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the late late show with james corden making film

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2021. 08. 05.

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  • Leslie Thornton

    Loved seeing how this was made. The performance for James Corden was the first time seeing BTS for me! Had a lot of years to catch up on since 2013! Find them an amazing group of guys. Renewed my interest in music. Brought a lot of pleasure during the pandemic. Thanks guys!

  • 민니Minnie

    I find it interesting how the stylists and makeup artists just try to work around the members who just carry on with whatever they are doing. It must make it a challenge to get the hair and makeup right 😆

  • 💛wHiPpEd FoR jEoN JuNgKoOk💓

    They gained a lot of new fans with the James Corden Carpool, myself included. This was during the start of the pandemic last year, it's amazing how many ppl discovered them during that time and felt that instant connection. The really helped me and a lot of people get through.

  • Reyah
    Reyah  +136

    kudos to the staff as well for making such amazing props and making the scenes look pretty. The boys are all professional when it comes to performing!

  • mira edora eunezz

    they really are professional.. when they find their mistakes.. they don't need or wait for anyone to ask them to correct it.. they corrected it by themselves....they are not feeling satisfied until they are truly satisfied with it.. they don't even feel tired.. salute

  • 28andee
    28andee  +74

    Their commitment to hardwork and excellence is just astounding.

  • K L
    K L  +160

    Jimin's eagle eye he noticed all the smallest mistakes done by the members. No wonder members are calling him perfectionist and a stage commander

  • F
    F  +4

    This group was, is and will always be a legend. Everything is perfect (thanks to the staff as well) and logically them are perfect.

  • sandra mirza

    I remember watching this and loving it so much. Very fun to see “behind the scenes. “. Thank you!


    They are all so playful and happy. Love watching them grooving around. Taehyung looks so stunningly handsome at any angle and with any type of looks. And his voice and dance moves are exceptionally brilliant

  • salteleg
    salteleg  +77

    Enjoyed the making. Makes us appreciate all the work done by everyone to come up with the final show!

  • Raejl Wong

    Love this always :) always fascinating, always real, always they look cool and gorgeous, always amazing and professionalism to the max.always gorgeous voice and music :) always impressive. Jimin's amazing James C's goofy impression is too hilarious. Must have taken so much effort not to be extremely enthusiastic like when he was exaggerating it so much a few minutes before that take but Jimin ended up doing it perfectly just right!.

  • aida abrani

    The boys seems playful buts turns seriously professional when the camera rolls....full of concentration and energy....love OT7....great job....

  • rendemihui

    Thank you for uploading! 💜 I loved seeing the behind-the-scenes footage of this performance. It's one of my favorites because of the location. Those guys work so hard for us, which makes us expect more of other entertainers and causes us to feel like they deserve every award there is. How can 7 human beings bring daily happiness to so many people just by being themselves? AmaJINg!

  • Mahak Mittal


  • MamaBear Loves BTS

    I always love watching the behind the scenes of BTS performances. Their humor and playfulness make me smile and let’s us see how hard they work.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Mariefrance Dubois

    Vous avez travaillé dur pour en arriver là où vous en êtes bravo Bts respect 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Tired of dumb people

    Suga acting like an old grandpa getting on the plane is a mood… telling Hope that’s how you do it, with RM ignoring them like the great leader he is, Jin in support mode behind him…JK running up the stairs while V and JM going calmly up them. JHope telling V he looks like the owner of the plane… of course!! He’s King Taehyung! That’s why they all agreed to look at him at the end of his part! That’s not to say that the rest of BTS isn’t as whipped for V as I am,,, a large portion of the world is, I’d like to think that the rest just hasn’t discovered him and his awesomeness yet.

  • Nat Rose
    Nat Rose  +210

    It's so heartwarming how J-Hope always has kind and encouraging words for the others members. He truly is a ray of sunshine!

  • sandra foster

    members are so harworking !! Tae looking stunning as always.