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LE SSERAFIM (르세라핌) ‘FEARLESS’ Dance Practice (Moving ver.)

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  • 게시일 2022. 05. 07.
  • 공식 채널
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  • Casy Strawberry
    Casy Strawberry 일 전 +3

    One of the most equally balanced groups i've ever seen. No one's energy is more than another and no one is lacking. They are just perfect 🤩

  • Joash Cayabyab
    Joash Cayabyab 일 전 +526

    god i waited so long for Yunjin, she never disappoints god her charisma is everything. her stage presence is oozing and her facial expressions are just right, not too exaggerated but still noticeable. and the way she dance is immaculate, i have no words.

  • ela1023
    ela1023 일 전 +431

    I'm not big on girl groups but LE SSERAFIM's debut is fire. Their vocals are great and the song is super catchy. They've got a real HYBE quality to them

  • ksy
    ksy 21 시간 전 +446

    Le sserafim doesn't even look like they just debuted. their visuals, talents, and facial expressions are done perfectly.

  • Ray
    Ray 19 시간 전 +111

    This is the first time I have heard about yunjin. It seems that she is well know through some show. I love her voice, stage presence. She is my bias now.

  • Ilse Aquino
    Ilse Aquino 7 시간 전 +44

    They are a refreshing group, the clothes are simple but cute, no need to show more to be at the top. The choreography is very smooth and eye- catching, also it shows everyone's abilities, and again it's not over the top sexy.

  • jace
    jace 일 전 +1

    The wait for Yunjin's debut was worth is. Yunjin (along with Chaewon) are the best performers. She has polished moves, charismatic facial expressions, and oozing confidence. Her stage presence is killer and consistent in all their performances. You just CANNOT not look at her. She will never be outshined. Not to mention, those killer vocals. Girly is an opera singer. She's literally an ace.

  • Alayna Rangel
    Alayna Rangel 4 시간 전 +8

    I will be following their careers very closely. Really love their whole album. My favs are Yunjin, Kazuha and Chaewon. I'm not a fan of many fourth gen girl groups but I like these girls so so so so much. I even got my mom into them lmao ❤️❤️

  • Vecu Tet
    Vecu Tet 일 전 +188

    I have being observing le sserafim and I must say Yujin and Kazuha stage performance is very mesmerising..

  • Rhizka Muthiah
    Rhizka Muthiah 일 전 +225

    yunjin mantap banget.. keren, kece.. member lain juga, GO SSERA....

  • Sara
    Sara 일 전 +205

    I really love this "natural" concept. It is very relatable and gives you the feeling of being a part of them. Like, no extra colours or bling. Just talent.

  • Yihan Qin
    Yihan Qin 일 전 +32

    I can't wait to see more of their performances. Especially Yunjin. She's an amazing performer

  • Glenn Philip Mendoza Aguirre

    This group is really complete package. All Visuals, All Vocals, All Dancers, All Synchronized <3

  • 나요?
    나요? 일 전 +203

    진짜 다들 시원시원하게 생겼네요 팔다리도 길고 춤도 파워풀하니 노래랑 안무가 찰떡이에요.

  • ella
    ella 일 전 +119

    im so happy for yunjin, she really shines in this group

    JF ODEN 일 전 +99

    Yunjin has a special type of face where every facial reaction is clearly recognizable and believable. This is due to a mix of reasons, 1. She looks like a mix even though shes full korean, that feature adds more to her expression. 2. She grew up in nyc, she adopted different types of reactions through her environment, mainly western type of expressions which is natural from her environment and thus make her believable and not forced. 3. Well, the theater thing she learned did help a lot as well.

  • zeroeight
    zeroeight 일 전 +65

    Yunjin ATE this! Her charisma and power behind her precise moves are just elite. Despite being a rookie in the K-Pop industry she's already talented. Can't wait to see her continue to improve with the members.

  • 성지원
    성지원 12 시간 전 +9

    김채원의 그 특유의 깔보는 표정(?) 너무 좋고 허윤진의 표정도 너무 좋고 ㅠㅠㅠ 준비 많이 한 게 딱 보이고 좋아요

  • Cl
    Cl 일 전 +1

    From debut til now, Yunjin just gets me everytime. She has such command while performing because her facial expressions are honestly A+++. She's very charismatic when dancing I would easily think that is her unofficial position if I didn't know she's the main vocal

  • milkt4a
    milkt4a 일 전 +227

    yunjin's facial expressions are just something else