Why I Make Zero-Waste Tasty Videos

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  • 게시일 2019. 01. 26.
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    compost in wire bin in garden
    wally eberhart/Getty Images
    winter compost bin in garden
    doris kindersley/Getty Images
    Layered compost in a compost container
    dave king/Getty Images
    Winter compost bin in garden
    doring kindersley/Getty Images
    CU as abov
    Zac Motion Images Limited/Getty Images
    saving still edible food
    captamotion/Getty Images
    polar bear (ursus maritimus)
    eyal bartov/Getty Images
    thousands of black kites foraging on a huge rubbish dump
    gal productions/Getty Images
    raccoons with young ones running on grass
    john and janet foster/Getty Images
    millax/Getty Images
    press digital/Getty Images
    male hands in rich soil
    john james wood/Getty Images
    flipping a lot of ground plant. mixing a bunch of plants
    noun/blosmotion/Getty Images
    filling up the wheelbarrow
    mgost/Getty Images
    elaineodell/Getty Images
    germinating plants
    voshadi/Getty Images
    a carrot from peeling to compost and planting
    lostinbids/Getty Images
    growing green plants agriculture time lapse
    muravlov/Getty Images
    mountainous landscape
    simonkr/Getty Images
    Aerial view
    pigtar/Getty Images
    Vertical Aerial View
    Gal Productions/Getty Images
    The Rapid Growth Of Spring Onions, time-lapse/
    aleksask/Getty Images
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댓글 • 959

  • Szpery do Kamery
    Szpery do Kamery 2 시간 전

    Great Video !!!

  • The trash man
    The trash man 3 시간 전

    This is all good but we need to acknowledge that the people at fault for a majority of all food waste are big companies, like grocery stores that throw out TONS of food daily. So you shouldn’t feel guilty if you throw out some stale bread every once in a while. Otherwise this is a good video for those who feel like making the most out of their groceries so kudos to you 👍

  • Sabina
    Sabina 3 시간 전

    I am always picking ugly fruit and vegetables and when on the till someone suggests me to REPLACE it, I say, this is the reason i buy it, because NO ONE ELSE WILL and you will JUST PUT IT TO THE BIN AT THE END OF THE DAY...

  • benjamin a
    benjamin a 22 시간 전 +1

    Why i make zero wast videos? Because you're a woke millennial who needed to be even more picky and entailed than a vegan.

  • TheLautik
    TheLautik 22 시간 전

    I hope this comment does not get burried but hear me out please !!!!

    Think twice before using your compost in your house plants and flowers, you can introduce a nasty parasyte or a bug to your house.

  • George Yang
    George Yang 2 일 전

    not only is she cute and gorgeous, her recipes are pretty creative too!

  • BFFBlog101
    BFFBlog101 3 일 전 +1

    My family is big on not wasting food but if it's stale or rotten we will. I grow up not being picky that way because we had to finish are meals and eat everything.

  • Le Guimarães
    Le Guimarães 3 일 전

    Ater that, I put the veg stock aside, blend the scraps and reduce them on the stove with some miso. put it in a container in the fridge and voilá! veggie patê for the week! an awesome spread for toast! :)

  • Becca L
    Becca L 3 일 전

    I think most time people just don’t know better... once I know I can make my own composting by using “trash” stuff that we usually threw away I would just make it

  • devontodetroit
    devontodetroit 4 일 전 +5

    For a zero waste channel, Perhaps learn how to cut a pepper.. Never seen so much waste in my life, and why top and tail a potato? lol

  • nixrosalilapink
    nixrosalilapink 4 일 전

    washing an onion before using does sound crazy though.

  • Amanda Teoh
    Amanda Teoh 6 일 전

    1:22 *me introducing myself to new people everytime*

  • HN
    HN 6 일 전

    Or just adopt a rabbit and feed him the unused parts of veggies

  • Millie
    Millie 7 일 전

    also on the note of "trash soup" lol isn't it fine to not wash the veggies since they will get boiled. like not washing an onion or something with a bit of dirt would be fine right, or not?

  • Millie
    Millie 7 일 전

    yay love this!

