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  • Ceteris Paribus
    Ceteris Paribus 11 시간 전

    Untalented, unqualified white people of affluence are running and ruining the world. You are one of them.

  • Toluwani adeniyi
    Toluwani adeniyi 11 시간 전

    Just come back. The world has moved on,soon they will be talking about someone else. Do what your are passionate about, even if it kill you. Just do it, no one is better that you and does not deserve forgiveness for the shitty things we do.

  • Benjamin Chan
    Benjamin Chan 11 시간 전

    This video is the equivalent of the NYC subway conductor saying “we have traffic ahead of us we will be moving shortly”. Nothing was achieved and she just aggravated everyone. Dumb entitled brat...

  • Randall Kravetski
    Randall Kravetski 11 시간 전 +1


  • Blockwash
    Blockwash 11 시간 전

    Don’t worry about it,it’s cool shit happens. Welcome back.

  • Zagros Mitan
    Zagros Mitan 11 시간 전

    Go away, nobody wants you here. Go help prepare your parents for prison and prepare yourself for being poor.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 1hunnid leak
    1hunnid leak 11 시간 전

    Huge idot

  • Chloe X
    Chloe X 11 시간 전

    I go to a private school on a ballet scholarship, so I know somewhat how ‘sports’ scholarships work. I think Olivia must of known her grades weren’t good enough to get it and her parents were bending the rules to get her a place. But also I think it could be possible for her to not know about the money aspect, not that it makes the whole thing right.

  • Cj M
    Cj M 11 시간 전

    Terrible cuts. I hope you dont bounce back. Editing and making things pretty dont always pay off. I hope you grow from this humble and low profile.

  • 大井航貴
    大井航貴 11 시간 전

    She's just sorry that she got caught lol

  • ThisIsTheEndPt2
    ThisIsTheEndPt2 12 시간 전

    You lied and stole.


  • Zaxy Pena
    Zaxy Pena 12 시간 전

    I hope you didn’t turn your back in the parent that did that for you sad tho knowing u didn’t accomplish it. I can see the fear in your face this must be rough but this is life and you are very bless lol that you won’t go to jail because I see no difference between you and your parent... not trying to be mean but when you admit you apologize that don’t have nothing to do with court. Also don’t your mom think she did nothing wrong. Do the right thing learn from mistake make a change be humble u can loose something so fast and work hard for what you have be proud of yourself smh

  • neuphs
    neuphs 12 시간 전

    Nobody wants you here.

  • treat12
    treat12 12 시간 전

    How bout you come back and can talk when you can talk, like after your Mom gets sentenced. You just basically came on here and talked about nothing in circles.

  • Isabella Borges
    Isabella Borges 12 시간 전

    No apology. No self-reflection. You just miss the attention. I wish that I could dislike this video multiple times. Please stay away. You are the definition of blind privilege.

  • toby quinn
    toby quinn 12 시간 전

    What happened????

  • Steve Murdock
    Steve Murdock 12 시간 전

    Junior College how about you get a job

  • Teggy Mulenda
    Teggy Mulenda 12 시간 전


  • Divinia
    Divinia 12 시간 전

    I know she messed up and everything but stop leaving comments saying you want an apology video when she can't even talk about it. Think of how much it took her to come on here in the first place after everything that happened. Just because she was born into a rich family with entitled parents doesn't mean she isn't sorry about what happened. Her parents forced her to go to college in the first place, she stated many times she hated school and didn't want to go.

  • Jorden Mireles
    Jorden Mireles 12 시간 전

    Your hot your mom is to love

  • Alina Lanolina
    Alina Lanolina 12 시간 전

    Sis you knew all the way what your papa and mama had done
    You took someone’s place at college and you are ok with it

  • Anya Shah
    Anya Shah 12 시간 전 +2


  • Ai movie
    Ai movie 12 시간 전

    welcome back you suffered a lot i don't know why your parents need to do this when you never going to use that degree in your entire life

  • Seal View
    Seal View 12 시간 전

    row, row, row your boat gently of the Tube

  • Vickie Luck
    Vickie Luck 12 시간 전

    O-LIV-iA. I live a privileged life 🙄

  • Splitwindow Coupe
    Splitwindow Coupe 12 시간 전

    Look at me. I am sooooo special.

  • Meah Lopez
    Meah Lopez 12 시간 전

    Don’t come back to KRclip. You’re fake and a phony. You didn’t even apologize about your whole scandal. You’re just a little rich girl who is going to get what you want regardless. Such a shame

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss 12 시간 전 +1

    Probably buying likes like she bought acceptance into university.

