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  • 게시일 2019. 08. 19.
  • The Demogorgon, Nancy and Steve join the Dead by Daylight roster!
    The Dead by Daylight team is proud to present the brand-new Chapter for Dead by Daylight: Stranger Things.
    The Entity descends on the Midwestern town of Hawkins as Stranger Things, the critically acclaimed Netflix Original Series enters the realm of Dead by Daylight.
    The Chapter introduces a new Killer and two new Survivors to the realm of The Entity: the monstrous, otherworldly Demogorgon is the new untamable Killer. Against it stands not one, but two, new Survivors: Nancy Wheeler, a tough aspiring journalist, and Steve Harrington, a former high school jock with a knack for finding trouble.
    The Stranger Things Chapter comes with a new map, the Underground Complex. Located below the Hawkins National Laboratory, this grim compound caused an inter-dimensional rift that released dozens of creatures before being sealed off.
    The Stranger Things Chapter launches in September on PC and consoles.
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  • GilCAnjos
    GilCAnjos 18 시간 전

    Now we only need Pennywise for this game to go full-80s

  • Anton Callaghan
    Anton Callaghan 18 시간 전

    Tbh Dead by daylight's theme with Strangers things sound like it's an original theme.

  • Eshyvan
    Eshyvan 18 시간 전

    3 months ago, my group was talking about how fun it would for stranger things to be in dbd. my friend sent the link to discord, and my group went batshit

  • n3LLy
    n3LLy 18 시간 전 +1

    Why is my pee pee slowly growing?

  • Evan Beaulieu
    Evan Beaulieu 18 시간 전

    Ohhhhhh yeah baby, this is gunna open a whole new door to killers. Think about the possibilities! Sooooo many good killers could come out I can’t wait!!

  • Hellboy
    Hellboy 18 시간 전

    Omgg.. This is gonna be insanee

  • Madalin Haarp
    Madalin Haarp 18 시간 전


  • Junkiecakes
    Junkiecakes 18 시간 전


  • Разрушитель
    Разрушитель 18 시간 전


  • SHD
    SHD 18 시간 전

    DBD: Releases this
    Me: Ahhh Shit Here We Go Again

  • Joshie Fabryce
    Joshie Fabryce 18 시간 전

    NOT COMPLAINING, but who else wanted Jonathan rather than Nancy

  • Stephen escobar
    Stephen escobar 18 시간 전

    Well laurie has bern my main since day one but papa steve just took her place

  • jane doe
    jane doe 18 시간 전

    Omg that is so cool

  • gorka iglesias
    gorka iglesias 18 시간 전 +1

    Dead game lul

  • Reichskeks
    Reichskeks 18 시간 전

    Everyone: Doing the same comment trend jokesNo one: Writing original comments

  • Caseatron’s Hairline
    Caseatron’s Hairline 18 시간 전

    If I don’t get the option of a god damn scoops ahoy outfit I’m going to have to riot

  • TheeHanzoMain -
    TheeHanzoMain - 18 시간 전

    Don't buy it until they balance the game better. Chances are they will have a good perk on a survivor and it will get nerfed into the ground after you pay money for it like they did for Ash with mettle. What a joke.

  • Ghost face
    Ghost face 18 시간 전

    Ok i am not newest one but i can T baggggg

  • Chii Aruel
    Chii Aruel 18 시간 전 +1

    6 Pack Hairspray, check.
    My body is ready to play Steve. ❤

  • Ilans 789
    Ilans 789 18 시간 전 +1

    Okay well I think it's time to finally watch Stranger Thing.

  • Austin Martin
    Austin Martin 18 시간 전

    Everyone gonna ignore how paulie ester called this a while ago

  • Hoodie
    Hoodie 18 시간 전


  • Always Angry
    Always Angry 18 시간 전

    is this out rn?

  • Corrosion 1
    Corrosion 1 18 시간 전

    Yet another weak killer that going to be nerf after relese.

  • Gage Huber
    Gage Huber 18 시간 전

    Hey September, could you get here a little quicker maybe?

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers 18 시간 전

    Ух ебать, вот это годнота!!!!

  • All You Can Vape
    All You Can Vape 18 시간 전

    The collaboration we needed!

  • Nathan Warnes
    Nathan Warnes 18 시간 전

    I've never watched stranger things can someone tell me what the killer is

  • Pudding face
    Pudding face 18 시간 전

    just dont make the perks suck ass pls

  • CD Productions
    CD Productions 18 시간 전


  • Broz_B4_Hoez 100
    Broz_B4_Hoez 100 18 시간 전

    Honestly I would prefer Jason voorhees

  • Bryce T
    Bryce T 18 시간 전

    Wonder if the deluxe bundle comes with a subscription lol

  • Mega_Creeper
    Mega_Creeper 18 시간 전

    о новый маньяк вышел цветик мутант

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 18 시간 전

    I knew it was coming💕

  • Zuri F
    Zuri F 18 시간 전

    Now I have a reason to buy this game

  • shady boi shade
    shady boi shade 18 시간 전

    didn't we just have another franchise killer last chapter?