  • znix
    znix 7 일 전


  • Amalie
    Amalie 8 일 전

    What's vegtable stock? is it like broth? Sorry my english isn't very good

  • noff
    noff 9 일 전

    Im in love w her nose

  • Alisia Lopez
    Alisia Lopez 9 일 전

    Buzzfeed making a video that’s actually important 🙏🏼

  • soilgrasswaterair
    soilgrasswaterair 9 일 전

    1:15 *Lol if you do that where I live they call the 🚓🚔 on you. They even have signs up that tell you to show your bag if you carry one!*

  • soilgrasswaterair
    soilgrasswaterair 9 일 전

    1:16 *Lol if you do that where I live they call the 🚓🚔 on you. They even have signs up that tell you to show your bag if you carry one!*

  • ectazygirl
    ectazygirl 11 일 전

    I thought we all did

  • Chelsy Lynn lifestyle

    I compost.....that's all. I use as much as I can then I compost it but you cannot compost onions or broccoli or potatoes....or pasta or rice. To have change happen just lead by example and talk about what you do. I offer options to my parents alot or when I come across a new way to get rid of plastic. Like a burkey.....its a water container with carbon filters that last 15 years.....15 YEARS its 360$ that is alot but if your buying filters ever 2 months....this is saving you money. We will be buying one at the end of the year hopefully after we use all of our filters so we dont just toss those out for no reason.

  • Úna
    Úna 17 일 전

    This is the kinda content the internet needs

  • Daniel Tang
    Daniel Tang 22 일 전

    1:21 You kidding me??? Rie doesn't make me beat my meat like Merle does

  • GT1Reach
    GT1Reach 29 일 전

    Merle is a fine woman.

    • Daniel Tang
      Daniel Tang 21 일 전

      Do you wanna stick your penis inside Merle as badly as I do?

    • GT1Reach
      GT1Reach 21 일 전

      +Daniel TangAmen.

    • Daniel Tang
      Daniel Tang 22 일 전 +1

      I'd bone her sooo hard

  • Aj Walker
    Aj Walker 개월 전


  • Arya P. Dipa
    Arya P. Dipa 개월 전

    Also the habit of "Eat in small portion and take extra portion if you are still hungry later" needs to be Implemented
    I saw many people often make/put food and their plate more than they want to eat, resulting not only waste, but also overeating. It's like cutting hair, if you do too little, you can just cut it again

  • hoopla Hoopla
    hoopla Hoopla 개월 전 +1

    She’s beautiful *AS FUCK*

  • Twisted86
    Twisted86 개월 전

    1:21 it's ok.....we forgive you.

  • Terry Tukula
    Terry Tukula 개월 전

    We all love Rie😊😊
    jealousy much 😅😅

  • Out of The Hat
    Out of The Hat 개월 전

    All of these pieces she's talking about people not cooking with my mom has always cooked with and I've always cooked with. Cooking videos drive me nuts because they always throw out like half the ingredients. Who doesn't eat broccoli stalks? Who throws out the entire bottom of an onion? Who dumps leek tops? Well I guess I'm glad those people are getting some videos to show them potential alternatives.

  • Landen Ramirez
    Landen Ramirez 개월 전


  • Myla Torre
    Myla Torre 개월 전

    Spread this in your office. The others can learn a thing or two from this video.

  • Cecília Carvalho
    Cecília Carvalho 개월 전

    You may not be Rie but I love you both 💕

  • Karin Berliana
    Karin Berliana 개월 전


  • Vivi Nguyen
    Vivi Nguyen 개월 전

    I noticed the plastic highlighter pens she used in the video. Quick tip, use colored pencils to highlight instead. They never dry out and the only waste is the shavings.

  • Charlotte Wright
    Charlotte Wright 개월 전

    It’s Merle from one of the original space lift videos!

  • P B
    P B 개월 전

    great video!! i feel like making the most out of your produce is especially important if you eat meat, one of the things i hate most is when people will grow an entire animal just for consumption and then throw a third of it away. try to eat offal like livers, kidneys, intestines or giblets! use the bones so make stocks! eat the marrow! heck, eat the bones if they're soft enough, they're full of iron and calcium! don't let any of the energy that went into producing your meat go to waste! and if you can, reduce your overall meat consumption!

