Jon looks down, he sees his foe’s eyes meet his own. Though he cannot understand them, his foul words feel like a curse. Jon replies with the most savage battle cry. He lifts Longclaw unexpectedly and throws his foe off balance. The Valyrian Steel blade burning at its brightest comes down with all the fury of the Gods, slices through the ice blade and gets the Night’s King from shoulder to gut. Bright white flames come out instantly. Living fire pouring from mouth, earholes and eye sockets alike. Bright as torches in the pitch-black night!
    The remaining walkers start to flee disoriented. Some fall down never to get up again. “Just as bees without a queen.”

    • Jon dissolves the realm back into seven kingdoms. The Night’s Watch becomes an overall military force that watches over Westeros. It will hence preserve the peace and meet with lords and kings to avoid unnecessary bloodshed.

    • hamed qorbani
      hamed qorbani 20 일 전

      I liked it. It seems better.
      And you sir, did spend at least 1 hour on this. Thank you.

  • Kid the Science Sid
    Kid the Science Sid 20 일 전

    So shit.

  • Halldór Magnússon
    Halldór Magnússon 20 일 전

    Why on earth wasn't George Martin included in writing the scripts for this last season? Such a lost opportunity to make the greatest TV show end with dignity.

  • Holly 12345
    Holly 12345 20 일 전

    I made it through the first four episodes of GoT and nearly died of boredom. Thanks for allowing me to skip the rest and find out how it ended...Stunningly boring.

  • DodgerRoger
    DodgerRoger 20 일 전 +1

    Pretty much fully agreed with your review, very rushed and unlike the J.R.R. Martin influenced parts to the series (aka the copy paste from written material). The sinkers for me were Ep 3,4,5 & 6.
    The siege of Winterfell was awful, the worst battle sequence I've seen with either a medieval or fantasy setting from almost the very start to the finish.
    The Dragon being killed by a harpoon 5 miles away was hilariously bad, as what happened afterwards in ep 4.
    In Ep 5 Dany goes from being a benevolent and sympathetic leader to a complete psychopath with no real reason, she even states that if the bells ring then she'll spare the populace as it shows Cersi as being the "evil one"; then she forgets about that in the space of 5 minutes and burns the city.
    Ep 6 is the writers trying to tie up loose ends whilst the cast look around with confused looks on their faces and few lines in between lots of walking.
    Truly a sad ending to what was a great adaptation, it's a pity and I doubt we'll get the remake everyone is asking for (well those with brains at least).

  • argenerarion
    argenerarion 20 일 전

    Those Bran's impersonations, dying laughing.

  • JohnstasBACK
    JohnstasBACK 20 일 전 +1

    LMAO that bran impersonation

  • Francis Vincent Ong
    Francis Vincent Ong 21 일 전

    The season would have been saved by 30 to 40 minute low budget episodes in between episodes 3 and 4, 4 and 5, and 5 & 6. So that the audience and the characters had time to process and react to the big events of all those amazing episodes. But after seeing "The Last Watch" it's clear they had the good intentions and the plan but in the end it was too physically stressful, difficult, emotionally taxing, expensive and ambitious for the production crew to execute.

  • Loco En El Coco
    Loco En El Coco 21 일 전

    once upon a time i watched GOT videos on youtube every day, since the show ended i only watch like once a week.. good job D&D

  • Andrea Potter
    Andrea Potter 21 일 전

    😂 This guy is funny!!!

  • Noel Baeza
    Noel Baeza 21 일 전 +1

    Breaking Bad still king

  • raindownchoas
    raindownchoas 22 일 전

    I actually liked the scene with Drogon and Jon. I felt Drogon's pain at his mom dying. Drogon and Dany had this strong connection, he probably had some impression about the thing his mom wanted most.
    Also, if he was written better-had him actually do stuff- Bran could have been a really interesting pick for the throne. He was just so underutilized. After he became the Three-Eyed Raven, the writers obviously didn't know what to do with him.

  • John D. Wick
    John D. Wick 22 일 전

    Ramsey Bolton would've been a better John Snow. What kind of cocksucking bastard stabs the love of their lives because she committed genocide

  • Space Pirates
    Space Pirates 22 일 전

    Nnnooooooo its over! Bran becomes Professor X! Everyone is losing their minds that its all over and we'll never talk about it again after all this!!! WHAT? Still need a Game of Thrones fix? Check out more GoT reviews and commentary over at my channel ;-D

  • Chris
    Chris 22 일 전

    I think it should have ended with all of the 7 kingdoms claiming individual independence.

  • McLovin
    McLovin 22 일 전

    The only thing worse than GOT is your bad editing

  • Tariq Ali
    Tariq Ali 22 일 전

    10:55 hahhahahaha

  • colodius
    colodius 22 일 전

    Not trying to be contradictory but I think making Bran the King is a genius move. In my opinion, Jaime and Tyrion are the only two worthy rulers of all the kingdoms: they are honorable at the core and they can make the tough decisions. Tyrion suggesting Bran as King because he is impartial and knowledgable, and Bran is cleaver in naming him Hand right back. Bran doesn't have to be a great leader, he just needs to be someone who everyone respects and leave everything in the capable hands of the Masters.

  • Katsas Georgios
    Katsas Georgios 22 일 전 +1

    Long running franchises sticking the landing is taken for granted so much.
    That's why every single fan in our generation should be thankful for Endgame.
    The ways that could had derailed are infinite.