  • Adèle
    Adèle 18 시간 전

    I’m so hyped !!! 🔥😆

  • Patrick Jane
    Patrick Jane 18 시간 전

    For the first time ever, we will have two characters who have canonically banged

  • ItzDamor
    ItzDamor 18 시간 전 +1

    Everyone talks about the killer or the crossover
    *But guys looks at that epic Theme Song*

  • Meows4Vodka
    Meows4Vodka 18 시간 전

    Omg. Fuck yes

  • ツイリ尺リo刀乇
    ツイリ尺リo刀乇 18 시간 전 +2

    Yep...I think we have another bug release,hope I enjoy it!

  • Ozeias Monteiro
    Ozeias Monteiro 18 시간 전

    Woooooooooooow that's will be great. I'm so excited to see what perks will be to the survivors and the killer 🖤😍

  • Kaspertje
    Kaspertje 18 시간 전

    if Steve forgets his bat i will mori him as a survivor

  • Lumineon Lover
    Lumineon Lover 18 시간 전

    Ahoy Entity

  • TanrPlayz- Mitosis
    TanrPlayz- Mitosis 18 시간 전 +1

    Another licensed killer :( F

  • Oz
    Oz 18 시간 전

    Now add Jeepers Creepers please :)

  • HuRRay! wKU
    HuRRay! wKU 18 시간 전

    Guess now I know which killer I was saving my money for :)

  • No Mither, No Problem
    No Mither, No Problem 18 시간 전

    Two Survivors and the third licensed chapter in a row.
    Even if it were a franchise I actually gave a fuck about, I’m still incredibly disappointed.

  • Anime Penguin
    Anime Penguin 18 시간 전

    Just bought the spirit for 9000 shards 🙃🙃

  • Thegoodoldays
    Thegoodoldays 18 시간 전

    Okay but what does he do tho?

  • Ariana Starr
    Ariana Starr 18 시간 전

    OH MY GOD! 😍

  • Ruuresツ
    Ruuresツ 18 시간 전


  • Jake Park
    Jake Park 18 시간 전

    I don't watch at stranger things but with this dlc i'll gonna do this

  • Desiree Ludwig
    Desiree Ludwig 18 시간 전

    I guess they're doing a pretty good job so far 👌

  • Camophlo
    Camophlo 18 시간 전

    Survivors getting six new perks hoooo boy!

  • AllowArcher 5
    AllowArcher 5 18 시간 전 +1

    Me: Sliding down my phone and see “ Stranger Things Trailer”
    Me: Well shit more salt and rework 🙈😤

  • Distortion
    Distortion 18 시간 전

    Lets just hope they don’t mess up the map

  • Puppet Must Die
    Puppet Must Die 18 시간 전

    So excited 😍😍😍

    DOSANFER 26 18 시간 전

    Show de bola

  • BastardPlayz
    BastardPlayz 18 시간 전


  • Pieck
    Pieck 18 시간 전

    I hope we get Hellraiser, Silent Hill, or Alien Vs Predator next

  • Alessandro Nava
    Alessandro Nava 18 시간 전 +1

    Ok now i can die🤣🤣🤣

  • Alessandro Nava
    Alessandro Nava 18 시간 전 +1

    Ok now i can die🤣🤣🤣

  • Drache OffizieII
    Drache OffizieII 18 시간 전

    I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it... I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!

  • Zack Tambanua
    Zack Tambanua 18 시간 전

    I can already tell the Mori is going to be fire🔥

  • axel frigon
    axel frigon 18 시간 전

    Whattttttt! Stranger things !!!!!!!!! Ho God damn!! i'm gonna Buy it !!! !! I want Steve Harrington Scoop ahoy !!!!

  • Live Love Life
    Live Love Life 18 시간 전

    DBD - Strange things coming soon
    Me - take my money

  • Raging With Rome
    Raging With Rome 18 시간 전


  • CJ Bernados
    CJ Bernados 18 시간 전

    Like wtf is stranger things? A movie? A tv show? The heck man.

  • Ivan Fragoso
    Ivan Fragoso 18 시간 전

    holy fucking shit

  • yeah
    yeah 18 시간 전 +1

    nancy looks like a dude

    hot 😳😳

  • Ира Клауд
    Ира Клауд 18 시간 전


  • John Lessnau
    John Lessnau 18 시간 전

    I hate Steve

  • afeking
    afeking 18 시간 전

    Will: can we play DBD now?

  • cordellsl
    cordellsl 18 시간 전

    First, that mash up of the themes is AMAZING

    Second, do you think showing the demogorgon crawling is some sort of hint to its ability? Maybe some sort of tracking while crawling idk