Conan's Dinner With Jordan Part 1 - Conan25: The Remotes

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  • 게시일 2019. 05. 16.
  • (Original air date: 05/09/08) Jordan Schlansky takes Conan to his favorite Italian restaurant on the Upper East Side. Watch the definitive collection of field pieces from "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" and CONAN @
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  • Martin Lopez
    Martin Lopez 10 시간 전

    I think Jordan is low-key Conan's best friend

  • A S
    A S 23 시간 전

    Wow jordan looking fresh... out of the labaratory

  • Jordan Utley
    Jordan Utley 일 전

    7:01 I lose it everytime he puts that napkin on his head 😂

  • Inika Inika
    Inika Inika 일 전

    "and raped" lmao
    Conan has got guts doing a rape joke

  • pavanatanaya
    pavanatanaya 일 전 +1

    Conan is only slightly more irritating a dinner companion than Jordan

  • Voodoo Medic
    Voodoo Medic 일 전

    I bet Jordan is still a virgin

  • luis esparza
    luis esparza 2 일 전

    During the song you can tell that jordan had that look like he wanted to smash the glass on Conan's head

  • Possibility661
    Possibility661 2 일 전

    Funny stuff I swear Conan is the best💯😂

  • Lopiklop
    Lopiklop 2 일 전

    I had a friend like this

  • xlifewritex
    xlifewritex 2 일 전

    I swear these two are the best. So funny together. More bits please.

  • Robin Marie
    Robin Marie 3 일 전

    We miss this format so much!!!

  • YS Entertainment
    YS Entertainment 3 일 전

    Jordan will be the one to assassinate Conan.

  • Richard Lemieux
    Richard Lemieux 3 일 전

    This guy is made of plastic. Pretentious and superficial.

    • Archy RS
      Archy RS 3 일 전

      It’s an act you dimwit.

  • H WILD
    H WILD 4 일 전

    Oh NO Conan!!! No...No!

  • Mou Anas
    Mou Anas 5 일 전

    Jordan is quiet until he goes encyclopaedia on your ass

  • Daisy
    Daisy 6 일 전 +1

    someone call the suicide hotline for jordan

  • ok then
    ok then 8 일 전 +6

    Does anyone have that video of when conan raided jordans office and found a secret stache of poptarts?

    • Kim So
      Kim So 6 일 전 +1

      ok then비디오.html

  • Corrin Main
    Corrin Main 8 일 전

    Why is Jordan cosplaying Tohru Adachi

  • KM5K
    KM5K 10 일 전

    This has got to be an old clip Jordan looks younger in this than during the Italy trip; is that right or am I a dumbass?

  • Marcello
    Marcello 10 일 전 +2

    As an Italian, I appreciate when a person enjoys our culture so much. You two are always welcome in Italy!

  • Dave B
    Dave B 11 일 전

    The moped killed me

  • HellCallBack
    HellCallBack 11 일 전

    Rape jokes are just so bad, really don't do those.

  • James Imparato
    James Imparato 13 일 전

    Conan check behind his ears, three 666's = Santan!

  • rj zander
    rj zander 14 일 전

    Jordan = homo

  • Iron Bubble
    Iron Bubble 15 일 전

    6:38 How does Jordan not laugh a little? haha. I was cracking up.

  • Vwbolfgti sim racing

    Jordan's hair is so funny, you can see where he tried to hide his receding hair line. Much better to just embrace it...... I know, I've just shaved mine hahahaha

  • John R
    John R 18 일 전

    Do more of these conan. Theyre the best also more clueless gamer

  • Bram Driessens
    Bram Driessens 18 일 전

    100% autistic.

  • Logan SJ
    Logan SJ 18 일 전

    No way! Rush?? I could see that as much as I don't.

  • The Dolphinator
    The Dolphinator 18 일 전

    Due Buffoni


    Jordan rocks

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 19 일 전

    The evil leprechaun, Conan, abuses Jordan once again. This time with fantasies of raping him.

  • saxefoner
    saxefoner 19 일 전 +1

    Is Conan that much of a dork? It takes one to laugh at one.

  • ACEyZAm
    ACEyZAm 19 일 전

    Jordan is an italy weeb

  • Whatever Bro
    Whatever Bro 20 일 전

    Son of Science Officer Spock

  • David Alano
    David Alano 21 일 전


  • Teresa Reade
    Teresa Reade 21 일 전

    And you were raped!!