  • Nazirull Safry Paijo

    Tyrion knows Bran is the weak link.
    Tyrion : if we choose you, will you wear the crown?
    Bran : *um..wut...da....ehem yes of course....why do you think i came all this way?
    Tyrion : *yess

  • Steve Govea
    Steve Govea 23 일 전

    Bran played everyone like a I liked the ending. I wouldn't be surprised if he actually warded into the dragon and burned the city.

  • The Coffee Nut
    The Coffee Nut 23 일 전

    At least Breaking Bad ended great.

  • BADER Albaluchi
    BADER Albaluchi 23 일 전

    Fuck! the amount of negativity from this video is unbelievable!! if the are going to criticize something at least tell us your solution, who would you pick as the king/queen of the 6 kingdoms?? let people criticize your choice.
    its always easy to criticize others and put them down, but not easy to be criticized.

  • Archer 96
    Archer 96 23 일 전

    Jon snow got the worst of this ending he deserved better

  • Charles Lindeman
    Charles Lindeman 23 일 전

    They really shouldn't have made the series at all until GRRM finished the books.
    Maybe they hoped that approaching him would kick him into finishing the story.
    But remember, even stiff (and arguably unfair) competition from Epic Games store, Valve is STILL not interested in completing the Half-Life series.
    The lesson here is to never trust, and never invest in master procrastinators.

  • Millky 87
    Millky 87 23 일 전

    I've never watched you before but 30 seconds into your video I thought fuck, this is a Male version of jenna marbles. Try your own style maybe?

  • Humans Eh!
    Humans Eh! 23 일 전

    The King's Landing branch of the 'Samwell Tarley Highborn Greyscale Clinic' is doing nicely.

  • Raghav Sharma
    Raghav Sharma 23 일 전

    Why are you moving so much bro?

  • Jithin Kozhikodan Veedu

    Can you review Expanse series please..

  • BrusselSprout Boy
    BrusselSprout Boy 23 일 전

    Sansa: Thousands of north men are outside the walls ready to liberate the king of the north.
    Sansa and these thousands of northmen:we promised The unsullied you would take the black
    Can George Martin hire another studio to at least make a real conclusion and I don’t care if any of the actors are the same or minimal budget just so long as we can see the real vision we were all so in love with. These producers are absolutely trash and lack any creative vision. I wish he would have never agreed to this series and waited to finish the books. I could have waited ten more years just to know I was getting the same quality writing and vision that made this so great. I am disgusted at the utter disrespect shown and we should all be very upset and even consider boycotting anything these producers work on. They need to go to the wall.

  • Sirxchrish
    Sirxchrish 23 일 전

    All hail, Bran of House Autism.

  • Antwon Morton
    Antwon Morton 23 일 전

    Yeah season 8 is a no for me.

  • Marc Lussier
    Marc Lussier 24 일 전

    I liked the no wierd ass sex stuff in season 8

  • 81ackman
    81ackman 24 일 전

    The Starks rule everything, what more do you want? People just wrote too much in their heads. As Tyrion said, dragons are smart.

  • TheWarlordz TheGreatOne

    Crazy to hope this but maybe make a movie and bring back dany and gets revenge on everybody. Look what they did to my baby. Haha jk

  • Melissa Amlung
    Melissa Amlung 24 일 전

    Yes! I agree, I think Bran will be a terrible King!! Because he manipulated events and omitted info (like that Euron's fleet would be waiting to ambush Dany which would lead to Rhaegal and Missandei's death which would lead to Dany feeling alone) and all of that lead him to be King. He is equally responsible for the death of everyone in King's Landing.

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 24 일 전

    You should watch Better Call Saul then review it so far

  • Osujin
    Osujin 24 일 전

    THANK YOU for pointing out that no one else should automatically know that Jon did the stabbing unless he outright confessed.

  • Bill Bashor
    Bill Bashor 24 일 전

    what the fuck is with all the stupid cuts in this shit video? hire as new editor.

  • Cato Sicarius
    Cato Sicarius 24 일 전

    Season 8 might of been passable if i was drunk in a bar when i watched it.

  • Eric Brown
    Eric Brown 24 일 전

    The other 6 kingdoms? are their leaders still alive?

  • Yan Jay
    Yan Jay 24 일 전 +6

    I thought the dragon would burn Jon and prove that he is also fire-proof or sth
    But no the dragon just burn the throne philosophically.

    • Samuel Yurr
      Samuel Yurr 20 일 전 +1

      Yan Jay this is what I thought 😂😂

  • coolasiwanatabe1233
    coolasiwanatabe1233 24 일 전

    I'm pissed that the people who didnt do shit the entire season are the ones in power at the end of the show. The people who did everything so they could be alive are either dead or exiled.

  • Yan Jay
    Yan Jay 24 일 전 +6

    So what about the Lord of Light ?
    He just brings people back and provides light for dark scenes ????

    • Yan Jay
      Yan Jay 11 일 전 +1

      @Davis Parks they didn't know how to finish that line so they just abandoned it...

    • Davis Parks
      Davis Parks 12 일 전 +1

      Right???? I thought the last 3 episodes completely abandoning religion was so odd. The lord of light and old gods are responsible for everything that happens in season 8 but go completely unacknowledged.

  • Prince Deluca
    Prince Deluca 24 일 전

    The truth is right in front you and you choice to be retard and make a retarded review . You clearly wasn’t paying attention.

  • Juan Manuel Scioli
    Juan Manuel Scioli 24 일 전

    That dragón Wing shoot... Rly that take me out of the episode