  • Cody Petrone
    Cody Petrone 12 시간 전

    If you want people to forgive you then you have to take responsibility for whatever involvement you had in the scandal. If not then you’re just a fake spoiled lying cheater who need mommy to hold your hand through life. I really hope you’re a good person that can learn from this experience and can make the world a better place.

  • Somewhat Knowledgeable Geek
    Somewhat Knowledgeable Geek 12 시간 전 +1

    "My parents are scumbags, but I can't talk about it"

  • KingjosiahIV
    KingjosiahIV 12 시간 전

    You know there are some teens out there who don’t even have time to enjoy themselves or make videos like you. Due to pressures of getting college or uni, some teens commit suicide due to the intense stress and weight high school puts on them. Some are so poor that they can’t even afford to go to college. Some teens aren’t as privileged and wealthy as you.

  • Ana Carolina Barreto
    Ana Carolina Barreto 12 시간 전

    Still sthink u should say a big “sorry

  • Isabel Pretty
    Isabel Pretty 13 시간 전 +2

    These comments tho.. I think we are all forgetting she a young woman and at the mercy of her parents. Olivia I hope you can move on in your life truly and find some peace. It is a super stressful situation and made even more stressful that you have had to go through it publicly. Look after yourself and no one is worst than their worst mistake x

    • virtual spaceman
      virtual spaceman 12 시간 전

      she willingly participated in an illegal process. if she were smart she wouldn't be on yt rn

    • big boo
      big boo 12 시간 전

      Young woman my balls , she and her sister took photos in rowing outfits, she was in on it as much as her crook parents.

  • Ginny
    Ginny 13 시간 전 +2

    i’m just confused as to what the point of this whole video was?

  • Joseph Mccall
    Joseph Mccall 13 시간 전 +1

    Girl Bye

  • JC 40324
    JC 40324 13 시간 전 +1

    Seems her publicist recommended this as a way to test the waters. Leaving the comments open to see what she needs to address in hopes of salvaging her audience. Just think of all the advertising money she is missing out on during this big shopping season.

  • Tom Bross
    Tom Bross 13 시간 전 +1

    When is your mom going to prison? When are u?

  • Steve Harter
    Steve Harter 13 시간 전 +1

    Olivia: My mommy and daddy rich so i dont have to apologize for nothing .... Flips the bird to everyone

  • big boo
    big boo 13 시간 전

    I feel as ONE with the tons and tons of people who hate her , composed of 122,000+ people , and we all have 2 words for you. FUCK YOU!

    • Patricia
      Patricia 12 시간 전 +1

      Olivia Jade, 120,000+people LOVE YOU and proud that you are moving forward. ‘big boo’ I have 3 words for you...LOVE YOU TOO😘

  • sprinkle sarcasm
    sprinkle sarcasm 13 시간 전

    *H O L L O W E M P T Y M O R O N*

  • Alexandra Vasileiou
    Alexandra Vasileiou 13 시간 전 +1

    You are my favorite KRclipr!❤️

  • Jasonite _ gaming
    Jasonite _ gaming 13 시간 전

    So many dislikes ._.

    • virtual spaceman
      virtual spaceman 12 시간 전

      she and her parents cheated their way into college by doing some illegal things.

    • big boo
      big boo 13 시간 전

      @Jasonite _ gaming people hate this entitled little bitch lol

    • Jasonite _ gaming
      Jasonite _ gaming 13 시간 전

      @big boo Idk why there is so many dislikes 😞

    • big boo
      big boo 13 시간 전

      Shut up

  • Ahmad Rahimyar
    Ahmad Rahimyar 13 시간 전

    College is such a scam depending on what you’re trying to do in you’re career make sure it’s worth you’re time. People say “ Oh I want to have the college experience and have a blast” but in reality the college experience is overrated. The longer you stay the more money you waste and you’ll be struggling to pay off you’re student loan debt.

  • poo man
    poo man 13 시간 전

    eat the rich my friends

  • Dearestrella
    Dearestrella 13 시간 전

    “I’m sorry?” Im trying to find it

    • big boo
      big boo 13 시간 전

      Keep looking lmao

  • Mister 101100
    Mister 101100 13 시간 전 +1

    How’s university going?

  • surge24
    surge24 13 시간 전


  • 胡建忠
    胡建忠 13 시간 전


  • Kurt Hessian
    Kurt Hessian 13 시간 전

    She should’ve gone farther with her non-apology. Address nothing, and just review some designer handbags.

