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[NMIXX] "Young, Dumb, Stupid" Dance Practice

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  • 게시일 2023. 03. 12.
  • [NMIXX] "Young, Dumb, Stupid" Dance Practice
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댓글 • 2 646

  • 바버톤농장
    바버톤농장 18 일 전 +1125

    They don't even need a dance-break to make us satisfied with their choreo!!!!

    • Redefined Living
      Redefined Living 13 일 전

      this showcased their talent. they need simpler songs honestly. they should focus on details and harmony if they want to experiment

    • Lia’s Mic
      Lia’s Mic 17 일 전

      @Baal oh my gosh

    • Baal
      Baal 17 일 전 +1

      @Lia’s Micyes the lead single will be released on march 20 i think

    • Lia’s Mic
      Lia’s Mic 18 일 전

      @Cheese_Oh i mean bside only

    • Lia’s Mic
      Lia’s Mic 18 일 전

      @Cheese_Oh dance break only?

  • Lucky Letom Giasi
    Lucky Letom Giasi 18 일 전 +812

    Yay, Jiwoo, let’s go. You are the best! Always rooting for you!!!

  • ꧁ 제시카Jessica⑉ꨄ

    For the new NSWER :
    Jiwoo 0:06
    Kyunjin 0:16
    Lily 0:19
    Bae 0:31
    Haewon 0:36
    Sulyoon 1:07

  • Dia
    Dia 18 일 전 +113

    They’re so synchronized, really proud of how far Nmixx has come

  • lovelai
    lovelai 18 일 전 +41

    the footsteps just sounds so good

  • Mdzul Md Yusoff
    Mdzul Md Yusoff 13 일 전 +2


  • Adrian Cárdenas
    Adrian Cárdenas 18 일 전 +3230

    We must make a trend on Tiktok, the choreography is very good!

  • Lily M vocals
    Lily M vocals 16 일 전 +178

    Is it just me or did their dancing really improve and the stage presence too.. also jiwoo dancing is really really good, she is truly the second best dancer in the group

    • Redefined Living
      Redefined Living 일 전

      @nagatoqi haewon is sometimes stiff

    • Unique channel
      Unique channel 일 전

      @nagatoqi I'm not speaking Subjectively rn I'm speaking objectively, Jiwoo is way better than haewon at open style, And Slightly better kyujin..

    • nagatoqi
      nagatoqi 일 전

      @Unique channel will you calm down? why are you getting defensive? you saying that jiwoo is the best dancer is just as much an opinion as me saying haewon is the best dancer. BOTH of our opinions are subjective

    • Unique channel
      Unique channel 일 전

      @nagatoqi Wtf??💀💀 It's obviously Jiwoo and kyujin the top 2 dancers in nmixx, And by ur opinion we can't change the FACT!

  • Miguel Mitiam
    Miguel Mitiam 16 일 전 +112

    This is Jiwoo's era, folks! I'm so proud for my girl. This is what she truly deserves hehe

  • hazeyhazey
    hazeyhazey 18 일 전 +5

    Jiwo is just soooo cute. Help, i can't...! 😭

  • Drishna
    Drishna 14 일 전 +1

    I love how comfortable the girls look with this dance, no hesitations at all.

  • roro
    roro 12 일 전 +1


  • Nobody's Business
    Nobody's Business 18 일 전 +1690

    Jiwoo really shined this comeback✨
    And I’m here for it!

    • ROSÉANE.
      ROSÉANE. 13 일 전

      @Ts Swift 🙄

    • Redefined Living
      Redefined Living 13 일 전 +2

      indeed. i thought shes very overrated and so hyped but shes really talented just needed spotlight

    • Jalien Johnson
      Jalien Johnson 15 일 전 +1

      @Ts Swift girl bye

    • Ts Swift
      Ts Swift 15 일 전 +12

      this is why i prefer jiwoo to have more rap parts than kyujin.

    • Cheese_Oh
      Cheese_Oh 18 일 전 +17

      It's a pre-release

  • mlk h
    mlk h 15 일 전 +1

    I love how their steps match the song

  • Claudia Over the clouds

    Beautiful song😅 very catchy

  • Luxuery Mitsuki
    Luxuery Mitsuki 18 일 전 +3

    Talent is real!

