The Less Known Samsung Galaxy Phone...

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  • 게시일 2019. 06. 19.
  • Samsung Galaxy A70 (USA Link) -
    Samsung Galaxy A70 (International) -
    The Samsung Galaxy A70 recently became available here in Canada. It represents a value oriented mid-range smartphone but has some features that could be considered superior to the flagship Galaxy S10. The Galaxy A70 has a massive 6.7-inch display, 4500mAh battery and 25 watt quick charge.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  4 개월 전 +3431

    This device is actually $366 on Amazon right now -

    • Tavonga Chivaviro
      Tavonga Chivaviro 13 일 전

      The device has an update as at 01 October 2019. The fingerprinter sensor is now super fast

    • Faisal Al janabi
      Faisal Al janabi 23 일 전

      My friend got that phone after he broke his

    • Chandrahaas Kandi
      Chandrahaas Kandi 24 일 전

      Make a video on a50s bro please

  • Tyler Douangmala
    Tyler Douangmala 2 시간 전

    Damn I just bought the a50

  • Kelvin Gurung
    Kelvin Gurung 3 시간 전

    I have an a30 look ing at the specs they are all better than an iphone 10 and its only 350 aus

  • Nomi Plays
    Nomi Plays 9 시간 전

    Enjoying the vid on my 1 week new phone upgrade from s7 edge❤

  • Mike Birtles
    Mike Birtles 12 시간 전

    I have owned several flagships, and almost every brand, i now have A70, this is a great phone, especially at the price, check the specifications, recommend....👍😉🇬🇧

  • OOF
    OOF 일 전 +1

    Getting this phone, so I need this info :D

  • Elizabeth McKay
    Elizabeth McKay 2 일 전

    I bought one...In UK, it was better for my budget! I decided on it as I wanted a large screen and better camera than I had in an old iPhone. I'm not so savvy on the tech side....Teardrop?! Etc, but in practical using I love it. Even the predictive text is far better than my iPhone! I like the headphones better too. It was half the price of the S10 for contract price, so I am very happy.

  • altaaf ferhaan bholai

    please do the unboxing of galaxy a8s

  • Ian Cayton
    Ian Cayton 2 일 전

    Oof man I want it

  • Chinaza Iheanachor
    Chinaza Iheanachor 2 일 전 +1

    Samsung: Unbox Therapy what do you think about reviewing our almost dead phone
    Unbox Therapy: yes!

  • mimoli Mimmi
    mimoli Mimmi 3 일 전

    3:28 the display fingerprint scanner has been been updated (September software update)
    Now mine works like magic!!! No lags!!

  • koobs
    koobs 3 일 전

    Pee per at 2:10

  • Naturally Zuqulia
    Naturally Zuqulia 3 일 전

    Does anyone know if this device is compatible with AT&T?? I’m thinking about buying one.

  • IceAxsis
    IceAxsis 3 일 전 +1

    Who watching this on an alcatel 1 wait just me

  • Shahzad Hussain
    Shahzad Hussain 3 일 전

    I need a iPhone

  • enchodus
    enchodus 3 일 전

    this is a nice phone, really nice-inexpensive, fast, long lasting battery, fast charge, clear large screen, lrg mem, variable cameras .....

  • Alex Castro
    Alex Castro 4 일 전

    Does it have wireless charging

  • Led Zepper
    Led Zepper 4 일 전

    Lol, "the less known" 😂
    Probably to you, Sir, but it's not lesser known. It's been up talked aboit for month.
    You're just seriously out of the loop 😂 ...sorry, man, no diss.

  • OperationSauce
    OperationSauce 4 일 전 +9

    "no curved glass"
    me: Say no more.

  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar 4 일 전

    Samsung pay and knox security are plus

  • Xander Ore
    Xander Ore 4 일 전

    Do a80

  • BADY
    BADY 4 일 전

    Guys I'm using my a70 people think its Huawei p30 pro lol

  • Illation
    Illation 4 일 전

    Iridescent that hugh on the back

  • Nathan Locke
    Nathan Locke 5 일 전

    They saved the money by just charging less. There's no innovation in this device so it's a basic device, sold for above the price of a basic device. The market is flooded with devices that are over $1000 so when one comes out with "all these features" for less than half the cost, we're tricked into thinking it's a good deal.

  • Patrick Square
    Patrick Square 5 일 전

    I have the a10e

  • Traci Leah
    Traci Leah 5 일 전

    I love my A70

  • Aaron Turner
    Aaron Turner 5 일 전

    I just got A20
    So far the best feature to me is the mini player for KRclip. Now I don't have to pay for KRclip premium when I want to listen to youtube and do something else,

  • Dag of Bicks
    Dag of Bicks 5 일 전

    So sad i only have samaung j2 prime

  • Ryan
    Ryan 5 일 전

    I have this phone

  • Juan Jr
    Juan Jr 6 일 전

    It's rainbow colors people! Quit making so hard damn.