  • Lil Sagna
    Lil Sagna 13 시간 전 +1

    real BRUH moment right here

  • Dennis Nedry
    Dennis Nedry 13 시간 전 +1

    Poor entitled elite brat

  • Patricia
    Patricia 13 시간 전 +1

    Olivia Jade, keep posting! You shouldn’t have been bullied out of doing what you clearly love to do. Yes, your parents wanted the best for you and your sister but unfortunately went about it the wrong way and you all have been/are paying the price for it but lesson learned. Good for you, that you have the courage to come back. Soon you’ll be on top again and getting back those sponsors you lost. You are young and it’s time to move forward. Hopefully you won’t let ‘the haters’ get in the way of your happiness. Just post and post and post ...if the content is there...we will watch...💖

    • Patricia
      Patricia 13 시간 전

      Ooh, someone is bitter, but yes, I’m enabling her to follow her dream.
      OLIVIA JADE KEEP POSTING! You’re young and beautiful...Haters like this one (big boo) are just not happy in life...ignore them😘

    • big boo
      big boo 13 시간 전

      Yeah keep enabling her you stupid bitch

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  • jay craig
    jay craig 13 시간 전 +2

    Don’t be sorry. I would do the same thing for my kids if I had the money... we all would

    • virtual spaceman
      virtual spaceman 12 시간 전

      no. any decent parent that wants the best for their kids wouldn't think of doing this. that just means you're a proud cheater and a liar.

    • Patricia
      Patricia 13 시간 전 +1

      ‘big boo’...you’re obviously hurting...sending you a hug 🤗

    • big boo
      big boo 13 시간 전

      Fuck you

  • Brianna Payne
    Brianna Payne 13 시간 전 +3

    Even after all she and her family have done, the entitlement still runs deep....sad.

  • spock
    spock 13 시간 전 +1

    Why comeback? Just go, nobody misses you

  • Kev P
    Kev P 13 시간 전

    Vapid 😒

  • spock
    spock 13 시간 전 +1

    Hu dafuq r u?

  • Jillian S. Kasper
    Jillian S. Kasper 13 시간 전 +1

    people are so rude honestly... OK she didn't kill anybody, ...Relax. The intentions of her parents weren't due to her being stupid.. At a younger than most, she advanced rapidly on social media as a public figure and has found meaning and fulfillment through her role, Her parents are allowing for her too pursue her passion but feel the obtaining an education should be held prioritized to the same standards. So they heard of this guy who does the investing for whatever to ensure their daughter will receive an education from a highly accredited institution to support her and benefit her future. So this guy's priority is to make money and her parent's priority is to better her future, the other people who were impacted were probably not made known and if they were , well still . Im not saying it's right that really is a shame for those people but again known or not the intent was just to benefit their daughter and not harm anyone but unfortunately had an adverse effect. If she never caught like im sure many others haven't, the world would not be In danger.or have said anything. so in retrospect she. can be forgiven. SOO ANYONE WHO EVER MADE A DECISION RESULTING IN YOUR OWN / CHILD'S BENEFIT AND ADVERSELY EFFECTED THE FEELINGS OF OTHERS?
    I never posted a comment on youtube before tbh but after reading the comments I needed to. People's lack of empathy towards those in the public eye is inhumane. Just because they want something or someone to talk about to make themselves feel powerful in their own mind . Yes it was unfortunate for whoever was impacted and I feel for them, truly. But you're human too and I feel for you. Being afraid or apprehensive to continue your passion must be a terrible feeling especially when it forces you to face the public where you're anticipating their negativity.
    I hope you continue to. follow your dreams. because at the end of the day you determine your future. and the worst thing you could do is let the opinions of others do. that job for you. No one can dull your shine if you keep moving up towards the sun. Proceed confidently on your journey. You are not. defined by your set backs but you will be defined by all of your achievements. Be proud of yourself for taking this step and. continue to walk. Haters are gonna hate regardless..

    • Adilah O
      Adilah O 12 시간 전

      Lol out of all the videos on KRclip, people starving, homelessness, animal abuse etc etc this is the first time you felt the need to not only comment but to literally write an essay? Peoples priorities are so messed up, no wonder she thinks it’s ok to fake and lie her way through life as long as she looks cute while doing so.

    • Patricia
      Patricia 13 시간 전

      Wow, ‘big boo’ I see you’re busy commenting your hate towards Olivia Jade....well, too bad. We love her and happy she is moving forward💖

    • big boo
      big boo 13 시간 전

      That's right stick up for this entitled bitch , keep enabling her , fuck you!

  • You’re Wrong.
    You’re Wrong. 13 시간 전 +1

    Bye jade no one cares ( thanks for wasting two minutes of my life)