  • Top Kpop
    Top Kpop 15 일 전 +88

    1:20 Jiwoo destacando mucho mas que antes ✨️👑

  • JISOO Kim
    JISOO Kim 9 일 전 +1

    Me la voy a aprender ahora mismo💗. Las amooooo♡

  • hii
    hii 18 일 전 +229

    The song, the lyrics, the choreography, just perfection!!

  • Denden
    Denden 13 일 전 +1

    Adorable...wish NMIXX every success as they are clearly very talented ❤

  • Neela Ida Milan
    Neela Ida Milan 18 일 전 +3

    Jiwoo!! this is your era, girl!!

  • 明野
    明野 16 일 전 +1

    YDS choreography is so catchy!

  • Bunny
    Bunny 12 일 전 +2

    Os sapatos batendo no chão é muito satisfatório

  • Kore-Türkiye yüksek lisans

    This choreo is MASTERPICE😍😍😍😍

  • JAM
    JAM 18 일 전 +215

    Love that they include the sound of their feet. Feels like everything even the stomp are all in sync.

    • Elijah Buan
      Elijah Buan 16 일 전 +1

      does someone know what kind or brand of shoes they're wearing? it's my first time seeing that kind of shoes lol

    • JAM
      JAM 18 일 전 +12

      ​@Klein Fayo Like tap dance right? They even have the same soles for shoes haha so cute

    • Klein Fayo
      Klein Fayo 18 일 전 +21

      Im also focus to the sound of their stomp, it’s fun and addicting to listen

  • Jeff Corey
    Jeff Corey 11 일 전

    NMIXX have really turned their concept around since ENTWURF and I’m so here for it! NSWER FIGHTING!!!

  • chans_laptop
    chans_laptop 15 일 전 +3

    theres 6 people but i only hear one big/loud footstep they're so good at dancing!

  • Pat
    Pat 18 일 전 +4

    This song and dance is so fun!

  • HYBE Labels Janitor
    HYBE Labels Janitor 18 일 전 +2

    6 in our eyes, but 7 in our hearts ❤️

  • Sarah Reeder
    Sarah Reeder 15 일 전 +1

    The sound of their shoes hitting during the chorus is music to my ears

  • Alex_Kills
    Alex_Kills 18 일 전 +445

    The choreography is so fun and obviously they make it look so effortless. Stage performances for this song are going to be fun to watch 😁

  • Living with a Big Family
    Living with a Big Family 18 일 전 +46

    Good job girls! Such a BOP, Nmixx don't disappoint💕
    Jiwoo owned this era😍

  • 체리
    체리 18 일 전 +27

    발소리 나는 거 진짜 너무 좋다,, 20일 컴백도 기대할게!!!

  • x x
    x x 17 일 전 +5

    Proud of you girls 💖

  • 진솔이의맑은눈
    진솔이의맑은눈 18 일 전 +91

    이번 노래는 다들 너무 좋지만 특히 릴리가 너무너무 잘 어울리는거 같음
    안무할 때 웃는표정이 진짜 너무 예뻐서 계속 시선이 가는데 릴리 특유의 밝은 매력이 잘 살아나서 너무 좋다 ㅠㅠ

  • Joyce Ann Valdez
    Joyce Ann Valdez 12 일 전 +1

    So happy for jiwoo, finally getting the lines she deserve❤️ Kudos to other NMIXX members too, haewon's singing thats kinda whispering at the same time, lily's highnotes, sullyoon's beautiful voice tone, bae's lower register that makes their harmony perfect, kyujin's stage presence. But with jiwoo's rap and powerful dancing, she definitely owned YDS just like Kyujin owned the song DICE.
    Overall, I love the song obviously, and the choreo, it's so fun and enjoyable, even the sound of their stomps are so satisfying.

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki 18 일 전 +55

    Jiwoo is a good dancer omg do you see her moves

  • One&Only
    One&Only 17 일 전 +3

    This choreo is so much fun!

  • 🍄🍓conysita
    🍄🍓conysita 13 일 전

    Me encanta, me fascina, la amo, la perfección pura y muchas cosas pero siento que hace mucha falta jinni 😭😭

  • Meow
    Meow 17 일 전 +4

    their footsteps sounds so satisfying.

  • JenPop🧋
    JenPop🧋 16 일 전 +1

    Jinni would suit this concept but she'll always be in our hearts❤
    The choreo was very fun, i loved every part of it!!