  • King Lazo
    King Lazo 21 일 전

    6:56 so he’s been doing that since the beginning of time huh

  • mhm izme
    mhm izme 23 일 전

    Lol that food must've been pretty good, Conan was stuffing face hard xD

  • White Walker
    White Walker 24 일 전

    I want to watch Conan drunk af for real
    I’d even like to sell my girlfriend for it, if I had one

  • fuzzy fuzzy
    fuzzy fuzzy 24 일 전

    to be honest i hate Jordan

  • Xaero
    Xaero 24 일 전

    I'd rather hang with Jordan than Conan.

  • ZWGamemasterGame
    ZWGamemasterGame 24 일 전

    This made me laugh so hard :)

  • Bárb
    Bárb 24 일 전

    Jordan looks at Conan with such anger

  • Ken Thomson
    Ken Thomson 24 일 전

    I really like the Jordan clips. But also, I really want to kick him in the head.

  • j0hndyfarq
    j0hndyfarq 26 일 전

    He's like the annoying Remy from ratatouille 😂

  • rational conservative
    rational conservative 26 일 전 +4

    I love how Conan laughs at himself. I know the feeling bc I crack myself up too!

  • TheRock 2988
    TheRock 2988 28 일 전

    He’s a weeb but Italian style

  • MrTmmyh
    MrTmmyh 28 일 전

    I was going to write a meaningful comment.....and then I was raped.

  • Stephen Snyder
    Stephen Snyder 28 일 전

    A real gem in the middle of the Schlansky wormhole

  • manuelss
    manuelss 28 일 전

    Jordan and I are gonna go down... stairs...

  • Frank Peters
    Frank Peters 28 일 전

    6:36 Jordan HATES this song

  • Leo Gastle
    Leo Gastle 29 일 전 +1

    Is it wierd i want to hear what jordan says? I wanna have a conversation with him

  • Panda Andet
    Panda Andet 29 일 전

    Whats wrong with both of them? :D

  • aaron reyes
    aaron reyes 개월 전

    conan was a little polite here

  • Juandamian83
    Juandamian83 개월 전

    I don't know how Jordan can always keep such a straight face

  • Jacobb
    Jacobb 개월 전 +4

    Jordan really seems like a very cool guy to talk too

      GREGORY EIDSON 개월 전 +1

      i agree. they're ultra cruel to him sometimes. well all of time.

  • Lady-Lynn
    Lady-Lynn 개월 전 +1

    I love you Jordan, and Conan your hilarious!

  • Zihao Zhang
    Zihao Zhang 개월 전

    What's the restaurant called?

  • Wiseash2000
    Wiseash2000 개월 전

    I didn't know Jordan was in Train.

  • BabyBoomerChannel
    BabyBoomerChannel 개월 전 +5

    5:30 - the Cameraman laughs and moves the camera.

  • groene hond
    groene hond 개월 전

    I thought they say expert in hawaian food al this was very confusing too me.

  • Caesar kig
    Caesar kig 개월 전

    why is he still making jokes about rape?

  • Josh L Gaol
    Josh L Gaol 개월 전

    Jordan is full of shits.

  • Superchuyito 1195
    Superchuyito 1195 개월 전 +1

    Jordan is definitely a robot, absolutely zero emotions

  • Mary-Adeline Ngwa
    Mary-Adeline Ngwa 개월 전

    I love Jordan.

  • Joey Nelson
    Joey Nelson 개월 전 +2

    These are the best because Jordan is literally Toby off the Office

  • TobiNano
    TobiNano 개월 전

    note to self never drink anything while watching conan remotes

  • Lebron James
    Lebron James 개월 전

    "...and raped" I'm gonna have to start using that one.

  • Pedro Muniz
    Pedro Muniz 개월 전

    "I'm in heaven right now"
    "Yes... I wish you were..."

  • Briana Mayfield
    Briana Mayfield 개월 전

    Is Jordan on the spectrum? He has to be.

  • exakdev
    exakdev 개월 전 +2

    I love jordan. That been said He sometimes reminds me of American Psycho

  • Joshua Beldad
    Joshua Beldad 개월 전

    What I love about Team Coco are : *Jordan Sclansky and Conan vids, Clueless Gamer with Aaron, and Conan's remotes (old and new).*

  • jyjygjy yjfyjygj
    jyjygjy yjfyjygj 개월 전

    and raped... lmao

  • richardtang11
    richardtang11 개월 전

    Okay now I'm curious. Which german disco where they heading to?