  • V0lt Playz
    V0lt Playz 6 일 전 +1

    Hey, Quick question should I get the s8 plus or the A70??? Idk can ya'll help me out???

    • V0lt Playz
      V0lt Playz 4 일 전 +1

      @Specterium okay thanks man!

    • Specterium
      Specterium 5 일 전 +2

      It has way more better specs, with 2x battery life.t Han s8 plus

  • CornyEverything
    CornyEverything 6 일 전

    I just picked up the A50 and I love it!!

  • Looking Forward
    Looking Forward 6 일 전

    Have you bough this phone expecting good quality photography, then your next purchase of phone will not be anymore Samsung! Samsung has made a mistake on this phone ...

  • Robert Jacobson
    Robert Jacobson 6 일 전

    Damnit I bought the a50 cause I didn't know about the a70. I've had it for 5 months now and it's a really good phone, but damn I shoulda did more research.

  • DJ Rixmean
    DJ Rixmean 6 일 전

    that's gayest phone i have ever seen

  • unraveled owl
    unraveled owl 6 일 전 +1

    Cries while watching this vid on an A30

  • Orhan Kaplan
    Orhan Kaplan 6 일 전

    The Mi 9 is better value

  • Andrew Sempros
    Andrew Sempros 6 일 전

    this is 280 euros in my country

  • Lazylacreamy
    Lazylacreamy 6 일 전

    Very cool

  • Heidi wattson
    Heidi wattson 7 일 전

    I'm literally watching this on my samsung a70 lmao

    • karen nicole peterson
      karen nicole peterson 2 일 전

      Heidi wattson I’m thinking of buying this one too and I was wondering how many apps can you have? Because I used to have android?and I only could used like 5 apps and I couldn’t download more and I’m scared of that.. can you let me know please! :)

  • Gunnison 36
    Gunnison 36 7 일 전

    Iridescent is the color

  • Dalaxrky
    Dalaxrky 7 일 전 +1

    I’m gonna buy this phone, and I’m excited to get this because how cheap it is.

  • noob gamer
    noob gamer 7 일 전

    Lew says pobg wow🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • Rhys
    Rhys 7 일 전

    I have an iPhone 5, I'm getting this phone

  • Arn_Skr
    Arn_Skr 7 일 전

    DO A80

  • Misbah Iqbal
    Misbah Iqbal 7 일 전

    thank you for making a review on it, while others dont even bother to make reviews of A series samsung phones beacuse they are cheap and maybe they think there name is bigger than these phones, you stand alone Mate and you are great.

  • Nat The Jar
    Nat The Jar 7 일 전

    I have a Samsung Galaxy A50, and in basically every way, they're exactly the same. Except for the fact that the A70 is slightly bigger than the A50, which doesn't neccesarly make the A50 worse. In fact, with a bigger phone, more issues with stuffing your phone into your pocket you'll get. So I think the A50 is just as balanced if not slightly better or worse. It really depends on your opinion honestly.

  • Surplux Official
    Surplux Official 8 일 전 +9

    Lou: does speaker test
    Me: watching on my phone with worse speakers than both so I cant tell the difference

  • Gage Wells
    Gage Wells 8 일 전

    I'm getting the a50 Friday. Triple 25mp camera. 64gb storage. 15 day idle time

  • Tracey Holland
    Tracey Holland 8 일 전

    I have seen it for $349 and lower, in the U.S. If you buy the phone in the U.S. you must buy the Latin American variant, and it only works on Tmobile and At&t.

  • Made
    Made 8 일 전

    Thr camera takes horrible picture out in real world nature shots. Almost always blurry.

  • Chris Chances
    Chris Chances 9 일 전

    I got the blue a70 and it looks good

  • omkar shah
    omkar shah 9 일 전

    Do a10 please

  • Lexter Longares
    Lexter Longares 9 일 전 +1

    Today' midrange = Flagship
    Today's flagship = Luxury

  • Bus Arne
    Bus Arne 9 일 전

    Im the owner of this phone. Really nice :-)

  • xblackcatx13
    xblackcatx13 10 일 전

    Flat screen makes them worth it, and headphone jack.

  • Saber Cat
    Saber Cat 10 일 전

    4500mah? My note 10+ only has 4300 ;(

    • Maxichips
      Maxichips 8 일 전

      Omg you have a 1300 dollar phone that's so sad ;(

  • Layla Powell
    Layla Powell 10 일 전

    I have a A40 which before I got it I didn't knew existed

  • Dobrin Dobrinov
    Dobrin Dobrinov 10 일 전

    Europe has all of these smartphones.

  • You-Inferior2322 Damo
    You-Inferior2322 Damo 10 일 전 +2

    This is amazing thank you for the review