  • veryavery
    veryavery 18 일 전 +4

    This is definietly Jiwoo's era😌

  • shel
    shel 18 일 전 +27

    kyujin's dance also her facial expressions is very satisfying to watch

  • Minari
    Minari 15 일 전

    this cb is good!! jiwoo is shining bright, so proud of her 💗

  • Yuki
    Yuki 10 일 전 +1

    non per dire ma... Quelle 1mln e quasi mezzo di visualizzazioni siamo tutti noi nswer italiani che ancora siamo sconvolte dalla maglia di Kyujin e non riusciamo a smettere di guardarla✨✨

  • Haewonbby
    Haewonbby 17 일 전 +32

    I never get tired of watching this dance practice like I can watch this all day

  • Kheisya Meiliana
    Kheisya Meiliana 18 일 전 +1

    They are so amazing im crying 😭😭😭💕💕💕

  • b̷r̷e̷a̷d̷
    b̷r̷e̷a̷d̷ 16 일 전 +4


  • lalalisaxqw._.
    lalalisaxqw._. 18 일 전 +26

    OMG I love the dance skills of the nmixx members and jyp's skills

  • angelbaby
    angelbaby 16 일 전

    This is classic jyp choreography and it suits them. Glad their team is getting their shit together finally and giving them proper group identity

  • Gelo Francisco
    Gelo Francisco 17 일 전 +2


  • Brillante_fullsun
    Brillante_fullsun 18 일 전 +1

    I love Nmixx change center every comeback So other members can shine 💚 Why does Sullyoon's expression here look like Bella Porch?😂

  • Luñar
    Luñar 16 일 전 +2

    the chorus is bringing back the inner child in me

  • Janire Ss
    Janire Ss 10 일 전

    Que bien suenan los zapatos, es súper agradable escucharlos

  • Cyn🦄
    Cyn🦄 18 일 전 +66

    Jiwoo is shining in this song

  • nothropocene
    nothropocene 18 일 전 +1

    Love this dance style for nmixx it fits them all so well❤

  • Faeily
    Faeily 17 일 전 +5

    the stomping is so satisfying slay nmixx

  • PinK S.
    PinK S. 11 일 전

    Even this is my first time to watch their perf or dncing but I already fall for Jiwoo, she so cute and her dance is awesome!!!
    Go Go Girls!!

  • Keith Lund
    Keith Lund 13 일 전

    Young, Dumb, Stupid is a great song with great choreography. 😍

  • Im Forever
    Im Forever 18 일 전 +5


  • rika kim
    rika kim 18 일 전 +55

    the shoes makes the song more natural and accapella with it. IM LIVING FOR JIWOO'S LINES

  • germanshephard
    germanshephard 18 일 전 +3

    I swear my 4 yrs old cousin is listening to this masterpiece 24/7

  • littlesunbear_
    littlesunbear_ 18 일 전 +2

    Nmixx slayed!❤❤❤

  • Franco Escobar
    Franco Escobar 18 일 전 +1

    Cómo me encanta este tema. Lastima que dejaron el español. Pero bueno no se puede todo a veces. Pero me encanta

  • ang chee kian
    ang chee kian 16 일 전 +1

    this song fits Sullyoon so well

  • I am
    I am 18 일 전 +26

    노래도 좋지만~ 안무도 진짜 좋은데? 😍👍

  • HxneY__Hãn
    HxneY__Hãn 18 일 전 +38

    Jiwoo slayed!✨💜

  • once in you
    once in you 17 일 전 +3

    This concept suit them very well ❤️❤️❤️

  • Lucy
    Lucy 18 일 전 +3

    I'm tearing up just watching you girls shine so much with confidence, energy and talent! Can't wait to check out the rest of the album!! ❣

  • raiden ei
    raiden ei 18 일 전 +1


  • Chungee
    Chungee 18 일 전

    The chorus sounds like a nursery rhyme but I LOVE it! It’s so catchy

  • Ana Viguetti
    Ana Viguetti 18 일 전

    Wow!!! I love how the choreography is a mix of hip hop, playful and cute moves!!! Love it!!! NMIXX, fighting!!! NSWER here and Love from Brazil!!! 😱😍🥰😘👏👊✨❤️💙💜🤍💚🇧🇷