  • Ericka Scarbro
    Ericka Scarbro 개월 전

    She needs to have her own KRclip channel!!!

  • Karyn Andreozzi
    Karyn Andreozzi 개월 전

    She’s so pretty and so smart wow

  • Necchi The Kitty
    Necchi The Kitty 개월 전

    This is a great video, and I’m not hating at all, but she looks like my mom when I’ve done something wrong in the thumbnail

  • Zeeshan Gul
    Zeeshan Gul 개월 전

    I like how she approached the subject without being in your face about it. She has a lot of valid points and most of the suggestions she gave are doable

  • jessiekay86
    jessiekay86 개월 전

    I always buy the single bananas that are lonely at the top of the pile because those are normally the ones that no one else will buy 💛

  • Jennifer Medvetz
    Jennifer Medvetz 개월 전

    I loved this video, please keep making more zero waste content.
    It is a subscription service that brings you organic produce to your door that would be wasted otherwise. They are the “reject” fruits and vegetables that stores won’t buy due to cosmetic blemishes. I’ve been using this service for a few weeks, and honestly the majority looks like produce you could get in the store. It’s very affordable, you prevent food waste and it’s convenient. They also accept snap benefits to make it more accessible to everyone. BONUS: you choose the veggies and fruit you want each week, it’s not random

  • Michayla Gabay
    Michayla Gabay 개월 전

    She low key looks like Emma watson

  • How To Vegan
    How To Vegan 개월 전


  • Prime No. 6
    Prime No. 6 개월 전

    Wheres Rie tho

  • ivan flores- Ramirez

    Look this tree-hugging shitt thing is annoying save the world is it good concept executing it it's hard so this channel should do what it does best show cooking videos only the average person cannot execute is concept because they're busy trying to stay alive

  • Sera Sabran
    Sera Sabran 개월 전

    she looks like jazmyn bieber

  • Charis Roberts
    Charis Roberts 개월 전

    Put the bulbs of my green onions in water and they’re now planted! This video inspired me

  • Louisa Hilger
    Louisa Hilger 개월 전 +2

    6:27 but why? The bananas are totally fine 🤔😉

  • Theng Madriaga
    Theng Madriaga 개월 전

    "Who doesn't love Rie?" YAZ WE LOVE RIE

  • Zerowaste-Africachild

    Delicious so yummy, watch my video from Africa

  • CookingAndJava
    CookingAndJava 개월 전

    Why I make Zero-Taste Wasteful videos

  • Zeath
    Zeath 개월 전

    Moldy tomato soup time

  • Tori Carrillo
    Tori Carrillo 개월 전

    Such a great video with reasonable expectations. ❤️

  • regina george
    regina george 개월 전


  • O mglom
    O mglom 개월 전

    Did anyone pause
    to look at her recipes??

  • business Career
    business Career 개월 전

    Hi missis how do you ?

  • alex benjamin
    alex benjamin 개월 전

    Good idea for environmentalists but nothing goes to waste in this world. Everything mother earth produces is returned to it and hence the cycle continues. Am i wrong ??? Except for one thing that is plastic -it would take years for it to degrade. So don't feel bad if you waste some food without an intention. After all nobody really wants to waste something unless they are multimillionaires

  • Keith Montefalco
    Keith Montefalco 개월 전

    gosh, she so beautiful 😍

  • BOGObiology
    BOGObiology 개월 전

    Great content but be mindful of the audio editing; the volume changes pretty dramatically! Example is at 5:54-5:55!

  • 잼푸드JAMFOOD
    잼푸드JAMFOOD 개월 전

    good!!! come on!



  • Baylee LeBron
    Baylee LeBron 개월 전

    This is really awesome. She presents the information in a wonderful way. I love that she recognizes that not everyone can go completely waste free, but still encourages to do what you can. I am vegan, but I will admit that I may use too much plastic and waste the end bits of my veggies. This video has educated me further to think about the waste I contribute.