  • Sj
    Sj 18 일 전 +74

    발소리 진짜ㅜㅜ 애기들 엄청 열심히 준비한 게 느껴짐ㅜㅜ

  • Eduarda Alves Oliveira
    Eduarda Alves Oliveira 16 일 전 +1

    The sound of the shoes is so satisfying... Nmixx you slayed

  • 희우 김
    희우 김 17 일 전 +24

    아니 어떻게 발소리까지 딱딱 맞는거야...❤

  • Fatin
    Fatin 11 일 전

    When feeling sad, watch this and you can feel the happiness from them. YDS is cool and nostalgic at the same time

  • Vachika Gupta
    Vachika Gupta 18 일 전 +4

    And that stomping of shoes is literally music to my ears 😍😍

  • さく
    さく 17 일 전 +3


  • Jeje
    Jeje 18 일 전 +15

    진짜 시원시원하게 춘다
    역시 실력은 엔믹스!

  • Anushka Negi
    Anushka Negi 18 일 전 +1

    Girl groups FINALLY be making fire choreos and not just sexy hip movements LMAO

    JKKTJMRMJHSGJN 16 일 전 +2

    Vamos por ese 1M antes de los 3 días

  • Hailey
    Hailey 18 일 전 +3

    Slay Jiwoo!!

  • hyeseng engauinged
    hyeseng engauinged 17 일 전 +9

    I hope they perform it at least once at a music show the choreo is so good

  • Larissa Hora
    Larissa Hora 18 일 전 +3

    Jiwoo slayed hard

  • JuNgkoOk's WiFe
    JuNgkoOk's WiFe 18 일 전 +39

    Jiwoo is literally owning this era 😭😭

  • Nozomi
    Nozomi 17 일 전 +12


  • FindMeL
    FindMeL 17 일 전 +4

    I love the choreography... Cute, strong movement, happy vibe at the same time...

  • Asem Dusenova
    Asem Dusenova 17 일 전 +6

    Really talented girls! Vocal, visual, beautiful, cutee, perfect!! ❤

  • Santo de Deus
    Santo de Deus 16 일 전 +4

    *Mais uma coreo bem feeita de NMIXX…*

  • KIA
    KIA 18 일 전 +2

    Wooohh~ love it so much

  • 鼻セレブ
    鼻セレブ 18 일 전 +11


  • jhAnLim
    jhAnLim 18 일 전


  • Valentina Escalante
    Valentina Escalante 18 일 전 +18

    Esta canción es una joyitaaaa simplemente hermosa... jiwooo hermosaaa destacó verdaderamente en esta canción 🤩🥰😍🥰

  • hazelseung
    hazelseung 18 일 전 +1

    Initially, i really didnt like this song because of the chorus, but now that I’m listening to it more, it sounds pretty okay (though i do wish jyp could actually give the girls a good song). I’m also glad that jiwoo is getting so much attention this comeback. She deserves it

    • Diti Chaudhari
      Diti Chaudhari 10 일 전

      the song excluding the chorus sounds heavenly... but then the chorus comes in and the song turns into a nursery rhyme... not complaining tho

    • ʸᴵʸᴵ
      ʸᴵʸᴵ 18 일 전

      this is only one of their bsides:) they have 5 bsides songs and their title track 'Love Me Like This' will be released on March 20!

  • 露Orion Embun Aldebaran

    This is so cuteeee❤️❤️

  • Love,s 러리
    Love,s 러리 9 일 전 +1

    헐 대박 최고의 걸그룹 곡을 Tiktok 찍으면서
    연습을 다하고 릴리,설윤,지우,배이,규진도
    열심히 화이팅~❤❤❤❤ 🤩🤩🤩

  • mark
    mark 18 일 전 +16

    nmixx太優了! 跳得真好,又帥又可愛,

  • Yennefer Gomes
    Yennefer Gomes 18 일 전 +50

    Jiwoo cada dia mais maravilhosa!

  • LuckChivingston
    LuckChivingston 16 일 전 +1

    I’m back and I just wanna say the FACIAL EXPRESSIONS ARE ON POINT!!

  • 정민
    정민 17 일 전 +50

    맴버수가 7명에서 6명으로 변화하면서 많이 걱정되고 심란스러웠을텐데 좋은 곡, 완벽한 안무로 컴백해줘서 너무 고맙고 대견하다😊😊
    우리 짱믹스 더 흥해라!!!!