  • Natalie Rees
    Natalie Rees 개월 전

    Love this video

  • Sheer Tan
    Sheer Tan 개월 전


  • Dinusha K.Perera
    Dinusha K.Perera 개월 전

    composting is good but other things are really stupid..throwing away fruits and vegetables never harm the planet..they`ll become compost,naturally
    talk about plastic recycling ,that`s the major problem.
    any animal aren`t going to die because u throw away an ugly carrot.

  • ธวัชวุฒิ ไกรจรัส

    She's beautiful girl.

  • zedrick wyne
    zedrick wyne 개월 전


  • ꧁༺ Yuri ༻꧂
    ꧁༺ Yuri ༻꧂ 개월 전

    Because Tasty ran out of ideas?

  • Siti Khadijah
    Siti Khadijah 개월 전

    You are so beautiful! I love tasty producers! You guys are so awesome in your own way!

  • Bpk Suhadi
    Bpk Suhadi 개월 전

    Watch people eat fried worm on KRclip

  • Valerie Moya
    Valerie Moya 개월 전

    Nigga Just give all the plastic to Mexicans we can reuse ANYTHING😂💀💀

  • allealleh hidar
    allealleh hidar 개월 전

    oh shes cute and gorgeous

  • Joshua Michael
    Joshua Michael 개월 전

    Just get a house bunny like I did and you don't have to worry about half the food waste!

  • Carl Hewitt
    Carl Hewitt 개월 전

    Just watched to look at Merle but great video

  • Maechen Heitzman
    Maechen Heitzman 개월 전

    Thank you for making this video!!

  • S S
    S S 개월 전

    I have a Guinea pig. Eats a lot of vegetable stalk

  • Randy Ramkissoon
    Randy Ramkissoon 개월 전

    Shes so pretty xD

  • kikimaexo
    kikimaexo 개월 전

    This is really cool, glad we have people like you to help this world and make some impact!!

  • Isaac Esplin
    Isaac Esplin 개월 전

    I think it is funny when she is talking about plastic she is writting with a plastic pen and there are plactic Hi-lighters in the corner.

  • Lele Lele
    Lele Lele 개월 전

    I got a Tasty advertisement 😂

  • Eline Cacau
    Eline Cacau 개월 전


  • Rytyrocks
    Rytyrocks 개월 전

    The real reason - $$$$$$$

  • Roo’s World
    Roo’s World 개월 전

    I just posted a video on my newfies first birthday I’d love if you would check it out

  • Howard Lovecraft
    Howard Lovecraft 개월 전 +1

    If she doesnt want to waste her piss, i'll be happy to make use of it 🌮💦💦💦🤦🏻‍♂️

    • SS R
      SS R 개월 전

      You legend

  • Skylar S
    Skylar S 개월 전

    Helpful video. but why her sound change so much. Plus reading the text and listening to her facts - theres too much going on

  • EtoTheOwl
    EtoTheOwl 개월 전

    had to dislike the video cuz it wasnt Rie. Tasty without rie is just trash

  • Another Spectator
    Another Spectator 개월 전

    This lady has the most pleasant face...
    This is the first time in ages that I felt obliged to sit though a vid and listen someone out.
    A very compelling character and I actually learned quite a bit. I am now into something new.

  • Kitchworks
    Kitchworks 개월 전

    I hate wasting food! I am always teaching my clients how to overlay ingredients. I will be sending them over to this video. Thank you!

  • Dorean Heurtelou
    Dorean Heurtelou 개월 전 +3

    Most of the stuff that u labeled as “scraps” I actually use in my cooking. Thanks to my wonderful Haitian mom who has a pet peeve for wasting

  • Hanna Bnd
    Hanna Bnd 개월 전

    More of that!!!!

  • Armada
    Armada 개월 전

    I love rie lol

    I'VE McFALLEN 개월 전

    She's gorgeous

  • deerfan
    deerfan 개월 전

    Merle is so gorgeous... i love her just as much as i love Rie 😭

  • Anjana Majumdar
    Anjana Majumdar 개월 전

    Well plastic cannot be composted. If composted it pollutes the atmosphere for 40 to 50 years or more.

  • Olivia Cook
    Olivia Cook 개월 전

    I give my veggies to my bunny’s

  • Sakeef Sani
    Sakeef Sani 개월 전

    She is beautiful ❤️